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Ritchie Valens: Donna
Microfilosofia · 08:08 01 Mar 2017
Cómo pasar un fin de semana largo si no se goza de buena salud y dinero para seguir las corrientes migratorias de temporada que se instalan en distintos puntos turísticos; cong… Read More
Through The Wilderness
Lucy Crowe's Nest · 00:08 01 Mar 2017
Sunday Morning at Valley Forge Park-Pat O' Driscoll Fine Art“Lancaster, Pennsylvania!” I tug my seat belt in order to sit forward and squint through the lowering gloom at the hig… Read More
El Derecho A Movernos
Salmagundi · 23:19 28 Feb 2017
Ezequiel D'León MasísDesde el punto de vista de los derechos humanos, toda persona tiene la capacidad de goce y ejercicio para practicar, en favor de sus intereses, una activid… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 23:01 28 Feb 2017
how fitting / weight of guilt kabbalah cabbage they’ve given you yes a suggestagen takes effect immediately your choices 12hour hellz / said you builder make it better / shambolic &am… Read More
Not Our Business
Funny In Five Hundre… · 22:44 28 Feb 2017
Sarah looked up from her cereal, a soggy mess of alphabet shapes, and gazed out of the kitchen window. In the neighboring yard a man, dressed in a leather flak jacket, with goggles on his he… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 21:59 28 Feb 2017
The best words in the right order.The perfect ghosts to animate them. A rhythm, and the struggle to understandhow words slide over the crestsof those waves. Sound upsideof dow… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 19:36 28 Feb 2017
A number only, say the happy-go-lucky. A milestone, say the oneswho love to make marks. A privilege, say thosewho see how hard it is to reach it. A failure flag, say thosein love with s… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 16:47 28 Feb 2017
All new, all new,everyone saying it’sall new.  All new, all new,except for those who already knew that this everything newis not quite nothing new,just close enough: old ghou… Read More
Book Calendar · 15:39 28 Feb 2017
Daily Thoughts 02/28/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I checked the displays and the gift books this morning.Web BitsLast Day to Vote in One Book, One New York Pro… Read More
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:34 28 Feb 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS The things you are passionate about are not random. They come from your soul. The post Passionate appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The Qu… Read More
Do Everything
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:28 28 Feb 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. The post Do Eve… Read More
Smart People
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:25 28 Feb 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people s they can tell us what do. – Steve Jobs The post Smart… Read More
Unlikely Life
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:21 28 Feb 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS It’s extremely unlikely that nothing unlikely will happen in your life. The post Unlikely Life appeared first on The Daily Quotes. Src: Daily Quotes The… Read More
Adapt The World
• Quotes4Fun | Best … · 11:06 28 Feb 2017
BEST DAILY QUOTES & SAYINGS The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 23:51 27 Feb 2017
ameri spring provocabusterblocks divi rivd mortis ist art outrig rigor es riggd rid d rig wack or rigor a tells sa d timetruth polarbi by skippy bi buy uyz flaunt jauntingly… Read More
Book Calendar · 21:42 27 Feb 2017
Daily Thoughts 02/27/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I worked on my Management of Technology class today.  I watched several videos.  I also checked on… Read More
Space Is An Invitation
Poetry Bites · 17:36 27 Feb 2017
for tenacity and greening.  For a void to be made lush.  What better definition of a poem filling a page.  Or asparagus on a white plate.  Tenacious and greening where bo… Read More
Pretextos-Elr · 12:41 27 Feb 2017
(Imagem: (apresentado ao piano pela mãe aos quatro anos de idade), maestro, professor, pintor e escultor. Um artista extraordinário… Read More
I Have Died
Philip J Bradbury – … · 20:49 25 Feb 2017
Only after I died did I start to realise the truths of my living. It seemed I’d live it all backwards; starting in naivety and ending in disillusion and, sometimes, bitterness. Had I s… Read More
Noah E Hadassa · 16:13 24 Feb 2017
        Quando o temido dia chegar e as janelas do mundo se trancarem para o inédito e seus sonhos densos e cansados cessarem de voar... Quando esta data chegar, d… Read More
B I C I C L E T A De… · 08:33 24 Feb 2017
"Yo contigo mantengo las distancias.Mi anhelo las rompe, alegremente".Jorge DrexlerQuiero retroceder o avanzar,quedarme quieto y respirar el aire,ver como cae el sol sobre mi guisqui doblese… Read More
Hold You Against Me
Aurora Batty's Books · 17:59 23 Feb 2017
A Las Vagas mafia princess, the foot soldier’s son. Both want to escape the mob life. One finds freedom at the expense of the other, the other becomes the boss. After escaping the co… Read More
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 22:25 22 Feb 2017
Adi inhaled deeply from the mug of chamomile tea cradled in her hands. Its scent combined with the sigh of snowfall, was the perfect end to dinner.“Penny for your thoughts, cuz?”… Read More