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Rubber Hose · 13:56 24 May 2022
I've started to see almost everything as a symptom of what I now think is the primary issue of our age: the fact that elites are never held accountable for their actions. You can't explain t… Read More
Politics Plus · 13:48 24 May 2022
Yesterday, Colorado Public Radio News published thefirst photo of the first bud (at leasst in eighty years) on the Camp Amache rose. It is pink. I cropped the photo so it would fit here. I w… Read More
Bigger Egos Than Brains
Northern Reflections · 13:01 24 May 2022
America's technocrats are in in a snit. Paul Krugman writes:The sultans of Silicon Valley are in a political snit, with some billionaires suddenly turning against Democrats. It’s not j… Read More
Swim Dad Alphabet
Mark Rauterkus & Run… · 09:37 24 May 2022
---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Swimming Dad Date: Tue, May 24, 2022 at 1:19 AMSubject: New Blog PostTo: Mark Rauterkus Baby swim alphabet: What should parents know about bab… Read More
Cognitive Dissonance
Our Revolution Conti… · 07:00 24 May 2022
This week we're all still reeling from the hideous massacre of ten African-Americans by an 18 year old white boy. Shooter Payton Gendron drove three hours to predominantly Black East Buffalo… Read More
Big Tech And Guns
Southern District Of… · 01:26 24 May 2022
By John R. ByrneA couple of big decisions issued by the Eleventh Circuit yesterday, both authored by Judge Newson.In Netchoice, LLC et al. v. Attorney General, State of Florida, et al., the… Read More
Political Irony · 16:28 21 May 2022
George W. Bush just admitted that he is a war criminal. Note how after Dubya corrects himself, he doubles down and says “Iraq, too” and laughs. Will anyone be held accoun… Read More
César Vásquez Perú: … · 15:02 21 May 2022 María Palacios hizo de conocimiento público el audio de las graves amenazas del economista neoliberal Dennis Falvy Valdivieso contra la integridad fís… Read More
The Spire · 14:14 21 May 2022
The latest Sunday Business Post/Red C poll offers hope for both sides in a potential border poll in the South. Many column inches have been devoted in the Northern Ireland press to… Read More
Bdb · 22:58 20 May 2022
Fim é fimNão insista Em permanecer no que acabou Com certeza quem te deixou é porque há de encontrar alguém muito melhorSempre haverá chan… Read More