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Your media source for the Pole Dance Fitness Industry, providing news & information on Fashion, People, Lifestyle, & Events in pole dancing and fitness.
Interview With Pole OG’s Mina And Nadia
2018-09-13 19:34
Mina Mechanic and Nadia Sharif have set the stage for Pole Doubles and have been pioneers for the pole industry. We sat down with them to learn more about their journey with pole. How have… Read More
Full Time Pole Star Jeni Janover
2018-07-31 22:28
As part of our series on Full Time Pole Stars, we interview various stars on the business of being a pole star. For this installment, we talk to the sensual and sultry Jeni Janover, who is t… Read More
How I Got Into Competing In Pole At 40
2018-07-29 17:37
It’s two weeks until my next pole competition. I’ve had 2 ½ panic attacks (major kudos to my husband for intervening) and my 3rd giant stress zit is coming in nicely. I&rs&hell…Read More
Pole Dancing Meets Drag In Hong Kong
2018-07-25 21:29
A lot of people assume guys who pole dance are all gay. Maybe that’s because we live in a culture that stereotypes people quickly. But, pole dancing IS a great way to workout and to ex… Read More
Staying In Pole Shape While On Vacation
2018-07-20 19:05
Summer is a season when many people take some time away from work and travel for fun and relaxation. While getting away from daily stressors can work wonders mentally, being away from the p… Read More
2018-07-16 18:44
Photo by Faceiro – Chris Underwood As part of our series on Full Time Pole Stars, we interview various stars on the business of being a pole star. For this installment, we talk to one… Read More
The History Of Pole Comps
2018-07-09 19:23
“Hey, pole dancing is hard let’s make it a competition. “ 1990s – 2005 Though pole competitions are not the end goal for many of us who pole dance, we need to acknow… Read More
Bad Kitty Summer Pole Fashion
2018-07-07 22:29
Summer’s officially here! Whether this is your favorite season, or your plan is to hide inside until it’s fall again (I see you, my beautiful vampires!) Bad Kitty’s got all… Read More
Colorado Pole Dance Championships Recap
2018-06-18 23:41
The Colorado Pole Championships took place this year on Saturday June 2nd at the Expo event Center in Denver, CO. I had the privilege of being a part of the event and helped set up the whole… Read More
Full Time Pole Star: Jordan Kensley
2018-06-15 18:15
As part of our series on Full Time Pole Stars, we interview various stars on the business of being a pole star. For this installment, we talk to the lovely Jordan Kensley. Describe your dai… Read More
Pole Influencers: Fawnia Mondey
2018-06-12 18:01
In 1994, there were no pole classes, or studios, or instructional DVDs. But there were poles in strip clubs. At 19 years old, Fawnia Mondey decided that she wanted to learn to climb one of… Read More
Recovery For Pole Dancers
2018-06-11 21:23
You’re doing everything right. Training both sides. Eating “clean.” And you see your pole more than your beau. But you’re not progressing. You’re tired all the… Read More
Saving The Planet- Pole Dancer Style
2018-06-05 18:25
Photo featuring Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Michelle Natoli wearing PoleFit® If you don’t think pole dancing and saving the planet go together- think again! June 5 is World En… Read More
Pole Show LA 2018 Returns With A Bang!
2018-06-02 20:20
Pole Show LA was held at the Avalon Hollywood this year on May 12th 2018. This show has become one of the most anticipated pole events in the Los Angeles Pole community. It offers a big, bea… Read More
Pole Moves Then And Now
2018-05-21 23:07
Pole has evolved significantly over the past decade, but sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much it’s changed. There were once just a handful of identifiable pole moves with… Read More
Full Time Pole Star: Heidi Coker
2018-05-18 18:03
Heidi sent in some audio transcripts – this is Colleen’s best attempt at not just transcribing but also summing up Heidi’s key points more directly than a conversation. D… Read More
How To Refocus After A Pole Competition
2018-05-09 18:12
The end of a competition can leave any pole dancer feeling a bit lost. You worked for months to make sure everything in your routine was as perfect as possible- from fingertip extension to… Read More
Full Time Pole Star: Nadia Sharif
2018-05-05 19:52
As part of our series on Full Time Pole Stars, we interview various stars on the business of being a pole star. For this installment, we talk to Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Nadia Sharif… Read More
Traveling From Pole To Pole
2018-04-25 17:54
Einstein once said, “Logic will take you from A to B. Pole dancing will take you everywhere.” Ok, you’re right—he didn’t say that. But it’s not far from… Read More
What It’s Like To Be A Pole Star
2018-04-07 22:54
For many, but certainly not all of us, a full-time career in pole dancing sounds like a dream come true. GLITTER!!! Self-love and Expression! Never wearing a real bra EVER AGAIN!!! I don&rsq&hell…Read More
History Of Pole: Influential Studios
2018-04-05 21:55
Pondering the origins of pole might not be the first thing that comes to mind when attending your pole class. However, every sport has to start somewhere.  Our sport started with innova… Read More
How To Give Feedback To Your Pole Students
2018-04-03 18:19
Call me crazy but I don’t think you should be rude to your students. Yes, there are some students who drive you absolutely nuts and hopefully by now everyone has seen Daniel Rosen&rsqu&hell…Read More
2018-03-28 18:55
Posture is something that has been on my mind quite a bit this year. It started noticing when I would catch glimpses of myself in the background of my student’s videos. In my videos &n&hell…Read More
2018-03-27 18:18
As polers, we live and play inside a rather niche community. It can seem small at times, but there’s a huge amount of diversity within our world,, including a strong LGBTQ presence. La… Read More
What’s Your Pole Dance Love Language?
