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Tillslut Gav Den Upp · 16:19 18 Oct 2018
Min telefon har hängt med i 2,5 år och har varit en trogen vän genom dessa år. Men för några månader sedan så tappade jag den i golvet s&ari… Read More
Pass The Fried Chicken
Saltshaker · 14:00 18 Oct 2018
Yup. You’ve been waiting for it. Ever since NOLA opened up a few years ago, fried chicken has become the underground movement. More and more, places are popping up that offer their ve… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 11:01 18 Oct 2018
Daily Positive Thought Project- Increasing my consciousness one word at a time. Health-a person’s mental or physical condition No matter what things you create in life, or how intellig… Read More
Me Too.
It's Just Life. – On… · 09:23 18 Oct 2018
Hypocrite; every single one of us. Things we say, We do, We don’t We are. Context; Important. Yet sometimes context is just – that person is a stranger and this is my friend and… Read More
Dom Starców I Sierot
Codziennik · 07:31 18 Oct 2018
Kurjer Warszawski R.79, nr 121 (3 maja 1899) Starcy i sieroty to ciekawe połączenie, a dodatkowe obwarowanie w postaci wyznania jest być może powodem, dla którego… Read More
What The Junk?! · 23:39 17 Oct 2018
This will be the third time I've tried make this post!  So, guess what came in today's mail?  Yes, my NaNoWriMo shirt! I love it.  I have tried twice to post a couple of pictu… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:46 17 Oct 2018
Rumours are afoot among the Heathen Chinee about plans to illuminate the city of Chengdu at night by means of an artificial satellite rather than conventional streetlights. The speculation a… Read More
Day 17: Swollen
S. Weasel · 19:00 17 Oct 2018
Do chickens eat bees? Do they get stung? There’s a surprisingly lively conversation about it online. There are bee- and chicken-keepers who deliberately keep hives near their henhouse… Read More
The Mystery Blogger Award
What Abigail Says · 16:30 17 Oct 2018
What's this? An extra post? Aren't you lucky! Come on in to learn a little bit more about me and see which of my favourite bloggers I have nominated to take part! The post The Mystery Blog… Read More
Craftsman Table Saw
Sassyhacksaws - Musi… · 16:00 17 Oct 2018
If I haven’t already made this clear in previous posts, I’m not a rich man. I never have been though someday I hope to be more comfortable with my finances than I am now. Because… Read More
3 X 1, Poesías
Un Alma Navegante · 14:58 17 Oct 2018
Hoy escribí un combo, 3 x 1 abre el juego de mi poesía de Octubre 2018. 3 x 1"Un momento de ternuraes un recuerdo y el mundo dulce caesobre la bocacomo un fruto salvaje.Delicio… Read More
Autumn Amore Scarf Tutorial
Moogly · 14:30 17 Oct 2018
The Autumn Amore Scarf Tutorial will teach you how to easily work the moss stitch in rows – and how to add a fab looking border – whether you are right or left-handed! Discla… Read More
Homemade Flat Rice Noodle Soup
Chow Times · 14:00 17 Oct 2018
This is Ben’s home cooking, :-). I feel so blessed. Ben made the above Flat Rice Noodle Soup for my family. He made the broth from scratch with chicken bones, onion, carrot and celery… Read More
The Sarai · 13:43 17 Oct 2018
The ebook EXTENDED BEING, Book I in series SORO USHA — A Millennial Work, will release for publication on this day. via Nov 19, Mark It ! Read More
Stockpiling Circles
A Possible World · 11:01 17 Oct 2018
I'm not completely sure why, but this week I did some bulk food shopping online and came away with 30 tins of chopped tomatoes, 30 tins of baked beans, 1kg of raisins, 10kg of sugar, 10kg of… Read More
Oltre Il Cancello · 10:56 17 Oct 2018
Ottobre: la pioggia diluisce l’orizzonte, che si fa grigio marrone bianco – amalgama senza forma e senza tempo. E le case in lontananza, immobili, sbiadite, frastornate: è… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 17 Oct 2018
Spring, 2016 Again, after the snow melted, out in the front yard, a new heart shaped patch of dirt was found in front of the 13ft heart light. I wish I understood how this happened. it only… Read More
Michelle Mchatton | … · 00:39 17 Oct 2018
The recent bankruptcy of Sears brought to mind my earliest adulthood shopping memory. The Sears card was my very first credit card.  It was 1989 and I was a newly working 18-year-old.&n… Read More
The Musings Of A Mar… · 00:31 17 Oct 2018
I have to laugh at all the folks who were so excited that Fall was coming…only to be complaining already that it is cold! Yep, day time highs are in the 50s, night time this week goin… Read More
Canberra Part 3
Snoskred – Life In T… · 00:00 17 Oct 2018
Last time, we had just returned to the hotel room to drop off our shopping before heading out for dessert. Canberra has just got their first Gelato Messina and if you have been reading here… Read More
Http://… · 23:41 16 Oct 2018
Possibly the spookiest evening of my life - it turns out that Claire, my partner in our makeshift team, and a member of one of the teams that we've been vying with on an almost weekly basis… Read More
Two Years Since College
Hello Anna Jo · 22:00 16 Oct 2018
It's been exactly 2 years since I graduated from college. Time flies!I've acquired a few habits and lifestyle changes from when I started with full time work. Here are some of them!TeaWhile… Read More
One Man's Journey · 21:24 16 Oct 2018
I learned to dive in my 30s.The cannonball had gotten the job done my whole life. It's dirty, but practical. Truth be told, water and I are not friends; we're friends-of-friends who play nic… Read More
We Have Concrete!!
New Universe | It's … · 17:56 16 Oct 2018
They foundation is now complete.  Wow! They called me early in the morning and said they were going to get an early start.  I rushed the 50 miles to get there and ran up waving a c… Read More
How Being A Twinless… · 16:21 16 Oct 2018
So lets give a Brooklyn hello to the elephant in the room, I’m sure those that know me know me, are waiting for me to say “Issa Joke” but let me put my childishness to the… Read More
Lifebeyondexaggerati… · 15:30 16 Oct 2018
Life is full of variation. A life in the theatre is no different. For those of you who don’t know, performing is my day job. Super weird, I know, but being on stage is how I make money… Read More
The Flower Duet · 12:35 16 Oct 2018
It's almost Christmas!Where has the time gone?Time flies so fast, next thing we know,it will be like this again this time next year.So we all had milestone birthdays this year, and it's… Read More
Photographs And Memories
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 16 Oct 2018
When Danni was here last week, I foolishly mentioned that I have very few pictures of my animals and me together. That is no longer true.Like most folks these days, Danni carries h… Read More