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Obmutescent Over Obsolete Obstetrics...
2023-01-28 17:41
...well, not obsolete yet but we're heading that way. As David Bell says on Twitter reviewing the bad cat's latest Substack: "Since 9 months after mid-2021, birth rates have widely fall… Read More
Outstanding Oration...
2023-01-19 10:57
Well worth seven minutes of your time; if you haven't already begun to think like this you should start pretty soon. From Mikki Willis of PlandemicSeriesOfficial, Our Birthright...[Video… Read More
Omnivore Order...
2022-11-21 11:22
Well what a surprise...not. "Red meat is not a health risk. New study slams years of shoddy research"...[LINK] both parts of that title deserve looking at, the shoddy research becoming more… Read More
Oops. Oh-oh...
2022-11-09 06:13
No hiding now: hundreds of thousands have died: will there be an accounting? Excess deaths are through the roof and no one is on telly every night telling the people. Why not? Because it isn… Read More
Objects Of Odium, Ostracised...
2022-11-04 15:42
Following the earlier overture things have heated up. The push back now has it's own push back: Melissa Healy at the LA Times muses that "It's as if [the non-covid-jabbed are] no longer haza… Read More
Overdosing Obnubilation...
2022-10-22 09:50
This is the daily deaths from COVID as per Worldometers. More data HERE from Covidgraph. All based on official world statistics. About 2.5 million deaths in the first 12 months and pushing 6… Read More
2022-10-16 16:01
Blogpost title referring to Obama (all posts) infamously (IMHO :-) ) sticking his overreaching oar into purely UK Creepy Joe has done the same (in what many call Obam… Read More
Oblast...oh, Blast!
2022-09-27 05:25
See image (left). Russian control of Ukraine as of September 2022..."US officials closely watching sham referendums in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and preparing to act" [LINK]... 'prep… Read More
Ocean Oscillations...
2022-09-26 20:28
Not written about Pakistan directly before, except if you include all the problems with a certain community then I have mentioned it indirectly (mostly not good) a few times and for quite a… Read More
'One-off Offer' Offing Offspring...
2022-09-24 09:42
After this week's encouraging conservative (almost Conservative!) mini-budget PM Truss continues the good start she has made. Two real issues she needs to sort: the English Channel organised… Read More
One's Obit...
2022-09-19 21:51
Inside Westminster Abbey: 'This was history - solemn, spectacular and intense' [BBC] Hopefully together again and as happy as it is obvious they were...Update 22:44 with obit: sorry I have n… Read More
2022-09-16 23:45
Really this blogpost was meant to be the first Obfuscaion over origins not the second (II), it is just that yesterday I began with the blog title but then got side-tracked and ended up not p… Read More
Obfuscation Over Origins...
2022-09-16 04:11
...of SARS-CoV-2. With credit and hat-tip to The Naked Emperor. The Lancet Commission have released their document "on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic"...ahem, anyone could… Read More
Outrage Over Ominous Observations II...
2022-08-28 16:36
And more of the same; the blog titles should probably be prefaced with "Where is the [outrage]...". The previous post was the UK; this one is Germany. From the incredible Substack site… Read More
Outrage Over Ominous Observations...
2022-08-24 02:31
Repeating what I wrote a few weeks ago: "Sorry for the lack of posting but the Substack warriors (Steve Kirsch, Igor Chudov, The Naked Emporer and the bad cat amongst others) are saying ever… Read More
2022-07-30 10:12
In my previous post I mentioned the reason I wasn't posting much; I referred to the Substack warriors: I named those I read regularly and to those I add Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf [you can… Read More
2022-07-15 11:04
Sorry for the lack of posting but the Substack warriors (Steve Kirsch, Igor Chudov, The Naked Emporer and the bad cat amongst others) are saying everything I could possibly say: the fact tha… Read More
Our Ocracy's Obvious Omissions...
2022-03-31 02:27
"...nothing would be more fatal than for the Government of States to get in the hands of experts. Expert knowledge is limited knowledge, and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man who know… Read More
Osaka: One Of Old One's Offspring?...
2022-03-26 01:57
The official Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai character design was released this week: based on the winning logo design by Group E, Team Inari (back in 2020) Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wga… Read More
Opus On Opaque Ostpolitik...
2022-03-22 02:40
Not looking good. John [The Slog] in outstanding form on 'Germany and the Russian Debt Bomb'. THIS is Part 2. The 'appetiser': "you probably failed to notice this, but Russia paid its… Read More
Ottawa Opinions...
2022-03-21 01:33
Only referring to Ottawa because the poll was taken there. ** Amazing.I was stunned and as per Jack Posobiec's tweet, it is "Fascinating". The reason I post it is that in my experi… Read More
Official Opening Of 'ovum'...
