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2021-12-16 14:30
I have been blogging for nearly half my advertising agency ownership life. It is true; the older you get, the faster time flies. And 12 years of blogging has whizzed by. I feel like the Wile… Read More
Today Is National Salesperson Day
2021-12-13 14:49
One of the questions I ask people in interviews about working in an advertising, public relations, marketing and fundraising agency is: Do you like sales? If you don’t, then look in an… Read More
This Blog Is What It Is
2021-12-09 14:28
Sometimes in our marketing and advertising world, we succumb to the overuse of buzzwords. Jargon allows us to communicate quickly in our own section of society. The buzzword and jargon s… Read More
TV And The Olympics
2021-12-06 14:30
A lot is going on in TV today. You may have read about the issues between Nielsen and the Media Rating Council. What may happen is that TV stations begin to look for alternative TV measureme… Read More
Fundraising Guide In A COVID World
2021-11-29 14:30
We all have heard remarkable COVID stories of perseverance and achievement. Many of us thought the pandemic would negatively impact fundraising and, specifically, capital campaigns. What… Read More
Have You Ever Switched Brands?
2021-11-18 14:25
Have you ever switched brands? Some believe that brand loyalty is going the way of the bag phone. There are 50 ways to leave your lover and one thousand ways to leave a brand.  We… Read More
Sir Isaac Newton Was A Marketing Genius
2021-11-15 14:25
Noted marketing guru, Sir Isaac Newton, found that there are critical truths to the world of branding, advertising and marketing. He developed laws to describe what is happening in most orga… Read More
Hey Siri, How Is Voice-Activation Working?
2021-11-11 14:26
One year ago, I wrote a blog about trends for this year. Remarkably many are right on target. One, to my surprise, is lagging behind all the others: That trend topic is shopping and buying v… Read More
PR Has Never Been More Important
2021-11-04 13:26
Some believe public relations has seen its best days. In fact, in a recent study, more than 70% of PR pros don’t think the term public relations as defined today will describe the work… Read More
2021-11-01 13:45
When you think about the explosion of media outlets – from advertising, broadcasting, news, print, digital to movies – it does become challenging to know when and where to advert… Read More
Creepy And W-O-M Are On My Mind Today
2021-10-28 13:30
This blog is about two things: 1) Consumers creeped out and 2) Word-of-Mouth Activity. Let’s start with creeped-out consumers. Creeped-Out Consumers I love reading about res… Read More
2021-10-25 13:30
According to Gallup, our confidence is slipping in U.S. institutions. In spite of all the goodwill built in 2020, Americans lost confidence in the institutions most affected by the coronavir… Read More
2021-10-14 13:28
Facebook provides a wealth of information on how to optimize your news feeds for advertising and posting. Unfortunately, few heed the advice. The reason is simple. And, we are all guilty: We… Read More
2021-10-11 13:28
The digital age and hyper-competition combine to spell doom for many businesses. Today, more than at any point in the past, you must have a compelling, engaging, intriguing story to tell… Read More
2021-10-07 13:28
Have you ever read an article that just made you mad?  Maybe this blog has made you mad from time to time. Well, I had one of those experiences reading an article about consumer apathy… Read More
2021-10-04 13:28
Visa is everywhere. And now it looks a bit different.  The change is not dramatic, but it is how a global brand embraces the digital future. In a company news release (Business W… Read More
2021-09-30 13:25
I saw an interesting title the other day, Data Journalist. I would have been immediately drawn to that field of work if it had existed in Iowa J-school back in my day. The rise fo… Read More
2021-09-27 13:28
Some believe that “organic” is a trend or something new. But more and more food (and products) carry the organic label. It’s the evolution consumers are driving for more be… Read More
2021-09-23 13:25
I love the phrase “speed thrills.” We understand that phrase for roller coasters, but we also experience thrills when we get something faster than expected. Speed also kills. Wor… Read More
2021-09-16 13:24
Defining a target audience is difficult. To understand your best audience, you have to think of marketing like a tennis racket: You can hit the ball with any part of the racket, but the best… Read More
2021-09-13 13:28
You can’t keep hiding from the fact that Gen Z is here. You can stop complaining about millennials (many millennials are turning 40 this year); you have a new generation active in the… Read More
Why Do People Leave A Review?
2021-08-23 13:24
Have you ever left a review? I have, and I have to say, when I’m less than happy with the product, I tend to not review. Then I saw this research from Jungle Scout (MarketingCharts). I… Read More
2021-08-16 13:25
In a very unscientific poll, I asked people what were the most popular social media. The majority said Facebook. A few said Linked in or Pinterest. My son would say Reddit. And one lone pers… Read More
2021-08-09 13:26
There is no question that ageism is practiced in statistics and surveys. Yet cutting out “older” people from media buys or images of gray-haired people from marketing materials i… Read More
Can You Trust Forecasts Post-COVID?
