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What The Junk?! · 03:11 07 May 2021
I needed to go to the grocery store today and I really did not want to! I had to mail out a few things, so I figured while I was out doing that, I'd run to the grocery store and get s few th… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 21:48 06 May 2021
The Christian state of South Carolina will shortly join the Christian states of Utah, Mississippi and Oklahoma in carrying out executions by firing squad, despite the risk of giving rise to… Read More
Wayne's World · 21:33 06 May 2021
Good afternoon.Well, I see it's been a month since my last post. I'm getting bad about posting. Don't know why, maybe just lazy. but anyway....... Life is slowly getting back to some so… Read More · 20:07 06 May 2021
Remember this song? Well, I, for one, was kind of obsessed with it, and well, who Fancy was; I mean, this person can sing! Not long after it was released, he was revealed on Late Night with… Read More
S. Weasel · 19:56 06 May 2021
Okay, I knew the Doggerland conference was for archaeology professionals and not scum like me, but it was still heavier going than expected. Like, there was the man who talked for half an h… Read More
I Want Spindles!
Scattered Thoughts · 19:07 06 May 2021
So after being in this house for over a year, I mostly still love it. But one of the things I don’t love is our stair wall. Because, well, it’s this. It’s a wall. The mo… Read More
Daily Horoscope · 15:52 06 May 2021
Leo summary for today: It sounds like all is set to be on a lifting way for Leo, Friday bringing more to the table than even expected.An priority is observed in your love life, developments… Read More
Moogly · 13:53 06 May 2021
The Plush Hourglass Floor Pillow is an oversized throw pillow – perfect for lounging at any level! Jumbo yarn makes gorgeous thick cables in this free crochet pattern on Moogly! Discla… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 12:06 06 May 2021
June 2020 Everyone knows I love watermelon.  I look forward to them being in season every summer. As U can see, after slicing a piece we found a heart within.  It was only a matter… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 10:09 06 May 2021
Be conscious of your thinking (or not thinking) about time, people you are spending time with, and the actions you are taking to fulfill your goals and dreams.  Always remember that the… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 06 May 2021
Cuadro realizado por Francisco Sancha en 1925 Enrique de Mesa, nació y vivió hasta su fallecimiento, en Madrid, el 9 de abril de 1878 – 27 de mayo de 1929. Fue poe… Read More
Dreamstrata · 02:26 06 May 2021
Most guys who are still single, are single because it is difficult to know what we truly want. We don’t know what we truly want for ourselves or what we want in a woman. The thing whic… Read More
Jill Of All Trades · 01:08 06 May 2021
I THOUGHT I said I was done with loss, whether it was human or furbaby, but I guess my request was not heeded.This magnificent boy was Mondo.  He was my first granddog and today he cros… Read More
Internet Lovers · 23:49 05 May 2021
 I had a 'memory' post pop up on my FB newsfeed today.  It was a short sentence and a photo of the marina at Motueka where Mum and I had coffee when I was down visiting her. … Read More
The Flower Duet · 18:40 05 May 2021
Hello, my good friends. Hope you are staying safe and in a positivemood. Here's a little photo dump coming your way! I love this little tea potSo happy to see this at Starbucks dur… Read More
Northview Diary · 15:54 05 May 2021
 I recently began to reread the book by Kenneth Roberts with the same name as this post. I have read the whole series several times over the years with each rereading bringing a new per… Read More
To Baldly Go · 10:06 05 May 2021
I think most people go through their lives thinking that the grand old age of fifty is just out of reach... Until it finally arrives.Today is the day.I'm not one for fuss. I never wanted a p… Read More
My Daughter, The Illustrator
Yankee Hacker · 01:00 05 May 2021
I'm excited and proud that the book my daughter illustrated is now available for purchase!Moldyrocks and the Three Bears by Jared Koyle and illustrated by Ada Cooprider. While remaining… Read More
Finding Purpose…
Kathy Strong | A Fis… · 22:44 04 May 2021
I started a new job today! Not officially. I’m not getting paid, I don’t have a desk and I don’t have workmates. But what I do have is a new sense of purpose for what God h… Read More
More Notes
Confessions Of A Dum… · 22:37 04 May 2021
What's making me happyLast week I told you about the notes I put in Hayden's lunch.Well, she thought I should get some of my own notes. I recently got home from a softball game pretty l… Read More
Field Negro · 21:38 04 May 2021
“The 2020 presidential election was not stolen....Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.”… Read More
Mor Lilla Mor · 15:28 04 May 2021
Vad är den perfekta morsdagspresenten? Vad ger man till den människa man har vuxit upp med och som har tagit hand om en hela livet. … Inlägget Mor lilla mor dök f… Read More
Un Blog Sceptik · 19:51 03 May 2021
Stand de vorba cu cineva, sa-i zicem Ixulitel, care si-a ales un loc de munca ce presupune activitate si duminica, fiind un pic mai bine platit, dar avand in vedere si alte comentarii de pe… Read More
Life Opens Up
Welsh Hills Again · 13:16 03 May 2021
Sometimes having a campervan is a wonderful thing.  So here is why: we are allowed over the border into England now, we are allowed to travel within England and to spend time in gardens… Read More
Némaüzem · 11:50 02 May 2021
 Jaj, hát a gyerekek (és az apukájuk, aki az ajándékok materiális részét szállította) nagyon kis cukkerek: a nagyma… Read More
Recent Loves In April
Hello Anna Jo · 08:17 02 May 2021
And here we go again, another Recent Loves entry! It feels like yesterday that I was collating my recent loves for March, and now we're in May. Here are my efforts to keep uncovering the sma… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 07:21 02 May 2021
A— “Bakit parang napapansin ko lumalaki boobs mo.” A—- “Naiinscure naman ako sayo.” E—-“Anong boobs? CHEST! Chest yan hindi boobs.” E&md… Read More
Paying Attention...
Pondering....... · 20:01 01 May 2021
 “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.(swiped from Hope Leslie)Look really h… Read More
The Scottish Grocer
Stephs Cheers And Je… · 19:26 01 May 2021
Stephs Cheers and Jeers received samples mentioned in this post in exchange for being featured on our site. I was first introduced to imported Scottish Food at a very small Scottish Shop t… Read More
The Purple Hermit · 17:21 01 May 2021
The Haar is on the horizon again! After a successful launch last month The Purple Hermit’s creative arts e-zine will be back in June and is now seeking contributions from writers, arti… Read More
At The Top Of The Hill
Welcome To My Blog · 23:30 30 Apr 2021
Sometimes,It is just easier to breathe when I am here. It is easier to breathe when I can take away the things that cause me pain. It’s easier to smile when I’m here. It’s… Read More