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Additional Camping Equipment You Might Want to Consider

Get Freshly Brewed Coffee With Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Want to brew your own fresh Coffee during your camping trips? Read further to find out if the Coleman Camping Coffeemaker is what you need.
The Coleman camping coffee maker allows you to savour a freshly brewed cup of coffee anywhere, on camping trips or any other outdoor activities. Coleman is renowned for its tradition in manufacturing outdoor equipment for more than 100 years. This new coffee maker is especially designed to work anywhere, and needs only a camping stove to work, allowing you to enjoy great coffee when there is no power source available.

Main Features

  • The Coleman camping coffee maker can brew up to ten 6-ounce cups of fresh coffee without the need of a power source. All that is needed is a Coleman 2 or 3 burner camping stove, which delivers all the heat it needs to produce delicious coffee.
  • The steel base of this efficient camping coffee maker will fit not only on Coleman stoves but on most traditional camp stoves.
  • The reservoir has a large opening, which allows it to be easily filled without spilling any water.
  • The large glass carafe can hold up to ten cups of delicious freshly brewed coffee.
  • The coffee maker also includes a removable swing-out basket, which can fit between 8 and 12 cup filters.
  • The Coleman camping coffee maker also features a pause-and-serve option, allowing anyone to pour a cup of coffee during the brewing process, without creating a mess.
  • This reliable coffee maker comes with a one year warranty.

Well Known Advantages

Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee outdoors

The main advantage of the Coleman camping coffee maker is that it allows outdoor lovers to taste a great cup of fresh coffee in the morning no matter where they are.
This excellent camping accessory can offer you a great morning and a nice start of the day and all you need is a Coleman or other traditional 2 or 3 burner camping stoves for it to work.
Just add water to the easy to fill the reservoir, place the coffee maker on the stove, and the boiled water will move through the filter and extract the aromatic flavours from the coffee, without the bitter taste of acids found in burned coffee.
Campers who want a cup of coffee right away don’t have to wait until all the coffee is brewed, thanks to the Pause and Serve option. The Coleman camping coffee maker can fill the easy to pour carafe with fresh aromatic coffee in around 20 minutes, and it can also be used in preparing tea, chocolate or other hot drinks.

Main Disadvantages

Although useful for car travelling or regular camping trips, it is a bit bulky and heavy, which makes it not very suitable for more adventurous mountain hiking trips.
A full pot of coffee takes about 20 minutes or more to fill, which can be a bit too long although it should be reminded that, although it doesn’t need a power source, it works on small camping stoves, so the required brewing time is reasonable.
There is also no option to keep the coffee hot, although it can be solved by using the Pause and Serve option, or by pouring the coffee into a thermal carafe.

Customer Feedback

Most customers using the Coleman camping coffee maker were satisfied by its performance. Many were delighted by having the possibility to savour a fresh cup of coffee on their camping trips. Most found using the coffee maker simple and straightforward, and the resulted coffee was highly appreciated.
Some persons complained about the fact that the coffee maker may become damaged if using high heat, while others thought that the required 20 minutes to fill a carafe was maybe a bit too long. However, most reviews were positive, with people being pleased with the low price and efficiency of this coffee maker.


The Coleman camping coffee maker is a must have for any outdoors lover who also enjoys a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Its very low price and the fact that it does not need any power source make it ideal for anyone enjoying time in nature. The ease of use and efficiency of this camping coffee maker make it a smart choice to people enjoying outdoor adventures.


Enjoying Your Camping Trips With Camp Chef Outdoor Oven

A great oven that provides all the necessary features to run outdoors without requiring a significant investment is often hard to come by. However, this is precisely what you can get from the Camp Chef outdoor camp oven.
Featuring a powerful internal oven and two burners fitted with matchless igniters that can be used all at the same time without reducing any of the unit’s efficiency, the Camp Chef is considered among the top outdoor cookers available at under $200.