2021-08-05 13:26
I’m not talking about weather forecasts, but I’m pretty sure you can’t trust weather forecasts. What this blog is about is trusting all kinds of forecasting right now… Read More
2021-08-02 13:25
I attended a Zoom meeting with a young reporter from a large paper out East. She talked about a new wave of journalism that is going nationwide. It is called “engagement journalism.&rd&hell…Read More
Let’s Talk Traditional TV
2021-07-29 13:25
With streaming taking the front of the TV hype stage, it’s time to take a more objective look at traditional TV. The average adult, according to Nielsen/Marketing Charts, spends 5… Read More
2021-07-26 13:25
Domino’s Noid has returned to the company’s advertising. The nemesis mascot’s return provides Domino’s with a villain for its brand story, but also is scoring high wi… Read More
The New/Old Brand Journalist
2021-07-22 13:25
I have a degree in journalism from a major university, but other than a few newspaper stringer stories, I’ve never been a practicing “real” journalist. I’ve mo… Read More
People Just Want The Information
2021-07-19 13:25
What do people want from advertising? Today the once distinct line between advertising and editorial is blurring, so no matter what kind of “ad” you are constructing, remember pe… Read More
2021-07-15 13:25
I have not thought much about AM radio since I signed on with SiriusXM. There just is no programming for me on AM radio. Yet, a story about AM radio stopped me in my tracks: The headline sai… Read More
2021-06-24 13:25
I think we’ve all said at one time or another, “Everyone uses the internet.” You would be partially right — like so many broad, unsubstantiated statements. The pan… Read More
2021-06-14 13:25
When you stop and think about our brand-saturated world, it can make your head hurt. It is estimated that we see 5,000 brand messages a day. (And who has time to count that many?) It’s… Read More
2021-06-10 13:25
Advertising today is different, but most have not figured out all the new-age subtleties. It seems that many advertisers just want to tell people things in commercials and videos, and magica… Read More
Skip Intro
2021-06-07 13:25
I was just thinking how a little button on the beginning of a binge show says so much about our communication world today.  We are all talking about shorter copy, shorter videos… Read More
2021-05-20 13:27
Elon Musk is the absolute king of memes. He even has his own “meme dealer.” What Elon Musk has done is create a promotional powerhouse made up of memes. He doesn’t seem… Read More
2021-05-13 13:28
You hear it on Zoom meetings and in staff meetings; we all hate email. Many (me) do email on vacation just to not have hundreds or thousands of emails to sort through the first day back at w… Read More
2021-05-10 13:26
Most advertisers just want to tell people things in commercials and videos and have them immediately react and buy something, give money, sign up or schedule an appointment. GEICO has discov… Read More
This Blog Is Short For A Reason
2021-05-06 13:26
Shorter is better in the digital video world. That is the study summation by Wistia in research on engagement vs. video length. The study revealed three basic ideas for video length of di… Read More
2021-04-26 13:24
In 1996, I left a great job at KWWL because the entrepreneurial bug bit me. I have saved the Nielsen ratings books from 1996 when we started the agency and was looking through them the other… Read More
Pandemic, Innovation And The Opera
2021-04-22 13:28
I hope when we all break from this pandemic and return to normal that we don’t forget the innovation we have all experienced. There are many meetings that should stay on Zoom. Speed to… Read More
2021-04-15 13:28
My apologies to Henry David Thoreau, but this seems appropriate as more of us are fishing in streams of content, spending time trying to find a good show or movie to watch. And you thought s… Read More
2021-04-08 13:28
After boomers and millennials, the generational names are getting less descriptive and certainly less original. It seems like it is a race to see who can name the next generation the fastest… Read More
The Baurdi Customer Service Experience
2021-04-05 13:25
We are all quick to point out that a poor customer service experience kills branding, but here is a good experience that just blew me away in its simplicity and personalization. I bought… Read More
AmazonSmile Made Me Smile With Its POP
2021-03-29 13:28
Some days I just hate the consulting industry. I was going to start this blog with an endorsement about Amazon Smile program, but after reading all the haters, I’m just not sure. Yet… Read More
2021-03-25 13:28
There is always more to read, so I don’t get bored often. But an article in the New York Times (one of three newspapers to read) titled “The Boredom Economy” caught my eye… Read More
A New Era Begins In Your Living Room
2021-03-22 13:28
I don’t think it would surprise you to know that Walt Disney Co. has many entertainment channels, from ABC broadcast television to Marvel, from Lucasfilm to ESPN. Here is a simple char… Read More
2021-03-11 14:25
It’s estimated that Bill Gates makes $600 in 6 seconds. That’s a lot of dough, but the time is more important. As marketers, we are always interested in time: How long did they s… Read More
