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Chris Waghorn Blog
I'm a food blogger who loves to try new places and food and then share my experiences. I hope to introduce people new places that have amazing food.
2021-03-18 20:38
Dahab Cafe. If you’re after a nice lunch that you can count on being consistent in taste and quality each time you go there then give Dahab Cafe a go. If you’re wondering what to… Read More
2021-02-01 11:10
I’m driving through Bathurst one day and you know what I really feel like?! A Vietnamese Pork Roll, or Banh Mi if you will. These are hard to come by at times west of Sydney but noneth… Read More
2020-12-17 20:31
Lost Boys Kebab… right from the beginning I have to say, I’m looking forward to going back for more. My brother had told me about this place with excitement a few times so it wa… Read More
2020-12-15 04:11
Flour Drum is a place that I have wanted to visit for a while now. I finally got there, but unfortunately not on a completely empty stomach and full wallet. So this time I was to settle for… Read More
2020-04-22 02:50
I give Epic Pizza Enmore 7 loud New Yorkers out of 10. Epic Pizza in Enmore serve New York style pizza. We’re talking big slices and those New York style toppings. You can buy... The p… Read More
2020-03-19 18:33
It’s been a busy time in my life since my last post, I’m still enjoying food, still getting out there and trying new restaurants and food but just been away from the keyboard for… Read More
2019-09-26 05:08
I give The Maryville Tavern a solid 7 Coopers onion rings out of 10. With plenty of potential for more. Popping into The Maryville Tavern for a bite to eat was a really nice...The post The M… Read More
2019-09-01 21:32
I give Milky Lane Newcastle a solid 8 creamy and delicious looking cocktails out of 10 For those regular followers you would have read on my Foghorn Brewhouse post that I’ve gone into… Read More
2019-08-27 04:06
I give Foghorn Brewhouse 7.5 vats of brewing beer out of 10 I headed to Newcastle for a food safari, because to be honest I was running out of content for my Instagram page.... The post Fogh… Read More
2019-08-13 00:07
I give Burger Urge Dubbo 8 well seasoned fries out of 10… but, with a few tweaks this could easily be an 8.5+ restaurant. Let’s start with the good… The burgers are reall… Read More
2019-07-28 21:01
I give Pattysmiths of Towoomba 8.5 well loaded onion rings out of 10 Pattysmiths has a few locations across Queensland and Victoria and according to their website,, a few mor… Read More
2019-07-20 12:10
I give Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains 5 mediocre burgers out of 10 As you may know Carl’s Jr. is from America, which, you are sure to know, is the land of the free. Therefore... The p… Read More
2019-07-10 05:55
The South Dubbo Tavern is a tough one to rate as it’s a bit of a regular but I give them a solid 7 pots of spicy mayo out of 10 The Tav is... The post South Dubbo Tavern appeared first… Read More
2019-06-30 20:45
I give the Grain Store 7 lettuce filled burgers out of 10 The Grain Store is in Newcastle East, at the pointy end of town. Where you have beaches on one side and on... The post Grain Store N… Read More
2019-06-27 12:01
I’m giving Elwood’s Eatery 8 crispy waffle fries out of 10 Elwood’s Eatery is the retail space incarnation of Smoking Brothers Catering. And Smoking Brothers Catering does… Read More
2019-06-15 23:01
My Rating: 8 sticky rice sticks out of 10 While waiting for a mate to finish work so that we could go get Wing Shack for dinner another friend and I decided to visit... The post Gami Chicken… Read More
2019-06-12 08:15
My Rating: 5.5 out of 10 Tempura Battered Rings Wing Shack is a long way out if you’re driving from some parts of Sydney but if you check out their instagram page it looks... The post… Read More
2019-06-11 14:42
My Rating: 7 out of 10 Fried Chicken Wings Belles Hot Chicken do good fried chicken and choice of ways to have it like tenders, wings, or drumsticks but also do fish and even... The post Bel… Read More
2019-06-11 14:42
My Rating: 7 spice filled mouths out of 10 Overall I like this place. They do good fried chicken and choice of ways to have it like tenders, wings, or drumsticks but also do... The post Bell… Read More
2019-05-30 03:51
My Rating: 7.5 out of 10 protein stars TC Brothers do some of Sydney’s best Kebabs, Snack Packs, and Pizzas. I usually go there for a Halal Snack Pack because where I come from... The… Read More
2019-05-21 05:01
So firstly the chicken wings, the main event!! These are, ok. I had my first and reached for a second to make sure of my thoughts but it unfortunately they're not really worth the drive. The… Read More
2019-05-15 21:37
