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Puffinling Patrol Save Baby Puffins
2023-03-22 12:03
In Iceland puffins get help from humans who volunteer on the Puffling Patrol to ensure that the little birds can thrive. When baby puffins, known as pufflings, hatch they usually head to th… Read More
2023-03-16 12:19
Prairie strips are a farm conservation practice that requires minimal intervention and delivers huge benefits By converting 10% of cropland to native prairie, farmers can reduce soil loss b… Read More
Start A Small Garden This Spring
2023-03-14 12:27
Anyone can be a gardener and you can too! All you need is a balcony or small plot of land and you can start growing your own food. To some people, the very idea of caring for other living t… Read More
The FBI Wants You To Block Ads
2023-03-09 13:46
The FBI finally agrees with culture jammers. Online advertising has gotten so bad that the FBI now suggests everyone should make use of tracking blocking software, also known as ad blockers… Read More
2023-03-06 13:34
Pirates love the high seas and so do illegal fishers and poachers; heck cruise ship companies love the high seas as a place to dump sewage. All in, we don’t respect the ecosystems in t… Read More
Diagnosis By Dreams
2023-02-08 13:19
What you do while dreaming might be a sign of things to come. This isn’t non-scientific phooey, rather this is real science that can help doctors and patients address neurological iss… Read More
More Trees Means Less Death
2023-02-02 13:36
In the cold of winter you might not be thinking of the nice hot summer days as a negative thing. In the winter when temperatures get really low people suffer from hypothermia or worse, where… Read More
Let’s Startup Airships
2023-01-31 13:56
Silicon Valley millionaires keep trying to solve problems that don’t exist like juice pressing and “smart” appliances. So when thinkers in the valley promote solutions to… Read More
Change The Game, Change The Climate
2023-01-30 13:27
As a game designer who creates games about the climate crisis and what we can do about it, this recent article in the Guardian warmed my heart. The article looks at how games can help peopl… Read More
Big Bank In Canada Wants Socialized Housing
2023-01-25 16:16
The housing crisis in Canada has been decades of policy failures in the making arguably starting in the 90s when the federal government stopped building housing for people. Now, the housing… Read More
2023-01-23 17:54
Why don’t we just let it die already? Coal companies keep getting bailed out by governments around the world despite the climate crisis, this needs to stop. Over at Climate Town they… Read More
Hop Aboard The Free Transit Movement
2023-01-18 13:56
Our contemporary financial approach to moving people around a city subsidizes individual automobile use, which leads to more car use and worse mobility for everyone. An easy solution to this… Read More
Putting Eco Back In Economics
2023-01-17 13:31
Traditional economists ignore reality to justify their thinking, and anyone who studies economics is well aware of this. From the myth of the “rational human” to trickle down ec… Read More
Judo Falls For The Elderly
2023-01-16 13:30
When old people fall the results are likely to be far worse than when younger people hit the floor. There’s a long history of technology assistance for elderly individuals who fall fr… Read More
2023-01-10 14:05
Many people reduce their meat intake (which is good!) by swapping it with another animal protein source of fish. The problem here lies in how fishing is done around the world and the crimes… Read More
Pompeii Powered By Polymer Panels
2023-01-09 14:13
Historic sites that attract a lot of tourists know that if they loose their historical look that the tourists will stop coming, so how do you locally produce renewable energy while not look… Read More
2023-01-05 16:43
Normal heat pumps make use of chemicals to modulate temperatures, in the future they may all use sound. A new French startup has announced they will sell a residential heat pump using acous… Read More
Pigeons Outperform Radiologists
2023-01-04 13:48
Radiology is very complex and even doctors with years of training and experience can make misdiagnoses. So far AI systems haven’t been competitive with humans; however, pigeons are. Re… Read More
Radical Idea: Libraries
2023-01-03 20:31
If the idea of a library was purposed today it simply would be laughed out of existence because a library embodies an idea that is often ignored: that people, no matter their status, should… Read More
2022-12-29 18:21
2022 ends in two days, and the team at Wendover Productions put together a list of 22 problems that have been “solved” during the year. It’s a nice video recap of some of… Read More
Canada Starts Single Use Plastic Ban
2022-12-19 16:54
Canada joins other nations in the banning of wasteful single use plastics starting at the end of this month. Canada’s plastic ban is being rolled out in an incremental fashion with th… Read More
2022-12-14 18:22
Fusion power has been just a decade away for decades, or at least that was the joke. Yesterday it became outdated because it was revealed that nuclear fusion was ignited, stabilized, and pr… Read More
