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The Curmudgeon · 18:29 20 Aug 2018
Atmospheric conditions in Conservative cranial interiors are, as we know, notoriously inimical to the rapid descent of pennies; but something called Rory at the Ministry for Profitable Incar… Read More
Goofballs World · 17:51 20 Aug 2018
We've practised our goalie skills a lot this weekend.  We played "Belgium against France"  but with quite flexible rules:  all of a sudden it was possible to score also when t… Read More
That Fit Family Life
Ice Cream + French F… · 17:31 20 Aug 2018
Creating a healthy life and home means getting the whole family involved. The key is making it fun! I workout and eat healthily, but it doesn't stop with me. It's a family affair.By creating… Read More
Ein Altenheim In Bremen Und Umzu…. Symptomatisch Für Fast Alle Altenheime Und Nicht So, Dass Man Sich Dort Heimisch Fühlen Kann. Dieses Hier Ist Ganz Besonders Krass, Denn Es Liegt Nur Wenige Meter Von Einer Durchgangsstrasse Entfernt, Ist Eingezäunt, Hat Einen äußerst Spartanischen Auslauf, Aber Ist Dafür Direkt Am Friedhof Gelegen Und Hat Nen Prima Ausblick Auf Das, Was Den Insassen Demnächst Blüht. Auch Ist Dieser Gottesacker Wesentlich Ansprechender Um Sich Die Beine Zu Vertreten Und Besser Da
Barbara Wenzel-Wint… · 15:08 20 Aug 2018
Read More
Zombra The Greek Salad
Chow Times · 14:00 20 Aug 2018
I had the opportunity to attend the Caring Place Community Kitchen in the month of August. I had not been to this kitchen for a long time. This kitchen started with a Greek Salad. The dress… Read More
Strangely Ordinary · 12:48 20 Aug 2018
Well so, quick and lazy update:- Mum is in a nursing home. Queenie is certifiably depressed trying to figure out why God has let this 'go on for so long'. Truth be told it's been a rapid dec… Read More
Oväntat Besök · 12:33 20 Aug 2018
I veckan började vi fixa med mina papper för fortsatt uppehållstillstånd här. Mitt går ut den 8/9 och då får jag inte vara kvar, om jag inte f&ou… Read More
Vivoforte · 11:33 20 Aug 2018
(Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali, 63)Mi hai fatto conoscere ad amici che non conoscevo. Mi hai fatto sedere in case che non erano la mia. Mi hai portato vicino il lontano, e reso l'estraneo u… Read More
Why I Will Always Pick Up My Baby
Scary Mommy · 11:00 20 Aug 2018
I have been sharing a little recently about the sleep training struggles we have been having with our six-month-old. After posting something on social media, so many people reached out to sh… Read More
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 20 Aug 2018
 Superdog creates a distraction, luring Alex away from the glass of wine. Superdog clenches the bigass toy a little tighter in her mouthand prepares for the big leap. Up, up a… Read More
Redefining Oblivion … · 09:47 20 Aug 2018
The scale of any tragedy can only be estimated. One could never possibly imagine the colossal scale of impact. Therefore, it is useless to pretend that one is able to. The situation in Keral… Read More
Da Goddess · 07:01 20 Aug 2018
We all judge ourselves by what we deem effortless by other people. It’s terribly unfair to ourselves and terribly unfair to those whose work or lives we admire. Chris Addison wrote th… Read More
Joan Says.... · 05:33 20 Aug 2018
Motivation needed!All this while, I never thought a pep talk can make any difference in anyone's life. Its all like yadda yadda here and there. BUT now, I am in need of one. Everytime I thin… Read More
¿Qué Pasa En El Mundo?
