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2018-03-28 09:02
Kadai paneer is one of the most popular North Indian curries along with Paneer butter masala, malai kofta, Palak paneer. The original authentic recipe calls for the roasted and ground kadai… Read More
Ribbon Pakodam
2018-03-23 03:30
Ribbon pakodam or Oattu pakodam as it is called, is one of the famous snacks in Tamilnadu.  This takes me back to my school days. It is one of the regular snacks that my mom makes at ho… Read More
2018-03-21 12:19
    Sambaram or Neer moru is the drink made in my home during summer days. Once the summer season starts my mom makes this at home and refrigerate it. During the summer vacati… Read More
2018-03-19 12:12
Paanagam is a drink that is made on Raama navami aand thaipoosam. Thaipoosam is the festiveal celebrated for Lord Muruga by Hindus. We offer paanagam and thattaipayaru sundal (Cow peas) to L… Read More
2018-03-16 10:08
Boli or Upputtu or Holige as it is called in different parts of India is one of the traditional recipes made on the festival days. In my home, we make it for Bhogi. My amma and Patti use ban… Read More
2018-03-14 08:16
Chakka varatti is one of the famous kerala recipes with which we can make a lot of dishes. It is actually a jackfruit preserve made with jackfruit, jaggery and ghee and can be stored for an… Read More
Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu-Salt Adai
2018-03-12 05:00
Kaaradayaan nonbu or Savithri viratham is a traditional Tamilnadu festival of fasting wherein married woman pray for the wellness and long life of their husband and the unmarried girls pray… Read More
Kaaradayaan Nonbu-Sweet Adai
2018-03-11 04:35
Kaaradayaan nonbu or Savithri viratham is a traditional Tamilnadu festival of fasting wherein married woman pray for the wellness and long life of their husband and the unmarried girls pray… Read More
Thakkali Kootaan/ Gothsu
2018-03-05 06:46
Whenever the price of tomatoes fall (Rs 10 for 2 Kgs) amma(mom) and paatti(grany) makes variety of recipes with tomato. This one is my mom’s recipe. She learnt this from one of her fri… Read More
2018-02-27 12:55
Atta halwa / Wheat halwa is one of the easiest halwa recipes that can be made with very few ingredients. I have seen my mom and grandmom making this during my childhood days. You can make th… Read More
2018-02-24 12:50
Paan Icecream or Beetel leaves icecream is a refreshing, paan flavoured ice cream that has all goodness of Meeta paan. It has almost all the ingredients that we use to make meeta paan. You… Read More
2018-02-23 02:36
Hello my dear followers, hope everyone is doing good. If you have noticed, I am not uploading my videos directly here. But you can find them on my youtube channel. I am uploading the videos… Read More
2018-02-22 05:45
Rose lassi or Roohafza lassi is a rose flavoured summer cooler which is fillng and refreshing during summer.  recipes with Roohafza have been in my bucket list for quite a long time. An… Read More
2018-02-13 15:49
Beetel leaves- coconut ladoo is an unique sweet that can be made very easily. I had lot of beetel leaves at home and started experimenting with different recipes out of it. One of them is th… Read More
2018-02-01 14:51
Ridge gourd or peerkangai is a vegetable with high water content and rich in Vitamin C. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and high in dietery fibre.  I saw this vegetable for the… Read More
2018-01-30 14:30
       Thaipoosam is considered as the most important festival that is celebrated in Pazhani a pilgrim in India for Lord Muruga.  It derived its name from the day it… Read More
2018-01-29 09:00
Coconut rice is one of the mast easy recipes that can be prepared in a jiffy. We usually prepare this for aadi perukku and maattu pongal. This is a simple tiffen box dish. Using coconut oil… Read More
Curd Rice
2018-01-09 08:36
South Indian meal will never end up without curd rice. Though I want to post this simple recipe for a long time, somehow I missed it.  I love to eat curd rice when it is tempered and ga… Read More
2018-01-08 10:34
Sweet rice is the mixture of rice with jaggery syrup and grated coconut with elaichi flavour. The taste and flavour differs from sweet pongal(Chakkarai pongal), and nei payasam. It has its u… Read More
Tamarind Rice
2018-01-05 13:02
              Tamarind is a popular rice recipe of the south India. There are so many versions like Kovil puliodhare, karnataka style puliogare which inclu… Read More
2018-01-04 06:28
Sakkarai pongal is an auspicious neivedhyam made in many perumal(Lord Venkateshwara) temples. It is the main recipe made on the occasion of Thai Pongal. However it is also made at home durin… Read More
Koorka Mezhukkuperatti
2018-01-02 08:04
