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Pit Bull People
The Daily Droid · 03:32 21 Feb 2018
Beware of pit bulls masquerading as people running around off-leash. Today I met one who was dressed as a fat lady in a bathing suit. I totally bought that she was human until she opened her… Read More
Z – Empezando Por El… · 23:32 20 Feb 2018
A lo mejor no está preparado para volver, o tiene miedo, o yo qué sé. A lo mejor uno se va y ya: a otra cosa. Siempre adelante, para atrás ni para coger impu… Read More
What's That Sound
A Few Clowns Short · 17:32 20 Feb 2018
eau, ahh, eau, ahh That's not the sound of men working on the chain gang. No, it's the sound of old men trying to move. working on getting upActually my own experience has the sound "shit"… Read More
Trakinas Demoníaca
Blog Viiish · 14:41 20 Feb 2018
Pq bolachas não foram feitas para serem mergulhas no leite, SÉRIO, como tem gente que consegue comer uma nojeira dessa... Fica uma papa parece até nata, s… Read More
Clubgiggle · 14:24 20 Feb 2018
Beans again Susan? Really? The post Beans again Susan? Really? appeared first on Home of Funny Pictures, Funny Top Lists, Hysterical Gifs, Wild Videos and Random Fun Section Read More
Head Rambles | The R… · 13:42 20 Feb 2018
Is it my imagination but is there a growing movement to eviscerate and disembowel the English language? I appreciate that language has to evolve and have no problems with that. After all, ra… Read More
Every Breath You Take
No, Seriously... · 03:27 20 Feb 2018
What’s not to love? My child is stalking a guy on my meditation app. At the end of the meditation a screen appears with a congratulations and a list of people who were using the app at… Read More
Bizarreville · 15:53 19 Feb 2018
As we prepare for St Patrick’s Day, a day to celebrate the glories of inebriation, hijinks, and hilarity, consider giving LAME DUCK as a gift to a friend or colleague.  It is a wi… Read More
Year Of The Dog
"oh, Dakuwaqa!" - Th… · 13:17 19 Feb 2018
This year let us learn more about some of the lesser known/ less publicised sharks. They are just as spectacular and interesting. I've drawn a few of them here - they are not easy but enjoya… Read More
Imagination Strikes · 05:00 19 Feb 2018
Do Not Laugh? Luckily for us two-legged hoarders it is legal to laugh. Almost everywhere. If life has battered you like a baseball and you cannot even remember the last time you laughed fro… Read More
Thewritingdeputy | A… · 18:36 18 Feb 2018
“So what are your plans for the day,” my wife often asks. I have to have plans. She does things, which normally consist of going to her friends to have coffee or talking to the… Read More
The Frictionary · 16:15 18 Feb 2018
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6766. Psychoanalysis is that disease of the mind for which it believes itself to be the cure. (Karl Kraus)6767. Operationally, God is beginnin… Read More
This, That And Every… · 01:25 18 Feb 2018
Vivek’s finger moved across the phone screen in a rhythmic dance that had been perfected over many a bored night. Too tall. Left swipe. Too thin. Left swipe. Too short. Left swipe. Obs… Read More
Sohbet · 00:40 17 Feb 2018
Harika Sohbet Odaları & Chat Adresiniz! Sohbet odaları üzerinden dilediğiniz sunucuya bağlanarak milyonlarca insanla görüşmeye başlayabilirsi… Read More
Comedy Plus · 08:10 16 Feb 2018
Feline Friday is simple to join. All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute). Go to my sidebar and click on the Feline Friday code… Read More