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Engineer, Digital Marketer, SEO Enthusiast and Pretty Damn Good with a Stapler. I Write Here with No Real Theme.
2023-12-04 20:32
Key Takeaway: Excel formulas are a powerful tool that can help streamline data analysis, allowing users to quickly and accurately perform complex calculations. Basic Excel formula knowle… Read More
2023-12-04 20:26
Key Takeaway: The ABS function in Excel returns the absolute value of a number, which is the value of the number without its sign. This function is useful for calculating differences bet… Read More
2023-12-04 08:17
Key Takeaway: Rows and columns in Excel are important organizational tools: Rows are horizontal while columns are vertical, and understanding the distinction is important for efficient d… Read More
2023-12-04 08:11
Key Takeaway: Changing cell patterns in Excel is a great way to enhance the look of your spreadsheet and make it more visually appealing. You can change the background color of cells usi… Read More
2023-12-04 08:10
Key Takeaway: Accurate font sizes in Excel are crucial for ensuring readability and consistency in workbooks. Use the various methods available such as the ribbon menu, Format Cells dial… Read More
2023-12-04 08:08
Key Takeaway: The FORECAST.LINEAR formula in Excel is a powerful tool for predicting future values based on known data. It is particularly useful for financial forecasting, trend analysis… Read More
2023-12-03 20:01
Key Takeaway: Excel allows users to set margins to control the layout of their worksheets. Header margins can be adjusted to fit the content of the worksheet. Users can modify the header… Read More
2023-12-03 08:02
Key Takeaway: The Excel Merge Across Shortcut is a useful tool for merging cells horizontally, allowing you to combine data and make your spreadsheet easier to read. To use the Merge Acr… Read More
2023-12-03 08:00
Key Takeaway: Speaking the contents of cells in Excel is a useful feature that allows users to hear the data in a spreadsheet read out loud. This feature is particularly helpful for indi… Read More
2023-12-02 19:56
Key Takeaways: T.DIST.2T is a formula in Excel that calculates the probability distribution for a Student’s two-tailed t-test. Understanding the syntax of T.DIST.2T is crucial for a… Read More
2023-12-02 19:47
Key Takeaway: Converting phone numbers in Excel is a useful skill that can help organize data. Phone number formats can be converted to U.S or international formats, as well as to text o… Read More
2023-12-02 07:38
Key Takeaway: IMSQRT is a powerful tool in Excel for complex calculations: It is a formula that allows you to find the square root of a number, which can be especially helpful in financia… Read More
2023-12-02 07:36
Key Takeaway: CELL function in Excel formulae is an essential tool for retrieving information about a cell, such as its reference, formatting, and data validation rules. Understanding the… Read More
2023-12-01 19:27
Key Takeaway: Excel shortcuts can save time and increase productivity: Using keyboard shortcuts can cut down time spent on repetitive tasks and make navigating through spreadsheets faste… Read More
2023-12-01 19:09
Key Takeaway: Inserting rows in Excel using keyboard shortcuts can save time and increase productivity. This is particularly useful when dealing with large amounts of data or when making… Read More
2023-12-01 07:23
Key Takeaway: Understanding cell references in Excel is important to identify linked cells. This helps in locating cells with links, which is the first step in updating or changing them… Read More
2023-12-01 07:22
Key Takeaway: Removing all formatting in Excel can be helpful in ensuring consistency and clarity in spreadsheets. This can be achieved by using the Clear Formatting option, which can be… Read More
2023-12-01 07:01
Key Takeaway: Default headers and footers in Excel provide a quick way to add important information to your printed worksheet, such as page numbers, titles, and dates. Setting up default… Read More
2023-11-30 19:11
Key Takeaway: Removing duplicates is important to maintain the integrity of data in excel. Use Excel’s built-in function or conditional formatting to remove duplicates efficiently… Read More
2023-11-30 19:11
Key Takeaway: Directories in Excel are collections of related files or folders that can help with organization and efficiency. But when they become unnecessary or out of date, they shoul… Read More
2023-11-30 19:11
Key Takeaway: Concatenation in Excel is the process of combining two or more cells into one. This is useful for creating a single cell that contains all the info you need, or for formatt… Read More
2023-11-30 07:04
Key Takeaway: Grouping rows in Excel can help you organize and manage large amounts of data more efficiently. It allows you to collapse and expand sections of data, making it easier to n… Read More
2023-11-30 06:54
Key Takeaway: To force a date to move forward in Excel, you can either change the date format to a numerical value or add a specific number of days to a date. These methods are helpful w… Read More
2023-11-30 06:53
Key Takeaway: Checking if a file exists in Excel is essential to ensure that the required data is available for analysis and processing. The Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference Library… Read More
2023-11-29 18:46
Key Takeaway: Vlookup is a powerful Excel function that allows you to search for a specific value in a large data set and return corresponding data from that same row. It is a versatile… Read More
2023-11-29 06:49
Key Takeaway: The Excel Uppercase Shortcut is a time-saving technique that allows users to quickly change the case of selected text to all uppercase letters. To use the Excel Uppercase… Read More
2023-11-29 06:46
Key Takeaway: Inserting columns in Excel using keyboard shortcuts can save you time and improve your efficiency. Basic navigation shortcuts, such as moving to a cell using the keyboard o… Read More
2023-11-29 06:43
Key Takeaway: The BIN2OCT formulae in Excel converts binary numbers to octal numbers. This formulae is beneficial for professionals who work in the field of computer programming, networki… Read More