Koorkai is one of the famous tubers that grows mostly in South Indian states like Tamilnadu and Kerala. The best translation that I got from the internet for koorkai is Chinese potato. This… Read More
2017-12-22 15:37
This is one of the cakes I wanted to bake for a long time. Finally I made it for this Christmas. And this cake is something special. Because for the first time, I am baking it for someone e… Read More
Tomato Pickle
2017-12-18 12:29
Tomato pickle is a tangy and tasty recipe. This is a very simple recipe which is easy to make in less time. This goes well with curd rice and dosa. I love this a lot. The shelf life of this… Read More
2017-12-16 13:40
Anjaneyar vadai is a traditional prasadham offered in many Anjaneyar temples and in Perumal temples. The main ingredient for this recipe is urad dhal and black peppercorn. This recipe is muc… Read More
2017-12-01 00:30
Thirukarthigai or Karthigai deepam is the festival celebrated on the full moon day of the tamil month Karthigai(mid-nov–mid-dec). From the very first day of the Karthigai month, two la… Read More
2017-11-11 04:08
Sabudhana kichadi is made during fasting days like Navarathri,. Mahashivarathri, Ekadasi. I started making this recipe after I got married. When I was chatting with my mom, I told her that I… Read More
2017-11-09 09:48
Upma is the simplest and humble breakfast that can made in a jiffy. It is also an easy recipe for beginners. It can be made with sooji, vermicelli, samba sooji. The addition of onions to upm… Read More
Skandha Shasti 2017
2017-10-24 08:45
Skanda  Sashti or Kanda Sashti Vratam is an important festival dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is observed in the Tamil month of Aippasi and most devotees fast during the 6-day period… Read More
2017-09-07 07:52
Chutney powder is a very famous recipe in Kanataka. Usually I love to taste new recipes from outside and then will try it at home. This is one recipe which I loved at first, then my entire f… Read More
Multigrain Adai
2017-09-01 15:30
Adai is made out of rice and lentils. Since it contains all types of dhal and lentils, it is very healthy and also tasty recipe. It is usually prepared for breakfast. It goes best with Aviya… Read More
2017-08-28 11:23
Corn flour halwa is a very famous halwa made in most of our weddings for evening tiffin. My mom makes this halwa at home which is favourite for me and my husband. Whenever we go to my place… Read More
Mint @ Peas Pulao
2017-08-10 16:17
Mint & Peas pulao is one of the easy recipes, that can be made in a jiffy.   This is the first pulao for which I took the video, added my audio both in tamil and english.So I welcom… Read More
2017-08-05 16:35
This year there is a lot of confusion about the date when avani avittam is to be celebrated. The confusion is whether to observe the function on August 7th or on September 6th.  Many pe… Read More
2017-07-26 06:45
Molagashiyam is an authentic Kerala Brahmin’s recipe. It is made usually using one type of vegetable raw banana, yam, pumpkin, ash gourd, potato or snake gourd though nowadays bea… Read More
2017-07-11 04:55
Hello my dear friends and followers I have been on a break for past two months.  I was down with typhoid and was at my mom’s house.  During that time I totally enjoyed my pre… Read More
2017-04-26 02:32
         The idea of making puffed rice balls came from the aval pori and nel pori that we make for thirukarthigai. We buy muttai pori(puffed rice) regulary at home… Read More
2017-04-20 08:10
Asafoetida is a pungent smell spice, which is included in most of the Indian dishes. This is one of the spices that is there in almot everyone’s kitchen shelf. It helps to overcome gas… Read More
Avakkai – Mango Pickle
2017-04-17 17:04
Avakkai is one of the most popular pickles in South India with its origin in Andhra Pradesh. This is my brother’s favourite. He just love this hot and spicy pickle. This year my amma… Read More
2017-04-17 06:30
Manga kari is one of the favourite pickles for me and my brother. We can just sit and eat it with tea or coffee. It is very easy to make but very tasty. Normally I hate curd rice. But if I c… Read More
Sooji Papad
2017-04-11 07:26
Papad/Fryums are thin, crispy tortilla like stuff that is either roasted or fried and accompanied with rice. My amma and both grandmothers make these crispy stuff at home during summer seaso… Read More
2017-04-04 07:51
Popsicles are new to me and I heard it from one of my friends who made wheat milk kulfi. Later when I went to the Supermarket, I saw this popsicle mould and immediately grabbed one for me. F… Read More
Vermicelli Dosai/Vermicelli Crepe
2017-03-31 06:22
As I always mention in my blog that I am a foodie and would never stick on to one type of dish. I get bored eating the same food daily. So I always make different varieties of food and exper… Read More