Most Notable Features of the Product

Portable, easy to use, and made from sturdy materials that are designed to keep the unit together through the toughest conditions, the Camping Chef outdoor oven excels through portability, ease of use and sheer performance.
The unit comes with two 7,500 BTU range burners, while also featuring a 3,000 BTU internal oven equipped with two oven racks. The temperature that the propane burners are capable of generating can reach a staggering 400 degrees, and with the help of a built-in thermometer, you can easily regulate the heat to cook virtually any food.
Despite the fact that it’s small and portable, the oven has a roomy interior, measuring about 10 x 16 x 10 inches, almost giving you the sensation that it’s bigger on the inside.
What Makes It Stand Out?

Many of those who have already tried it out can attest to the fact that that there are many advantages to using this remarkable outdoor oven. In the following, you can find a short list of some of the unique, practical benefits it can provide:

  • The Camp Chef outdoor oven is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a cooker that was expressly designed for camping trips and can also be used during power outages.
  • The practical, convenient design and sturdy construction of the cooker make it easy to both bake and boil or fry a variety of different dishes at the same time.
  • With this unit, you can have both burners on, as well as the oven, without the temperature falling below 350 degrees.
  • This Camping Chef model is mainly designed to run on standard propane canisters of around 16 oz. However, it also supports the secure attachment of an additional bulk tank in case you need it for heavier cooking tasks.
  • Only for a small added investment – compared to what you’d pay for a budget price outdoor cooker – you get all the features and advantages presented here.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Of course, there are still a few aspects that may require improving, particularly when it comes to how easy the Camping Chef can be used under more challenging circumstances:

The oven does not come with a thermostat which means that you have to keep a close watch on it to regulate the oven’s performance for optimal results.
Also, when the wind gets stronger, you have to be careful not to let the stove go out. Usually, however, this is only a problem when the wind tends to change direction.

Testimonials and Feedback

Most of those who have bought the Camp Chef unit in the past were seeking a portable, yet versatile cooker that isn’t likely to present any unstable behaviour or break down. Many of them have said that the oven met and even exceeded all these expectations.
Sturdiness, speed, heat retention and low fuel consumption are among the favourite qualities that people have pointed out when talking about the Camp Chef model.
Also, many have admitted that they have owned lesser cookers which had lasted for many years, and in their opinion, with proper care and maintenance, the Camp Chef will outperform those units regarding longevity.

A Reliable Choice for Outdoor Cooking

Without a doubt, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have had the privilege to see this cooker in action and witness the benefits it can deliver regarding power, practical benefits and long term reliability.
Even though some might find it challenging if they are looking for a more “automated” solution to their problems, the Camp Chef outdoor camp oven will take you fully into the spirit of a camping trip. It will help promoting a convenient and enjoyable experience, without sacrificing the comfort and sense of freedom you’d expect from a relaxing getaway.


Coleman Travel First Aid Kit Useful For Any Trip

Any fan of outdoor adventures must first think about safety. Read further to find out more about the Coleman Travel First Aid Kit.

The Coleman Travel First Aid Kit is a well-balanced kit that is perfect for any outdoor adventure, from day hiking to mountaineering trips. This well thought-out first aid kit contains 200 pieces, which are useful for many injuries ranging from simple scratches to larger scuffs and wounds.

Main Features

  • The Coleman Travel First Aid Kit contains 200 pieces useful for a wide range of wounds and situations.
  • All the pieces are contained in the solid impact resistant canvas, which is also partially waterproof. There are a few dozen different kinds of plastic and small bandages, and some butterfly and knuckle bandages.
  • The 15 antiseptic wipes are a must for any trip, as they are needed for treating various wounds such as scratches and cuts.
  • The kit also contains sting relief wipes, safety pins, antibiotic ointments. A few utility tools such as a razor blade, finger splints, tweezers and a pair of gloves are very helpful in various situations.
  • This well balanced Coleman first aid kit also contains gauze pads, adhesive tape and medication such as antihistamine, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Main Advantages

Inside the Kit

This first aid kit is good balanced, and the semi-hard case that contains the 200 items is sturdy and resistant, but also small enough to fit into a backpack. It is also partially waterproof, protecting the bandages and other items which might get damaged from the contact with water.