2022-03-12 10:38
No, not eclosion, but a Curate's egg: thus described the article by Dr. David Livermore (Professor of Medical Microbiology) on the Daily Sceptic website (f.k.a. Lockdown Sceptics). Baroness… Read More
Obnubilated Or Officially Overlooked?...
2022-02-24 09:32
..."excess all cause mortality vs 2020 jumped from negative levels (blue) to positive (orange) and stayed that way for most of the year... that is very much the opposite of what one would ex… Read More
Observations And Observances II...
2022-02-22 22:24
Or Observations and observances two...too, to, tu, tutu...THIS was at the beginning of the month and today on the downward slope out of the month...but still worth seeing: it's 22:22, 22/2/2… Read More
Only One Oasis...
2022-02-20 13:32
Firstly, this outstanding artwork displayed in the image is available to buy from BOB. 'Dictator' original artworkGBP10,000.00: "painted on 300gsm watercolour paper and is rendered in Indian… Read More
Oblectation Over One Outstanding...
2022-02-06 22:01
Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fid Def From The Royalists UK [Twitter feed] "70 photographs for 70 years: As we approach Accession Day and the start of Her Majesty The Queen's Plat… Read More
Or Once On...
2022-02-05 18:51
...[the jab hamster wheel] is it riskier to jump off than to stay on?" asked Jean. Radagast - the blog author - replies "You’ll have to jump off at some point. Better to do it earlier… Read More
Observations And Observances...
2022-02-02 02:23
Well, what a month so far...a new moon in Aquarius (not quite dawning of the age...) and the Year of the Tiger starting; always been good for me. And today, well, Candlemas (snowdrops)… Read More
Outing Our Overt Overspending Ocracy...
2022-01-24 00:39
Once again the Tax Payers' Alliance is doing a sterling service by highlighting the overt overspending of our Members of Parliament, those sent to represent the people, no really, stop snig… Read More
Obiter On Official Output; Only One...
2022-01-22 20:12
On 22nd Jan you get 22 months of data on the actual deaths in the UK (from 1st Feb 2020 to Dec 31st 2021) from Covid ONLY. You have probably seen this by now...or maybe not, Freedom of Infor… Read More
Ominous Observations...
2022-01-09 11:07
"Some things are indisputable. Death is one of them." If you don’t want your children to grow up in a miserable, fascist state or worse still die in it, I suggest you start paying… Read More
Origin Of Oh Oh Omicron...
2022-01-02 10:19
Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus - Africa-focused subsampling [] Now, you could read that as 'Double O' short-hand for fictional licenced-to-kill undercover agent… Read More
Omicron Offensive: Ostracise Others...
2021-12-24 15:47
Jesus wept. yes, I quote the scriptures but also the modern meaning applies: after a mention of the head bed-wetter ABC* telling us what Jesus would do, now Bozo the Clown is too! FFS. … Read More
2021-12-22 13:15
Previously blaming the unjabbed it was Avid-Jabber Javid and Sadiq Khan[t] (amongst others), now it the normally sane Philip Johnston [DT] and, half expected, the leader of the Church of Eng… Read More
Omicron Outcomes, Official Ordure...
2021-12-19 16:36
[Link to Euro News article and image]*It just keeps coming: politicians spouting shit and causing problems. This time is is Sajid avid-jabber Javid, who says [SKY 'News'] - in an amazing cas… Read More
Obsidional Obmutescent Obloquy...
2021-12-15 09:56
The people on this list (it includes my MP who was a stalwart all through the Brexit saga too) could form the new slimmed-down UK parliament. The savings will be enormous, added to an M… Read More
Omicron Outbreak...Oh...
2021-12-13 16:50
Coming to a country near you soon: especially one telling you to rush to get a booster [Metro LINK] "Health Secretary Sajid Javid insisted that the Government will 'throw everything at' the… Read More
Openly Obsessed Oaf...
2021-12-12 13:48
"The government is running out of time to stop messing up". "I would dearly love to see Boris grip this mess and turn things around. The time to do it is not much longer." writes UK Member o… Read More
Opening Offers...
2021-12-01 14:32
The Daily Sceptic tells us BOB is now expanding into merchandise: "Responding to huge public demand, the celebrated artist Bob Moran is launching a range of exclusive merchandise featuring h… Read More
Obnubilation Or Overtly Offing Oldies?...
2021-11-29 12:40
Hidden in plain sight...This article last week from Alex Berenson (his Wiki page editors will be made to eat their words sometime soon) caused a storm: "Vaccinated English adults under 60 ar… Read More
Oh? OMG! Omicron!!...
