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A.edward Watkins · 17:13 27 May 2017
from chilled thief filled cooking rooms secrets open petalsoft breezy bam shimmer the shadows dance polyform strangelet culture cult cutty slim fit squat chat advent scr… Read More
Book Calendar · 13:59 27 May 2017
Daily Thoughts 05/27/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I read a little bit of Seasteading How Floating Nations Will Restore The Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure t… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 13:38 27 May 2017
creativity an urban reprieve outside collective focus © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Reprieve Artivism was a curated street art collaboration of Ilonggo Artists sponsored by… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 10:10 27 May 2017
Breaking newsfrom another city, this time one of ours,full tonight with new war: dozensor hundreds of brand new dead orinjured in an attackon a theater or bus stationor another place in whic… Read More
Paginas Escindidas B… · 03:54 27 May 2017
Ninguna escultura —residuo: signo, mentalidad, espacio— anuda palabras si no retoca imaginarios. Al deambular los eclipses del significado —sociedades escribieron desde sie… Read More
Microfilosofia · 02:16 27 May 2017
MUROS En la construcción del “yo” voy elaborando una cosmovisión (mi visión del mundo), construida en el aquí/ahora con las circunstancias que… Read More
Done And Dusted
Funny In Five Hundre… · 22:18 26 May 2017
The mansion owner ran his entitled fat finger along the staircase banister. Fault-finding judgement announced on his artificially tanned features before she’d even looked. Ophelia knew… Read More
Pretextos-Elr · 17:55 26 May 2017
(Imagem: Pinterest)Ela saiu do show de regaeton e permaneceu nas nuvens. Passou por dois ou três barzinhos até conseguir finalmente aterrissar, com o dia já nascendo. Dir… Read More
Odd Birds
Aurora Batty's Books · 16:50 25 May 2017
Occasionally I venture into the realm of nonfiction and dive into someone else’s life. The last biographical life I explored was about Albert Einstein and his wife. It was a romantic… Read More
Lucy Crowe's Nest · 16:59 24 May 2017
It is, at last, the time of year when every window - each little glass pane – in the house at the bottom of the hill is filled with green. Jeweled, sun-dappled – emerald, jade, a… Read More
Caitlin Cacciatore · 04:20 24 May 2017
The beating of the heart, a clock, Breathe in, breathe out, Each day a memento mori, The calendar page, having done its due, Fluttering, leaf-like, to rot in the Dark and fertile soil where… Read More
Mal's Factory - Po… · 10:08 23 May 2017
         Word         The pain of not to knowa words true meaning -(a heartfelt paradoxso tautologically entwined) brain trav… Read More
Visionary Fiction Wr… · 15:59 22 May 2017
I used to sleepwalk as a kid, both I and my sister, but it all ended badly. Nowadays I don’t, at least not the way you might think. It only happens in my laziest and least imaginative… Read More
Beneath The Rainbow · 06:00 22 May 2017
Sometimes morning drags nightmares into day. Though surroundings look familiar, I’m not sure who or where I am. Did the Read More