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Never A Dull Moment · 11:45 26 Apr 2017
What wrecks you?  What takes you to a place where your biggest emotions are completely present?  What takes you to the very end of yourself and your strength until you have no word… Read More
House Of Boyd — Livi… · 16:31 25 Apr 2017
If you came here for, then you’re at the right place. We’re in the process of revamping and updating the site along with our personal site. Unfortunately, a… Read More
[email protected] · 12:26 25 Apr 2017
The Cappuccino Challenge "Please order your drink as a TAKE AWAY today, (or use one of those thermos flasks) and go for a 20 minute walk.It doesn’t matter whether you are a gal in gl… Read More
Funny Alcohol Quotes
My True Quotes · 08:16 24 Apr 2017
Generally, people have very bad impression towards alcohol because of its harmful effects. Alcohol generally creates a sense of euphoria in your body. It affects your vocabulary, thinking… Read More
Pasándola En Holanda · 07:27 24 Apr 2017
Huir no es para mí  una opción, prefiero decir y decirme la verdad .Al decir la verdad se corre el riesgo o de herir o de que la otra persona no pueda dominar el miedo y t… Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 20:00 23 Apr 2017
Origin and Meaning of the Name Walter The famous English Explorer Walter RaleighThe name Walter is of German origin. The meaning of Walter is “army ruler”, or “folk ruler&r… Read More
Lizard Head
Cuzisaidso Weblog | … · 05:04 23 Apr 2017
There is a great massacre going on in my backyard. Yes, the world is in turmoil, but I’m talking literally. In my back yard. I inherited two lovely kittens from my daughter. When I sa… Read More
Ramblingsofa21Yearol… · 04:32 23 Apr 2017
On a luxurious resort vacation: Sarah was sitting on a bean bag in the balcony at half past twelve, confused, sad and angry, coming up with reasons to hate Kenneth. The rest of the gang was… Read More
Steal A Secret
!! A Father's Diary … · 18:05 20 Apr 2017
Let me tell you somethingMm, tell ya all somethin’That somethingWhich will drive you crazyYou’ll raise an eye browDrop a jaw;Listen ya allLet me blow into your earsThis secret.A… Read More