2018-03-20 17:39
We all know The Five Love Languages: Gifts, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation. We all need all of them, but each of us has favorites that speak to us… Read More
Can You Really Have It All?
2018-02-23 03:59
This is a very personal blog inspired by a conversation with a friend who, for the first time ever, was about to get a “real” job – one that required 40 hours a week of gua… Read More
What The Women’s Movement Means For Pole
2018-02-12 20:40
On Saturday, January 20, women took to the streets once again to march in solidarity for the 2018 Women’s March. Hundreds of thousands of women throughout the country and across the gl… Read More
2018-01-31 21:35
The time of unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions is here. The average New Year’s resolution bombs within the first two weeks. There is actually a day called Quitter’s Day, w… Read More
The Best Snacks For Pole Dancers
2018-01-23 19:23
Between work or school, pole classes, rehearsals, performances, and/or teaching, it’s important that you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to keep up. For dancers, that means… Read More
When You Take A Break From Pole
2018-01-22 19:56
BK Brand Ambassador Sarah Scott Ah, the beginning of a new year! New expectations, new goals, new pole moves you want to try and much more! Whenever we have a break from our routines we rega… Read More
Tax Tips For Pole-fessionals
2018-01-16 20:32
It’s that time again – that’s right, it’s tax season. Dun dun DUNNNN!!! But don’t be scared, here are all the things you need to know if you are a full-time or… Read More
The Top 10 Pole Dance Songs Of 2017
2017-12-31 19:24
2017 has been the agony and the ecstasy for us all. This isn’t a political post, but politics shook and divided America like never before. Yes, today even being “apolitical&rdqu&helli…Read More
Keep Your Lower Back Strong For Pole Dance
2017-12-31 19:22
Maybe this is sounds like an obvious question, but do you know what the lower back is? It’s the area of your back that starts just below the ribcage. It consists of the lumbar vertebra… Read More
4 Cute Pole Holiday Outfits
2017-12-18 17:58
Lights on! It’s time for celebration! If one of the following is true… Your pole studio is decorated and looking festive. You have a holiday-themed photo session with your… Read More
How Get Rid Of (and Prevent) Bruises
2017-12-08 19:50
No matter where you are in your pole journey, you’re bound to have experienced your fair share of bruises. You’ve probably found yourself rethinking outfits and opting for pants… Read More
The Reality Of Pole In The Olympics
2017-11-29 20:18
Now that the Olympic games are one step closer for pole, it’s time to consider the reality of what the Olympics would do for pole as a sport. Pole’s acceptance from the Global As… Read More
10 R&B Songs To Add To Your Pole Playlist
2017-11-27 21:40
This Thanksgiving season show yourself some gratitude by giving yourself some quality me time and letting your hair down. It’s time for some self-love! Instead of pouring a glass of wi… Read More
Tips And Tricks For Holiday Eating
2017-11-15 22:55
With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s the time of year when many people find themselves challenged by a number of things, from family to finances, and beyond. Staying he… Read More
Circus Dream In Hong Kong
2017-11-14 00:51
Hong Kong Circus, a non-profit organization, held a “Circus Dream” event at the end of August for 4 consecutive nights (Aug 29th to Sep 1st, 2017). It was a performance combining… Read More
Famous People Who Pole Dance
2017-11-14 00:46
Ever wonder what famous people have hit the pole and why? We do too! Some celebrities have had to learn moves for roles in movies or music videos, but others have decided to practice it as a… Read More
2017-11-09 02:10
Last summer I went to Berlin – and of course, I had to meet some local polers and check out local pole dance studios. The capital of Germany is a hip, alternative, cosmopolitan city wi… Read More
2017-10-31 18:36
The world was all a-buzz last week when the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) announced that pole had obtaining observer status from the Global Association of International Sports… Read More
3 Powerful Techniques For Your Pole Flow
2017-10-30 20:49
Have you ever caught yourself sitting at work or on public transportation, listening to an inspirational song and imagining yourself dancing the most fluid, beautiful pole dance to that son… Read More
Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Nadia Sharif
2017-10-24 00:33
Every few months, Bad Kitty® highlights one of our amazingly talented Brand Ambassadors on our blog. The goal is to get our readers familiar with some of the personalities behind our… Read More
