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From My Perspective · 12:12 16 Aug 2018
The RCMP and the Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) are having a disagreement over an RCMP $2M billing to the PPS for additional costs incurred during the 2017 Canada Day celebrations. T… Read More
O Judiciário, O Mpf E Lula
Bdb · 10:37 16 Aug 2018
- É para prejudicar Lula? Pois que sejamos mais lento que uma tartaruga tetraplégica! - É para prejudicar Lula? Pois que sejamos mais rápidos que o The Flash!!… Read More
Freedom Bunker: The … · 05:01 16 Aug 2018
There is a silent marriage between big government and big business. It’s called fascism, or was in Italy. We have much the same thing in America. Big business has and will promote ever… Read More
Extremsommer: Hetze Gegen Die Hitze
Ppq · 05:00 16 Aug 2018
Wenn es heiß ist, fällt Menschen in Afrika oft keine Möglichkeit zur Bändigung des Weierstraßschen Monsters ein, sondern allenfalls die Möglichkeit, mit einem… Read More
Spite Club
Wade On Birmingham · 05:00 16 Aug 2018
When two assholes fight, do we want one to win or both to brawl to death? • • • Read more haiku. Subscribe via RSS to Wade’s Daily Haiku. Or have it delivered daily by… Read More
Relatório Figueiredo… · 03:22 16 Aug 2018
Viva alguns anos além da expectativa de vida para os animais de sua espécie, a gorila fêmea faleceu enquanto dormia nos Estados Unidos. Sua habilidade de se comunicar por… Read More
The Mex Files | ¡com… · 22:19 15 Aug 2018
Norma Guerra Ramos really lit up the town when she showed up recently in Tres Marías Paso del Tigre, Oaxaca. The small Tehunatepec mountain town has never had electricity. That is… Read More
Ecmi Infochannel - E… · 12:40 15 Aug 2018
The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) invites applications for a position as Senior Research Associate within the field of “Minority Studies” beginning as soon as possib… Read More
- Blogger News Netwo… · 12:14 15 Aug 2018
Bikes started off when people felt the need for stable, fast and efficient vehicles. Yes, this was before cars. And even when cars were there they were not affordable for everyone.  Eve… Read More
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 07:32 15 Aug 2018
Rispetto alla decina di ponti crollati in Italia dal 2013 in qua, l'unica cosa che forse si può dire di quello collassato ieri a Genova è che era probabilmente quello di cui er… Read More
Eat In Oc · 02:31 15 Aug 2018
There are plenty of ways to keep healthy, from exercise to therapy to socializing. Most of us focus on one or two ways to stay healthy but there are a lot of ways and all of them are very im… Read More
El Entrometido · 21:43 14 Aug 2018
El asombro del cuchillo,la vergüenza de la edad, el pánico a la verdad, la absolución del ladrillo. No hay sol que no pierda el brillo—la vida mata—, la duda c… Read More