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Daily Thoughts 08/20/2017
Book Calendar · 20:38 20 Aug 2017
Portrait of Hermine David, Jules Pascin, 1910Daily Thoughts 08/20/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I spent a little time working on a Spanish language order as wel… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 19:11 20 Aug 2017
social specialists the affectd robo collective find so infectious are structurally suckers trembling smoothies at fate’s jump to a public rage reset their logo adornd faraday cages wo… Read More
Effcaa · 18:59 20 Aug 2017
Much has already been written about boxes. As much as we dislike if someone puts us into a certain box, we are constantly boxing ourselves. Let’s face it, we like […] The post H… Read More
Textos Ínfimos · 14:58 20 Aug 2017
opero nos nódulos nuvensestranhas tecidas nos olhosenquanto o céu me insisteatrever a sorterespiroos casulos do tempo são tamanhos que encolho e expandoespirais de b&uac… Read More
Tocwoc – A Civil War… · 02:30 20 Aug 2017
Ian at Forgotten Weapons takes an in-depth look at the Volcanic pistol, or rather several of them. In the mid-1850s the company manufactured a ten shot pistol that was not a revolver (and th… Read More
Sex With Rocks
Funny In Five Hundre… · 16:33 19 Aug 2017
Take a romantic stroll into the woods in this new funny flash fiction story from Daniel Craig Roche. Several of Daniel's short stories have appeared in print through Tough Lit Magazine and I… Read More
Pretextos-Elr · 13:25 19 Aug 2017
(Imagem: Pinterest)Suponhamos uma sociedade organizada, em país onde a voz do cidadão seja ouvida e respeitada. Ali, para se desfazer do estoque de lançamentos encalhado… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 23:15 18 Aug 2017
I want to knowwhen it will be permissiblefor me to turn my faceaway from the blood-soggy stateof the world and return to praisingthe clarity and loveshocked hue ofmy belo… Read More
The 80’s Dream
Ares . Three · 16:50 18 Aug 2017
Riding out into the sunset.  I feel the engine beneath me.  The sun pressing against my skin.  The smell of the ocean.  Skies purple.  Waves white, crisp.  Sand… Read More
The Other F Word
Country Mouse Claire · 07:24 18 Aug 2017
I am fat.I've been fat for a long time. First plump, then overweight, then obese, then very obese, then morbidly obese. Not a pretty term, but medical terms aren't coined for beauty, are the… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 13:14 17 Aug 2017
You are a tornado. We took you into our arms, but you spin out of control, and tip trouble down your throat. Por favor, no grites tan fuerte. Our streets weep, at your devastation, as you sc… Read More
Many Words » Serial … · 19:27 15 Aug 2017
I’ve decided that, since my personal Twitter is primarily political in nature, I should have a writing Twitter too, for better separation between those two realms for those readers who… Read More
Necesaria · 04:55 15 Aug 2017
Un día cualquierapara el inicio de todos los díasnos caeremos al barro.Nos volveremos al barroy del barro nos reinventaremospara fundar oportunidadespara saltar al otro ladoy d… Read More