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Hiring Professional Photographers to train its AI Camera! Good Enough?


Google recently came up with an innovative step: It hired professionals to achieve that sense of perfection in capturing the images.Yes, you heard it right, Google Clips, the AI camera that Google has been developing over a past few months,is one such of a device that would capture the real-time images of your loved ones,family, friends and your dear ones automatically at the right time, so that your memories stay with you forever.


Before getting on to the question that what lead Google to take such a step, let us first understand what exactly is an AI camera and how is it going to be useful to us?


What exactly does a camera embedded with AI perform?


All of know what a digital camera is and how does it work? Google Clips is a camera, but the difference is that it does not come up with a screen; therefore does not have any display.


But, it comes up with a shutter button, and takes pictures using a completely different mechanism:


It comes up embedded with a program that helps it to capture images at the right moment.Thus, this machine language helps it to actually recognise certain characteristics, such as facial features for example, and then captures the moment, assuring about the quality of the image, making sure that it does not get blurred,and also the fact that everyone visible in the picture are clearly seen, without any hindrance, no object coming up in its way, and nothing obstructing the path of the lens.


This device is merely 2 inches in size, a small device that can easily fit into your pocket or your wallet, a flat square object with just the lens popping out.The appearance of Google Clips is very attractive, it actually looks like an Instagram icon popping right out of your device.


At first, Google didn’t want it to have a button, but later they decided to put a button embedded on it because a camera needs to have a button and that is mandatory.


The reason it is called Clips is that it comes up with a clip that you can clip it around wherever you want it too, however, you can attach it to your device as well.This certainly would not be recommendable because it the camera needs the users to be clearly visible so that he can recognize your strange activities and then capture it.


What would you find the images/videos?


Well, you can just open the app and look out the videos or the photos captured.However, this can be considered a disadvantage that all of the images taken are stored locally, and not globally.You can sync them with the Google Photos or the Videos if you want to save the photos globally.


However, you cannot call them videos because you would not be able to hear for Clips does not come up with a microphone, and thus you cannot listen to them.However, it still manages to capture small sized video clips for sure.


Google can capture seamlessly for like three hours, according to the information provided by Google.However, the number of hours may vary depending on the time interesting activities have been taking place.


For instance, if nothing interesting has been captured for like an hour or so then it might stand up to half an hour more.


As of now, Google Clip can only be connected to Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, as well as Pixels, and the iPhones too.And, gradually, you would be able to link it to other devices as well.


Google’s Agenda to promote it!


Google has come up with a marketing strategy that essentially has an emotional connect.That is to say that Google is targeting the parents over this camera.Let us understand how:


For example, your child starts walking for the first time, you would want to stay close to your baby as well as would not want to miss out the moment as well.And this is well Google comes into motion:


For you do not need to worry about taking snaps at the right time-Google Clips will take care of that and capture the moment in a perfect manner for you, making sure that you get the best of the images present in your device already to have a long-lasting memory of your younger one’s first step taken.


Doesn’t it sound like the best device designed ever to have the best of your child’s memory captured into your phone immortal song all your child’s firsts?Well, yes, this is what Google does- it has targeted the soft corner of parents which makes it a MUST-HAVE device for them.


So, this is all about the camera, and the functionalities that highlight it as ‘the next big thing of the future’. Let us now highlight the fact that why did it choose to hire professionals to help train the camera?


Who was hired?


Google hired the following personalities to help it for the training purposes: “ a documentary filmmaker, a photojournalist, and a fine arts photographer’.The main reason behind this was that Google wanted to sharpen the AI capability of the device:


For instance, Clips must not end up capturing those images which either get blurred or have some object covering the lens and this leading to partial or full coverage of the image.


To prevent such a situation, Google fed the device’s software with various such bad images to make it understand the difference between a good as well as a bad image, and thus claims it to have perfection over the image.




Well, certainly, the steps taken by Google had helped Clips to take a step further to perfection, however, perfection is not possible and thus it might end up having errors as well for nothing in this world is perfect.


The camera equipped with AI technology surely seems to be a happening device, however, we certainly cannot cast our vote on it yet for we have not tested the device as it has not been released yet.Once released, it would help us to have a broader perspective about the same.


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Hiring Professional Photographers to train its AI Camera! Good Enough?


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