The two inside covers have mesh pouches easy to organize, which is very helpful in the event an item is urgently needed. The separate pouches contain items organized depending on their function. These pouches are also broken down in a few individual pockets, making it easy to fit the 200 items the first aid kit contains.

The Coleman Travel First Aid Kit has all the essentials a person would need for a small hiking trip. The bandages come in various shapes and forms, making them useful to various types of wounds. The antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointments are vital to cleaning wounds and preventing infection. The medication contained is helpful in treating various affections from pains to common cold and wasp stings.

Main Drawbacks

This first aid kit isn’t a complete one and thus not very suitable for long hiking trips in the mountains – although the case is large enough to be able to add the necessary items, and the numerous pouches and pockets make it easy to organise all items allowing for quick find in the case of emergency. The fact that the kit lacks items helpful in treating traumas and sprains is another reason why it’s not complete for long expeditions, although as mentioned, they can be added later on, thanks to the large capacity of the first aid case.

The medicine included might expire faster than expected, depending on the time purchased. However, besides a few pills and ointments, all other items have no expiration dates, so all you need to replace is just a few inexpensive pills.

Customer Feedback

Most feedback was positive, with the majority of customers praising the good quality of the case and the fact that it is resistant and compact, while also small enough to fit into any backpack. Most customers appreciated the low purchase price, and some have even declared that the quality of the case alone would have been worth the price.

Some more experienced adventurers have expressed a bit of dissatisfaction about the fact that the kit does not contain some items necessary for long journeys and mountain trips. However, thanks to the low purchase price and the carrying capacity of the first aid case, they had no problems with adding some items on their own. Overall, clients were satisfied with the kit, and those who didn’t modify the content found it perfect for car trips and light day trips.


The Coleman Travel First Aid Kit is a nice addition to any hiker or car traveller. Although lacking a few items to be declared complete, its great purchase price and case quality make it a smart buy for anyone wishing to ensure that they can deal with most minor injuries and unforeseen accidents across their trips.


Chef Explorer Camp Oven

Reliable, well-designed and packed with useful features, the Chef Explorer Camp Oven will likely meet even the highest expectations during a camping trip.

Finding a reliable propane stove built for power and efficiency is not an easy task, especially if your budget is somewhat limited. The Chef Explorer Camp Oven was created to provide an optimal level of quality in this regard, allowing for a broad range of uses, while maintaining the ideal resilience needed for long term use.

Practical Features

  • The two burner stove comes with a large cooking area covering a surface of 14 x 32 inches.
  • Made from sturdy materials and built to provide an optimal level of stability in outdoor settings, it can withstand an impressive amount of heat.
  • Weighing only 36 lbs, it’s as lightweight as it is manageable, presenting a wide assortment of high-quality features that include two powerful aluminium propane burners able to produce a total of 60,000 BTU/h, an appliance-style design featuring advanced and convenient temperature controls, and a Clover Leaf cooking surface.
  • Additional features include detachable legs which make it easy for the user to move or store the stove while it’s not in use. Also, the product comes with a reliable, 3-sided windscreen designed to keep the burners from going out even in challenging conditions.

The Main Advantages of Using the Camp Oven

Apart from simply looking good in your backyard or being light enough to be carried around the camping site, the Chef Explorer Camp Oven has a few traits that would impress even the most experienced chef:

  • The stove is, first of all, easy to set up and use, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting burned or undercooked even if you’re not an expert.
  • You can use it on family outings, a picnic in the park or even for a larger gathering in your back yard.
  • To give you an idea of the raw power of its two, 30,000 BTU/h burners, this unit can boil about 3 gallons of water within a few minutes.
  • One of the most practical advantages of the Camp oven is that it can be used without a problem during a power outage.
  • You can make good use of it for anything from home canning to cooking a wide assortment of different dishes in record time.

Despite all the advantages it presents, the Chef Explorer Camp Oven unit is quite cheap, delivering above average value compared to similarly priced stoves.