MOVED: Juicy Lucy have closed their doors in Surry Hills but have a pop-up at The Regent Hotel in Kingsford but will move back to the city at some point. My Rating: An easy... The post Juicy… Read More
2018-10-01 00:45
My Rating: I give Sneaky Burger 8 sneakers out of 10. Not smelly ones but brand new, lovely ones… I should have used a different scoring technique but hey I’ve written it now so… Read More
2018-10-01 00:45
While in Sydney for no real reason, except of course to eat more good food, the bro and I popped down for a little sneaky burger at Sneaky Burger in Wollongong. Sneaky sneaky. They... The po… Read More
2018-08-03 04:17
My Rating: I give them 7.5 pots of chocolate out of 10. After a big meal, on this occasion it was Chicken & Sons, what we all need is a big dessert and the... The post The Choc Pot Sydne… Read More
2018-01-08 00:48
The Garden Hotel Dubbo has chicken salt on every table!! Salt, pepper, chicken salt, perfection. Enough said. Restaurant review done. The post Garden Hotel – Dubbo NSW appeared first o… Read More
2017-08-07 03:43
Grumpy Donuts in Camperdown, Sydney, is a place I recommend if you want an old school doughnut. You know the The post Grumpy Donuts – Camperdown, Sydney NSW appeared first on Chris Wag… Read More
Downtown Brooklyn – Penrith, Sydney NSW
2017-07-10 03:52
Downtown Brooklyn is a burger place I found as I was about to head home from Sydney on one occasion. I wanted to find one last place to eat before heading west. I didn’t have anywhere… Read More
Sushi Zen, Sushi Train – Dubbo NSW
2017-05-15 03:53
Another fortnight had passed so it was time to get the local crew together and visit a Dubbo restaurant. This time we went to Sushi Zen, Dubbo’s first, and only, sushi train… Read More
2017-05-10 03:45
Once again I was in Sydney for a weekend. Though unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere near as much time for food as I would have hoped. Bu Thankfully I did get the chance to eat at the… Read More
Royal India Restobar – Dubbo, NSW
2017-05-05 05:36
The Royal India Restobar is one of Dubbo’s newest restaurants and I had heard good things about it. Therefore I was really looking forward to trying it out. On this occasion I din… Read More
The Monkey Bar – Dubbo NSW
2017-05-01 03:55
I headed off to The Monkey Bar with the same group from when I went to the Pastoral Hotel. This time though our group had expanded by another 3. It was a great night hanging out with them al… Read More
Pastizzi Café – Newtown, Sydney, NSW
2017-04-20 04:44
Before leaving Newtown after some doughnuts, and gelato, I wanted to quickly show my sister the Pastizzi Café. A place a good friend introduced me to a few years ago. I was there to s… Read More
Pastoral Hotel – Dubbo NSW
2017-04-14 03:56
Tonight’s dining experience took me to the Pastoral Hotel in Dubbo. They recently started having a “Freak Burger” night on Wednesdays. It’s one of those themed nights… Read More
2017-04-07 04:46
In a prior life I had always thought that restaurants attached to most smaller accommodation types, such as the Cattleman’s, had been just like an add on. They provide a little br… Read More
Village Bakery Cafe – Dubbo NSW
2017-03-20 03:55
I thought it was about time I did some local food reviews so I decided to start at Village Bakery Cafe. This is the home of Dubbo’s best pie, and actually the home of Australia’s… Read More
Racine Bakery – Orange NSW
2017-03-09 12:53
Today I was in Orange, so to feed my latest habit of eating all the food I thought I should try somewhere new while there. Therefore I did a little research before I… Read More
2017-03-07 04:43
The other night I was in Charlestown and wanted some quick take away, I don’t know the area that well but just drove around to see if I could find anything. That’s when I st… Read More
2017-03-06 06:12
This is a franchise of course so you’d imagine you get roughly the same wherever you go… hopefully. I’ve been here before and the food is always of good standard, it&rsquo&hell…Read More
2017-03-06 04:27
The last week of the school term was always the best week, the later in year that it was the better the week, and the later in the week the better the day. By better I mean more casual… Read More
Doughheads – The Junction, Newcastle
2017-03-05 07:41
Mmmmmmm Doughnuts I have to admit when donuts went from being multiple for a couple of dollars to $4+ each my already low consumption numbers dropped even further. But more recently my eyes… Read More
2017-03-04 07:20
As you drive up, or down, the highway there are billboards everywhere advertising Heatherbrae’s Pies so you think these pies must be something you have to try! They advertise that… Read More
Mr Crackles – Darlinghurst, Sydney
