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Runninglikeapro · 08:59 28 Mar 2017
The Surpahs Sense-ON body fat monitor is a versatile fitness tracking tool that measures up to 6 different fitness parameters. In addition to using updated bio impedance analysis (BIA), this… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 08:56 28 Mar 2017
The Skulpt Aim is a ground breaking body fat monitor that helps you to measure your body fat as well as muscle quality. With a system known as electrical impedance myography EIM, this smart… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 08:43 28 Mar 2017
The Easy At Home body fat monitor is an attractive weighing scale that tracks vital body composition metrics in addition to your body fat. With the seamless connection to the versatile Healt… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 08:29 28 Mar 2017
The Fitbit Aria body fat monitor is a specially designed digital weighing scale that enables you to monitor your weight, body fat and other important health metrics. Built on the foundation… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 08:21 28 Mar 2017
The Omron HBF-306C is an effective body fat monitor that delivers consistent results. It has easy-to-follow user instructions that will enable you to know whether the amount of fat in your b… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 19:47 27 Mar 2017
The Powerbeats 2 are comfortable and attractive wireless headphones. This headset offers a significant improvement over the first version with a matte-textured finish, good water resistance… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 19:45 27 Mar 2017
The Photive PH-BTE70 wireless headphones produce excellent audio quality, quick Bluetooth pairing and a secure comfortable fit. With the advanced sound production and moisture resistant tech… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 19:43 27 Mar 2017
The Sol Republic Shadow wireless headphones combine a unique style, superior audio quality and other exceptional features, to make them one of the most useful sports earbuds you can buy. Tha… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 19:40 27 Mar 2017
The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones are a reliable set of earphones that will offer you a continuous stream of high quality music while you run. With its great sound quality, functionality, s… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 19:38 27 Mar 2017
The Jabra Sport Pace is a well-built wireless earphone that comes with several features that can enhance your performance while running or working out in the gym. Designed for both road and… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 18:21 27 Mar 2017
Did you know that you can safely decrease your blood pressure naturally with use of a breakthrough FDA-cleared device? Apparently, the RESPeRATE interactivity guides you throughout the thera… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 18:19 27 Mar 2017
Health concerns are major for the modern generation that is faced with various challenges that include toughening economy, sedentary lifestyle and reducing workout time. However, advancement… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 18:17 27 Mar 2017
The LifeSource is designed for people who have large arms, but who, at the same time, require devices which are accurate, reliable and easy to use. LifeSource is one such product and it has… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 18:15 27 Mar 2017
If your doctor diagnosed you with high blood pressure and advised you to monitor it closely, than an Omron HEM 780 may be the ideal solution. You’ll get to find out what&rsqu… Read More
Runninglikeapro · 18:09 27 Mar 2017
When you want to monitor your own blood level, you should choose the best device for yourself. The Panasonic EW3153W is very famous among many users today. Many customers are happy with… Read More
Feeling Fresh
Racing Stripes-- A R… · 16:38 26 Mar 2017
It's now been three weeks since the Myrtle Beach Marathon, and my legs are finally feeling fresh after some rest and reduced mileage weeks.Saturday, March 25thThis recovery period has come a… Read More
More 10/22 Facts
Tincanbandit's Gunsm… · 14:55 26 Mar 2017
If you thought I couldn't find more 10/22 facts, guess again....According to Ruger's website they only made 452 10/22s in the first year of production, however there were more than 1000 guns… Read More
Big Daddy's Fishing … · 02:31 25 Mar 2017
After fishing at Bermagui for about 20 years, mainly for Yellow Fin Tuna, Rod came out on our Sailfish S8 and caught his first Marlin! The post Rod’s First Marlin appeared first on Bi… Read More
Johnston Canyon Winter Walk
Willski · 21:57 24 Mar 2017
Frozen Falls at Johnston Canyon March 12th 2017 Johnston Canyon is a few kilometers south of Castle Mountain Junction on Hwy 1A. This is a very popular place both in summer and winter. The w… Read More