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Too much to ask

I prefer not to blog about negative things but tonight I had my life threatened. Again. I wish that this was not a regular occurrence for me but there you are. This is what life in South Africa is like. Particularly if you live next to a bottle store like me. Tops @ Spar to be exact.

My offense? Asking a man in the Tops @ Spar Parking Lot next to my house to turn down his music.
This started a rant about how white people think they own the country and how we should just mind our own business. He followed this up by telling me that he would follow me home and make a mess. I can only imagine what kind of mess.

Unfortunately he is not the only person in the Parking lot that would like to see me dead. There are several ladies who threaten to come fuck me up because I expect them to do their drinking at home and not in the street where they disturb the neighbourhood with their drunken arguments. One day is one day, they tell me late at night when I ask them to go home.

And this is what my life has become. An endless fight for some justice in my neighbourhood. The other neighbours are too scared to come out and complain. Who can blame them if the result is death threats?

The security company is not allowed to do anything about people drinking in public. Tonight I found out the police can’t arrest them either. They can take them to the police station, write them a fine (which won’t get paid) and release them. The Tops @ Spar who’s parking lot they are drinking on just throw their hands up in the air. What do I expect them to do, they ask. Indeed. How can I be so unreasonable?

I used to think the answer was to keep the drunks off their parking lot but now I think the answer is to close the shop. It brings nothing but grief to residents. People get drunk there and then commit all kinds of crimes on the way home. If residents confront them, they are labeled racist. As if the desire for a peaceful home life is something that is an offense to all black people. How dare I come out and ask for peace and quiet? Only black people have rights if you listen to them long enough. Tonight I was told that it’s their country – the man had no answer when I asked what about me who lives here too.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than to lament the death of good manners and consideration for other people. That seems to be the first thing that we got rid of in the new South Africa. The result is this man who threatened to follow me home and make a mess of my house / me  because I asked him to turn down his music. Crazy, isn’t it?

So here is a picture of the man who thinks it’s okay to threaten woman in public and apparently it is, because the police didn’t think it was worth opening a case of intimidation against him. They only believed my allegations that he was drinking when I showed them the photo I took. His alcohol laden breath was not considered evidence.

Next to him is the lady who threatened me a few weeks ago in action. So much outrage because I asked her not to drink in public. And in all this I am considered unreasonable.

There is no sanity left here.


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Too much to ask


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