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5 Steps To Becoming A Better Person

At one point of your life you must have heard someone question themselves or another, to find out whether or not they were a good person. In this day and age, most people believe themselves to be, and it has become such a staple in our life that I’m convinced we’ve lost sight of what it truly means. Being a good person doesn’t necessarily mean you qualify just because nine out of ten people have said it to you either. There are many people who claim to offer the best knowledge to becoming a better person and they will tell their readers that they must be positive. Being positive is a great thing to do but it cannot be met without going through the steps. As you read and learn about the 5 steps, you will realize that the entire thing will bring about positivity in one’s life, with little to no effort.

Try to forget what you believe you know or what you have heard in the past and try reading with a clean slate in mind to fully grasp and understand.

1 – Understand the difference

With limited comprehension of what I tried to explain in the beginning, you must then try to understand what is meant by the difference of being a better person. The difference of becoming a better person, for the sake of improving yourself with an advantage at mind, as opposed to being a better person because you want to make a difference in the world. We may sit around all day hoping for change, but this is a lazy attitude. We all need to understand that change begins with You. If everyone saw things eye-to-eye in relation to culture and value, then the world would not be in such chaos. Society has taught us the wrong way. We have been taught to take advantage of what we can get, and go with it as long as we can come out ahead. This is excellent advice for people who are in sales. If you know anything about sales, then you know that it involves taking advantage of a situation. That usual situation is generally someone trying to buy an item or service. Even though sales aren’t always done with a motive in mind, you must know that any leaders in sales have taken advantage of someone to get to where they were at some point. Once someone gets to the top, then they completely forget about who they stepped on along the way. People tend to lose sight of their values. On the other hand, if you’ve ever heard anything about being a Global Citizen, rather than simply being a citizen of a nation then you are already one step ahead towards learning about your 5 steps. Global Citizenship is a responsibility and duty that each member of society should be aware of, but it is more related to my next point.

2 – Educate yourself

In the case of education, most people should know that the majority of it is free; please spread the word if you found this not to be common knowledge. Global Citizenship is a course offered in colleges/schools around the world and information about it is available all over the internet. I had the pleasure of learning about and discovering how to be a Global Citizen during my time studying in Scarborough, Ontario at Centennial College. Scarborough is one of the cities surrounding Toronto and it is considered the Greater Toronto Area (just in case you were wondering). While studying at this college, I found out that the course wasn’t just offered, but it was a mandatory course for all students. The course will teach you about culture, society and the rest of the world being your neighbor. The reason for educating yourself starts at the basis of common stereotype misconceptions like “all black people look alike” or “all Asian people look the same”, and while this is not necessarily racism, it’s still seen as ignorance. Ignorance, because they haven’t yet educated themselves on other races, identities and cultures. It doesn’t quite make you a bad person just for not being more aware, but it can help you be a better person if you understand. Or at least try. Being a Global Citizen usually means that you’re aware of a wider world and its as easy as expanding your own definition for the word ‘community’, to discover the value of the world as a whole.

If you would like to make the second step and you would like to learn about becoming a Citizen of the world, then feel free to search the term Global Citizenship and learn more. Continue with the 5 steps after catching yourself up to speed.

Click Here for a great Global Citizenship definition

3 – Make a friend

Now we make it to the middle, also known as the third point of the 5 steps. The third step is another easy one which is make a friend. By making a friend, of course I am referring to an unlikely one. Unlikely that you may learn a thing or two from them especially if they lived an entirely different life. There are a lot of people who may have not been the ideal person they wanted to be until they met someone, or at least a friend. I’ve lived in many places around the world and sadly, racism was still an issue. It is a weapon that many use to win arguments during a verbal dispute. Racism is no more than ignorance leading to a misunderstanding, and all parties are to blame. However, reinstating the second point about educating yourself and referring to racism, you’ll notice that a lot of ‘racist’ people out there actually have zero motive for their actions. If any one of these people knew a little bit more about their “counterparts” then they would actually see that besides a lifestyle, there weren’t many differences other than their culture and the color of their skin. There are several cases and stories I’ve heard (mainly coming from the army) where making a friend, partner or comrade most certainly ended up being the biggest game changer. Just learning about someone and their values can provide you with a change of heart. Understanding the world and becoming a Global Citizen is a responsibility each person has and everyone should realize that it’s also a privilege. The bottom line to this point is that everyone needs a friend, and a friend can definitely help you become a better person through their values as well as you helping them with their own. We all have something to learn from one another.

