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Accidental Deliberat… · 16:42 16 May 2022
Ontario's ongoing provincial election is presenting some interesting echoes from previous campaigns - particularly the 2015 federal election which similarly involved a seemingly vulnerable C… Read More
Politics Plus · 13:59 16 May 2022
Yesterday, as you could probably tell from the email, I was trying to find out how to solve a problem with Disqus. I went through multiple FAQ pages and found out that, if Disqus won’t… Read More
Bill 96
Northern Reflections · 13:10 16 May 2022
I'm tired. I'm tired of the language merry-go-round in Quebec. Francois Legault's government is on the cusp of passing Bill 96, which would further restrict the rights of Quebec's English sp… Read More
Defend-A-Bull Blog · 03:15 15 May 2022
Hallo 💗 Brenda is interested in you! Click here: 💗 Empfaengerdaten erfolgreich eingetragen. WICHTIG: Bestaetigung, bitte hier klicken (Aktivier… Read More
Skills 'fetish', Really?
Sunday Posts · 20:45 14 May 2022
My current work is focused on alternate credentials based on project work. The key idea here is to create credentials based on experience and create a bridge between the academic world and v… Read More
Cuba-Isla · 16:04 14 May 2022
La conmoción caracterizó la semana que finalizó este domingo 14 de mayo en Cuba debido al accidente en el Hotel Saratoga. El presidente de Cuba, Miguel Díaz… Read More
Slantblog · 22:01 13 May 2022
Speaking of the highest court in the land, it's probably fair to say that most professional opinion writers have not had one of their columns become part of the published record of a Supreme… Read More