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Festive Lights
Life 101 · 00:35 21 Sep 2017
We have colored lights around the top edges of our screen porch.  Sensors are set to turn them on when the daylight fades into dusk. A neighbor once asked why we left our… Read More
Beth And Lee's Blog … · 23:20 20 Sep 2017
When you are feeling unhappy, do you make excuses as to why you are unhappy? Maybe you blame it on the bad traffic or maybe you blame it on your boss’ foul mood, or maybe you blame it… Read More
The Commentator · 16:04 20 Sep 2017
Er, no. Obama and Hilary have not 'mostly stayed out of the media limelight' since Trump's election. Does the media think we're obliviously dimwitted? They've been yapping left, right and c… Read More
Phoenix Aquua · 15:41 20 Sep 2017
Even the stars and the moon don't shine quite like we do Dreamers searchin' for the truth Go on, read about us in the news Pretty reckless, pretty wild Talking shit and we'll just smile… Read More
Carta Aos Imperfeitos
Indelével · 15:15 20 Sep 2017
Perdoe-me pelos meus erros, por não ser perfeita. Perdoe-me os erros de português, a fala carregada de gírias, o fato de pensar estar sempre certa.Desculpe-me se tomei o… Read More
An Autumn Romance
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 20 Sep 2017
If you haven't noticed yet, I'll let you in on a little secret: I like matching my clothes and accessories to my hair. I don't really pay a lot of attention to what colors are supposed to su… Read More
20 Best Space Themed Products.
Crookedbrains · 12:12 20 Sep 2017
How does intergalactic travel sound to you? Space the final frontier - remember these words? Space travels are a bit off the scale; our world is so big and beautiful that a lifetime of trave… Read More
Sunny Skies Today
Catching Happiness · 11:30 20 Sep 2017
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash“Don’t let yesterday’s bad times or bad feelings influence today’s thoughts and mood. You shouldn’t choose to d… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 09:08 20 Sep 2017
QUEM SURGE DA LUZ? WHO IS COMING FROM THE LIGHT? Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu #quintaregaleira #regaleirapalace #sintra #person… Read More
Babilonia – Appunti … · 05:53 20 Sep 2017
Se penso a quanti anni è sopravvissuto l’iPhone 4 e poi in così poco tempo di nuovi modelli ne sono susseguiti più del doppio…….Sicuramente la tecno… Read More
Day 2826
Some Assembly Requir… · 04:28 20 Sep 2017
Dash is getting older. He doesn't always lift his leg when he pees anymore and often ends up peeing on the front leg with the injured dewclaw. After this happened again for the umpteenth tim… Read More
Scorched Earth Style Gardening
Pamibe · 14:29 19 Sep 2017
Since the plumeria and graviola are a memory I figured ‘wot the hell, Archie?’ and undertook a full sweep. Zero fucks given. The lilies are to be dug up and relocated where they… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 19 Sep 2017
RT @landpsychology: The kitten color printer ran out of ink mid job. -> RT @JIJennings: My name is John Jennings. I live in Riverside,CA and I make/study black ima… Read More
Does God Really Laugh?
Mondok Blog · 19:42 18 Sep 2017
Just when you think things are going smoothly, they don't anymore. You read those time management books, watch the videos on becoming a minimalist, and make your five year plan. If you could… Read More
All Reversed!?!?!?
Tarot By Woodsong · 17:42 18 Sep 2017
Hi Everyone --Hope you had a great weekend!  Wanted to pass along this reading for the upcoming week -- if any of you are feeling a little down or stressed, this might help a little.Her… Read More
Hay Baldy..!
Rhymeclub - An Irish… · 22:07 17 Sep 2017
There are no two ways about it; I’ve started to go bald I’m saddened and I’m sickened, I’m mournful and appalled At first I didn’t notice and sure ignorance is… Read More
Treat & Trick · 14:18 17 Sep 2017
Taftan or taftoon  is a  leavened bread  hailed from Persia,  baked in a clay oven.I  discover this flatbread while watching a cookery show on television,   I … Read More
Shed Update: Work Begins
Pig Sty Avenue · 14:01 17 Sep 2017
Bit of an unintentional tilt on that photo there, I was probably a bit shaky after moving the shed floor from the Southern boundary where it's been propped against the fence since March, to… Read More
The Bingham Diaries · 07:28 17 Sep 2017
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Now usually, thinking turns into over-thinking, which turns into obsessing, followed by the burn-out. Isn't it so lovely that I have finally begun t… Read More
Novio De Reserva
Antonio F. Marín · 05:00 17 Sep 2017
Y Cataluña, y Cataluña, y Cataluña, y Cataluña... Iros, idos o andaverser a la mierda. Puigdemont cree que ningún tribunal español puede inhabilitar… Read More
Mutant Cat · 17:22 16 Sep 2017
I have been rather poorly of late. Not to excuse the lack of posting, that's just because I have nothing to write. I still have nothing to write but nevertheless I've decided it's time to ta… Read More
The Debris Field · 02:01 16 Sep 2017
This morning I had a weird dream right before I woke up. I was down in the UNM area where I work and for some reason was sitting on the passenger side of my car. I think I was looking throu… Read More