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2023-12-02 22:21
What does APOTHEO sound like? French art pop producer mixing traditional instruments into underground French electronica. The review of APOTHEO – BIEN FOU Describing himself a… Read More
Live Vault – Fever Ray
2023-12-02 18:56
One of the biggest regrets I’ve had in 2023 is that I’ve not been able to get to any live music due to health/caring responsibilities. I was hoping to get to see Fever Ray this t… Read More
Introducing… Georgia Reed
2023-11-28 22:07
Australian-born Georgia Reed returns to music after a five-year hiatus and relocating to the UK. The singer-songwriter has four singles ready to roll over the next six months and the first o… Read More
Kelly Moran – Vesela Review
2023-11-26 18:59
What does Kelly Moran sound like? Alternative pianist and composer, returning back to more classical roots. The review of Kelly Moran – Visela When you’ve largely known… Read More
Birdmask – Tristan Review
2023-11-25 23:59
It’s been almost a decade since the last Birdmask release but alternative chamber pop lovers are in for a treat. Returning back to his solo music, Birdmask has lost none of his origina… Read More
June McDoom – With Strings Review
2023-11-13 23:50
What does June McDoom sound like? The review of June McDoom – With Strings June McDoom’s debut EP is a love letter to 60s and 70s folk and veered off into some beautifu… Read More
Introducing… Vegyn
2023-11-10 23:13
Fancy some proper vintage electronica with early 90s grooves that nod towards Jungle, Drum N Bass and iDents from a radio station we’ve never heard of? Welcome to Vegyn. The producer a… Read More
Shady Bug – What’s The Use? Review
2023-11-10 22:57
What does Shady Bug sound like? Chaotic and detuned indie rock with a shoegazing element behind pixie twangs. The review of Shady Bug – What’s The Use? Shoegazey indie r… Read More
Introducing… Maya Shenfeld
2023-11-08 22:18
Berlin-based composer Maya Shenfeld uses cinematic kaleidoscopic electronica like a classical composer and her new single ‘Interstellar’ is absolutely superb. It fits somewhere b… Read More
Linus Alberg – Elements Review
2023-11-03 23:13
What does Linus Alberg sound like? Delicate upright piano mixed with textured sounds. The review of Linus Alberg – Elements German composer and producer Linus Alberg makes his… Read More
Introducing… Sunna Margrét
2023-11-03 08:00
Sunna Margrét is an artist after my own heart. Her new single ‘Chocolate’ declares “There’s no need to worry, like chocolate and cheese, my reasons are solid&r&hell…Read More
Marina Herlop – Nekkuja Review
2023-11-01 23:52
What does Marina Herlop sound like? Experimental electronica and pixie oddness. The review of Marina Herlop – Nekkuja Marina Herlop found herself facing her inner critic when… Read More
Sing Leaf – Remote Motel Review
2023-11-01 08:00
What does Sing Leaf sound like? Existential dread as drones and soundscapes mixed with barren folk songs. The review of Sing Leaf – Remote Motel In order to get into the right… Read More
Introducing… Footballhead
2023-10-31 23:43
As a huge fan of Basement, I clicked with Footballhead from the first few seconds of their latest single ‘Habits’. The Chicago quintet self-released their album ‘Overthinki… Read More
Myrkur – Spine Review
2023-10-31 23:13
What does Myrkur sound like? A mixture of Nordic folk, black metal and all kinds of post rock in between. The review of Myrkur – Spine Traditionally artists stick to certain g… Read More
Introducing… Don Gog
2023-10-27 21:31
Fans of Portishead, Massive Attack and Aphex Twin will be right at home with Swedish artist Don Gog and their new single. Straddling the worlds of hip-hop and electronica, the idea with his… Read More
Career Woman – Grapevine Review
2023-10-27 20:55
What does Career Woman sound like? Classic jangly indie rock perfect for college radio. The review of Career Woman – Grapevine Reminding me of the anthemic jangle rock that I… Read More
Sainte Lucie – Mercie Review
2023-10-27 20:17
What does Sainte Lucie sound like? French folk singer placing her vocals in 90% of the instrument positions. The review Sainte Lucie – Mercie French chanteuse Sainte Lucie has… Read More
2023-10-25 10:31
What does GGGOLDDD sound like? Taut, apocalyptic and cataclysmic post-metal with electric elements. The review of GGGOLDDD – PTSD GGGOLDDD has never shied away from talking ab… Read More
Introducing… Any Other
2023-10-25 09:46
With what must be a nightmare artist name for search engines, Any Other is the stage name for Italian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adele Altro. Continuing the great lineage of… Read More
Introducing… Meagre Martin
2023-10-21 15:12
Berlin-based American trio Meagre Martin straddles psychedelic-tinged folk rock with their latest single ‘TBD (The Big Death)’. It starts off lightly with crisp guitars, tight dr… Read More