When Sweat Is A HUGE Problem In Pole Dance
2017-10-19 18:27
via GIPHY One of the biggest enemies in pole dance is sweat. Yes, we know that sweating is an important bodily function. But in pole it’s just as important to have a good grip, or you… Read More
Proper Pole Attire In Class
2017-10-16 18:26
Someone has to say it, so I will: Dear polers attending class, please consider wearing proper pole bottoms and tops to class instead of the underwear you have been wearing all day at work. I… Read More
SHATTERED: An Interview With Diana Varco
2017-10-03 00:43
[A version of this interview was originally published by LA Stage Alliance. It can be read here.] All her life, pole dance, writer, and actor Diana Varco hasn’t really hit it off with… Read More
Crowdfunding For Pole
2017-10-02 19:46
The phrase “struggling artist” exists for a reason. A life in the creative arts tends to mean a life without a ton of money. Whether you’re an actor, visual artist, musici… Read More
Pole Theatre Recap 2017
2017-09-27 22:54
Pole Theatre USA has moved back to Denver after a brief year in Boulder, Colorado and into the Oriental Theatre for its third and final installment. The event is run by accomplished photogra… Read More
8 Ways To Deal With Pole Dance Haters
2017-09-14 19:42
As pole makes its way into the mainstream, it’s becoming more widely accepted. Still, every pole dancer is eventually bound to cross paths with a pole dance hater. Pole dance haters ar… Read More
Sunset Aerial Party In Hong Kong
2017-09-05 21:27
Aerial Arts Academy (AAA), an aerial dance studio in Hong Kong, hosted an aerial showcase party in mid-August at CeLaVi in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. It was an eventful evening full of talent… Read More
What To Wear? What To Wear?
2017-08-30 22:11
We all know pole dance takes on many styles, schools of thought, and raison d’etre. What you wear when you dance, and how and when you wear it, makes a huge impact on the dance e… Read More
Quiz: What Is Your Ideal Pole Height?
2017-08-25 17:23
Has your pole become too short for you? Is it limiting your pole practice? That’s what has happened to me. At some point, I realized that my home pole is too short for the pole stuff… Read More
Media Training For Pole Dancers
2017-08-22 17:47
Whether you are officially talking to the media in some capacity or just talking to friends about your new passion, it’s easy to get sucked into the stripper/poler discussion and inadv… Read More
How Social Media Is Driving Pole As A Sport
2017-08-21 18:03
Social media is an undeniable force in the growth of pole as a sport. Some people eye the rapid expansion and change that has happened in the last five years in pole and will argue the negat… Read More
Chinese Pole Vs. Pole Dancing
2017-08-21 17:59
Chinese pole is dated all the way back to 221 BC. Evidence of this beautiful art can be found on mural paintings and brick carvings, according to the website Vision Times. The website also s… Read More
Autoimmune Disease And Pole
2017-08-14 23:16
Autoimmune disease. Chances are that there is someone in your life who has an autoimmune disease, even if you aren’t aware of it. What is an autoimmune disease? An autoimmune disease d… Read More
5 Tips For HOT Summer Pole Practice
2017-08-03 18:33
Summer’s here and it’s hot as ever! Your home studio is probably blasting the AC but here are 5 tips for embracing the heat – both literally and metaphorically – that… Read More
How To Stay Fit While Traveling
2017-07-31 19:35
Photo by Alloy Images Summertime usually means vacation in the Northern Hemisphere. And that means traveling! Which means less time at the pole studio. Whether it’s a quick weekend tri… Read More
Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Sarah Scott
2017-07-24 18:02
Photo by The Image Cella Each month, Bad Kitty® highlights one of our amazingly talented Brand Ambassadors on our blog. The goal is to get our readers familiar with some of the personali… Read More
What Does It Mean To Be Pole-fessional?
2017-07-17 01:09
Like many of us polers, I don’t just work in the pole industry. I have another industry that shares my time. This “other industry” is very corporate and involves supporting… Read More
An Interview With Pole Superstar Felix Cane
2017-07-11 17:41
Felix Cane is a pole dance household name. A three time winner of Miss Pole Dance Australia, two time winner of the World Pole Championships, former Cirque de Soleil solo artist, inventor of… Read More
Social Media, Mental Health And Pole Part 2
2017-07-07 17:01
Woman taking selfie while boyfriend is kissing her. From Google Our current culture tosses around the term narcissist flippantly, pointing out self-absorbed or selfish behaviors and then qui… Read More

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