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Dark Matter | You've… · 13:50 18 Jan 2017
You have a right to say what you saybut you shouldn’t expect to get away with saying it in a clean, clear voice.I’m here to help you change your tone.I’m here to push… Read More
People Who Get It
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 10:07 18 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS Surround yourself with people who get it. The post People Who Get It appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Quote People Who Get It PUBLISH… Read More
Motivational Cat
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 10:02 18 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS I think you should just go for it. The post Motivational Cat appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Quote Motivational Cat PUBLISHED first… Read More
In Dreams
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 09:52 18 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. The post In Dreams appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Quote In Dreams PUBLISHE… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 01:18 18 Jan 2017
This story isn’t even remotely true;this is myth on a skateboardrolling through. It has streamersand smells like fresh bread butit’s as fake as a tail wrigglingin a predator&rsqu… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 23:33 17 Jan 2017
think ic tiki thatch ocra pods paintstrokes drumracks than rather nu old lins underblues level acts afterfact tic tac mamabacks mumblejums stumble the many tru 1’s plenty ti… Read More
Diário De Bordo
Olocaos 281 · 21:52 17 Jan 2017
As orações encontram o coração, ganhando o dia quente e os ouvidos de Deus, iniciando a breve harmonia sobre outro coração perverso.O radio do carro… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 18:52 17 Jan 2017
misplace me unsung me debase me \ quick be forebe i re erase me / clubfanfunclubfunfan on gate keeps’ gallows / cruel is where high hope hangs indeterminado come see ruins freshly… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 16:51 17 Jan 2017
It would have been betterto have been born nowrather than earlier. There would already be rules for growing into this.This horror would be normaland unhappy would be default and s… Read More
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 16:07 17 Jan 2017
I was taught to shun the mists.It hides thingstoo indecent to walkunder the full light of the sun.So I stood in the sunshineignoring the burning, explaining away painbecause this is what I w… Read More
Book Calendar · 12:14 17 Jan 2017
Daily Thoughts 01/17/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.Web BitsIrma Boom's Library Where Pure Experimentalism Is On The Shelf… Read More
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 09:46 17 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS Dream. The post Dream appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Quote Dream PUBLISHED first on Quotes4Fun | Best Life Motivation Quotes / Ins… Read More
Country Mouse Claire · 08:00 17 Jan 2017
I love the January chill.I love the January lull.After the November darkening, as the nights draw in, and the fun and brightness of the Christmas season, I love this little portion of the ye… Read More
Daily Thoughts 01/16/2017
Book Calendar · 02:51 17 Jan 2017
Wisdom, Titian, 1560Daily Thoughts 01/16/2017I am off today for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library today.I read some more of The Revenge of… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 02:50 17 Jan 2017
report a problem w / this me if you don’t agree w / this me’s expression make no suggestions continue reading this me you’ll not unmask this me’s me (c)2017 Read More
A.edward Watkins · 19:57 16 Jan 2017
we are bonded opposites and calm busted frustrated little shards strewn across / glitters kitchenfloor we’ve madeup we smile inside our big shadow of pain / me so much the reflecti… Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 13:50 16 Jan 2017
Mientras Jesús les decía estas cosas, vino un oficial de la sinagoga y se postró delante de El, diciendo: “Mi hija acaba de morir; pero ven y pon Tu mano sobre ell… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 13:49 16 Jan 2017
Hola Amigos! 2017 is here! 2016 was a trek of a year, and quote difficult to get through in parts, but it is now time to look towards 2017, with careful optimism. My goals for 2017 are: Slee… Read More
AIA 16 - O Casebre
Obsessivos · 11:59 16 Jan 2017
A INICIAÇÃO DE AGATHA(Os eventos desta história ocorrem antes da Revelação Final)Capitulo 16O Casebre* os trechos entre “[ ]” (colchetes) s&ati… Read More
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:10 16 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS No one is too old for fairytales. The post Fairytales appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Quote Fairytales PUBLISHED first on Quotes4Fun… Read More
Pressing Rewind
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:07 16 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS Stop pressing rewind on things that should be deleted in your life. The post Pressing Rewind appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Quote P… Read More
The Bravest Thing
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 10:53 16 Jan 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. The post The Bravest Thing appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The… Read More
Her Wicked Ways
Lover's Quarrel | Re… · 05:00 16 Jan 2017
Genre: Historical Word Count: 101, 790 Average Goodreads Rating: 3.62/ 5 stars My rating: 4/ 5 stars This book has a slightly shaky start, like most romance novels do, but it pulls me in pre… Read More
Red Glasses
Poetry Bites · 22:55 12 Jan 2017
What if every time she puts on her red glasses with the multi-colored sides, she invites a prose poem to splash across the page?  Will the spoon take offense? Read More
Meu Caminho Florido · 18:49 12 Jan 2017
Eu tive que parar de observar, estava envenenando minha alma, e meu coração, e meu cérebro. No entanto não há um só dia que eu não lembre, qu… Read More
Alexandre Correa Lim… · 13:16 12 Jan 2017
Já nos dias antecedentes você sente uma estranha força te empurrando pra frente. Novos projetos, novos desafios, novas conquistas. Verdade bem posta, velhos projetos e ve… Read More
Misty Mikes ⋆ · 12:39 12 Jan 2017
I mentioned in the last couple of blog posts that I’ve been struggling with a round of depression, but also that I’ve been doing what I need to do to take care of myself. So far… Read More