2017-02-15 02:42
I’ve been to Sydney a few times lately and once again this meant trying some great new places to eat with my brother. The first one we went to is called Mr Crackles, which on Oxford St… Read More
2016-11-30 02:49
I was sitting in my trial Higher School Certificate exam for English and I had reached the part of the test where you had to write an essay or two.  During the year I had found it hard… Read More
2016-11-30 02:49
I was sitting in my trial Higher School Certificate exam for English and I had reached the part of the test where you had to write an essay or two.  During the year I had found it hard… Read More
2016-11-17 00:11
Last night it happened again, yet another stabbing in Hornsby which begs the question “What is this town turning into?” My contact on the ground tells me that a tussle broke… Read More
2016-11-10 02:27
As you know I’m not in the business of spreading rumours so I’m just going to tell you what I heard from uninformed sources and let you deicide what you do with that information… Read More
2016-11-09 23:45
Another school story for those interested: Sitting in class one day I was having a chat to another student as there was nothing really interesting going on and the conversation turned to tha… Read More
2016-11-07 23:49
I don’t know if people are classic over reactors or if I’m one who under reacts to situations but the Boil Water Alert issued for parts of Dubbo hasn’t had me jumping up an… Read More
2016-11-03 22:24
It’s back!!! The Double down is back and in a Hawaiian version this time, which I think means they put a piece of pineapple on it because we all know that makes any meal Hawaiian like… Read More
2016-11-01 03:09
I felt the need to write a little something about the Melbourne Cup even though the number of people who know less than me on the subject would fit into a mid-sized Volkswagen. I knew very l… Read More
2016-10-26 23:35
There’s this show on TV at the moment called Son of Zorn and I don’t like it, but I seem to watch it every week, and thinking about it I’m now afraid I’ll grow to lik… Read More
2016-10-25 03:45
After reading the article with headline Eight killed in 48 hours on NSW roads from the Daily Liberal I was once again saddened deeply by the road toll this year. As at 24/10/2016 t… Read More
2016-10-21 02:56
Firstly, I have a firearms licence and I own some old guns of my Grandfathers and an air rifle of my own, I enjoy shooting both targets and hunting pest animals that cause damage to nat… Read More
2016-10-15 04:21
Whenever I come to Sydney I always have to have to go and get something to eat with my brother Colin at least once, but usually multiple times. We don’t just go sipping lattes and eati… Read More
2016-10-11 02:31
Do the most random thoughts ever pop into your mind that there is no way you would ever go through with them? I’m talking about things that are so far from your personality they&r&hell…Read More
2016-10-10 01:29
I’m not very good at making decisions as some would know but there is one thing I know for sure, I’m not a Ford man. One big reason I’m not is reliability, I’ve owned… Read More
Happy Bathurst Day
2016-10-09 01:11
I love this day! All day long I’ll be sitting in front of the TV watching the V8 Supercars go around Mount Panorama for 161 laps in the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. I love this race… Read More
2016 Grand Final Weekend
2016-10-06 20:35
As the team I support lost, Sydney Swans, I am actually a little hesitant to say anything for fear of being labelled a sore loser. But here’s just a little of what I will say. Firstly… Read More
2016-10-06 01:25
I was listening to Triple J on the wireless this morning and heard and this film, Collisions, and it sounds like the most interesting, and sad, event and film. Here is a quote from the above… Read More
2016-09-27 02:42
At the moment Twitter has blown up with people tweeting about the Presidential Debates currently on right now somewhere in the U.S. of A. (Just a reminder I don’t do unnecessary resear… Read More
2016-09-26 07:30
Don’t get me wrong I am thankful for air fresheners and the job they do, I mean if you go into a bathroom that has an overwhelming smell of “Morning Forest Breath” then I a… Read More
2016-09-24 09:47
Despite how this looks it’s actually not a humble brag, or a not so humble one, but yeah I wrote a book once. This is more of a practice of one of the things I thought I would try with… Read More
2016-09-23 03:08
No. Blog post done. Tick. Ok, so this is not a comprehensive article on why we shouldn’t become a republic but here a 2 reasons why I don’t think we should, they may not be the m… Read More

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