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A problem shared is a probelm halved... so is your problem *really* your problem, or just half of somebody elses? Take a pew...
2016-03-19 18:53
I have moved. To save you the trouble of checking my profile the new address is here. Don't be alarmed. New Blog pretty much like this one. Please read first post to understand what the hell… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
OK here we go.Thats pretty much how I raise me kids. I want them to know the way I do things is my choice and they may not do the same as me as they have free will and freedom to choose. Tis… Read More
Did Nothing Much
2006-04-20 17:35
Started Charlie Chocolate and already he's hooked. A can see his wide eyes when I'm reading that he wants to know more ;-)I got him to recap what we did yesterday and what we learned. He got… Read More
2006-04-20 17:31
For when I want to look back here is what the tiniest man in my life is up to:1. Crawling is for wimps, which is what has been doing since 5 months old. Since his first commando style crawli… Read More
2006-04-19 18:44
I didn't make Boss' light myself for those of you who think I am remotely that talented. You would have known if I had made it by the globules of dust encrusted glue, cellotape and naffness… Read More
It's My Fault
2006-04-17 17:51
...sorry about the rain this morning. It's my fault. I put the washing out on the line to dry and Sod's Law kicked in.Oh well, had a nice morning outside. Got the step-ladders out of the she… Read More
Ah, Pups... You Really
2006-04-15 17:40
made me happy with your comments. I'm glad I have such kick-ass readers like you.I dedicate this post to Puppy.Anyway, didn't really do much today because I'm just so tired. Dh cooked us a n… Read More
2006-04-14 20:00
to express your feelings over my statement below, thankyou. Given the length of the word verifications these days I know you must really care, because even *I* can't be assed to fill them in… Read More
2006-04-11 19:28
Yeah I thought that would get a few of you running. And who could blame you. Been on my mind a lot lately for obvious reasons.Went to Drs today and got more happy pills. Nurse said hi and ho… Read More
2006-04-10 18:52
been on my DIE-et a week now. I no longer wobble that much, my double chin is now a quarter chin and my legs are beginning to look like legs and not up-rooted tree trunks. There is light at… Read More
2006-04-08 18:46
In one of my more relaxed moments I thought I'd wind Boss up by singing a song he has never heard before. A song which both my sister and I sang with unremitting relentlessness in the quest… Read More
Blogged Out
2006-04-07 17:46
I've done nothing fun, creative or educational in the last week. I've yelled and DIE-eted and picked crap off the floor, and yet still several layers of crap are left to shift. In fact, that… Read More
2006-04-05 18:02
to everyone who has written to say they have enjoyed this blog. Very kind of you to take your time filling the enormous word verifications in to tell me that. I do appreciate nice comments… Read More
2006-04-03 18:01
I have re-started my DIE-et, because let's face it, any diet that lasts two weeks is lame. I have had stomach illnesses that last longer. My last attempt failed because I got really ill and… Read More
To Round Up Our Spring Awareness Campaign
2006-04-02 17:43
after doing daffodils and eggs and nests and lambs and stuff like that, we went to the farm to see such stuff for ourselves. It was a bit windy, but we had a nice time all in all. Got to see… Read More

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