2023-11-29 06:34
Key Takeaway: PMT formula is a financial function in Excel that helps to calculate the fixed payment required to pay off a loan or mortgage over a specified period of time. Understanding… Read More
2023-11-29 06:30
Key Takeaway: STDEVP in Excel provides a measure of the degree of variation from the average or mean value of a set of data points, allowing users to evaluate the spread or dispersion of… Read More
2023-11-28 18:41
Key Takeaway: Printing selected worksheets in Excel can save time, paper, and ink. It also makes it easier to organize and present data. Selecting and preparing worksheets for printing i… Read More
2023-11-28 18:38
Key Takeaways: Adjusting page margins can help fit your Excel printout on a page. Go to Page Layout, click Margins, and choose Custom Margins to set up your own margins. Scaling to fit p… Read More
2023-11-28 18:35
Key Takeaway: Large file sizes and complex formulas are common causes of slow response times in Excel. Simplifying formulas and reducing file size can speed up Excel performance. Incompa… Read More
2023-11-28 18:21
Key Takeaway: Data validation in Excel is crucial for maintaining data accuracy and consistency. It helps prevent errors, ensures that entered data meets certain standards, and saves tim… Read More
2023-11-16 02:17
Affirm is a financial technology company that offers financing for online purchases. Here’s what you need to know about Affirm and what companies are like it. Checkout this video:… Read More
2023-11-16 02:05
If you’re looking for a quality cable company in Seattle, you have plenty of options to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the top companies in the area so yo… Read More
2023-11-15 13:52
Fundwise Capital, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency and blockchain investment firm, released their first annual review of the year in which they forecasted that cryptocurrencies will outperform tr… Read More
2023-11-14 01:13
In the past decade, companies have been able to make a lot of money on MLM. Many people are skeptical however and say that this is just another scam from which you’ll never see any suc… Read More
2023-11-13 00:58
Zazzle is a business that sells custom designed products online. The company was founded in 2004, and has been growing steadily ever since. Beginning with logo designs, the site now offers c… Read More
2023-11-12 13:08
Vivri MLM is a popular new business opportunity on the horizon. It claims to be running an innovative network marketing company that offers wonderful benefits for its members, something unhe… Read More
2023-11-12 00:59
Key Takeaway: Ignoring case in a comparison in Excel is important to avoid errors and ensure accurate results when comparing data. Excel is case-sensitive by default, meaning that it dis… Read More
2023-11-12 00:52
Key Takeaway: Hyperlinks to charts in Excel can be used to easily navigate and access specific data within a workbook. This is particularly useful in large workbooks where finding a spec… Read More
2023-11-12 00:43
Key Takeaways: Arithmetic operators in Excel include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They can be used to perform basic calculations on numeric data. Comparison opera… Read More
2023-11-11 12:46
Key Takeaway: The COUNTIF function in Excel is a useful tool for counting cells that meet certain criteria. It allows you to specify a range and a criteria and returns the number of cell… Read More
2023-11-11 00:11
Key Takeaway: Excel offers flexible sorting options that help organize data for analysis. To sort data in ascending or descending order, select the data to be sorted and use the Sort fun… Read More
2023-11-10 12:20
Key Takeaway: The IFERROR formula is used to handle errors in Excel formulas. It helps to display a custom message or value when an error occurs, making it easier to identify and fix the… Read More
2023-11-10 12:20
Key Takeaway: The VARA function in Excel is used to calculate the sample variance of a given set of values. It can be useful in data analysis and statistical calculations, helping users t… Read More
2023-11-10 12:16
Key Takeaway: Filtered data in Excel can be a helpful tool, but it can also be frustrating when you need to see all the data. Knowing shortcuts to unfilter data will save you time and ma… Read More
2023-11-10 00:15
Key Takeaway: Selecting a word in Excel can be done through basic and advanced selection methods To select a single cell, simply click on it. To select multiple cells, click and drag the… Read More
2023-11-09 11:55
Key Takeaway: Counting cell colors in Excel can be useful for data analysis and visualization. By using conditional formatting, you can highlight cells based on specific criteria. Applyi… Read More
2023-11-09 11:38
Key Takeaway: Displaying zeros correctly in Excel is important for accurate data representation. It allows for easy identification of empty or zero values within a data set. To enable ze… Read More
2023-11-08 23:46
Key Takeaway: Understanding Non-Contiguous Ranges in Excel: Non-contiguous ranges in Excel refer to a group of cells that are not adjacent to each other. These ranges can be selected by… Read More
2023-11-08 23:43
Key Takeaway: Understanding the basics of Excel formulas is important: before diving into a specific formula like SERIESSUM, make sure you have a solid understanding of how formulas work… Read More
2023-11-05 11:29
Key Takeaways: Understand the basics of adding in Excel: Familiarize yourself with basic formulas and functions used to add numbers in Excel. Learn how to add up ranges of cells: Use the… Read More
2023-11-04 23:26
Key Takeaway: The Camera feature in VBA allows for capturing snapshots of Excel data that can be easily transferred into other documents. It provides a quick and effective way to include… Read More
2023-11-04 11:02
Key Takeaway: Limiting Entry of Names in Excel is a crucial step to ensure data accuracy: By setting up data validation rules, creating lists in Excel or using the “IF” fun… Read More

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