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2013-08-03 21:27
Fiscal conservatism is bad economics. Functioning economies are built on credit, or if you prefer, the promise of repaying a debt. If we could only spend what we had to spend, the economy wo… Read More
2012-11-18 19:24
I know that it's not a complete or even professional diagnosis, but today I will be taking a speculative look at the dominant psychology behind political movements in general. For reference… Read More
2012-09-13 02:08
This time, I engage a well-read skeptic on the subject of crop circles and ET.  I am '1'. He is '2'. This post will be updated as the person replies. Enjoy.  1: Hi!I just wanted to… Read More
2012-08-26 17:58
Introduction and RecapYou might remember my entry on Voluntarism. If you haven't read it, it's basically the 'philosophy' co-opted by 'anarcho'-capitalists to justify wage-slavery. I outline… Read More
2012-08-26 07:54
There seem to be two prevailing currents of thought when it comes to interpreting the Bible. One is Biblical literalism, or reading into the Bible as a historically accurate account of past… Read More
2012-07-25 18:20
When novel political concepts are first synthesized, not every nuanced point or even the general trajectory of the philosophy is very clear. There may appear to be contradictions, inconsiste… Read More
2012-07-16 01:51
I checked out my blog traffic out of curiosity today. It's a bit higher than I expected. The time-line appears to be off since I know I started this blog in 2010. The earliest reads November… Read More
2012-07-15 08:03
I posted last week about my problems with PayPal and Amazon. They seemed to resolve themselves quickly afterwards. I received my Simpsons DVD, paid off the credit card balance. PayPal t… Read More
2012-07-08 01:28
Last week I posted about my problems with PayPal and Amazon, though in truth they could be chalked up to minor inconveniences. Which they proved themselves to be. I received the deposit from… Read More
2012-07-01 02:38
Despite what the title says, I don't actually have money troubles. Not in the conventional sense, at least. I signed up for a PayPal account yesterday so I could transfer some funds from my… Read More
2012-06-29 02:25
I officially graduated from high school today! I'm so proud of myself and the others who took the effort to show up and collect their diplomas. Especially those who won awards, one of which… Read More
2012-06-28 07:37
In this series of refutations, I engage in argument with an atheist whose vitriol for religion, it seems, is almost unparalleled. Enjoy. I am '1'. He is '2'. Notes and commentary inserted fo… Read More
2012-06-28 07:37
I'm not explicitly a socialist, but I'm attracted to its allure. I've been studying socialist politics for about a year now. It follows that I've familiarized myself with its core basics and… Read More
2012-06-28 07:37
I've had the honor of engaging in thoughtful discussion with a user named Molality on Reddit. Reproduced below are some topics we've breached which I feel are important to understanding… Read More
2012-06-24 04:09
Three Ways Sweatshops Help The Poor Escape PovertyThe above video is a horrid defense of neoliberal capitalism. The speaker (who gave him a doctorate and why I don't know) argues that there'… Read More
2012-06-23 08:11
I wrote a couple days back about how leftists are prone to sectarianism because of their diverse intellectual tapestry. I came across a thread on Reddit that made me reconsider my thoughts t… Read More
2012-06-10 19:59
I heard of Ayn Rand before I read Virtue of Selfishness. I knew that her philosophy dealt with ethics and metaphysics. I also knew that she used it as a front to promote laissez-fa… Read More
2012-06-10 19:56
In a word, no. For some reason, this simple answer elicits vitriol from people who think otherwise. I had read a very logical reason for this position, and I have since adopted it and extend… Read More
2012-06-02 23:42
There was a recent discussion on truth-value and the meaning conferred to it within a particular sphere of experience. It was sparked by the author's musings on the ontological value of trut… Read More
2012-02-12 19:55
It is the abolishment of theism as a tool for social segregation. Similarly, a secular institution will not respect the establishment of any belief system for this reason. However, it's popu… Read More
2012-01-26 12:36
I'm thinking of creating a list of things that just annoy me. >_< No particular order. Will add to the list over time.When you're in the bathroom and you run out of toilet paperWhen th… Read More
2012-01-26 12:33
It's really annoying when people take the time to write in books that they borrowed from the library. If the book's not yours, don't write in it. Simple. It's discouraging for other people w… Read More

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