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Some Like It Cold
The Purple Hermit · 20:55 20 Nov 2017
In John o’Groats Marilyn is ready for the fray, fresh lipstick, folded pink napkins, polished counters. And her namesake pouts from on high. One scoop or two? She’s ample with va… Read More
S. Weasel · 20:13 20 Nov 2017
Welp, he’s gone. History’s most famous case of the Crazy Eye. Y’all may recall I am (or used to be) muchly into True Crime, but I’ve never had much interest in Manso… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 18:39 20 Nov 2017
In the trade minister Greg Hands, it is evident that Britain's vole-brained Minister for International Werritty has a worthy underling. A telegram has been released to Greenpeace under Freed… Read More
Eve&bella · 17:00 20 Nov 2017
WOODLAND WALK If you guys have been reading our blog for a while then you know this time last year we did a post on a woodland walk, so as it's an annual tradition for us to do this post. S… Read More
Hindi Sms Shayari - … · 16:43 20 Nov 2017
Door ho tu yaad karlo yaad aati hai tu sms karlo aur milna chahti ho tu callkarlo. ` Socha aap ko phone karon socha aap se baat karon phir socha aik mulakat karon phir socha kiun na intezaar… Read More
Go Ye · 15:48 20 Nov 2017
I was doing Google searches last night and a Google notification came up “Do you want safe browsing?”  I clicked “No”.   Why? In my opinion, based on t… Read More
In The Midst
Northview Diary · 15:37 20 Nov 2017
Probably this guyOf writing chores and Thanksgiving dinner prep we had to clear off the kitchen table. Seems somebody got their first deer and we will be processing meat this afternoon.I am… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 09:25 20 Nov 2017
Yeah literally, it pays to have a 21 year old alaga, ampon, girlfriend to be, mistress or whatever. He is based in San Diego with his wife and a teenage son. He loves coming home to the Phil… Read More
Szata Zdobi Człowieka
Codziennik · 08:02 20 Nov 2017
Czy etnografia może być ciekawa? Jeśli połączyć ją z folkowym cosplayem, to nawet bardzo!Kategoria: fotografia, hobby, koncerty, spotkania, Wołomin, w… Read More
Catálogo De Derechos Sociales
Mi Boina · 05:00 20 Nov 2017
Los 28 de la UE han aprobado en Gotemburgo un Catálogo de Derechos Sociales. Lo que es una lista de derechos y oportunidades igual para toda la ciudadanía de la UE. Correspon… Read More
The Chocolate Box. · 03:54 20 Nov 2017
"Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard"The Scientist - ColdplayNo soy madre, no soy esposa; tengo casi 38 años y no estoy segura de querer ser una ni ot… Read More
My Essetial Oil Jour… · 02:31 20 Nov 2017
One reason I love my essential oils is helping others. I have learned in the past week that many people do not know the benefits essential oils have to the human body. Other people believe t… Read More
Field Negro · 01:07 20 Nov 2017
     * So we have finally reached a turning point when it comes to calling out sexual harassment in America. It's a welcome thing, but clearly it has come too late. And forgiv… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 23:00 19 Nov 2017
Below is a chronological list of Marathons held somewhere in a US state during the months that the state of Ohio has none. Those months are March, July, August, November and December. March… Read More
What The Junk?! · 22:46 19 Nov 2017
Yeah, here it is Sunday again and here I am at Starbucks.  I decided at the last minute to come and bring my laptop and one pen pal letter.  I had to wait to get a little table wit… Read More
Yankee Hacker · 20:23 19 Nov 2017
I spoke today in my home ward as the high council speaker. I had self-reliance as the topic for my talk. On the one hand, I had plenty to say since I've had my head in that space for the las… Read More
My Forgotten Words · 19:51 19 Nov 2017
To my guy best friend,We stopped talking for eight months. We had blocked each other on every social media. When I saw you in the halls, we would make eye contact and then quickly look away… Read More
Take That Live
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 19 Nov 2017
Regular readers of the blog may recall that I am a huge Take That fan. After booking the tickets for Take That back in April, I made a Take That CD for the car which contains nearly 50 of t… Read More
HefeHof, Niedersachsen.
Mofosuperheroe · 17:17 19 Nov 2017
If you’re looking for a place where you can get everything you need for Christmas and you want this everything to be handmade and totally unique, Niedersachsen, Germany, is the perfect… Read More
Swan Blueberries Blender
Ari's In Wonderland · 13:05 19 Nov 2017
When it comes to (makeup) sponges, everyone has their own preference. Some exclusively buy from higher-end brands while others stick to ones with more budget-friendly prices. There are those… Read More
Girando A Mi Alreded… · 12:54 19 Nov 2017
Asimetría de los sentidos, bajo la lluvia inapropiada,  empujando el llanto al abismo, miente la oscuridad, es tan solo un espejismo, no hagas ruido o te descubrirán, … Read More
Weer Een!
Leiden365 | Will, Fa… · 11:11 19 Nov 2017
Wederom heeft Alex een medaille behaalt. Weer met hardlopen. Hij vind het leuk, en wordt daarbij ook nog eens extra gestimuleerd door al dat ere metaal Read More
Christian Gewiese · 10:20 19 Nov 2017
Hast du schon deinen Bier Adventskalender 2017 gekauft? Langsam wird es Zeit, denn der Dezember naht. Ich habe mich wieder für den KALEA Bier Adventskalender entschieden. Die Adventszei… Read More
Origin By Dan Brown
Lifestyle Of A Profe… · 09:47 19 Nov 2017
Lifestyle of a Professional - Lifestyle Parenting Travel Stories Robert Langdon is a well known character in pop culture. Ever since The Da Vince Code became an international Best seller, Da… Read More
We Want YOUth
The Traveler's Lifes… · 08:02 19 Nov 2017
"The youth is the hope of the future."These were Dr. Jose Rizal's words in a time where the nation was pillaged and in bondage. It was a time where the Filipino spirit was beaten down and ou… Read More