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Furballs N Things
Screaming Weasel | H… · 21:40 19 Apr 2018
Yep … We’re suckers. We? (My Wife, Step-Kid, and Myself … and yes, I know that’s grammatically incorrect). Some time last October (2017), we decided to adopt a frie… Read More
Morning Mist | I M… · 12:30 19 Apr 2018
She’d always thought of herself as a city girl, or at least suburban, picking her living spaces as much for their distance from a good café – anything over half a mile w… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 19 Apr 2018
Another life was just lost in #Louisiana. #POTUS, it's time to do something. #BackfireTrump -> @thebookishgurl I also follow you on GR. in reply to thebookishgurl… Read More
Forbes E O Alentejo
Alentejano Em Timor · 03:25 19 Apr 2018
A revista Forbes dedica uma reportagem a um paraíso escondido em Portugal, um turismo rural, que exactamente se chama "Paraíso Escondido" Literal e figurativamente. Chama… Read More
Day 3037
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:56 19 Apr 2018
I'm losing track of the days again. The main thing that make one day different from the next is how Dash is acting. He is totally unpredictable. Last night he slept all night, although I wok… Read More
Some Things Are Worth It
Life 101 · 01:29 19 Apr 2018
When we bought the adjoining property a few years ago, I walked it the first time with Jilda. We took our time paying attention to as many details as we could absorb. There's a monster fig b… Read More
Ausgabe 1 – 2018
Umwelt & Aktiv| Das … · 18:56 18 Apr 2018
Seit dem Jahr 2007 sind mittlerweile 43 Umwelt & Aktiv – Ausgaben erschienen. Und heute halten Sie eine ganz besondere Ausgabe in den Händen. Es ist sozusagen unsere gestalter… Read More
Reflections Of An Ag… · 15:38 18 Apr 2018
I am hooked on Hulu where I can indulge in this new American past time; binge watching. At first I was riveted by each episode of the  PBS television series “Call the Midwife&rdq… Read More
Developing A Signature Color
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 18 Apr 2018
When I was younger my sister and I used to fight over our signature color--we both wanted to claim red and weren't interested in sharing the color! It was such a random argument since we wer… Read More
Heartcrossings · 14:39 18 Apr 2018
Reading Made to Stick : Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die and really enjoying it. Early on in the book I read a line that really stood out for for "No sales plan survives contact with th… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 09:50 18 Apr 2018
E o astro, mas não para sempre!! #sol #soleil #sun #arvore #árvore #paisagem #prisma #prismacollection #prismacollective #prismacolorsUma publicação… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 09:40 18 Apr 2018
 — SMALL BUT DEADLY — The blacksnake whip ripped jagged lines of blood across Billy Standifer’s back, delivering a brutal punishment he’d never forget. Despite t… Read More
Home · 07:55 18 Apr 2018
In the past, before I head out to a customer, I would come into this little office and lift a guitar.  I'd pick whichever song came into my head and I'd belt it out.  Sometimes it… Read More
A Grotesque Animal
The Far Queue · 07:15 18 Apr 2018
Horizons ~ Armando VeveI’m done with walking through wallsOn the promise of a warm receptionFrom the ghosts that live withinIf I remember correctly we agreedNever to stop listening to… Read More
Alienated Me · 21:06 17 Apr 2018
Burning bridges, turning new pages, it’s all becoming a bore… Nothing surprising – Been there, done that, so many times before. And just as people around me started to tur… Read More
I Am Cam Jr! · 18:58 17 Apr 2018
Picture this: an eyewitness's testimony helps send a man to serve a 17-year sentence before authorities realize they've incarcerated the WRONG man!If I were the eyewitness in the aggravated… Read More
Detroit Desurgence · 17:35 17 Apr 2018
It has been hours since the last Detroit corruption scandal – phew the wait is over: the FBI just charged a contractor with $1.5 million fraud. Gary Tenaglia is expected to plead guilt… Read More
Snake Oil 2: Dentist Messiah
.square Pegs · 11:37 17 Apr 2018
Dentistry is a hard sell in Australia for two very good reasons. Firstly, it is outrageously expensive. I've lost count of how many people have told me they would rather fork out for an airf… Read More
My 50th
Perspectives & P… · 11:17 17 Apr 2018
I regret all of my books.  —Zora Neale Hurston March 28th marked the 50th Anniversary of my first step into Army life in Vietnam and the first step out of the life I had always… Read More
In The Name Of God.
Binghuman · 06:54 17 Apr 2018
Deen Azaanen Kabhi Europe Ke Kaleesaaon MeinKabhi Africa Ke Tapte Huwe Sehraaon Mein.We made our Azan’s call resound beneath proud spires in Western lands,And made that magic melody th… Read More
Logan’s 45
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 04:16 17 Apr 2018
Another health scare Had my own health scare the other day, on top of the cracked teeth and everything else. My left eye suddenly went blurry for no reason and stayed that way for a bit. My… Read More
Music Monday: Novelist Guy
Transpontine · 20:56 16 Apr 2018
Brockley grime artist Novelist has an LP - Novelist Guy, released on his own MMMYEH Records label - and its great as expected. There's catchy anthems galore, politics (Stop Ki… Read More
The Journey – We Are… · 21:02 15 Apr 2018
The last several years the medical field has made tremendous advances in the area of heart health; proper diet, new medical procedures and the importance of exercise. Without exercise, our m… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:12 15 Apr 2018
Angesichts der Tatsache, dass das alles schwer zu entscheiden war, ist es dann auch kein Wunder gewesen, dass er mir auf die Nerven ging. Aber auch losgelöst davon, ist es doch nervig… Read More
Badlluckday · 14:17 15 Apr 2018
Yesterday I went to visit my daughter & son inlaw at their new trailer. I decided to accept their hospitality and stay the nite. As they had sex I could feel the trailer move as I tried… Read More
Às Vezes Odeio
Indelével · 14:05 15 Apr 2018
Às vezes odeio todos os livros de autoajuda lotado de frases otimistas e premissas de um futuro maravilhoso. Quando estou no poço e sinto-me afundar cada vez mais, todas as fra… Read More
Intj · 12:42 15 Apr 2018
One of the great tragedies of 21st century astrology writing is that so much of it is feel-good writing, as if astrology is some sort of convoluted, perpetual compliment to humans simply bec… Read More
Loose Feathers #642
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 13 Apr 2018
Wild Turkey (my photo)Birds and birding newsThe tails of male Costa's Hummingbirds whistle during their courtship flights, but the sound may be more about subjective aesthetics than an hones… Read More
Bilora Gevabox
Pig Sty Avenue · 11:51 13 Apr 2018
 I bought a Bilora Gevabox on eBay because of its "film inside". I'll be processing the film next week. The plan with this project is to re-sell the cameras on eBay once I've extracted… Read More
Choosing Where To Look
Catching Happiness · 11:30 13 Apr 2018
Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash“I have found that I cannot force myself to feel aware or happy or interested or satisfied, no matter how hard I try. However, I can cho… Read More