2021-11-28 10:40
The point of the image is at the end of the blog-post...if you can't be bothered with all the great info :-)So just as the sheeple were thinking the restrictions were a thing of the past, ju… Read More
2021-11-22 14:59
Interesting and worrying stuff from the increasing quoted and watched Neil Oliver on the UK's GB NEWS (from last saturday, 20th Nov). Read it all. "Mark Twain said history doesn’t… Read More
Overhead Orbital Oblectation...
2021-11-18 13:41
Tonight there will be a partial lunar eclipse "of a Lifetime!" fact of many lifetimes! It will be the "longest partial eclipse of the Moon since the 15th century, and there won't be on… Read More
Omniparity Of Observance...
2021-11-11 13:08
At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we will remember them.Today [The Legion] asks you 'to pause at 11am – mute your phone, close your laptop, switch… Read More
Obmutescent Over Obvious Obscurantism...
2021-11-09 21:45
Most of the country is still silent on the ongoing craziness all around us. Yes it's still me, on 9-11 in the UK; exactly 31 weeks since my last post on Owsblog. To be honest they have been… Read More
Omar's Opus On Orthodoxy...
2021-04-06 09:32
...COVID orthodoxy that is. Omar S Khan, always worth a read, has an almost perfect summary of the current situation: "The Price of Perpetual Panic", "More Covidian 'Nonscience'". Of course… Read More
2021-03-30 09:27
The previous - the best this century and to be honest, despite Clinton's easy ride, probably the best since Reagan - POTUS, President Trump, "SLAMS Fauci and Birx in brutal statement" [LINK]… Read More
Oracle Of Oncoming Oppression...
2021-03-27 12:38
The image came from THIS article by David Alton on Geopolitical Intelligence Services last May: "Authorities could prove unwilling to relinquish new powers". We'd said it even before then bu… Read More
Overt Opening...
2021-03-20 11:48
Hope it goes well...World Wide Demonstration [website] ...obviously slow to load today! [YouTube] [Telegram] March 20, 2021Objectives of the protest (taken from press release):"..."We have h… Read More
Outstanding Observations On Ocracy Ops...
2021-03-17 10:49
Badge link'Ops' meaning PsyOps of course: "Psyops, or psychological operations, is a term used to describe the techniques of psychological manipulation used in warfare. These operations are… Read More
Obvious Obscurantism Over Options...
2021-03-13 14:32
Thanks to Samizata HERE for the pointer to this video (on YouTube HERE). "COVID-19 has always been a treatable disease". Preventable deaths could have been 85%...EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT.Previous… Read More
2021-02-21 12:00
A quote for you to guess the orator; the home truth about where we are going (as admitted below)"The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate i… Read More
Oncoming Ochlocracy; Offing Opposition...
2021-02-12 10:40
HAS: Do you have any people in your studio at the present time that you believe are Communist or Fascist, employed there? WD: No; at the present time I feel that everybody in my studio… Read More
Opus On Objectivity...
2021-02-08 14:50
"Of the impossibility of truth, the limits of knowledge and the end of science in the #corona-crisis." Marvelloues Twitter thread by Pace (@theotherphilipp). It is 38 Teweets long but a few… Read More
Overflowing Outrageous Orders...
2021-01-27 14:50
Off to a flying start...ominously so. The image left is from a tweet HERE that shows what O'Biden* said only a few months back. The new WH chief of staff, Ron Klain said only 10 days ago tha… Read More
Obiter, Obedible Observance...
2021-01-23 12:09
Time flies! One year ago today WuHan entered lockdown...and the WHO said: "Coronavirus:'An emergency in China, but not yet a global health emergency'": well we all know how th… Read More
Out Of Our Oubliette...
2021-01-21 21:27
A possible end to unnecessary lockdowns? Only if it gives the politicians a way out of their hole. Read these two Twitter threads: they shine a light on the WHO's amazing press release regar… Read More
2021-01-11 21:22
Right on the heels of my previous post some agreement. Frederick Edward on the Conservative Woman blog: Coming our way soon, America’s Big Tech coupIT’S A coup! Too right it&rsqu&hell…Read More
Obnouncing Oligarchic Oppression...
2021-01-10 14:14
(See * below)Last month I pointed to the blog Consent Factory, Inc. In the final sentence of that blogpost, I highlighted "Where’s the Hitler?", another blogpost there. After the Capit… Read More
Obvious Outcasts...
2021-01-03 17:18
'What is left to say?' A nice summing up of a "world has simply gone bonkers" from Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (a UK GP, US eq = primary care physician I think!) on his blog as 2020 came to an end… Read More
Overflowing Optimism...