Introducing… Plastic Barricades
2023-10-21 12:30
Plastic Barricades is the moniker of London-based singer-songwriter Dan Kert. He is the central force behind the name but with each era, his collaborators change. Following two studio albums… Read More
Elsiane – E L S I A N E Review
2023-10-21 10:30
What does Elsiane sound like? Dramatic ethereal new wave music with influences from around the world. The review of Elsiane – E L S I A N E Carving their own path for well ove… Read More
Live Vault – Lagartijeando
2023-10-18 21:42
Taking on a live DJ set with the setting of the Popocatepelt volcano in the background looks like a fantasy movie but Lagartijeando gets to enjoy just that with this superb live set. Taking… Read More
Introducing… House Of Waters
2023-10-15 23:21
Bringing a totally fresh take on contemporary jazz, House of Waters is comprised of a six-string bass and a hammered dulcimer – with drums to boot. I’m not even sure it’s c… Read More
Introducing… Annie Dressner
2023-10-15 17:56
The genesis of singer-songwriter Annie Dressner’s new single ‘Black And White’ is that she bumped into an ex after almost a decade apart. The Cambridge, UK based artist sai… Read More
Alex Musatov – Passages Vol.4 Review
2023-10-15 16:46
What does Alex Musatov sound like? Taking violin looping into the majestic gothic folk realm. The review of Alex Musatov – Passages Vol.4 Violinist, singer and composer Alex M… Read More
Introducing… Echo Juliet
2023-10-12 05:53
Following in the minimalist electronic footsteps of Four Tet, Echo Juliet wrote her latest single entirely on a train. The track, now titled ‘Life on Trains’, is a dynamic and f… Read More
Namian Sidibé – Namian Sidibé
2023-10-10 22:13
What does Namian Sidibé sound like? Malian songs of praise backed by a sole acoustic guitar. The review of Namian Sidibé – Namian Sidibé Most Malian music… Read More
Introducing… Milkshed.
2023-10-10 19:49
Post Britpop trio milkshed. are the perfect antidote to a depressing or lethargic day. Mixing together 90s grunge, explosive garage rock and anthemic pop rock songwriting, the southwest Engl… Read More
Laura Veirs – Phone Orphans Review
2023-10-09 21:41
What does Laura Veirs sound like? Indie folk of the highest tier. The review of Laura Veirs – Phone Orphans Over the last few albums, I’ve joked that Laura Veirs is a ma… Read More
Live Vault – KASHIWA Daisuke
2023-10-08 11:27
KASHIWA Daisuke released their concert ‘STELLA’ onto YouTube today. The modern classical and ambient composer brings along a pianist, string quartet and live drummer to join them… Read More
Forndom – Alster Review
2023-10-07 22:47
What does Forndom sound like? Usually dark Scandinavian ritual folk. This time it’s creepy piano ambient. The review of Forndom – Alster Forndom is an artist I’ve… Read More
Introducing… Achers
2023-10-04 07:00
Achers is a four-piece noise rock band with a heavy emo hardcore twist that is based in London. They formed in 2022 for the aptly named First Timers Festival, designed to let bands play thei… Read More
Bibio – Sunbursting EP Review
2023-09-29 22:12
What does Bibio sound like? Guitar electronica artist embraces his full soul funk side. The review of Bibio – Sunbursting EP Following on from his Bib10 album, Bibio fully… Read More
Mikel – Floating Review
2023-09-29 21:25
What does Mikel sound like? If Studio Ghibli made lo-fi hip-hop beats. The review of Mikel – Floating Inspired by spending a year travelling across South East Asia, Japan and… Read More
Introducing… Kirk Barley
2023-09-27 20:38
Minimalist composer Kirk Barley has created an equally perfect minimalist music video for his new single ‘Lake of Gold’. The song is a collection of found sounds, field recording… Read More
John Metcalfe – Tree Review
2023-09-27 00:01
What does John Metcalfe sound like? A towering, sweeping giant of orchestral gusto. The review of John Metcalfe – Tree Bold. Sweeping. Majestic. Wonderous. Those are four word… Read More
Introducing… Celia Hollander
2023-09-21 13:23
Pianist and composer Celia Hollander has focused in on the element of wind for her upcoming album ‘Second Draft’. From Celia’s perspective, the wind is like an invisible fo… Read More
Kaya North – Myths Review
2023-09-20 15:14
What does Kaya North sound like? Dark primordial ambience. The review of Kaya North – Myths Kaya North’s new album ‘Myths’ is a dark ambient voyage into the… Read More
Dazmarus – Space Sheep Review
2023-09-20 13:38
What does Dazmarus sound like? Chiptunes created to sound like the Famicom era. The review of Dazmarus – Space Sheep Created using the Famitracker, and with the whole release… Read More
Repulsive Woman – The Even Hand Review
2023-09-20 12:47
What does Repulsive Woman sound like? Indie folk at its open-strum finest. The review of Repulsive Woman – The Even Hand There is a certain thread of indie folk that hails fro… Read More