Climate Crisis Course Required In Spain
2022-12-13 13:22
Students at the University of Barcelona will now be required to take a class on the climate crisis regardless of their field of study. Adding the course to all students makes sense since the… Read More
Investing In ESGs Pays Off
2022-12-12 14:15
If you have money to invest you sure will want to invest in a company with a good environmental, social, and governance (ESG) record. New research has revealed that companies that have stron… Read More
2022-12-08 16:21
Everybody knows that factory farming isn’t a sustainable use of land, but it’s still be practised because people think it’s more efficient. It turns out that low intensity… Read More
The Benefits Of Free Transit
2022-12-07 15:50
he benefits of free transit helps more than just riders, it can help a whole city. We already give free road access to car owners and provide them with rights of way, so let’s do the… Read More
SHART Machines Can Detect Your Defecation
2022-12-06 13:25
The next time you go to the doctor they may want to know the sounds you make while using the toilet. You may even get a S.H.A.R.T. detector in your home. This AI powered device monitors the… Read More
People Who Ditched Their Car Are Happier
2022-11-28 13:32
There’s are individuals who advocate against making our cities better places to live because they fear losing their dependence on their automobile (car marketers encourage this too). W… Read More
Time To Rethink The Skyscraper
2022-11-25 13:42
The climate crisis has us questioning where people live, work, and how they get between the two. We’ve known for decades that low density sub-urban living is horrible for the environme… Read More
The Future Of Food Is Algae
2022-11-22 13:43
In the coming years we’ll be eating more algae if we’re lucky. Amazing algae already accounts for biofuel production and can be used to make bioplastics too, so why not keep look… Read More
Global South Database Of Climate Experts
2022-11-14 13:30
Looking for a climate expert? Here’s the only database you need. The Global South Database is a vetted list of scientists, researchers, and practitioners around the climate the crisis… Read More
France: Parking Lots Must Have Solar Panels
2022-11-10 12:58
Drivers know all too well that parking lots are hot, uncomfortable, and are never the right size. In France larger parking lots will now require shading in the form of solar panels, making t… Read More
2022-11-07 13:16
Unions improve the working conditions across the board for any industry they are in, plus when unions work together they can inspire mass change. Anti unionists argue against unions because… Read More
The Ultimate Happiness Guide
2022-11-02 12:10
Happiness isn’t the goal of life, but it sure is important. If you’re not feeling happy it isn’t because you don’t have enough stuff or not watching enough TV. Accor… Read More
Kids Love Living In Cities
2022-10-31 14:15
Urban places are already good places since they are more environmentally friendly than sub-urban places and have fantastic access to culture. Research in Toronto has revealed that children l… Read More
Toronto: Go Vote Today
2022-10-24 14:12
In fact, if you live in Ontario then you should get out and vote in your local municipal election. The municipal level is where people feel the impact of government the most since it literal… Read More
2022-10-20 19:35
Leave your leaves alone! Leaf blowers, like lawn mowers, are counterproductive to a productive piece of land. If you want a better, healthier, garden next year then you should let leaves li… Read More
2022-10-19 12:17
Another impressive piece by the artist @JohnTory. #AusterityTO — Yash Keough (@conradsleight) October 5, 2022 Hopefully next week Toronto will have a new… Read More
E-Bikes Replacing Cars At Increasing Rate
2022-10-13 12:02
It’s clear to anyone who has to buy a car because they live in low-density suburban communities that cars are expensive and kill the environment (and people). This awareness of the dan… Read More
Saving Scholars From Scary Situations
2022-10-12 12:33
Academics face persecution in parts of the world where authoritarian governments rule, which makes the exploration of knowledge very difficult and can even lead to safety concerns for the ac… Read More
2022-10-11 11:55
In the UK the average person wants to get off fossil fuels, but the Conservatives in power want the opposite. Obviously this is not good, and it gets worse: the new PM Liz Truss wants to ban… Read More
Renewable Energy Unscathed By Hurricane
2022-10-06 15:53
Surviving ever-worsening climate change enhanced storms is a clear benefit of renewable energy, and people in Florida are taking note. Hurricane Ian just swept through the state leaving tho… Read More
2022-10-05 14:50
The good folks at Mossy Earth are flooding a forest in Slovakia, and it’s to protect the environment. You might think that flooding a forest would be a bad thing since we need forests… Read More
2022-09-28 13:30
Private jets (AKA PJs) are really bad for the environment, like really bad. We’ve looked at efforts to ban PJs before, this time let’s examine the relative carbon emissions of d… Read More
