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Koniec Laby
Codziennik · 20:29 22 Jan 2018
Do roboty! Tydzień wolnego powinien wystarczyć na regenerację sił i relaks. Dzień coraz dłuższy, sezon się kończy, trening sam się nie zrobi… Read More
Ignition Switch #6
The Purple Hermit · 20:12 22 Jan 2018
Hope you enjoy my photographs that show the changes in Petrol pump design from the sixties to the noughties.  Note the switch from gallons to litres and the introduction of unleaded. &n… Read More
Redefining Oblivion … · 19:30 22 Jan 2018
The notion of normality or the purpose to seek normalcy is perhaps the biggest undoing of our lives. It is a hideous fallacy. Nothing is normal. There is no state of normalcy. Normalcy can a… Read More
Win Tickets To  Zando 10s
Dirty Pink City · 18:55 22 Jan 2018
Zando 10s 2018 One of the world’s biggest and most popular social sport and entertainment festivals, the Zando Cape Town 10s, will be celebrating its 10 th anniversary in February 201… Read More
Some More New Year's Letters
Goofballs World · 18:35 22 Jan 2018
Since Jan and his brother are respectively god father of each other's children, we had to meet up as there were some more New Year's letters to be read.Both boys did an excellent job of read… Read More
To Baldly Go · 17:48 22 Jan 2018
Last year I was asked to write a couple of guest blog posts, one of them was for my blog friend, Susan, who's a freelance writer from America. So hear it is in all it's glory... When Su… Read More
Haruka's Chronicle |… · 17:25 22 Jan 2018
Recently, my both English blogs had got several comments, this number has suddenly increased, it made me to feel funny. Because all these comments says the same thing only, like just one per… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 16:48 22 Jan 2018
Word of the Day Separation – the action or state of moving or being moved apart. In all of your activities, you take part in in life, beware of anything that leads to separation… Read More
30,000 Sexdecillion
Three O'clock In The… · 16:39 22 Jan 2018
One of the minor Internet sensations last year was the nifty, browser-based AI simulator Universal Paperclips.I ignored it until I got the superflu and had only the brain capacity to keep cl… Read More
Oväder · 16:18 22 Jan 2018
Det blev tyvärr ingen nöjespark igår… Vädret var lite lurigt, blåsigt med mörka moln på himlen. Vi åkte till Gallerian som ligger precis br… Read More
This Is The Kit
Rashbre Central · 15:42 22 Jan 2018
Time for a music post.This Is The Kit. My favourite 'new' 2018 band so far. "Moonshine Freeze"And "Misunderstanding" live (with a single Aston Spirit microphone) Read More
Garden Vegetable Soup
Chow Times · 15:00 22 Jan 2018
The South Arm Community Kitchen made a hearty soup as our main dish. This Garden Vegetable Soup is good enough for a light lunch with the addition of rice or small noodles. Ingredients 1 cu… Read More
Monday Mood Board | No. 1
My Life In A Blog! · 13:30 22 Jan 2018
Monday Mood Board | No. 1All photo credits to Pinterest! Happy Monday! So this is the first mood board for My Life in a Blog but I just decided to do something new for the blog! Basical… Read More
Daisarella · 13:12 22 Jan 2018
Crocodiles are regarded as one of the most respected living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. So can their natural properties help us with evolution? CrocodOil prepares… Read More
What An Effin' Idiot
The 7Msn Ranch · 11:00 22 Jan 2018
I call myself an effin' idiot several times a day for various justifiable reasons. Sometimes I may be judging myself a bit harshly, but not this time, because only an effin' idiot would do s… Read More
The Sarai · 07:58 22 Jan 2018
There is a real world behind the sacred hymns of the Rig Veda. The entire mystery of that pre-historic setting in which the Vedic civilisation flourished is hinged on identifying the people… Read More
Sondeo En Catalunya
Mi Boina · 05:00 22 Jan 2018
Este fin de semana El País, publico el habitual, de tanto en tanto, sondeo de Metroscopia, este, sobre el clima político en Catalunya. La conclusión, según mi c… Read More
My Corner Of The Wor… · 03:06 22 Jan 2018
I am in my most active space in the house. My kitchen. I am cooking my favorite dish. I keep adding this masala and then that and then a little bit of this again. Aroma of spices fill every… Read More
Pulchritude · 01:34 22 Jan 2018
Health & BeautyGluta-C Intense Whitening Original Lotion with SPF 25… Read More
Hugo Com H · 00:51 22 Jan 2018
Queria tanto te pedir: salve-me da pedra que atiraram em mim. Venha e me banha com teu amor, segura forte minha mão. Livra minha alma de ser amaldiçoada, abraca meu cora&c… Read More
Skuds' Sister's Brot… · 00:27 22 Jan 2018
The nippy little Peugeot Kisbee This weekend I added to my list of travel options for getting around town, by buying a scooter. I intend to keep the mighty Vulcan for cycling, and and intend… Read More
What The Junk?! · 23:58 21 Jan 2018
Well, the day was going okay at first!  I got in a good walk and came home and did my workouts.  I was going to relax for a bit after those and then fix lunch, but a friend called… Read More
Error 403 - Forbidde… · 23:38 21 Jan 2018
The plum tree in happier times, June 2016One of life’s great pleasures when we moved to Connecticut was growing things. The first 34 years of my life were spent in apartments. Having… Read More
Trying To Negotiate With Jell-O.
Field Negro · 22:48 21 Jan 2018
As of the writing of this post, the American government is still officially shutdown. Both sides are pointing the fingers and playing the blame game, but I think that Stevie Wonder can… Read More
Weekly Favorites
Ice Cream + French F… · 20:58 21 Jan 2018
Happy Friday Sunday! Clearly someone forgot to hit publish....ooops that's life.So, January is almost over. How did that happen? Let's talk all things food. I don't know about you, but I'm s… Read More
Despertares · 20:55 21 Jan 2018
Hoy, 21 de enero, se celebra el Día Internacional del Abrazo. Según he leído, fue creado en 1986 por Kevin Zaborney en Estados Unidos y su finalidad es dar abrazos (no i… Read More
Fashion, Beauty &… · 20:38 21 Jan 2018
Hi beauties! I’m crazy recently with my shopping so I have another wish list for you. After my successful order with jeans & dress online I decided to check out the products from Z… Read More
Health Update
Fabgrandma - Good Fo… · 17:57 21 Jan 2018
My health updateFabgrandpa and I went to our endocrinologist on January 2. My visit was less than stellar. I have gained 14 pounds since my last visit in October and gone up one whole point… Read More
Sassyhacksaws - Musi… · 17:00 21 Jan 2018
Because Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Paczki Day is coming up soon, I thought I'd post the recipe I have for making homemade paczki. They're time consuming, but totally worth it. Freshly made batch… Read More
Bigjohn · 12:18 21 Jan 2018
Recently I acquired a fairly rare medal to add to my collection. It is a Military General Service Medal which was awarded to a cavalryman who saw action during the Peninsular War agains… Read More
Good Luck
Northview Diary · 12:17 21 Jan 2018
We tried again for the Snowy Owl, and this time it was there...the boss's idea to look again and I thank him.Bird was utterly unconcerned about cars and sat still for photos, barely looking… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 23:00 20 Jan 2018
So I’m a woman – who loves long distance running, strength training, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, and general fitness.For some time now experts has recommended that women alwat… Read More