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Soft Drinks and Disease – Why Are Soft Drinks Bad for Your Health

I was crazy about sodas. I just could not have a single meal without it. Doesn’t matter what I’m eating, I had to have a glass of soda with it.

Meet my fella, Duke; a die hard fan of Soft Drinks. This particular story is his version actually. I reached to a point that I couldn’t swallow anything without it and had this fixed notion in mind that I’ll not able to digest food without soda’s help! Little did I knew that it is making me Parenting - Role of a father is equally important">fat and was having all those Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric">health issues which I never thought I would have just because of Soda! Well, today I would like to confess that soft drinks are dangerous for health

I knew I’ll have to go through a strong and strict body detox process to get back to a perfect body health.

Luckily, December 31st was approaching and what can be a better time than that to take a health resolution.

I’m sure once you’ll read how harmful is the soda to our body, even you’ll go for “no soda intake” regime. Here you go:

Weight Gain and High Blood Pressure

Do you know where the largest amount of sugar in the world goes in? you guessed it right… in sodas. The sugar level in the blood increases in just 20 minutes you have your glass of soda.

This is the reason doctors strictly asks a high blood pressure patient to stay away from soda. The spike in the blood sugar level Enuresis - A common problem of Bed-Wetting">causes insulin burst due to which the liver starts converting any sugar into fat.

This is why obesity is quite common in the United States of America. According to the California Centre for Public Health Advocacy. An average American drinks approximately 50 gallons of soda per year.

Kidney & Weak Bones Issues

The high levels of phosphoric acid in the soda causes kidney stones and it is more likely to occur if you are a male and that too overweight.

Contrary to the concept that soda helps in better digestion, the phosphoric acid can slow down the digestion by interacting with stomach acids.

It also blocks the nutrient absorption from the food and calcium is urinated along with phosphoric acid resulting into having weaker bones!

Dissolves Tooth Enamel

You must have noticed the dryness on your teeth every time you drink soda. That is the dissolving of the tooth enamel.

Soda becomes acidic in nature whenever it comes in contact with the saliva due to its high reactive solvent contents.

Reproduction Problems

Soda is a certain no-no for Myths and Facts about getting Pregnant ">pregnant ladies as it can cause premature delivery. Not just bad for pregnant ladies but also it weakens the endocrine system, causing early puberty and reproductive abnormalities in girls.

There are many more health issues like heart disease, diabetes (type 2), gout, asthma, hyperactivity of brain as the soda alters the protein level in it and much more…

I have read that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I’m going strong with my resolution, 11 days so far and I’m sure I’ll make up for more 10 days.

Once I’ll form this habit of “no soda intake” I’m sure I’ll not need to control on myself this rigorously!

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Soft Drinks and Disease – Why Are Soft Drinks Bad for Your Health


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