The CIA Wants You To Read This Blog
2021-03-08 14:25
This blog started as a conversation about new and updated looks and updated logos. And yes, many are updating their brand look coming out of COVID-19. It is a different world if you have not… Read More
The Top 10 Mistakes Made With SEO
2021-03-01 14:32
SEO stands for search engine optimization. With the increase of AI, voice search and e-commerce, SEO has never been more important and vital to the success of your organization’s websi… Read More
Websites Have Just 2 Audiences
2021-02-25 14:28
Your website has only two audiences: 1) your key target market; and 2) Google. In theory we can all agree to that, but in practice every department, every area of specialization wants to… Read More
No Response Doesn’t Mean No
2021-02-22 14:28
I ran across a letter I received years ago from a two-time applicant for a TV station sales manager job. I saved the letter, because when I give talks about marketing, it’s an example… Read More
Niche Is Netflix’s Secret Sauce
2021-02-15 14:33
The internet promised great personalization and targeting. Even though the media lived up to the promise, marketers have fallen far from hitting the mark. It seems creating niche-centere… Read More
Latest News: Facebook Is In Trouble
2021-02-11 14:28
Facebook is in trouble — or is that just another misleading news report that is circulating on Facebook? “Misinformation is more popular now than in 2016,” the New York Ti… Read More
Apple’s Teaser, No-Product Billboards
2021-02-04 14:30
What do you think should be on a billboard? Logo, product/service, website, phone number, tagline, catchy headline? Maybe you have insisted on all of those on one billboard. How about ju… Read More
2021-02-01 14:30
We’ve all been “distanced” for nearly a year. The common employee complaint is that the video-screen time and the incessant emails are weighing on us all. So we’v… Read More
You Should Be ‘Above The Fold’
2021-01-28 14:35
There was a time when having a story “above the fold” of a newspaper was considered the best placement. It is reserved for the top story or stories. Newspapers still exis… Read More
Discoverability Matters Even On
2021-01-25 14:35
Why are you hiding your website, your products or your mission? The race for discoverability goes to those who have studied and mastered SEO. SEO matters, and it is becoming more and more im… Read More
2021-01-21 14:28
Starbucks knows it’s my birthday, and I get a free drink. I love that Starbucks knows it is my birthday and rewards me. It is a way to connect with me in a personal way. I probably… Read More
2021-01-14 14:28
If you are an average U.S. citizen, it is likely you own something with a Nike logo on it. Self-reported medium- to high-income people are more than 50% likely to own Nike products. Nik… Read More
2021-01-11 14:28
We’ve advocated that podcasts are a great vehicle to get timely and interesting content out to your stakeholders. But what if your podcast could pay for itself? Now that is smart marke… Read More
2021-01-04 14:28
We’ve all anticipated the end of 2020. We know that COVID-19 will not magically disappear on January 1, 2021. But we know a vaccine will potentially be widely available which shoul… Read More
2020-12-14 14:30
My blog is becoming a teenager. Starting in 2021, the blog is 12 years old. Nearly 1,100 blogs later, the journey seems to just be starting. Birthday candles celebrating 12th birthdayNew… Read More
Tomorrow Is National Salesperson Day
2020-12-10 14:28
One of the questions I ask people in interviews about working in an advertising, public relations, marketing and fundraising agency is: Do you like sales? If you don’t, then look in an… Read More
2020-11-19 14:28
Thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate your attention and your feedback. I hope it is worth your valuable time. Second, I’d like to thank our proofing department. You keep t… Read More
2020-11-16 15:33
Thanksgiving is not canceled, but you know, these are crazy times. In the past 90 years, nothing has stopped the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in its tracks except for COVID-19. T… Read More
OTT Is Steadily Growing
2020-11-09 14:28
Slowly, but steadily, OTT is taking over as a leading TV content delivery option for advertisers. OTT stands for “Over The Top,” as in over the top of the cable box, bypassing c… Read More
Is It Time To Influence The Influencers?
2020-10-26 13:28
We all want quick-fix solutions, but the simple truth is that it is impossible to lose significant weight, get substantially healthier or get in shape with a one-time easy button. The math i… Read More
What Are You Streaming?
2020-10-22 13:27
I love binge-watching shows. I was hooked, like a drug, with “Breaking Bad,” “The Wire” and “Game of Thrones.” Now, my favorites are “Bosch,”… Read More
Mistakes Happen
2020-10-19 13:25
Yes, in the communications business, mistakes happen: typos, inadvertent images attached, wrong files sent to printers, posts sent prematurely. It goes on and on. This email surprised me… Read More

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