Aloo Paratha
2017-03-27 08:00
Potato is everyone’s favourite. Aloo paratha is a filling and tasty food that goes best with curd and pickle. My mom makes the stuffing in a different way using red chilli powder inste… Read More
Mystery Blogger Award
2017-03-24 07:25
Hi everybody, Once again, I am very happy to share with you all that I have been nominated by my friend Saumyaanadakrishnan of Pamperurtastebuds for Mystery Blogger Award. Th… Read More
2017-03-23 16:14
Pizza sauce is one of the main ingredients used in making pizzas. It has all the Italian herbs that helps in enhancing the flavour. I learnt this recipe in my cooking class where I used… Read More
Paneer Baby Corn Jalfrezi
2017-03-15 05:38
Jalfrezi is a Pakistani cuisine that involves frying marinated vegetable in oil to make dry, thick sauce. It is an Indian version of Chinese stir-fry made with curry spices. In Bengal… Read More
2017-03-13 06:02
This is the forwarded message and I found it very useful and interesting. Hope this will be useful to all those celebrate karadaiyaan nonbu in different pastry of the world. A note on Karada… Read More
Blogger Recognition Award
2017-03-11 09:41
Dear friends and my followers, I am happy to tell you that I have been nominated for Blogger recognition award by Saumyaanadakrishnan from  pamperurtastebuds. I came to know about her b… Read More
Ven Pongal
2017-03-10 09:59
Ven Pongal is a traditional South- Indian tiffin which is very easy to make. It is also offered as a prasadham in many temples. The right quantity of water,  cooking the rice is the mos… Read More
2017-03-06 12:13
Fajita is a term used in Tex-Mex cuisine that is served with tacos or as a stuffing for quesadilla. Non vegetarians can add meat into the recipe but this is the vegetarian version of fajita… Read More
Baby Potatoes In Cashew Gravy
2017-03-03 13:57
Baby potatoes are the potatoes which are removed from the soil before they are fully grown. They can be cooked in many ways. In India, baby potatoes are used to make a very popular dish -Dhu… Read More
2017-03-02 09:07
Hello everybody!!! Hope you all have started to enjoy my videos. I started it for fun. But in the last one week, I got a lot of feedback & appreciation from my friends, cousins, other g… Read More
Arasanikkai Kootu (Sweet Pumpkin Gravy)
2017-02-27 05:30
Arasanikkai kootu is a dish made with sweet pumpkin, coconut and green chillies. It is less aqueous than sambar but more so dry than curry. The sweetness of the pumpkin and the hotness… Read More
Kasi Halwa/ Poosinikai Halwa
2017-02-26 07:42
Kasi Halwa / Poosinikai Halwa is one of the easiest halwa made with white pumpkin, sugar and ghee as main ingredients. I have tasted this halwa in almost all the Brahmin weddings, inclu… Read More
Maha Sivarathri
2017-02-24 05:43
Odi odi Utkalantha Jothi lyrics ஓம் நமசிவாய நமஹ ஓடிஓடி ஓட… Read More
Paneer Pasanda
2017-02-14 08:47
Paneer pasanda is one of the gravies I wanted to make for a long time. This recipe takes lot of time so it is not the ideal dish for everday cooking. But yes!!! you can make this for a party… Read More
2017-02-10 08:09
Quesadilla(Prounouced as Kasadia) is a Mexican cuisine in which the tortilla(tortia) is filled with vegetables and cheese. Tortilla is a thin flatbread made from plain flour / wheat flour /… Read More
2016-12-24 09:18
  Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Click to view slideshow. Ajwain Biscuit Multigrain biscuit Carrot Cake Italian butterscotch rolls Mawa pecan bundt cake Wh… Read More
Ajwain Biscuit
2016-12-22 06:06
Ajwain biscuit or Omam biscuit as it is popularly called in tamil, is one of the common biscuits in the market. This is also called as Baby teething biscuit.  I love the flavor and the… Read More
Mawa Pecan Bundt Cake
2016-12-21 14:57
I had unsweetened khoya which I bought to make some North Indian gravies at home. Also I had some pecans at home. Though pecans resemble walnut, they can be differentiated from walnuts. Peca… Read More
Eggless Carrot Cake
2016-12-21 14:14
               I wanted to make something unique, healthy and easy that can be made in a jiffy. I had two options – orange cake / carrot cake. F… Read More
Kaara Pori/ Spicy Murmura
2016-11-18 14:02
Kaara pori or Spicy murmura is a snack I had so many times when I was a kid. My amma makes this regularly. It is an easy, simple, tasty and flavourful snack. My brother and I will have a com… Read More
Multigrain Biscuit
2016-11-11 12:16
Biscuits and cookies are always everyone’s favourite. Multigrain biscuit is an healthier one when compared to other biscuits. Today is my dear parents’ wedding anniversary and I… Read More
Skandha Shasti 2016
2016-11-03 08:45
