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Open Thread – 12/15/2018
Politics Plus · 18:13 15 Dec 2018
This is the first time I’ve been half able to post since I moved.  The place is 2/3 of what I had, and I have to sit sideways to the keyboard, which tips away from me, because the… Read More
Rubber Hose · 14:06 15 Dec 2018
I can't say I have followed all the ins and outs of May's Brexit debacle, but it seems like May's problem, and for that matter the problem of most of the Tory party, is a continuous refusal… Read More
Justice On The Move
Northern Reflections · 14:12 14 Dec 2018
Donald Trump's buffoonery can leave you in despair. But Michelle Goldberg writes, in The New York Times, that there is reason to hope:The Democratic landslide in the midterms proved that the… Read More
Tempus Fugit
Wind Rose Hotel · 13:45 14 Dec 2018
Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus. (Fast flies meanwhile the irreparable hour) ~ Vergil, Georgicon,  Book 3 We should cherish the moments we have with the ones we love. Ou… Read More
Negociados De José Luis Castañeda Neyra, Cajero De La Multimillonaria Mafia Alanista (facción Del Castillo), Puestos Al Descubierto Por Los
César Vásquez Perú: … · 02:07 14 Dec 2018é Luis Castañeda Neyra, cajero de la multimillonaria mafia alanista, facción Del CastilloLa conexión offshore de José Luis Casta&nti… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 08:26 13 Dec 2018
The new calculation of the savings I/O in Diskeeper 2011 has been tested in various system usage scenarios and compared with the number of I/O operations actually saved the we have measured… Read More
Dumb As A Rock
Political Irony · 14:01 12 Dec 2018
Who hires people like this? © Nick Anderson We did! We hired Donald Trump. And he hired a bunch of crooks and liars, just like himself. If you really want to see someone as dumb as a r… Read More
Does Celebrity Still Rule?
Slantblog · 03:13 12 Dec 2018
The 20th century gave us mass media: magazines that featured stories aimed at a national readership; feature films and newsreels distributed coast-to-coast; radio and television networks;… Read More
A Imagem Do Dia
Bdb · 21:43 10 Dec 2018
Roube Esteja do lado dos ladrões E? Continuará sendo um ladrão, safado, descarado e impune igual aos pares do momento, Jair Bolsonaro e Sérgio Moro. Trê… Read More
FACEBOOK - Oversharing?
Mage Soapbox · 21:24 10 Dec 2018
"In the hunt for revenue, did Facebook share more data than it disclosed?" PBS NewsHour 12/5/2018ExcerptSUMMARY:  In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Congress that his platform… Read More
Sketchy Thoughts · 05:18 09 Dec 2018
Today’s fascists aren’t like yesterday’s fascists. Today’s antifascists aren’t like yesterday’s antifascists. What will tomorrow bring? 2017 was the year… Read More