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Rubber Hose · 18:59 11 Dec 2017
I think during the Obama years, Fox News lost any pretense that it was a legitimate news source for people outside its own conservative bubble. For a surprisingly long time before that, peop… Read More
The Assault On Mueller
Northern Reflections · 15:24 11 Dec 2017
Donald Trump's acolytes are waging a full court press on Robert Mueller. Randall Ellison writes:Critics on the right charge that Mueller’s investigation is politically biased or worse… Read More
Bigrunner · 11:14 11 Dec 2017
Bill JohnsonIsrael’s capital is Jerusalem. The government is located there; so are the Supreme Court and the Bank of Israel. All are located in West Jerusalem, which is seen by the int… Read More
Buyers Be Aware
Power To Consumer Bl… · 07:21 11 Dec 2017
According to a recent article published in Mint, there is a 61% increase in buyers looking for a house in the past 1 year. And that the number of active property seekers seeking houses throu… Read More
O, Captain, My Captain
Freedom Writing · 05:43 11 Dec 2017
When I was in college, it was my honor to study reporting under a professor who truly lived the adage that journalism is the first draft of history.His name was Roy Reed, and he once worked… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 23:19 10 Dec 2017
In Libya it was a secret that on June 28, 1996 more than 1,270 prisoners died machine-gunned in Abu Salim prison, on the outskirts of Tripoli. Some said that the massacre was perpetrated onl… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 07:35 10 Dec 2017
I've mentioned this several times before, but of course no one listens to me:  every time the pustulent fucktard steps out to do one of his dipshit rallies, the very first thing our int… Read More
Dr. Robert Owens Chr… · 16:02 07 Dec 2017
IMPEACH TRUMP!  IMPEACH TRUMP! IMPEACH TRUMP! That is the screech we’re about to hear emanating from the denizens of the swamp.  Sure Maxine Waters and a few others have been… Read More
Scopa Review · 14:30 07 Dec 2017
It’s always strange to wake up to find that TMZ is covering Pennsylania law. Coverage of Rapper Meek Mill’s curious case continues with calls for investigation into the tria… Read More
Sunday Posts · 14:15 06 Dec 2017
The Idea of India, as conceived just after the country's independence, is facing an existential challenge, but that may not be a bad thing. It is being challenged because it was an act of im… Read More
Dirkzijn · 07:35 06 Dec 2017
De poortjes op Amsterdam CS zijn dicht. Forenzen die door het CS moeten om de bus te pakken bij IJ-zijde, moeten verplicht door de poortvrije Amstelpassage. Dat betekent in veel gevallen fli… Read More
The Uncooperative Ra… · 05:29 05 Dec 2017
Saturday Show 12-2-17The only super moon of the year will rise Sunday eveningThe only super moon of 2017 will appear in a sky near you Sunday night ... weather permitting. Bigger and brighte… Read More