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Tediado · 17:58 22 Nov 2017
Em um grupo de amigos sempre existem aquela pessoa que adora ostentar mostrar que tem dinheiro e muito, e o famoso pão duro. Não esquece de marca um amigo que ostenta e outro p… Read More
How People Are Like Avocados
The Daily Droid · 15:17 22 Nov 2017
Interesting, but still trash. One of the positive aspects of a heart attack, and I've noticed a few, is that it's a mind-altering, life-changing, eye-opening event. Afterward you see things… Read More
E-Nagar | India News… · 12:56 22 Nov 2017
Commercial Wheat malt is often made from cracked HRSW Hard Red Spring Wheat which is another way of saying wheat fit for lifestock consumption. Indian Whiskey is often made from molasses. He… Read More
Drop Dad · 22:28 21 Nov 2017
Friendsgiving, it feels like a long time ago now, a time far removed and distant. Possibly a different life altogether. Because it was. It was a life before responsibility, a life without ki… Read More
Winter’s Edge
S.j.a.turney's Books… · 22:06 21 Nov 2017
Having been involved myself in a number of multi-author collections, I am always fascinated to see how such things are handled by other writers. Winter’s Edge is a collection of 7 his… Read More
Thanksgiving Staycation
Family Budget Ideas · 17:06 20 Nov 2017
1 year later, and I still don't understand why we continue to punish ourselves so severely at Thanksgiving dinner by eating mass quantities of generic and often poorly cooked food.Wait, what… Read More
Ms. S · 16:41 20 Nov 2017
The third year has escalated the vocabulary, speed and length of sentences to gear 5.  Or lets say, S is forever racing on the tongue track.  Such random nonsense, its insane. … Read More
Imagination Strikes · 15:44 20 Nov 2017
I am not the jealous type. But what happened to me last Christmas changed my marriage for good. I had been suspecting her existence for a couple of months -but I didn’t think twice whe… Read More
Z – Empezando Por El… · 20:53 19 Nov 2017
Te fuiste, otra vez, y me di cuenta de que había perdido la cuenta, de que lo habías hecho tantas veces que ya se había convertido en rutina. Nos acostumbramos a las cos… Read More
The Frictionary · 17:34 19 Nov 2017
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6636. History is the sum total of the things that could have been avoided. (Konrad Adenauer)6637.An image is a stop the mind makes between unc… Read More
A. Marie Silver's Bl… · 00:37 19 Nov 2017
Last night I had the weirdest dream. I was trying to break into a safe to steal snacks. via GIPHY  Yes. That’s right. Snacks. Don’t ask me what kind of snacks. I have no ide… Read More
Beauty Bae · 10:01 18 Nov 2017
Celebrating the majesty of she on #internationalwomensday by learning the chords to this song. Anything you want done… ⛑🎒👠 #naturally #everywoman #chakakhan #whi… Read More
Stirring My Brandy With A Nail
Pale Blue Dot · 10:32 17 Nov 2017
Get ready for tax dodging millionaires to bully you into giving money for children… children the government should be looking after. In twenty first century Britain we have kids going… Read More
Matt Tiller | Hello.… · 10:22 17 Nov 2017
Here’s a festive treat. Sleigh is a short film starring Matt Berry and Nigel Planer with a Christmas song specially composed by Elbow. It’ll be released soon and here’s the… Read More
She’s A Giver
No, Seriously... · 20:57 16 Nov 2017
CANDY! We went trick or treating on Halloween night with some friends. Unfortunately my little girl is kind of lazy and her trick or treat bag was a tad longer than her legs so she spent a l… Read More