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Leah Vukmir Ad - 'Threatened'
Freedom Eden · 00:00 19 Jun 2018
Leah Vukmir released an ad today that has people talking. That's exactly what an ad should do. The ad is called "Threatened." Watch: How one responds to this ad has a lot to do with wh… Read More
A New And Better World
Northern Reflections · 13:13 18 Jun 2018
Thanks to Donald Trump, world alliances are being scrambled. Robin Sears writes that a new world order is appearing with each passing day:Already we have seen both Angela Merkel and Emmanuel… Read More
Beyond The Cusp | Jo… · 06:55 18 Jun 2018
  Gaza, the word itself gives thought to meaning, and that meaning is different for every individual. It should not convey such latitude of thoughts, but that is largely due to the medi… Read More
Swerve Left · 01:03 18 Jun 2018
"We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."  Supreme Court Justice Louis D Grandeis Read More
Bigrunner · 16:41 17 Jun 2018
SlaveryDoes Islam support and encourage slavery?Well if we go by what is say's in the Koran it would be understandable if the reply was a fervent...yes! Mohammed was according to inform… Read More
Booman Tribune ~ A P… · 00:35 17 Jun 2018
It's pretty desperate for the president at this point, which is clear from the fact that his lawyer is seriously considering becoming a cooperating witness against him and his former campaig… Read More
Rubber Hose · 14:43 15 Jun 2018
Isn't it weird how Jefferson Beauregard Sessions--named after the President of the Confederacy and the Confederate General who bombed Fort Sumner but nevertheless denies the charges of racis… Read More
Sopa Entre Jugadas Con El Che (2)
Cuba-Isla · 14:18 15 Jun 2018
Giraldo Mazola*.─ Fidel al crear el ICAP en 1960 avizoraba desde entonces la necesidad de prepararnos para enfrentar el aislamiento que se gestaba contra Cuba y poder divulgar nuestra… Read More
Dagens Politik · 08:15 15 Jun 2018
Trots att Sverige är ett av världens mest hälsomedvetna länder finns det en hel del kvar att arbeta med. Ett samtida och ytterst viktigt exempel är den statistik som… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 07:33 14 Jun 2018
This aesthetic procedure makes a bridge to arrive at the study of the literature of Clarice Lispector. This author denies the canonic narrative, from which the narrator treats the child from… Read More
On To November!
Vivian J. Paige | Al… · 03:33 14 Jun 2018
The field is now set for the November general election of Virginia’s representatives in Congress. My thanks to all who stepped up and offered themselves to represent us. The top of the… Read More
Unnatural Capitalism
Our Revolution Conti… · 10:00 12 Jun 2018
We Can Change ThingsOther things, like capitalism... are not forces of nature; we invented them. They are not immutable and we can change them. --Dr. David Suzuki, Canadian environmental act… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 04:20 12 Jun 2018
Short fiction piece, very rough, but I wanted to punch it out before the stupid theatre summit, the Bungle in the Jungle. There will probably be revisions over the next week or so.The empero… Read More