Negative Points and Other Considerations

There might be a lot of people who simply love these stoves, and if you look at the benefits presented above, it becomes clear why. Nevertheless, there have still been a few minor inconveniences that some have expressed regarding this product:
While the cooking area is equipped with a windscreen, the burners are not. On a windy day, this can make using the stove properly more challenging.
Another point off regarding convenience is that you cannot use the oven on a tabletop. Fortunately, its legs provide more than enough stability for all intended purposes.

Feedback from Previous Buyers

The resilience, exceptional power and practical design of the Chef Explorer Camp Oven is among the most commended traits that people have talked about in their online reviews. Some have been very happy with the stove’s layout as well, claiming that it was incredibly fun and easy to use right from the start.
Also, many have pointed out that despite the powerful heat it produces, it is impressively sturdy, and features an uncanny ability to control the temperature generated by the burners.
A few of the buyers who wanted a bit more from the stove regarding features have also said that it would be worth spending a little more to buy the “Pro” model. However, most were more than satisfied with the value that this Camp Chef Explorer stove can offer, despite the affordable price.

The Verdict

This is a product built by practical-minded people who know precisely what qualities a good stove needs to deliver. Its power, reliable control and exceptional stability allow the user to get great results even without constant attention, and the convenient features and large cooking area will turn your cooking chores into a highly enjoyable experience.
While it might not be a million dollar stove, the Camp Oven does offer a few key advantages that many expensive units lack, and it undoubtedly delivers more than enough value in exchange for its price.


Light Up Your Camping Night With Coleman LED String Lights

The Coleman LED String Lights enjoy quite some popularity among those who love spending time in the great outdoors. Find out what they’re all about.

Coleman has been producing quality outdoor items for over 100 years. They combine quality with affordability to allow outdoors enthusiasts products that make spending time in nature a truly wonderful experience. The Coleman LED string lights offers a great way for enjoying quiet evenings in the warm light they provide, making time spent outside a pleasure.

Main features

The Coleman LED string lights are specially built in the shape of Coleman classic lanterns and are composed of 10 miniature five-millimeter LED lights. The whole string measures 12.7 ounces with the power source and, without it, 10.2 ounces, and each lantern measures 2.77 inches in height and 1.51 inches in width.
These stylish small lamps provide a bright and warm light that can last for up to 20 hours by using 3 AAA batteries. The battery pack measures 2.32 x 1.04 x 3.39 inches, although the Coleman LED string lights do not come with the batteries included.
Main advantages

Because Coleman started their business more than 100 years ago with lanterns, they have a tradition of manufacturing long lasting powerful LED lights. With this latest product, they have managed to combine efficiency with style, the ten miniature lanterns offering bright light while still maintaining a classic look that adds to the overall atmosphere and charm.
These festive small Coleman lanterns are a great addition to any campsite, backyard or party, enhancing the mood and offering an unforgettable evening experience. By using these lovely little lights, any night can be transformed into an opportunity to relax in a quiet and beautiful atmosphere.
The Coleman LED string lights comes at a great purchase price. They only require three small AAA batteries which will allow them to light up any night, and the fact that they can offer bright light for up to 20 hours without replacing the batteries translates easily into at least three nights usage. Not only are these LEDs very cheap and provide surprisingly bright light but using them is also inexpensive, thanks to them using very little battery power.
These LED string lights are very light and occupy very little space which makes it possible to fit them into any backpack. The battery compartment is virtually waterproof, and the on/off switch has a rubber cover.
As batteries power them, they are excellent at hanging anywhere, since they don’t need to be plugged into any source of energy. That makes them great not even for camping trips, but also for hanging them outside the house, without having to worry about having a power source nearby.

Main disadvantages

These LED string lights could provide a little more light than they do although considering their small size, low purchase price and low battery power usage, they are worth every penny.
The string lacks hooks or any other means of hanging them, and it could have been longer, although, except when installing them in tents, they can be easily attached by passing the string over branches and such.

