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Happy Thanksgiving!
Wind Rose Hotel · 18:00 23 Nov 2017
"The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" (1914) By Jennie A. BrownscombeStedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden (Netherlands)For us Christians, thanksgiving is an everyday event that begins with a… Read More
Rubber Hose · 17:32 23 Nov 2017
There are powerful companies in the pro-net neutrality camp, but I still can't imagine that this will work. Killing net neutrality is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai pet issue. It's the reas… Read More
Mage Soapbox · 16:56 23 Nov 2017
IMHO:  ICE today, Trump's Gestapo Storm Troopers (it's not what they do, it is HOW they do their job).  This program means they will see ordinary American citizens who happen to ha… Read More
The Stretch
Slantblog · 16:30 23 Nov 2017
Note: This piece was originally published by STYLE Weekly on Oct. 4, 1999. *With the turning of the leaves, The Fan District of Richmond, Va., will again be transformed into a livin… Read More
What's Past Is Prologue
Freedom Writing · 18:36 22 Nov 2017
Charles Manson died the other day, and I have struggled with my thoughts about that.He was, after all, 83. He was in his mid–30s when his "Family" committed the 1969 Tate–LaBianc… Read More
Djundiblog – Once Up… · 04:42 22 Nov 2017
Halaman utama Google hari ini, Selasa (22/11/2017) menampilkan doodle berupa sayur-sayuran berikut bumbu bahan masakan. Semuanya dirangkai membentuk tulisan Google. Ketika diklik… Read More
I Don't Know Any Russians
Human Voices · 14:30 21 Nov 2017
This is "Eclipse" built in 2009 for Roman Abromovich, a Russian oligarch and apparently an associate, or associate wannabe of our pretend president. Perhaps it's just that Trump owes him hal… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 04:42 21 Nov 2017
I think we all underestimated Fuckface Von Clownstick to some extent, but the real problem, both in scope and degree, is just how badly we overestimated our fella 'murkins. It's also true so… Read More
The Pre-Turkey Day Wrangle
Brains And Eggs · 13:56 20 Nov 2017
The Texas Progressive Alliance sends its deepest condolences to the family of Steve Mostyn, who lost his short battle with an undisclosed mental health concern last week.Off the Kuff explain… Read More
The Spire · 11:59 19 Nov 2017
The current controversy surrounding the sexual harassment allegations about Hollywood celebrities and politicians is a cause for concern on many levels. While no-one can defend sexual assaul… Read More
Accidental Deliberat… · 21:55 18 Nov 2017
The latest from the Saskatchewan NDP's leadership campaign - though it's noteworthy at the outset how little of the activity in the race is taking place in the public eye. (One key exception… Read More
Capitalism Creates P… · 13:21 18 Nov 2017
There's a lot of talk in the media nowadays about driverless cars. This, apparently is the future. As someone who has passed middle age, I can see the advantages. I recently had to drive fro… Read More