2021-01-01 11:55
...but: most New Year's resolutions don't last. By no means is this post down-playing the trauma of people in any sort of abusive relationship, and in fact many are in worsening situations a… Read More
Orbs, Orbits And Orreries...
2020-12-21 10:08
Anyone with an orrey will see the two biggest planets in our solar system as close as they have seemed in Decemeber, "Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer in Earth's night sky than they hav… Read More
2020-12-17 15:36
“C. J. Hopkins is the modern Western version of a Samizdat writer, i.e. a forbidden wit who loudly says things that are obvious but Not Spoken Of in officialdom ... his columns have in… Read More
Oppidan Or Outback...
2020-12-06 20:21
...urban or rural, the increasingly 'right' rural lands versus the increasingly 'left' cities.  I thought the interactive graphic HERE from Pew Research on the increasing partisan divid… Read More
Oval Office Onslaught II...
2020-11-30 11:59
Just a follow-up really to the previous post and to the mass of red flags; “the mass of red flags already raised in the 2020 POTUS election is getting to banana republic proportions.&r&hell…Read More
Oval Office Onslaught...
2020-11-29 10:15
The 'real' evidence continues to mount up (where there is this much smoke...'data takes a few moments to load') and the MSM continue to say there is none: just this week Global News (in the… Read More
Obvious Out-of Overspend
2020-11-20 09:54
POTUS election 2020. "Fundraising by federal candidates: In previous presidential election cycles before the 2020 election, fundraising by Democrats and Republicans remained relatively even… Read More
Observing Our Obstriction...
2020-11-12 10:17
What a wonderful image. Seen HERE on the Twitter feed of BabelColour @StuartHumphryes The picture is outside Mansion House, London in 1919. The post was from Remembrance Day yesterday:… Read More
2020-11-07 12:14
The oriflamme began as monastery banner in medieval France but became an instruction to give no mercy when "displayed on the battlefield, it indicated that no quarter was to be given" [Wiki]… Read More
October's Over III...
2020-11-01 08:13
Tonight is Halloween and it is also a full moon, the Hunter's Moon...spooky eh? No, it has to happen of course but the "last time this happened was back in 1944. And it will not happen again… Read More
Outing Outbreak
2020-10-24 11:45
Please listen to this interview with Dr. Mike Yeadon. That link is to YouTube, also HERE on James Delingpole's Podbean. "The first social media pandemic"."Dr Mike Yeadon has a degree in bioc… Read More
2020-10-23 16:40
Is the excuse/get out of gaol free card/interpretation that Twitter and Facebook use - as they claim innocence due to their being only platforms and not publishers - about to be made redunda… Read More
2020-10-18 10:26
"You know nothing John Snow" is probably what he was told: John Snow, the British physician who 'first determined that cholera spread through contaminated water'; he wasn't sure how but he w… Read More
Obmutescent Over Obama's Olid Occamy...
2020-10-12 10:12
Generally the media have been silent, complicit, corrupt, deceptive, lying, projecting, deflecting...but slowly the 'no drama Obama' wall of lies is crumbling. Great article over at Conserv… Read More
2020-10-08 10:32
Well, not oncoming but already here and likely to get worse. This quote is so true. had the image but the reminder of this great quote was from Allison Pearson's [DT] "withering v… Read More
October Opener
2020-10-07 10:50
Click on image or HERE. "As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing CO… Read More
Ongoing Official Obnubilation...
2020-09-29 11:42
Amazing the constant fear-mongering. The casedemic continues apace. Lockdown Skeptics have the video (also seen a Guido's) of "the stand out contribution to the debate" on The Coronavirus Ac… Read More
2020-09-06 15:31
"I remember when Christians used to actually believe in Christianity. Those were the days. (Some still do, but their numbers are shrinking.)"..the words of Tal Bachman on the The Bachman Bea… Read More
2020-08-25 12:04
You may not have guessed but the blog title is describing the BBC. Omphaloskepsis is basically navel-gazing, here I use it as a literal modern sense, self-absorbed unaware narcissistic woken… Read More
Overt Official Omissions...
2020-07-26 19:34
The real numbers and the sad (tragic) truth isn't going away despite being studiously ignored by politicians and press alike: "Another jaw-dropping graph" from last week [Hector Drummond]; w… Read More
Observing Opioid Overdosing...
2020-07-20 14:10
Iman Ghosh's article on opioids last week at The Visual Capitalist shows "The Spiraling Opioid Epidemic in America" certainly isn't getting any better. The graphic and info are actually terr… Read More
Operation Overlook...
2020-07-12 08:07
Brexiteers beware, keep the lookout, keep the pressure on. An oportune moment to not take one's eye off the ball. Harry Western (a pseudonym: "Harry Western is the pen-name of a senior econo… Read More

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