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Vegetarian Blogs Directory

Evergreendishes · 10:23 25 Jul 2018
Spring onion and corn pulao is a mildly fragrant rice dish and makes a delicious meal. Rice is one of the daily essentials without which we cannot survive. Rice dishes just give more glamour… Read More
Evergreendishes · 11:02 20 Jul 2018
Presenting a South Indian thali for the first time on the blog. It’s been sometime I posted anything on the blog, I have been busy in getting my blog updated, at last, it is almost und… Read More
Moringa Leaves Stir Fry
Purpledragonfly · 01:15 16 Jul 2018
Funny thing about moringa leaves : where available, they grow like weeds – falling off their trees onto the pavements, attractively stacked in enormous bundles on vegetable vendors… Read More
Kulfa Aloo Ki Sabzi
Maayeka - Authentic … · 04:38 13 Jul 2018
Kulfa Aloo Ki sabzi- A simple healthy and delicious dry curry made with purslane leaves and potatoes Kulfa /Purslane is a leafy vegetables which is very easy to cultivate . Kulfa is also con… Read More
Evergreendishes · 13:54 12 Jul 2018
Pomegranate chaat is a tasty and healthy snack to binge in the evenings. It is a healthy twist to the usual chaats that we relish. It is a  simple yet tasty enough to fulfil the craving… Read More
Evergreendishes · 08:43 07 Jul 2018
Gaund ke ladoo is a tasty and healthy sweet, ideal to be stored as a snack in the jar during the winter season.  It is also known as Gond ke ladoo or Panjiri. This is a guest post from… Read More
Raw Mango Garlic Chutney
Purpledragonfly · 05:25 06 Jul 2018
A tangy garlicky dip to go with parathas and fried savories. Raw mango garlic chutney (kachcha aam lahsun chutney) is a must-try when raw mangoes are in season. I have used here the tot… Read More
Cabbage Pakoda Recipe
Maayeka - Authentic … · 03:13 06 Jul 2018
Cabbage Pakoda- Crisp, delicious and easy to make cabbage fritters As the Monsoon season is already started in India and the cool breezy weather demands for some thing hot, fried and spicy… Read More
Evergreendishes · 10:41 29 Jun 2018
Banana Mango Oat Shake is a n easy to make, tasty and healthy drink to serve the family members. It is filling and provides the nutrients for the body. Mornings are busy and one needs to sea… Read More
My Cooking Journey · 17:33 21 Jun 2018
This week, I have been making Summer salads that is loved by my family, especially my boys. I am very thankful that I don’t have to struggle to make my boys eat their vegetables. In fa… Read More
Evergreendishes · 07:52 21 Jun 2018
Kidney bean and corn salad is a tasty and nutrition packed snack to binge anytime. Serve it with lunch or as a light snack,  it is definitely a crowd pleaser.  Salads form an impor… Read More