Making a friend is not a difficult task at all. If being an introvert or being a socially awkward person is a big deal, then the good news is that there are many websites or phone apps where you can make friends online. If you prefer some distance then you can even try Pen-pals. Maybe to learn another language or just have someone to talk to. The options are endless.

I recommend for making as well as meeting friends all over the world, and InterPals if making a pen-pal or learning a new language call out to you a little more.

If these two selections still leave you a bit hesitant, then there is the option of posting anonymously on Reddit to the appropriate sub. Reddit 4 Reddit is a good place to start and it’s very easy to find like minded people on just about any topic.

4 – Pass on a smile

Ever had a hard day? Has anyone ever smiled at you some time or the other that you weren’t feeling very great or perhaps has someone ever said something to make you cheer up and momentarily forget about your worries or problems? That’s because a Smile is very contagious and it feels great to do, especially if it is accompanied by a laugh. I’m sure you are well aware that smiling and laughing are great for the soul. People who smile more often are usually more popular and everyone will love to surround themselves with the positive energy radiating from someone who loves to smile. Smiles are free and pretty much an effortless activity you can even practice at home if you somehow have prior experience. Or maybe you’re the type who simply cannot smile just for the sake of it. There’s no harm in this, but remember that you’re missing out on some chances to becoming a better person. If you have any worries about the third point, then you should know that a smile also makes you a lot more approachable and making friends would be quite easy, especially if you try to do it in person. If you practice smiling on your own and perhaps do it in the shower, you’ll eventually notice that you start to feel a lot happier too

Head on over to Instagram and post that brand new selfie. Make sure you add a nice big smile, too. Remember the 4th of 5 steps.

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5 – Give back

The final step that I consider to be the most important is giving back. Giving back is simple, and has nothing to do with “giving” per se. It’s as easy as opening the door for someone. Offering to hold the door has no direct benefit to yourself, but it’s a very nice gesture and is always something you should be inclined to do. The act of giving without expecting to receive is a crucial step towards becoming a better person. We all have the problem of expecting something in return, especially after completing a task and this is something we’ve all inherited from society. It isn’t anyone’s fault, but when most people expect to work 40 hours a week to receive a paycheck, then we are kind of conditioned for the whole thing. Sometimes volunteering somewhere a couple hours a week or even monthly, can help out a lot. Being a ‘citizen of the world’ is definitely a team effort and every little bit counts. There are still plenty of ways for anyone to practice giving without receiving and a good reference to that would be Christmas. In 2019, I believe most countries in the world are aware of Christmas and the traditions that go along with the holiday, especially to entertain the kids. In case you weren’t aware, then Christmas is mainly about the giving and sharing of cheer and happiness (and gifts) to all creatures big and small. With the knowledge we all have of Christmas and its traditions, then all that’s left is to simply practice it another 364 days of the year. If we all could hope to give without expecting to receive while implementing the previous four techniques, then we could all be 5 steps closer to becoming better people as a whole.

If Charity interests you in the case of wanting to fulfill your final step, then check out the 5 sites we think you should donate to.

Before you donate to anything, always make sure you read their mission statement to ensure they are your ideal candidate.

If you’ve considered anything from the previous wall-of-text, then you’ll realize that all the points listed above are steps that are quite effortless. Effortless but effective. Now, these 5 steps are important to everyone and it’s impossible to be an overnight thing. They are all steps that you must practice day-in and day-out. I can’t sugarcoat things and tell you that I believe myself to be a perfect person, but I am practicing these steps everyday and trying my best to become a better person any chance that I get.

I one day hope that the message reaches everyone and we can all look towards a brighter future. If it was helpful then please share our 5 steps with someone.

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5 Steps To Becoming A Better Person


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