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5 Interesting Facts About Planet Earth

Facts about Planet Earth is that it is the third planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System and Largest of all 4 inner planets.The truly fact is that earth is only planet in solar system that have both life and water.Because of water availibility earth is also known as blue planet.Here we presents 10 interesting facts about earth.Lets check these interesting facts 

1.Earth is Not Sphere In Shape

Interesting Facts About Planet Earth

Many people tends to think that earth is sphere in shape.But thanks to the modern astronomy and science techniques that comes to understand that the shape of Earth approximates an oblate spheroid.This is because of rotation of earth.

2.Earth is Mainly Made Up of Iron,Oxygen and Silicon

earth atmosphere

Earth is mainly composed of iron (32.1%), oxygen (30.1%), silicon (15.1%), magnesium (13.9%), sulfur (2.9%), nickel (1.8%), calcium (1.5%), and aluminium (1.4%), with the remaining 1.2% consisting of other elements.The core region of earth is primarily composed of iron.

3. Highest Place On Earth


Mount Everest is called the world's highest place because it has the highest elevation above Sea Level. We could also say that it has the "highest altitude". The peak of Mount Everest is 8,850 meters (29,035 feet) above sea level. No other mountain on Earth has a higher altitude.

4.Lowest Place On Earth

dead sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on the Earth's surface. Its elevation is 400 meters (1,312 feet) below sea level. However, if depth were measured from the ocean floor, the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean would be the lowest place on Earth.

5.The Earth’s Molten Iron Core Creates a Magnetic Field

earth magnetic field

The Earth is like a great big magnet, with poles at the top and bottom near to the actual geographic poles. The magnetic field it creates extends thousands of kilometers out from the surface of the Earth .The magnetic field and electric currents in and around Earth generate complex forces that have immeasurable impact on every day life. 
So these are 5 interesting facts about planet earth.Do you know any other facts about our blue planet than please let us know via comment below.I you think this post is worth sharing than please share it amongst your social media friends.

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5 Interesting Facts About Planet Earth


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