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Jennifer Juan – Las … · 17:36 07 Jun 2023
My fingernails find my palms,piercing flesh,lips bitten,once so luscious,now fumbling every fucking word. This is my curse. I am the campground for a festival of fluttering butterflies… Read More
Verdad Y Ética
Microfilosofia · 07:36 07 Jun 2023
El Tratado para la Reforma del Entendimiento de Spinoza da cuenta de cómo el camino que conduce del conocimiento al saber es, a la vez, el camino que va del verdadero bien hacia el bi… Read More
Day Sieged
Thomm Quackenbush - … · 06:00 07 Jun 2023
Support Thomm on Patreon All I photographed this year "I have a question," says a teenager in my audience at the Pine Bush UFO Fair. "More of a hypothetical. Who do you think aliens wou… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 07:16 06 Jun 2023
I love each line of your life’s story,lost in a language that only you and I speak,reading until my eyes are red and tired,writing my own chapters,captured by my charming lover,loungin… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 10:09 05 Jun 2023
Used to be proudto be on the shortlist ofeveryone’s go-to. Used to be ready for thatat a snap of boss fingers. I could shakeanyone’s hand. I washonored more or lessby others for… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 07:50 05 Jun 2023
She told me it was all over and now I think that’s true. I was freaked out, but I assumed it was a joke or a prank, and now I’m not so sure. Why can I still hear her? Can you?… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 12:37 04 Jun 2023
This doctorbrandishes the same mapof a head’s interior that I’ve seen at leasteight times before and it lookseven older than I do. Before she gets inshe reassures me she knowswhe… Read More
A Coat For A Monkey · 08:37 03 Jun 2023
Day Shift This mad swirlin’ creative outlet is a place to showcase the many diverse artists in this big, blue, beat-utiful world of ours and to get this madness into as many heads as… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 01:12 02 Jun 2023
Barely past dusk,first of June: today pittedsweat and fatigueagainst joy at the lightpouring down and joy won.  Something tells me there won’t be a lot more days like this Ju… Read More
Microfilosofia · 21:36 31 May 2023
 “En todos esos tiempos infelices, las naciones volvieron a hablar entre ellas una lengua muda”                      … Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 17:00 31 May 2023
Supervising Officer Mia Woodburn Personal Log – 27th May 2069 This was such a stupid idea. I thought that when I took the transfer, but the money was so good and so I couldn’t… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 11:12 31 May 2023
You expectevery morning to be different,and it isn’t. No one coddles you in any way you desire.  There’s nolong-awaited recognition that you are a gift.  Insteadyo… Read More
A Fork And Her Dream
Poetry Bites · 17:42 27 May 2023
 Oh, you didn't realize forks are feminine.  As feminine as any spoon, I might add.  Now you know something new on this holiday weekend.   Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 21:46 26 May 2023
I’m out here dancing on the head of a pinI’ll keep on dancing till I swellAnd fill right up with sinI’ll be large enough to seeBut small enough to spinLike a razor balanced… Read More