Customer feedback

The overall feedback was positive, with most customers praising the classic design and low purchase price. Many people were impressed by the light they provide, although there were some who wished the light would have been a bit brighter. Many clients praised their design and warm light and said they performed excellently on various camping trips and in the outdoors in general.
There are a few cases where people bought two or three sets, which allowed them to light the night truly. A few customers would have wanted to have the strings a bit longer, and to have a case to properly pack the light strings.
Another highly appreciated feature, besides the pleasant atmosphere these small lanterns provide, is the fact that they last for a very long time, with most people saying they kept the LEDs turned on for even longer than 20 hours without a problem. Most clients were pleased with their purchase, with some considering buying more of these light strings.
The Coleman LED string lights are a cheap and reliable source of light, with the classic design of the miniature lanterns offering charm to any backyard or campsite. Their long lasting capabilities and reliable light, combined with the very affordable, selling price make them an excellent choice for people wishing to experience delightful evenings and nights in the outdoors.

Comfortable Outdoor Cooking With Coleman Multi Fuel Stoves

Sporter Multi Fuel Stove is an efficient, economical appliance that will cook your meal in no time. Read complete review on to learn more.

The one-burner Sporter Multi Fuel Stoves from Coleman are one of the most efficient compact stoves currently available. If you are a camping enthusiast, or you need a small, but powerful cooking stove in your garden, this great appliance has everything you can need.

General Features

The unit is small but very efficient. The single burner can deliver 10,500-BTU, being a great alternative to large and sometimes very awkward-to-handle outdoor fireplaces. The appliance runs on a 2.1-pint fuel tank. The stove measures 7.38 x 7.8 x 6.55 inches in dimensions and weighs only 2 lbs, being completely portable.

What Makes the Sporter Stand Out?

This small, powerful appliance comes with numerous extra features that add even more comfort and efficiency to your camping trips:

  • The Dual Fuel technology makes it possible to operate the stove not only on unleaded gasoline but on Coleman’s special fuel (known as white gas because it is free of additives, so it won’t contaminate your food while cooking on the stove) as well, making the unit very economical.
  • Efficiency is at its best with the Sporter Multi Fuel Stoves: the appliance boils a quart of water in 4 minutes.
  • The tank of the stove is large enough to keep the unit burning on High for as long as two hours on end. One single fill will take you through a 5-day camp – the unit is so efficient that you can use it on medium and still get a very large amount of heat out of it.
  • The unit is also very comfortable to use: it comes with a built-in support to accommodate the pot.
  • The appliance comes with advanced wind protection, allowing your flame to burn high even in the strongest winds.
  • The unit includes the filter funnel as well.
  • The burner is made of durable material and it is completely adjustable.
  • The special design that features almost no moving parts makes the entire unit is very resistant and durable.
  • The unit is conveniently priced.

Any Drawbacks?

The Sporter Multi Fuel Stoves from Coleman are packed with great features. However, you must be aware that it is a leather washer pump, which means that it can dry out quickly, so it requires a little bit of extra care.

What Users Say about the Unit

No wonder the Sporter Liquid Stove from Coleman gets so many positive reviews – it has so many qualities. Here are a few excerpts from what reviewers say:
“I love camping, and I was badly in need of a dependable stove that is small enough not to add too much weight to my backpack. The Sporter Multi Fuel Stoves from Coleman just fits the purpose perfectly. I have tried the unit in howling wind – the flame didn’t even tremble.” (Jason, 33)
“I never go camping without this great little gadget. It is efficient; it does not consume much, and it fits comfortably into our luggage, wherever we go. We have already had several great meals made on the stove, and we are looking forward to making much more.” (Ann, 36)
“If you have ever tried to cook on an open fire outdoors, you know that it is not easy. The Sporter Multi Fuel Stove from Coleman has made the task much easier. It is very tidy as well – you don’t have to clean away the debris like after a traditional campfire.” (Peter, 32)
“I have just returned from my first camping trip with my new Sporter Multi Fuel Stove. I initially took it with me to brew my coffee in the morning, but we ended up preparing the main meal of the day on the stove, too. It gets the food ready in no time; it is lightweight and reliable – just as I expected.” (Tim, 36)

The Final Verdict

The Sporter Multi Fuel Stove from Coleman is recommended not only for avid campers and trackers. The unit does an excellent service on shorter outings or if you just want to warm up something quickly in the garden. The appliance is robust, reliable, durable and comfortable to use, making it a great asset in your household and a friend you cannot go camping without.

