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15 Best Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad For One Day Picnic

Ahmedabad is the city cradled on the banks of rive Sabarmati and this elite capital of Gujarat needs no former introduction. Ahmedabad is one of the most reckoning places with the best of options and opportunities in offer. You have the best places to visit near Ahmedabad and it welcomes visitors with the rich cultural heritage along with the beautiful temples and the tranquil ambiance. The city puts you away from the chaotic world with all plausible and pleasing features in offer. You get the best food for your soul at the perfect destination so pleasing and serene all at the same time.

List of 15 Places to Visit near Ahmedabad

Akshardham, Gandhinagar

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Akshardham is the majestic and the intricately curved stone structure that stands amongst the sprawling gardens and it is the most famous spot in the district of Gandhinagar. The structure weighs more than 6000 tonnes and the entire thing is made of the pink sandstone in specific. To make the structure stronger a tinge of steel has been rightly used. The temple has a perfect height of 108 feet and the length of the temple is 240 feet and the width of the same is 131 feet. It s the most contemporary monument dedicated to Hinduism based on the injunctions of Vastu Shastra. 

Polo Forest

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Among the places to visit near Ahmedabad you cannot ignore to mention the name of Polo Forest. This is the most interesting forest area where secrets need to be revealed. You can call the forest the gateway to Rajasthan. In the ancient times the forest as the hiding place for the rulers at the time of external attacks. Here you have the ancient temples into the deep jungles with all the mysteries tucked together at one place. At the jungle the trees are treated as Gods and Goddesses and the local population has the best belief in god. 

Shanku Water Park

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The Shanku Water Park located in Mehsana – Ahmedabad highway, The shanku water park is best option for one day picnic place, where you can spent you full day and enjoy in water park, also shanku has best resort for staying and enjoying your day. But now covid situation you can first +91 90990 80080 on this number and inqiery for the place is open or not and then plan your trip.

Bliss Water Park

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The Bliss Water Park is located close to the prime location of Mehsana Unjha Highway. It stands opposite to the Anand Niketan School at the destination of Motidau Village. It is the most enriching experience in reaching the place with the best of exquisite experiences in offer. The journey to the place is all enchanting and worth remembrance. You can travel to the place via the road and it will not take you more than ten minutes to reach to the spot which lies seven kilometers from the spot of the Mehsana City.

Modhera Sun Temple

As part of One Day Trip Near Ahmedabad it is great to make a tour of Modhera Sun Temple. It stands as the architectural legacy with all things pure and perfect at the place. At the destination you keep coming across the monuments and the living spaces and here you can enjoy the eclectic glimpse of the ingenious and the artistic look and feel of the space so big and enchanting. The place is exotically vibrant and you would love the backdrop of the River Pushpavati. You would love to spend some time at the place hearing to the songs of the birds and feeling the serenity of the locale at best. 

Adalaj Stepwell

The structural exemplification stands nineteen kilometers north of Ahmedabad and it was built with the effort of Queen Rudadevi who is the wife of Veer Singh and the chief of the Vaghela Dynasty and this happened in the year 1499. There is something unique about the Stepwell and it has the three main entrances and you would love to step up on the platform that well rests on the sixteen pillars. The stairway entrances here will meet under the ground and here you can see the octagonal top of the raised platform. The Stepwell was a shelter for the pilgrims and the traders and you can know much about the place in time.

Thol Bird Sanctuary

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It is the birding hotspot in Ahmedabad and when you are planning for One Day Trip Near Ahmedabad you cannot afford to lose the sight of the place. The sanctuary stands at a distance of 27 kilometers from the main capital city and the wet land is the kind of open habitat for the birds. It is a cropland and a fallow land and you can even call the same a scrubland which helps in the co-existence of the mammals as such. Here you can watch for more than 150 species of the sky dwellers. In the vicinity you would be awestruck to find the congregation of jackals, black bucks, and the blue bulls. 