Skanda  Sashti or Kanda Sashti Vratam is an important festival dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is observed in the Tamil month of Aippasi and most devotees fast during the 6-day period… Read More
2016-10-27 06:44
 Diwali – the festival of lights is an important festival in India. Diwali, like many other festivals has many stories and reasons backing its celebrations. The most popular… Read More
Methi Matar Paratha
2016-10-23 13:16
Methi Matar paratha is the paratha where the ground peas and chopped methi leaves are mixed with the dough and made as a roti. Use fresh methi leaves and add a pinch of Kasuri Methi for&nbsp&hell…Read More
2016-09-29 00:30
The word Navarathri means nine nights.  Navarathri is celebrated five times during the year-  Vasantha navarathri, Ashad navarathri, Sharadh navarathri, Paush navarathri and Magha… Read More
2016-09-22 15:12
Pineapple rasam is a special variety of rasam with distinct flavour and taste. Here in my place, I get a lot of pineapples at Rs 10 per fruit during the season. So I wanted to try somet… Read More
Ragi Adai
2016-09-21 11:32
Ragi or Finger millet is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereals. A generation ago, many Indians were familiar with this crop.  It is very adaptable crop and is suited to Indian… Read More
Weekend Snacks
2016-09-17 17:15
​Whole wheat flour banana bread using Apple sauce ​ MurukkuFiled under: Recipes Read More
Mor Kali
2016-09-07 13:57
Mor Kali or Mor Koozh is a taditional recipe made with buttermilk and rice flour. This dish is made commonly in Tamil Brahmin houses. I was bored making regular tiffin items for the dinner… Read More
2016-08-31 06:06
Erissery is a special dish prepared in Kerala for Sadhi. My paati prepare this dish at home. It can be prepared using yam, plantain, pumpkin, raw jackfruit or the combination of two vegetabl… Read More
Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi
2016-08-24 04:13
Gokulashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. It falls on the 8th day after Avani Avittam. On this day, we draw the small footprints from the entrance to the Pooja room. It denotes the… Read More
2016-08-03 18:51
            Aadi Pooram is one of the important festivals for Iyengars. The pooram star that falls on this month is the birthday of Andal. She is the only woman… Read More
Baked Pasta
2016-08-03 15:12
As usual I was bored with the regular food and was craving for something yummy and delicious.  I thought of making white sauce pasta and later took it to the next step of baking it. Now… Read More
Aadi Perukku
2016-08-01 06:45
Adiperukku is a unique South Indian and specially a Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi. Tamil month Aadi, marks the beginning of monsoon in Tamilna… Read More
Maavilakku Maavu
2016-07-28 18:09
Maa Vilakku is ideally performed on a Friday omitting the first and last Friday of the Aadi month. The procedure for performing maavilakku poojai is as follows. Kuzhavi,chooral and a wo… Read More
Aadi Krithigai
2016-07-27 16:30
Aadi Krithigai is celebrated on the Krithikai star day during the month of Aadi, a spiritual month for special God based activities. It is of human origin to survive with relationship and fi… Read More
Beans Paruppu Usili
2016-07-22 07:59
Beans paruppu usili is a very popular tamil Brahmin dish. It is commonly prepared with plantain flower/ Vaazhaipoo, french beans, cluster beans, flat beans, cabbage. The vegetable and the pa… Read More
Aadi Month
2016-07-15 06:54
               Aadi is the fourth month in Tamil calendar. It is an auspicious month for the Hindus. It starts during the mid of July and ends in… Read More
2016-06-15 06:56
Calzone is an Italian oven baked folded pizza. The stuffing is placed inside the dough and is baked. The vegetarian version has bell peppers, cheese and corn in it. But you can use any… Read More
Mint Vegetable Biriyani
2016-06-10 07:30
Mint Vegetable Biriyani is one of the recipes you can make it in a jiffy.  It contains most of the vegetables that is coated in mint paste.  Though I have posted the recipe fo… Read More
Chilli Babycorn
2016-06-01 12:30
Indo Chinese cuisine is one of my all time favourites. Whether it is manchurian or fried rice or chilli paneer, chilli babycorn etc are my favourites. For a long time I am searching the diff… Read More
Coconut Chutney
2016-05-23 13:39
   Coconut Chutey / thengai Chutney is a an easy and common side dish made for idli and dosai in South Indian households.  Though this is a very simple and easy one, I wo… Read More
Vaikasi Visakam
2016-05-20 16:30
Vaikāsi Visākam is important to the Saivites, Vaishnavites and the Buddhists. To the Saivites, it is the day of the descent of Murugan; to the Vaishnavites it is Periyalvar’s… Read More

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