Most Reliable Garmin GPSMAP 64s Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPSMAP 64s GPS Navigator is an accurate and highly sensitive GPS unit, ideal for activities such as hiking and travelling. Read on to learn all about it.
The Garmin GPSMAP 64s is one of the manufacturer’s latest additions and an overall improvement of the Garmin 60C model. This highly accurate and highly sensitive Handheld GPS receiver can track your position anywhere, regardless of trees or terrain , such as canyons or valleys. It is an excellent piece of equipment that is fit for activities ranging from regular travelling to geo-catching and even sea navigation.

Main features

This accurate GPS unit has a bright TFT colour display which is easy to see even in broad daylight. It’s included 64 MB microSD card can be used to store additional map details if required.
Besides Garmin 64s’ memory card slot, optional microSD cards can be bought from Garmin, which can provide with highly detailed topographic maps, nautical charts or even city streets.
This reliable Handheld GPS unit is compatible with most products from Garmin MapSource series, which also include BlueChart, Fishing Hot Spots, City Navigator and U.S. Topo and Recreational Lakes.

Main advantages

  • The Garmin GPSMAP 64s Handheld GPS Navigator is one of the latest additions in the industry and benefits from the most modern technologies. It’s insane accuracy and high sensitivity makes it possible to track your position regardless of any obstructions such as buildings or trees.
  • This powerful unit will lock satellites within the first minute of use.
  • The easy to use 2.6-inch, 256-color display allows you to clearly and accurately see all valuable information and mapping and trip details no matter the weather conditions.
  • The lightweight and rugged case is highly resistant to shocks, and it is also water resistant, being possible to keep it submerged for up to 30 minutes in one-meter water.
  • This GPS unit is highly efficient energy-wise, as two AA alkaline batteries while giving it working time of up to 30 hours.
  • This Garmin GPS also features a 10,000 point automatic track log, and you can retrace your route in both directions with the help of the 500 points each 20 saved tracks.
  • The 64s’ trip computer has many useful inclusions such as stopped time, total time moving and overall average, maximum speed and an odometer. The computer benefits from a fast processor which allows it to provide fast auto routing or even to give turn by turn directions.
  • The 64 MB microSD included can store MapSource software, and download is very easy thanks to the included USB or serial port interfaces. The dedicated serial port can be used to share navigation instructions with autopilots, repeaters and plotters.
  • The highly intuitive buttons and the four-position rocker pad allows for easy navigation through the many useful features.
  • There are other additional fun features such as an integrated outdoor calendar which can offer optimal hunting and fishing times and other information such as moon rise/set or its location.

Main disadvantages

Despite the performance and high accuracy and sensitivity of this GPS unit, there are few hiking or backpacking maps. However, the Garmin high-resolution topographic map set does cover national parks. The map sets also tend to be quite expensive to buy, and high-resolution map sets from other companies cannot be loaded onto Garmin GPS units.

Customer feedback

Most of the customer reviews were positive, with many people praising the high quality of the GPS, the high accuracy and sensitivity. All users were impressed by the fact that the GPS manages to lock satellites in a very short amount of time. Other appreciated features were the waterproof capabilities, the high-resolution options and the overall reliability of this GPS unit.
There were a few complaints about the high-resolution maps of certain areas and the incompatibility of Garmin units with other topo map sets. Most users are pleased with the performance of this GPS and have successfully used it in various activities.


The Garmin GPSMAP 64s Handheld GPS Navigator is one of the most accurate and reliable GPS units on the market.
Its price is decent considering its quality of design and plethora of functions. The numerous features and high-resolution options make it a strong buy and a must have for adventurous people.

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Additional Camping Equipment You Might Want to Consider


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