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Blogbookblog · 18:01 25 Feb 2018
John Derian Picture Book John Derian (Author) (61)Buy new: $75.00 $50.20 42 used & new from $50.20(Visit the Best Sellers in Books list for authoritative information on this product's… Read More
Who Died The Last Week
The Diary Review · 17:10 25 Feb 2018
‘The lady of George Bowes, esq., one of the knights of the shire for the county of Durham, was brought to bed of a daughter at his house in London. She was the only daughter of Thomas… Read More
Second Diggings!
Johnmckenzie · 17:04 25 Feb 2018
          It was a bit weird seeing folk working on the other half of the allotment this afternoon. They said they'd been on the list for ten years. Anyway, I've now… Read More
The Old Marlovian | … · 12:48 25 Feb 2018
It can be argued that Ed Sheeran is an ordinary guy writing ordinary songs. This cannot be said of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; a bona fide musical prodigy without equal, who died young, possibl… Read More
Amarna 3D
Karavansara | East O… · 10:58 25 Feb 2018
A beautiful site featuring 3D renderings of the city of Amarna and related subjects. A pity it does not seem to have been updated recently, but well-worth a look anyway Read More
Chez Lo · 09:39 25 Feb 2018
de Emily FridlundRoman - 290 pagesEditions Gallmeister - août 2017Dans le Minnesota reculé, au bord d'un lac, vit Linda, une jeune fille assez sauvage, fascinée par la fo… Read More
Don In His Den As Ra… · 06:24 25 Feb 2018
I read adlib a silence written on your face, you have washed your face thousand times, silence won’t go away that way I have deluge of flowers at the bay, only to bind me to the charmi… Read More
Alien Romances · 04:30 25 Feb 2018
Copyright lasts for the life of the author, plus seventy years (depending on the jurisdiction under which you live and die), and copyright is automatic as soon as a thought is expressed in s… Read More
Tonya R. Moore · 04:23 25 Feb 2018
I think it was Cowboys and Aliens or maybe that Doctor Who episode set in the Wild West that first triggered the desire to bend the sci-fi and western genres. Never a huge fan of westerns, I… Read More
Writing With Your He… · 02:11 25 Feb 2018
Beatitudo, or perfect happiness, is a concept I learned in a philosophy class once. For life has many ups and downs, hellos and goodbyes, and good and bad days, but there is something that l… Read More
Eye Of The Moon
You Read It Here Fir… · 21:29 24 Feb 2018
For readers who enjoy strong female characters, supernatural elements, magical realism and the occult, there’s a delicious new Gothic mystery on the market that will satisfy all of th… Read More
Conselhos Para Criar Filhos
Criança Genial · 21:21 24 Feb 2018
Conselhos para criar filhos Se eu tivesse meu filho para criar de novo, Eu pintaria mais com meus dedos e apontaria muito menos com eles.Eu passaria menos tempo corrigindo e mais tempo conve… Read More
All Booked Up · 18:25 24 Feb 2018
Yep, I seem to be buying books rather than reading this month. Bought a couple more yesterday - one based on a recommendation from a mailing-list discussion thread, and one I'd meant to buy… Read More
Pen And Paper · 17:23 24 Feb 2018
BRAHMAHATYA* by RAJIV MITTAL.The Place: A retirement homeThe Target: A callous Brahmin doctorThe executor: A vengeful sonThe moderator: An angry motherThe Influencers: A senile elderly woman… Read More
Sunshine Blogger Award
Books Tales By Me · 17:21 24 Feb 2018
Hellloooo Today I am again with a tag @Siobhan’s Novelties nominated me for this award.Thank you for Tagging me Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you for a blog post and link ba… Read More
Martyn's Blog · 13:56 24 Feb 2018
Occasionally the best decision is to pull back, regroup, lick your wounds and work out a new way forward.The seagull question raised its head once again, and I know that previous considerati… Read More
The Houdini File · 05:00 24 Feb 2018
via GIPHYIn performance art, everyone has to be  magician. But it's only the prestidigitators who refuse to reveal their tricks. Here are some of the trade secrets of Houdini's friends… Read More
Cuentos Infantiles P… · 18:21 23 Feb 2018
Un gatito curioso es uno de los bellos y dulces cuentos de gatitos para niños escrito por Monica Soto, un fantástico cuento sugerido para niños de todas las edades. Esta… Read More
Books Life N More · 09:39 23 Feb 2018
From not seeing death ever to watching your closed loved one slipping away right in front of your eyes is a memory I wouldn't even wish to my worst enemy....Because when everything end it le… Read More
Memories From Books · 05:23 23 Feb 2018
Title:  GreenAuthor:  Sam Graham-FelsenPublication Information:  Random House. 2018. 320 pages.ISBN:  0399591141 / 978-0399591143Book Source:  I received this b… Read More
Write, Submit, Win!
Self Publishing News… · 15:00 22 Feb 2018
Writing contests have long been a staple of the publishing community, but what about for self-publishing authors? Do they have a place in writing contests? The short answer is absolutely, y… Read More
En La Cocina Con Kafka
Blog De Comics · 14:51 22 Feb 2018
En la cocina con Kafka, de Tom Gauld Tom Gauld es uno de los autores de cómic actuales más agudos y brillantes. En su obra encontramos un fino equilibrio entre las tiras de h… Read More
Batman {Livros Março}
Tempo De Ler · 14:22 22 Feb 2018
Mulher-MaravilhaDC Icons #1Todas as lendas têm um início. Diana tornar-se-á uma lenda, mas primeiro deverá enfrentar uma jornada (i)mortal!Diana: Filha de Imo… Read More