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Politics Plus · 13:12 24 May 2024
Yesterday, I picked up a new Randy Rainbow parody, the first one he has made since “Don’t Arraign on My Parade, which was 9 months ago. (He made an “Interview with Mike Joh… Read More
Quantum Horizons
About Randy Salars -… · 10:45 24 May 2024
Dr. Serenity Kepler and her assistant Jay stood on the brink of a groundbreaking discovery in the heart of a state-of-the-art quantum research facility. The laboratory, bathed in the soft gl… Read More
Freedom Eden · 09:09 24 May 2024
LIFELONG BRONX RESIDENT —"The entire atmosphere was ELECTRIFYING. There were people from all over the Bronx — Black, White, Hispanic. There were Asians, there were Jews, it was j… Read More
Freedom Eden · 09:00 24 May 2024
.@realDonaldTrump wrapping up in The Bronx! #TRUMP2024— Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) May 24, 2024 Remember when Biden had that… Read More
Freedom Eden · 08:59 24 May 2024
Bidenomics in action — BRUTAL!— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 23, 2024 Americans know what Biden has done to them. Do you think fast food prices… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:14 24 May 2024
WOW. Biden nominated Sarah Netburn for judge in the Southern District of NY.A 6’2 man pled guilty to r*ping a 9 and 17 year old girl. He was also convicted of distributing child p**n.H… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:10 24 May 2024
PRESIDENT TRUMP: "It doesn't matter whether you're black or brown or white or whatever the hell color you are — it doesn't matter. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS AND WE ARE GOING TO PULL TOGETHE… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:08 24 May 2024
It’s time to Make New York Great Again 🇺🇸— Byron Donalds (@ByronDonalds) May 23, 2024 The Bronx is now MAGA COUNTRY!… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:07 24 May 2024
What Luck! Biden Finds Prewritten Answer To A Completely Spontaneous Press Question Right On His Note Card— The Babylon Bee (@TheBaby… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:05 24 May 2024
JUST IN: Footage released of number 1 ranked golfer Scottie Scheffler getting arrested while turning into the parking lot before the second round of the PGA Championship.Talk about an overre… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:03 24 May 2024
Biden, slurring from his binder: "We're kind of occupied around the world but we're also engaged in the Congo in that neighborhood!"— RNC Research (@RNCResea… Read More
Freedom Eden · 23:41 23 May 2024
Political Irony · 16:29 23 May 2024
Right after Donald Trump’s January 6 insurrection to steal the presidential election, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s house was flying a US flag upside-down, which Trump sup… Read More
Shadows Of Endor
About Randy Salars -… · 15:32 23 May 2024
The Witch’s Burden The air in Endor was always heavy with whispers—whispers of lost souls and ancient spirits, of magic that flowed unseen like the currents of the Jordan Rive… Read More
Warriors Of The Light
About Randy Salars -… · 14:46 23 May 2024
Part 1: The Awakening In the heart of Chicago, amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, 30-year-old Aiko Tanaka led a life of quiet resilience. A Japanese American, she balan… Read More
Rubber Hose · 14:17 23 May 2024
I am definitely in favor of Palestinians having a say in their own country (whether that is a "Palestinian state" or a binational country with equal citizenship for Palestinians and Israelis… Read More
David And The Giant
About Randy Salars -… · 13:48 23 May 2024
Part 1: The Call to Battle In the rolling hills of Bethlehem, I, David, tended to my father’s sheep. The days were long but peaceful, the nights filled with the songs of the stars… Read More
Politics Plus · 13:00 23 May 2024
Yesterday, I observed that Donald Trump** is now claiming that Biden ordered him assassinated, specifically on the day of the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Magats are, frankly, to evil to eben be able… Read More
Talitha Koum
About Randy Salars -… · 11:44 23 May 2024
I live in the bustling town of Capernaum, nestled amidst the grandeur of Galilee. I am Jairus, a well-respected leader of the synagogue here. My life revolves around my precious twelve-year… Read More
To Proclaim Loudly
Our Revolution Conti… · 02:13 21 May 2024
I don't know if there has ever been a time comparable to this one, where we are seeing people for who and what they really are. There's nowhere to hide anymore. You're either with God or you… Read More · 15:58 20 May 2024
Igår klarade jag Mammutmarschen i Berlin och gick i mål med god tidsmarginal. Utmaningen att gå 100 km på mindre än 24 timmar kan därmed läggas till ha… Read More
Bdb · 17:40 19 May 2024
Parabéns Levi, meu sobrinho amado ( como todos os demais) saúde e felicidade sempre. Num tinha o que inventar hoje peguei o troique pra criar... Sei não se ele… Read More