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Liberal England · 01:43 08 May 2021
I have long regretted choosing 'Six of the Best' as a name for a feature on this blog. I mentioned this in a recent post and, thanks to a suggestion there by Epictetus, I have my new title.A… Read More
Politics Plus · 22:40 07 May 2021
Glenn Kirschner on what to do with Bill Barr The Lincoln Project – This message? Meidas Touch with Michael Cohen about what might be coming Now This News – I find this beyond sca… Read More
Socialdemencia · 17:10 07 May 2021
Mucha gente lo ignora, pero la seguridad social no fue creada por un marxista, sino por un conservador, monárquico y anticomunista de la nobleza prusiana del siglo XIX, de nombre Otto… Read More
Wake Up America · 10:33 07 May 2021
I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that we are on vacation and will not be back until late Monday so I probably will not be around much, if at all, over the next few days. I… Read More
Der Sozialticker · 03:28 07 May 2021
Das Landessozialgericht Niedersachsen-Bremen (LSG) hat seine Rechtsprechung zur Beurteilung des Einreisemotivs von Asylbewerbern präzisiert und damit die Rechte von Flüchtlingen ge… Read More
Rubber Hose · 21:03 05 May 2021
But yeah, "From the Desk of" is no more a "new social media platform" than this site is.Because it includes a button to share Trump's posts on Facebook and Twitter, I wonder if those sites w… Read More
Human+Tech In Education
Sunday Posts · 10:35 05 May 2021
 I wrote in an earlier post, that it is time to move beyond the false binary of online vs offline in education. After the pandemic, it's going to be both.But, as I explained, this is no… Read More
Vaccine Apartheid
Our Revolution Conti… · 07:00 03 May 2021 "The US publ… Read More
Slantblog · 15:13 02 May 2021
As a professor, Balcomb Greeneis said to have had a significant influence on Andy Warhol.Revved up over an English class assignment to write a paper on "The Second Coming," by W… Read More
The Hoax Hoax
Political Irony · 15:19 01 May 2021
To me, the biggest hoax is calling everything a hoax. When will the right get tired of it? Einstein is credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and… Read More