Introducing… Volkor X
2023-09-20 11:41
Volkor X is exactly what happens when you mix metal and synthwave music together. The artist describes their music as “sitting at the table with Darth Vader and Thanos”, which i… Read More
Introducing… Asteroid Witch
2023-09-18 22:32
I do find it funny when a band’s bio speaks like they’ve descended on the Earth from another planet. That’s how Asteroid Witch, a four-piece heavy psychedelic doom rockers… Read More
Stereossauro – Tristana Review
2023-09-11 20:23
What does Stereossauro sound like? Fado folk music draped in experimental electronica. The review of Stereossauro – Tristana Fado is a Portuguese folk variant that often pulls… Read More
2023-09-10 14:03
Bangladeafy doesn’t really do chill. The duo instead focus on making the most amount of industrial chaos as possible, weaving together aggressive drumming and wild unfurling synths and… Read More
BEDSIT – Dead Bands Review
2023-09-10 09:54
What does BEDSIT sound like? Grunge meets punk. The review of BEDSIT – Dead Bands When I first heard BEDSIT’s first EP as a full band (it was originally a solo project f… Read More
Introducing… Holly Munro
2023-09-10 08:50
Irish singer-songwriter Holly Munro knows something about being part of a musical family. She is the sister to folk duo Hudson Taylor, and whilst you’ll hear some folk influences in he… Read More
ONDA – Nami Review
2023-09-09 22:59
What does ONDA sound like? Classical piano and new age chiptune collide for a new slice of contemporary classical music. The review of ONDA – Nami Stefano Guzzetti has been co… Read More
Introducing… Tribe Friday
2023-09-02 23:46
Swedish quartet Tribe Friday is gearing up for their second album and it is all about the high-energy indie rock vibe they bring. Reminding me of the visceral glory of dancefloor indie rock… Read More
Introducing… Shuta Hasunuma
2023-09-02 21:24
Sat somewhere between Four Tet’s more minimalist electronica approach and something more abstract and experimental like a Warp Records release is Shuta Hasunuma. His work straddles tec… Read More
Tasha Zappala – From The Porch Review
2023-08-25 22:41
What does Tasha Zappala sound like? Hazy field recordings, folk instruments and lush harp arrangements that call in from another world. The review of Tasha Zappala – From the Por… Read More
Babel – Mirrors Review
2023-08-25 21:48
What does Babel sound like? If The review of Babel – Mirrors Helinski-based duo Babel popped onto my radar with their sublime slice of summer synth-pop with ‘Closer&rsq&hell…Read More
Introducing… Das Body
2023-08-19 22:47
Oslo based quartet Das Body has been diving into the offbeat side of dance music with their new single. ‘Baby, you know I’m a stranger’ is a chaotic mix of Knight Rider syn… Read More
Void Comp – Metropol Review
2023-08-19 22:12
What does Void Comp sound like? Smooth synthwave mixed with sad alternative rock edges. The review of Void Comp – Metropol Void Comp’s new EP ‘Metropol’ has… Read More
JFDR – Museum Review
2023-08-19 20:54
What does JFDR sound like? The tender side of Icelandic singer-songwriting. The review JFDR – Museum ‘Museum’ is a wonderfully apt title for JFDR’s latest al… Read More
Indigos – In Utopia Review
2023-08-16 22:35
What does Indigos sound like? Quintessential alternative rock circa 1998. The review of Indios – In Utopia Announcing that ‘In Utopia’ is their final release, Bris… Read More
2023-08-16 21:00
I have a shelf in my flat that is full of crazy musical instruments you’d remember from your junior school days. Tiny bells, little shakers, party whistles, finger cymbals, a toy piano… Read More
Almaazz – Sot Wa Sada Review
2023-08-15 21:32
What does Almaazz sound like? Hypnotic and haunting traditional Arabic songwriting taken to the gothic underground industrial scene. The review of Almaazz – Sot Wa Sada Egypti… Read More
Cots – Moonlit Building Review
2023-08-14 22:55
What does Cots sound like? Off-kilter tape warped indie folk. The review of Cots – Moonlit Building ‘Moonlight Building’ is Cots new EP following on from her 2021… Read More
Introducing… Catatonic Suns
2023-08-13 14:12
Pennsylvanian trio Catatonic Suns are set to return listeners back to the 90s. The band blends psychedelic undertones with heavy shoegaze and a grungy muddiness to take me back to my favouri… Read More
Nina Nastasia – Riderless Horse Review
2023-08-05 22:39
What does Nina Nastasia sound like? Acoustic folk reflections with gothic singed edges. The review of Nina Nastasia – Riderless Horse There were twelve long years between Nina… Read More
Max LL – Anthropocene Review
2023-08-04 23:02
What does Max LL sound like? Usually a culturally infused composer, this release is a more cinematic soundtrack. The review of Max LL – Anthropocene To discuss Anthropocene is… Read More

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