Save The Grocery Store, Save The Town
2022-09-26 13:23
When markets fail people, then the people need to replace the market. Ir, to put it more directly: when a profitable grocery store isn’t profitable enough for a company then small tow… Read More
Therapy + Cash = Lower Crime
2022-09-20 18:47
It’s a simple equation which may sound obvious to some and bizarre to others. Our current approach to crime focusses on punishment and repression, and that clearly doesn’t work… Read More
Another Urban Myth Busted
2022-09-06 13:11
Road users always complain that other people are breaking the law, every group of road users accuess another of breaking the most traffic rules. Truckers think cars are the worst, car driver… Read More
Lets’ Ban Private Jets
2022-08-30 13:29
A forward-looking individual decided to start a campaign to ban private jets and it’s gaining steam. The movement to get rid of private jets is growing and now celebrities like Elon M… Read More
2022-08-22 13:37
Only one theory can account for all of the available evidence: the obesity epidemic is caused by one or more environmental contaminants, compounds in our water, food, air, at our jobs and i… Read More
Use This App To Avoid Shady Companies
2022-08-10 12:52
Too many companies say they care about an important issue, sponsor events, and then turn around and fund organizations (or politicians) that actively fight the important issue. This behaviou… Read More
Why The Price Of Gas Needs To Stay High
2022-08-08 12:02
People who rely on unsustainable energy sources tend to complain about the price of their energy (despite the subsidies they receive). We need to stop listening to those people who only want… Read More
Celebrity Climate Criminals Get Called Out
2022-07-27 12:01
While the average person has reduced their meat consumption, switched to paper straws and are more conscious of their energy use, celebrities have been outputting carbon at an offensive rat… Read More
Game Workers Uniting For Better Workplaces
2022-06-28 12:14
In creative industries labour exploitation can happen because employers can get away with leaning into the passion creative workers bring to their field. The video game industry may be a you… Read More
Best Tool To Fight Crime Is Welfare
2022-06-23 12:05
The best way to fight crime is to take away motivation to commit crime. It’s been proven time and time again that severe punishments don’t deter crime, so how can we creat condi… Read More
Get Paid To Report Bike Lane Blockers
2022-06-21 12:36
Austin spent millions on improving their infrastructure and now they are looking to citizens to enforce the rules of using that infrastructure. Anybody who reports a vehicle blocking a bicyc… Read More
Australia Taking Action On Climate Change
2022-06-14 12:08
Australia (like Canada) has a well-deserved reputation of being a laggard on climate issues and being one of the worst polluters on the planet. The recent Australian election results will li… Read More
2022-06-13 13:36
@TfL statistics show that 26% of pedestrian fatalities involve a conventional truck, yet they only account for 4% of road miles. One of the ways we maximise visibility is to place the Volta… Read More
Ontario: Go Vote!
2022-06-02 12:28
It’s Election Day in Ontario, so if you’re in the province go practice some democratic action. Basically every party is trying to make the province better except for the one in p… Read More
BC Decriminalizes Hard Drugs
2022-06-01 13:40
British Columbia has learned that punishing drug users doesn’t stop drug use or the negative impact drugs have on our society. The province decided to shift from a punishment approach… Read More
Canada Implements Handgun Ban
2022-05-31 12:23
Mass shootings in the USA have tripled in the last few decades with mass shootings becoming an almost daily occurrence. Canadians are no strangers to mass shoutings either, with too many hap… Read More
Kelp Could Be The Carbon Capture King
2022-05-26 11:57
The simple kelp plant could help us suck carbon out of the air in large quantities, and if so then we need more kelp – and fast! Kelp is a seaweed that naturally grows up to two feet p… Read More
Let’s Green The Gaming Industry
2022-05-18 12:04
Games are fun and we should play more of them! That being said, we should also be conscious of the impact our technological-driven gaming has on the environment. Ben Abraham recently launche… Read More
2022-05-17 11:51
Thanks to the tireless efforts of a scientist in Sydney we now know a key factor that causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The worst thing that can happen to parents is an unexplained… Read More
2022-05-11 12:22
Exciting personal space law news! In 2018 a whistleblower told me about a new satellite thruster that used mercury, the poisonous liquid metal, as a propellant, and that it would inevitably… Read More
Make Big Oil Care By Cutting Profits
2022-05-10 12:44
We’ve heard lots of big claims from oil companies about their commitment to sustainable energy production, but those are all words. Their actions are still to extract fossil fuels whic… Read More

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