Mi Boina · 05:00 20 Aug 2018
¿Qué pasa en el mundo? Puede que sea el momento para empezar a preguntárnoslo, si es que de verdad queremos vivir en una sociedad noble, dejándonos de tóp… Read More
Field Negro · 03:17 20 Aug 2018
Mr. trump is using words like "rat" and "dog" to refer to individuals in his tweet these days. Proof positive that the man is feeling cornered and is becoming even more insane with each pass… Read More
I'm Okay :)
A Life Of Whining · 02:17 20 Aug 2018
It took me a long time to realise that it’s okay to not be perfect, even though I struggle with perfectionism every day. It’s okay that as a perfectionist, you’re not perfe… Read More
Look For A Loyal Heart
Inspiration Cabin · 23:10 19 Aug 2018
Never look for a good face; it will turn old one day. Never look for a good skin, it will wrinkle one day. Never look for a hot body, it will change one day. Never look for nice hair, it wi… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 19 Aug 2018
So 820 (or maybe it’s supposed to be a mere 82) South Koreans have been selected to participate in the Korean reunions in September. The oldest participant is a 101 years old man. They… Read More
One Life: Livin' The… · 20:25 19 Aug 2018
Brunswick, MaineI’m venturing back into my archive, admiring older images. An inspiration for myself, and the pleasure of sharing older images. This is a scan of an actual print Read More
Camping In Estonia
Carina … · 19:45 19 Aug 2018
As You may have read from my previous posts or  seen from my Instagram,  you should know that we did a 2-day camping in my county. I`m so happy to introduce you Estonia, the place… Read More
Birthday Wishlist
What Abigail Says · 16:30 19 Aug 2018
I'm not normally someone to focus on material objects. I would much prefer to do and do and see things, than own them. However, I have recently been enjoying what I suppose are more persona… Read More
Ye Meri Life Hai… · 16:28 19 Aug 2018
Anyone looking at the title of the post would be inclined to think, this as being another eulogy to the ‘Queen of Soul’. Yes it is, about her but no it is not really about her. T… Read More
Ode To Pleurotus Ostreatus
Saltshaker · 14:58 19 Aug 2018
Menu #35 August 17-18 – 2018 – 17-18 de Agosto One dish stood out this week – we actually began the week on the 16th with a different causa, a traditional Peruvian po… Read More
Messages From Malta ♥
London Leopard ♥ · 14:46 19 Aug 2018
Wednesday 1st August 2018 I just arrived in Malta a few hours ago. It's burning hot (35 degrees Celsius). I took the bus from the airport to my hotel which was like an hour long journey… Read More
Outdoor Cats
Northview Diary · 11:48 19 Aug 2018
Everybody thinks I don't like catsWe used to have barn cats. A lot of them. Shortly before I met the boss a lady he knew gave him three big kittens. By the time I had known him a couple of y… Read More
It's Just Life. – On… · 11:20 19 Aug 2018
The ones who say I look at the world the wrong way The people who think I’m a snob The whispers that say “Did you know…?” The people who say it’s a choice The… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 07:47 19 Aug 2018
July 27, 2018 I no longer remember when I last visited Iloilo, oh yeah just a few years ago with Edmund, Oyen, and Nyke. It was a spur of the moment thing. Out of the blues Edmund convinced… Read More
Career Advice | Jobs… · 06:00 19 Aug 2018
I have republished Russell Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds below. Conwell delivered this speech over 5,000 times between 1900 and 1925. It is one of the greatest pieces on finding opportun… Read More
Busy Mom Fave: Sabra Snackers
Dear Crissy · 00:54 19 Aug 2018
This post is sponsored by Sabra. Opinions are my own. Sometimes I feel like my days are spent almost completely in motion. Whether it’s driving my kids to and from school, shuttling th… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 00:17 19 Aug 2018
Another year has passed and its events are placed in the history books of my life. I am fortunate to be able to report a very good year, with its fair share of change, new experiences, inter… Read More
Skuds' Sister's Brot… · 22:53 18 Aug 2018
I am still persisting with the world’s lamest midlife crisis, which mostly involves spending a ton of cash on motorbike accessories. It is turning out to be an expensive hobby, when yo… Read More
New Found Love: Matcha Tea
Coffee & Grace · 16:14 18 Aug 2018
A good friend of mine first introduced me to matcha tea while visiting our favorite cafe, DoveCote Brasserie, this drink is a powder fine-ground, luminous green ingredient made from pure tea… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 17 Aug 2018
Summer 2015, Glenn and I are at dinner in Hong Kong restaurant. As we were sitting at the table, I recalled earlier that morning, how the vase at breakfast had a hidden heart. After taking a… Read More