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Book Calendar · 10:25 17 Oct 2017
Daily Thoughts 10/17/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I read some of Tool of War.  It is part of a trilogy.  The main character, Tool is an augmented mon… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 08:10 17 Oct 2017
on a lonely shore someone had stood before me webbed footprints in sand © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Exceptional I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Location: Nambucca Heads (Au… Read More
Finding God
Philip J Bradbury – … · 06:42 17 Oct 2017
I needed silence, stillness and the Clarity of God so I took myself off to the Anglican church round the corner. Despite the flashing lights on the scaffolding that the men were working from… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 03:32 17 Oct 2017
why jet sassy her wifi to caplady pump hind right sight risk obsession diplomat tip check keep rapture under wraps watch uncle glass lipz libra ladies snooze aewatkins(c)2017 Read More
Y’s First Hangover
Flash-365 · 19:37 16 Oct 2017
Every time I wake up dry-lipped, searching around in the dark for recent memories, I take a breath–open my phone, and start looking desperately for hangover cures. This morning I open… Read More
Magically October
Lucy Crowe's Nest · 18:38 16 Oct 2017
Artwork by Lizzy RaineyOctober came on gilded wings in the night, and by morning the air was clear and sweet as champagne, another summer laid to dusty death.A year gone by, then, since last… Read More
Yes, Temples Dream
Poetry Bites · 18:35 16 Oct 2017
a kaleidoscoperoof & skya fractal weband just nowyou steppedinto that dreamwhy are you wearingshoes?  And whatsweetmeats will you offer?Which poem recited? Read More
Just Go
Country Mouse Claire · 15:51 16 Oct 2017
All pictures taken from Zeal and Heart's gorgeous archive.There are words which conjure up a feeling.Words which inspire.Words which are a call to action.For me, right now, in this season, t… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 13:51 16 Oct 2017
Fifteen. Nervous, naive, knee length skirt. At a desk, next to a boy I’d spoken to, maybe once or twice. Then he is joined, by a friend I’ve never met, and they engage, in a game… Read More
How To Avoid A Crash
Steps: A Daily Journ… · 20:37 15 Oct 2017
Note from Steve: I appreciate you being part of the STEPS ministry, and I hope you enjoy the weekly articles. If you have any thoughts about the blog or the ministry, I’d love to hear… Read More
Forever For A While
Dixie Poetry · 19:06 15 Oct 2017
Take my hand and hold it tight, Let’s run off into the night. Count your blessings by my smile And we’ll fall in love just for a while. Hit the road at high speed chase With me i… Read More
My Box
Thoughts Of Cromwell · 22:09 13 Oct 2017
Good day and welcome to my blog. It’s time for poetry, Are you excited? So today, I’ll be bringing to you one of my deepest poems. It’s titled…. (well its right ther… Read More
Rr Silone's Home Pag… · 18:22 13 Oct 2017
Nick Romano is the long snapper and captain of the Kamikazee squad for the expansion Phoenix Bulls. His best friend on the team is the slender, wiry, troubled superstar quarterback Gary McCa… Read More
El Cisne De Avon.
Microfilosofia · 10:07 13 Oct 2017
El cisne de Avon por @jrherreraucv Ben Johnson, gran dramaturgo y poeta del Renacimiento, afirmaba que William Shakespeare no pertenecía “a una determinada época, sino… Read More
As You Wish
Aurora Batty's Books · 01:46 13 Oct 2017
As you wish was not as great a book as I had wished. This story, thought, the plot seemed a little too juvenile, had great potential but unfortunately in my opinion it missed the mark. W… Read More
Beneath The Rainbow · 04:11 12 Oct 2017
Most onlookers expected Randy to punch out Lawrence Footnote right away when they saw each other at the Samsa Music Awards.  In fact, a lot…Continue readingETC, etc Read More
Pretextos-Elr · 13:05 11 Oct 2017
(Imagem: Pixabay)Vista do alto quando na sombra da noite, a Terra é pontilhada de luzes. São como pegadas humanas na escuridão, lanternas voltadas ao infinito à p… Read More