Amabaji Temple

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The Amabaji Temple is the prime shrine of the goddess and she has been well worshipped from the pre-Vedic time. The goddess here is named as Arasuri Amba and the name has been derived from the location of Arasur Hills which stands at the course of the Saraswati River which is the western point of the Aravali mountainous range. You can see the welcoming red flag flying from the temple and the structure is made with the white marbles with the gold cones. It has been known from the authentic sources, and the temple is surrounded by the kind of open square and the place is called the chachar chowk and this is where the ceremonial sacrifices and the havans were performed. 

Zanzari Waterfall

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You have the best of places to visit near Ahmedabad for two days and the Zanzari Waterfall is one of the sensational locations to watch for. It is the most scenic destination located near Dehgam. It is seventy five kilometers from Ahmedabad and stands at a distance of sixty kilometers from Gandhinagar. Zanzari is the one day picnic spot near Ahmedabad and the location appears great especially during the rainy season. It is the spot to help you get reconnected to nature and this is how you can easily rediscover your existence. The Zanzari Falls or you can even call it the Jhanjhari Falls is the series of the rapid water flow making you feel the perfect natural essence. 

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

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If you love watching the chirpy little creatures the best place for you in Ahmedabad would be Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. It is quite thrilling when you think about it in details. You are able to enjoy the pristine greenery at the place along with the creepers, the beautiful trees and the canopies in offer. If you love to see the line of pelicans, the bird sanctuary would be the right place for you to explore at your heart’s delight. It is the perfect natural lake and you would love the tranquil marshland with the kind of shallow waters. 

Old Vintage Car Museum

As part of those places to visit near Ahmedabad for two days the tourists would be amazed to see the collection at the Old Vintage Car Museum. You have the range of the valuable cars like Bentley, Lagonda, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Austin, Jaguar, Mercedes and Auburns. You can find the name of the place in Guinness Book of World Records for the invaluable collection of the vintage vehicles. The vehicles at the place are maintained by Classic Car Club of India. The place looks alluring with the enormous collection of the elite traditional transport and the best of the car machineries. 

Taranga Hills

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You have the best of hill stations near Ahmedabad, the mention of Taranga Hills is quite important. The hills have small trails for the reason trekking and there is the old architecture and the perfect religious place worth mentioning. Here you find the exact combination of marvelous craving and nature and you would love the soulful architecture of the Jain temple. The temple is wonderfully surrounded by the smaller hilly structures. For the reason you have to start early in the morning and you would love the sunrise view from over the hills. It feels great to love the peace of the surrounding place along with the greatest natural treasures. 

Statue of Unity

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The Statue of Unity is a one day tour from Ahmedabad and it is located in the remote areas. Thus, it is not easy to get direct bus and rail to the place. When you are on the move you have more places to watch for. At the time the best option would be to hire a car and get along well on the route with the latest things to see and enjoy at the same time. It is the Statue of Sarda Ballav Bhai Patel in Gujarat and it s considered to be the tallest statue in the world. The inauguration of the statue was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2018 on the day of 31st August. 

Chotila Temple

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Among the places to visit near Ahmedabad within 100 kms, the spiritual tour of Chotila Temple is worth mentioning. It is the privately guided single tour to help you visit the religious destinations of Chotila , Jakhan and Zaria Mahadev temples. Here you would love to see the two headed Goddess on the hilly top of Chotila. To reach to the top of the temple you need to climb more than 650 stairs and all of them are of the straight height. It will take you twenty minutes to reach to temple top and it is a great destination for one day religious picnic. 

Shri Umiya Mataji Temple Unjha

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As part of the religious sightseeing, a visit to Shri Umiya Mataji Temple Unjha is worth mentioning. Maa Umiya is the almighty goddess of the whole universe The deity being worshipped at the place is kuldevi of the Kadva Patidar community. She is the perfect incarnation of all three Goddess of Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Kali. Maa Umyia is the symbol of divinity and strength and people believe that the temple was built by Lord Shankar himself and there is no end to the ancientness of the place. 

Ahmedabad is full of natural and religious attractions to call the interest of the local and the international tourists. You can feel the real thrill of being at the destination with all things mesmerizingly special and beautiful. The tourist attractions are plenty at the place with the best of attraction in offer.

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15 Best Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad For One Day Picnic


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