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Freedom Eden · 00:00 15 Aug 2018
What a great afternoon at Wrigley! It just took two pitches for the Brewers to take the lead as LoCain crushes one! #ThisIsMyCrew— Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewe… Read More
Open Thread – 8/14/2018
Politics Plus · 20:23 14 Aug 2018
I got my test results back today, and Megan was very happy with them.  My A1C is 7.0 and everything else is in the good range.  The weather is horrid with 100° forecast, 52% hu… Read More
Sunday Posts · 15:59 14 Aug 2018
Imran Khan's ascension to Premiership in Pakistan could have been a great democratic moment: An elected government completed its term, only the second time in the country's history; the two… Read More
Golpistas Escrotos, Saiam Dos Esgotos
Bdb · 15:19 14 Aug 2018
A direita em pânico com a possibilidade de Fernando Harddad registrar sua candidatura com o nome Fernando Lula Haddad. Mais que besteira, que os golpistas registrem seus candidatos com… Read More
The World Has Changed
Northern Reflections · 12:40 14 Aug 2018
Paul Koring writes that Canadians got a rude awakening last week:Their beloved country doesn’t matter much, or at least not as much as they like to think.Mexico and the United States a… Read More
The Zero-Sum Game
Our Revolution Conti… · 10:00 14 Aug 2018
What a time to be alive! Will things ever get any better? Are they going to get even worse? Just when We the People  make some inroads in the rights to clean water (see last week's piec… Read More
Jordan Peterson
Swerve Left · 08:56 13 Aug 2018
What Peterson says about the crisis in higher education (around the 30-minute mark)--bloated administration, excessive costs, and a lack of a sense of mission--is right on Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 04:48 13 Aug 2018
The poetry is inexhaustible source of reading. Source: Ripple. I cannot, for example, deplete my interest in homricos poems, therefore they are typical representatives of ' ' fingere' ' , th… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 04:11 13 Aug 2018
Virtually every policy and personnel decision/indecision made by this human centipede of an administration turns out to be a reflection, writ small of the operational principles baked into e… Read More
A Brief Encounter · 11:57 12 Aug 2018
Who said the following?"The burka is an archaic tribal piece of cloth that is eagerly used by fundamentalist zealots to promote a toxic brand of extremist non-Koranic theology"A) The PopeB)… Read More
Mr Putin, Tear Down That Kompromat
Blogules · 08:50 12 Aug 2018
The Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki more than confirmed what we suspected (see 'Donald Trump meets his maker, off the record'): this POTUS is totally in the Kremlin's pocket.Here's our exclus… Read More
Ianko Iankov · 10:25 09 Aug 2018
Address for letters: Янко Николов Янков – гражда… Read More
Submit Blogs · 13:32 08 Aug 2018
The societal and psychological consequences of social media in the information age are emerging slowly. The consequences of the headline-grabbing examples above are fairly obvious, but other… Read More