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Book Calendar · 18:11 20 Oct 2017
Daily Thoughts 10/20/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I looked at the pictures in the book, Endurance by Scott Kelly.  There were lots of pictures of Russian… Read More
Girls Just Reading · 12:51 20 Oct 2017
I've been wanting to try some new stuff here on Girls Just Reading, so here's the first thing: Help me pick at one of my reads for next week. We will see the response and determine if this i… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 12:51 20 Oct 2017
Within every rock clicheis a fresh springwaiting to be released — that open D turnaroundwe’ve all heard forty thousand times,the Chuck-riffs done to death,the pentatonic lockbox… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 03:18 20 Oct 2017
Growing up listening to my father playing Slim Dusty I never fully appreciated his music until later in life. Slim grew up in a little town not half an hour from where I was born, and his ch… Read More
Funny In Five Hundre… · 00:16 20 Oct 2017
Why do people say men are pigs? Pigs are smart. Check out this new funny story from Nancy Brown about a pig named Piffle who is trying to understand human behavior. Nancy is a writer in… Read More
Lenguaje Y Pensamiento
Microfilosofia · 22:39 19 Oct 2017
Sin lenguaje no hay pensamiento porque "pensar es un decirse".  En filosofía es muy usada la frase “vivimos en el lenguaje” para anunciar que la realidad h… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 20:58 19 Oct 2017
ask one & other marble misters distinctive questions crazed hung rack low split they will in the remo hot heel season chill scared centerlane locksmiths spitchew peak of stink rejectabl… Read More
THE VIOLATED By Bill Pronzini
Gravetapping · 19:30 19 Oct 2017
Santa Rita is a small town with a big city problem: a serial rapist is working its streets. When the prime suspect, Martin Torrey, is murdered—a bullet to the back of his head and two… Read More
A Song Of Earth
Caitlin Cacciatore · 11:28 19 Oct 2017
I wonder if the birds envy the planes, If their ancestral stories of tell of times long and long ago, Times when they were closer to God Than any other being to walk across This sacred Ear… Read More
Pretextos-Elr · 16:53 18 Oct 2017
(Imagem: Pinterest) Inicio o aplicativo de músicas pela internet e sou logo advertido de que, para não ter a audição interrompida por inserções… Read More
An Opener's Closing … · 15:00 18 Oct 2017
Each slip of paper, no matter how small, has the potential to change the world. It doesn’t matter what you write, it is an act of creation. Every act of creation is a force in the grea… Read More
Poetry Bites · 21:51 17 Oct 2017
The loss of figs is the advent of Fuyu persimmons.  Slice them -- 8 petals to lead you to beauty. Even the word persimmon, is a poem Read More
Flash-365 · 18:24 17 Oct 2017
When I was a kid we used to go to a place called Video Studio Twenty. The guy who worked there was named Tom, he was cool. I remember once he told my brother and I, “every time you mov… Read More
Finding God
Philip J Bradbury – … · 06:42 17 Oct 2017
I needed silence, stillness and the Clarity of God so I took myself off to the Anglican church round the corner. Despite the flashing lights on the scaffolding that the men were working from… Read More
Magically October
Lucy Crowe's Nest · 18:38 16 Oct 2017
Artwork by Lizzy RaineyOctober came on gilded wings in the night, and by morning the air was clear and sweet as champagne, another summer laid to dusty death.A year gone by, then, since last… Read More
Just Go
Country Mouse Claire · 15:51 16 Oct 2017
All pictures taken from Zeal and Heart's gorgeous archive.There are words which conjure up a feeling.Words which inspire.Words which are a call to action.For me, right now, in this season, t… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 13:51 16 Oct 2017
Fifteen. Nervous, naive, knee length skirt. At a desk, next to a boy I’d spoken to, maybe once or twice. Then he is joined, by a friend I’ve never met, and they engage, in a game… Read More
How To Avoid A Crash
Steps: A Daily Journ… · 20:37 15 Oct 2017
Note from Steve: I appreciate you being part of the STEPS ministry, and I hope you enjoy the weekly articles. If you have any thoughts about the blog or the ministry, I’d love to hear… Read More
Forever For A While
Dixie Poetry · 19:06 15 Oct 2017
Take my hand and hold it tight, Let’s run off into the night. Count your blessings by my smile And we’ll fall in love just for a while. Hit the road at high speed chase With me i… Read More