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Vegetarian Blogs Directory

Epic Vegan Chocolate Tart
The Rose & Bean · 23:00 16 Aug 2017
As vegans, it can be difficult when you get invited around to someones house for dinner. Aside from feeling like you’re making life difficult, it can also be concerning that the person… Read More
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Ellen Kanner | Soulf… · 12:37 14 Aug 2017
Summer reminds me how simple, refreshing and amazingly good this Moroccan carrot salad is. Find this recipe and many more in my award-winning book Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith and… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 10:44 09 Aug 2017
I’m still having trouble accessing Care2. Fortunately, I can still sign petitions and click to donate, but it seems impossible to keep in touch with other members. I guess most people… Read More
Watermelon Gazpacho
Ellen Kanner | Soulf… · 17:47 07 Aug 2017
Congratulations to Mark Reinfeld, 2017 just inducted into North American Vegetarian Society’ Vegetarian Hall of Fame Mark Reinfeld Heals You the Vegan Way Originally posted on 08/07/2… Read More
Vegan Poppyseed Bagels
The Rose & Bean · 03:50 27 Jul 2017
Bagels. They can be used in so many different ways, and are so great as an alternative to a normal roll or even plain bread. I think that they’re underrated, and it’s time w… Read More
Simple Vegan Green Curry
Made With Love Vegan · 22:58 26 Jul 2017
Growing up, I was the PICKIEST eater. Seriously, not sure how I survived so long on Kraft Mac and Cheese, Bread, and Hostess Chocolate Chip Muffins, but I live on to tell the tale! Fast forw… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 22 Jul 2017
Qualquer um que pesquise um pouquinho sobre a industria da carne de galinha e de ovos consegue ver a crueldade absurda à qual sofrem os pintinhos. Que tal se inspirar um pouco com as… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 21 Jul 2017
Resolvi responder a TAG 50 fatos sobre mim para vocês conseguirem me conhecer um pouquinho melhor. Fiz uma listinha bem aleatória, mas acho que já vai dar para contar um… Read More
Vegan Cinnamon Fruit Snails
Masala Vegan · 22:46 20 Jul 2017
Warm, doughy and buttery snails particularly, the ones filled with jam or fruit fillings are a particular favourite with my little one on cold winter days! There’s this little bakery c… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 20 Jul 2017
Miley Cyrus foi uma celebridade que eu conheci primeiramente pelas suas polêmicas e só depois fui conhecer o seu trabalho. A atriz e cantora era protagonista da série Han… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 18 Jul 2017
Eu queria muito ser um bom exemplo e conseguir vir aqui mostrar para vocês como eu sou uma exímia esportista vegana. Sério, queria muito poder fazer isto. Acontece que eu… Read More
The Bad Guys… · 12:51 13 Jul 2017
When it comes to nutrition and diets, the “bad guys” leading to diseases and to weigh gain seem like a rotating cast of characters. When I was young,  it was all about fat… Read More
Elixiba – Review
The Rose & Bean · 07:39 12 Jul 2017
Unlike our trip to Soul Burger, this wasn’t planned. It was Sam’s birthday in May, and on this actual birthday, we ended up on the Sunshine Coast. Being that it was his birthday… Read More
The O Word!… · 13:10 11 Jul 2017
My last post mentioned the O word – Obesity. It even sound ugly! The dictionary calls it “the condition of being grossly fat” and goes on to list synonyms like grossness… Read More
HumanKind Handbag Review
Veggieful · 10:30 11 Jul 2017
We had the pleasure of receiving this amazingggg handbag from the beautiful Human Kind brand. There is nothing that excites us more than receiving vegan things in the mail... especially hand… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 11 Jul 2017
Sempre que eu assistia vídeos no Youtube aparecia uma propaganda sobre o filme Okja. Como eu sou dessas pessoas que ignora totalmente as propagandas, mesmo tendo visto o teaser v&aacu… Read More
OOOPS!!… · 14:34 10 Jul 2017
Like everyone else, I know better! I know that it is way too easy to slip back into old habits. And I did it – – – I knew by my clothes and my discomfort level that I had g… Read More