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Step Talk | Where St… · 02:24 25 May 2017
I am coming up to my wits end! My husband's ex is an absolute psycho and it is killing our life. Couple things: when I say psycho, I mean certifiable and a master manipulator. read more Read More
God Moves The Clouds
Poetic Mommy · 23:29 24 May 2017
Img: Thanks InternetGod moves the clouds! Yes, He does and so does He move the sun, the planets, everything He created. When I think of God's blessings am only overwhelmed with joy. Count yo… Read More
Step Talk | Where St… · 17:12 24 May 2017
So... I'm six months into my position at work. I got assigned a customer who bought a very, very expensive house and he wanted to make the overhead electric line underground. read more Read More
Step Talk | Where St… · 13:38 24 May 2017
I have posted the bad so it's time to post the good. SS had a boy scout award ceremony yesterday and we all went. Dhs dad (stepdad), his momma and bm came to. Dhs dad came in full uniform… Read More
Step Talk | Where St… · 12:13 24 May 2017
So, on the way to have dinner at a friend's house last night, DH informs me that BM has asked DH if he "would like to contribute" $100 to YSD's birthday present...her birthday is tomorrow a… Read More
Not Gonna Let It Happen
Never A Dull Moment · 10:57 24 May 2017
If you are wondering where I have been, I went on vacation!  I didn't even take my computer.  Bart and I flew to Minnesota to spend time with my mom, our kids and our grandkids. &n… Read More
Mom Of The Year? WIN A Culinary Experience AND A Chance To Win A Grundig Oven #GrundigMomoftheYear
[email protected] · 08:24 24 May 2017
My mom is my hero! There is nothing that makes one realize more the worth of one's own mother, until you are the mother of children yourself! My mother raised four of us! She and my dad were… Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 20:23 23 May 2017
Overview of the Name Bentley Bentley the Manufacture of luxury carsBentley is a name that can either be a masculine given name or a surname. The name Bentley was a surname before becoming a… Read More
2G Network Closure
Gps Tracking Austral… · 07:59 23 May 2017
Telstra Phones/Trackers and Personal Safety Devices Rendered Useless! There is movement in the Telecommunication sector that will have the potential to render your mobile phone, Vehicle Tra… Read More
Miscelaneas · 14:08 21 May 2017
Un fin de semana cualquiera en la gran ciudad, tomados de la mano recorremos los paseos cercanos. El frenesí semanal se aplaca y la ciudad bosteza en una ambiente de calma como prepar… Read More
Pasándola En Holanda · 13:40 20 May 2017
Aun tengo mucho que construir, pero ya abrí mi otro mundo. Los invito a seguirme en, Mis peroles Espero les guste, saludos Read More
Coffee With Mi - Mi,… · 06:58 19 May 2017
How odd that when we know we should cut down on something, we hold on just a little harder to it, refusing to let go. If it is food, why does it suddenly taste much better?  If it is pe… Read More