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Neurocaffeine · 07:52 20 Jul 2018
Normalmente si potrebbe identificare il passaggio dall’età della spensieratezza all’età adulta con quel momento in cui sei costretto a indossare abito e cravatta pi… Read More
Funny Animal Photos · 04:30 20 Jul 2018
▶ Dark panther seen in Blackheath That black cat has returned – panther is located in the Blue Mountains. Possibly it was the panther? The enormous cat is back. The subt… Read More
The Daily Droid · 17:45 19 Jul 2018
Last night I had a terrible dream. A nightmare you might say: Hillary Clinton had decided to run for president in 2020. But then I woke up and read it somewhere and OMG, turns out it's true… Read More
Life ... · 07:23 19 Jul 2018
She grew up - from a quiet child, bullied and bright, to a teenage girl with few friends and many fears but many more dreams. Told all her life that she was dark and ugly, until she believe… Read More
Wet Hot American Summer
No, Seriously... · 23:43 18 Jul 2018
I dropped my daughter off at camp today for “slime week”. It’s a full week of making slime, playing with slime, slip and sliding in slime and probably bathing in slime. As… Read More
A Feel Good OxiClean™ Story
Faux Real · 18:01 18 Jul 2018
OxiClean. The famous Olympic lift successfully repped only thrice in the history of man. The older brother of the hang clean and the most bone crushing exercise since the Shake Weight. The c… Read More
The Guts Stop Here
Eighty-Four Glyde · 14:58 18 Jul 2018
I can tell that I’m getting older. It’s not just my Jason Statham hairline, (not his muscles or anything, just his hairline) or my gray pubes or my intense dislike of current mus… Read More
Head Rambles | The R… · 12:08 18 Jul 2018
Some three months or so ago I received an email from Dick Puddlecote. He had been having lunch or dinner or breakfast or something with a chap from London, and somehow my name cropped up in… Read More
Bull In A China Shop
The Plastic Mancunia… · 19:41 16 Jul 2018
So there I am sitting in a quiet place, minding my own business, and enjoying the silence as I read, contemplate life and take a nice quiet journey around my weird and wonderful imagination… Read More
Did You Know It? · 04:19 16 Jul 2018
There’s one day that comes around about once or twice during the year that many people fear while others seem to enjoy and use for entertainment. This day is Friday the 13th, and there… Read More
Money From Nothing - Part II
Ask Bob · 03:07 16 Jul 2018
Ok, I’m a little late getting part II out.  I finished this about 2 weeks ago, but had to sit on it for a little while before the release.  Now I concluded the original Part… Read More
The Frictionary · 19:00 15 Jul 2018
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6976. Silencelost in translation. (Heidi Ayala)6977. If women are so smart, how come they always dance backwards. (Milton Berle)6978. Hope is… Read More
Our Newest Book, Just Released
Bizarreville · 18:00 15 Jul 2018
Bizarreville Lovers, We have just released our latest book, and it is one of our best.  Bad Boss is a hilarious, quirky story, written as the diary of Sherman Flunknerd, a bad boss of… Read More
Tediado · 20:46 13 Jul 2018
Confira os melhores links da semana dos parceiros no T-links: Vendendo um torcicolo para uma amiga, 20 crianças que só existem para testar a paciência das mães, im… Read More