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The Ultimate Revelation Of How To Love Yourself.

Since childhood, we have been conditioning for competition and comparison. Facing competition in school, college even at home among siblings gives birth to insecurities and jealousy. We are all raised up by facing different competitions and comparisons. For instance, There was a teenage boy name called Yash. He was an average guy. He always used to taunt by his parents why he was not able to top in studies

He was even not interested in sports or other activities. But he likes to paint so well. His parents don’t encourage him because according to them there is no career scope in whatever he does.

Gradually, Yash started feeling disgraced and shameful; he gives 100% in his studies but could not able to make his position on top. Nobody was there to make him understand that It is okay.

Many students face this issue nowadays. Do you feel that your life is useless now, can not you do anything in life? Have you started hating yourself? I recommend you just to hold on, Just think about yourself. It is fundamental to know how to Love yourself before loving others in life or before getting their love.

  • Avoid Perfectionism: 

Insert this thing thoroughly inside the head that no one is perfect in this world. There is a flaw in everyone. So, don’t try to be Mr Perfectionist. Try to figure what you do best, what you love to do, just invest your time in that particular things. When you start things you like, instantly you will start enjoying yourself. First off all this is no rocket science, just a matter of perception.

  • Overcome negative beliefs about yourself:

Unless you stop criticising yourself, you can never love yourself. The criticism never changes anything. Even if you listen to negative criticism of others, it will have a terrible effect on you. Recognize yourself and understand your real strength. Everyone can make changes in the person. If you criticise yourself, your changes will be negative, and then your changes will be positive.

  • Spend On The Things You Love:

It’s Okay to spend some on the stuff you like. Usually, We “Enslaved” by our Money. Because of this enslavement, we forgot the money is just a tool for us to use in whatever way we want.
Enjoy your money without guilt. Yes, It is easy to say, but not difficult to do as well. We earn money to live life smoothly by fulfilling our needs, but unknowingly we made it our prestige point and slowly Life depends on money. It empowers you, which causes unhappiness. Spend in a limit on things you love.

  • Trust Your Instincts:
The Feeling you get about a person or anything in the first 10 seconds expresses an “ancient biological wisdom” says Mayer in his book Intuition: Its Power and Perils.

Always trust your first gut instinct, If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul, that something is wrong, it usually is. You always have permission to walk away from anything that doesn’t feel right. Listen to your inner voice, and it’s trying to protect you. Always trust yourself.

  • Don’t Be A People Pleaser: 
It’s great to know that you made an impact in someone’s life, but there is a difference between being a kind person and a people pleaser. Stop admiring people blindly, Start saying ‘No’ when necessary, Stop saying ‘sorry’ unnecessarily. Say what you feel not other people want you to say. Stop wanting to be loved by everyone, it is not possible that every person you want to love you, and it should not matter.
  • Acceptance is the key:

” The key to life is accepting challenges. Once Someone has stopped doing this. He is dead.” ~ Bette Davis. Basically, we ran out of reality. Whenever Bad Times Occur, some people are not strong enough to accept the facts. Running away from problems leads to stress, anxiety or depression.

We ran out of reality. Whenever bad times occur, some people are not strong enough to accept the facts. Running away from problems leads to stress, anxiety or guilt feelings. Make yourself strong enough to face it firmly. Once you face, a confidence generates within you makes you feel out of the world. Life is full of challenges, never get afraid of them. Life continually throws challenges back to back, but we are only one who can face it.

Well, there are endless things which can make you love yourself. It’s all in your hand, how you live your life. Get ready and learn “Art of living” and portrait a beautiful life for yourself.

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The Ultimate Revelation Of How To Love Yourself.


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