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Geocache: Branch #3
Aladar123 Plays Geoc… · 05:31 24 Jun 2017
There is an unlimeted number of ways to hide a geocache and also to hide it in a branch of a tree. Some of them are more challenging than the others, check this out below.Just like there is… Read More
Best Face Wash For Busy Women
Howdoesshe · 12:00 23 Jun 2017
This past week my girlfriends and I moved heaven and earth (a.k.a. shuffled schedules and tracked down babysitters) so that we could meet up for a quick lunch and we got on the topic of gre… Read More
Color Dare: 249
Jen's Messy Studio -… · 10:00 23 Jun 2017
Welcome to the Color My Heart color dare! We’re so glad to have you! Here’s what you do: Create a project of your preference using those colors. Please make sure you use only an… Read More
Queimada Gallega
Recetas De Rechupete · 08:26 23 Jun 2017
Antonio Villaverde “O Ruso”, nativo das Illas Ons, viejo lobo de mar y cocinero de grandes barcos que se echaban a la mar surcando todos los continentes. El decía qu… Read More
Mail Call
Frank's Classic Car … · 04:45 23 Jun 2017
Regular visitors to the Amberlight Garage and readers of my blog know that I get interesting emails from time to time as I have written about them more then a few times. From cool products s… Read More
The Katrina Reefers.
Weapons, Warfare And… · 03:25 23 Jun 2017
That actually sounds like it'd be a good band name. Like Jimmy Buffet only bleaker.Short version: Al Gore got fat, a hurricane made landfall near New Orleans. Brownie did "a heck-of-a job" R… Read More
Change Of The Guard!
Splendid Sticks, Cre… · 00:48 23 Jun 2017
Well you may already know this, but the amazing Kara Gott-Warner has left Creative Knitting to go on to other pursuits. You can still find her all over the internet as karaknits, and you&rsq… Read More
El Miedo
Gusta´s Zone · 15:19 22 Jun 2017
El miedo es un hombre sombrío, de risa profunda y mirada oculta bajo un sombrero de alas.Carga un revolver en su mano derecha y me acosa mientras duermo, esperando a que despierte cad… Read More
Poor Man’s Tea
Bonsai Beginnings · 22:21 21 Jun 2017
Sweet Plum Chinese Sweet Plum Chinese Bird PlumHedge SageretiaPauper’s Tea Mock BuckthornSageretia theezansSageretia theasa-jer-ET-ee-aChinese Bird PlumSageretia theezansSageretias are… Read More
En Massa Leggings · 14:48 21 Jun 2017
Har man nån liten stuvbit eller tygbit över och funderar vad man ska sy av det så har jag svaret - korta leggings till barn. Det behövs så lite tyg till det och d… Read More
Summer Socks
Where We Once Knitte… · 08:38 21 Jun 2017
Oh my, I'm in the mood for knitting socks.What: Chrysanthemum frutescens / Hunter HammersenHow: Circular needle 2.25 mmFrom: Hedgehog Fibres Sock, 58 gIn the past few years, I've been sittin… Read More
Spaguetti Al Vino Tinto:
Recetas Al Instante · 04:08 21 Jun 2017
Ingredientes:1 Paquete de Thin Spaguetti o Angel Hair Pasta.1 Lata de Crema de Leche o Nata.1 Pimiento Verde en Rodajas.1 Puerro cortado en rodajas.1/2 Paquete de Champiñones cortado… Read More
Ken Doll Updates
Confessions Of A Dol… · 19:01 20 Jun 2017
Mattel announced today that Ken was getting a little makeover. Joining the female Fashionista dolls, who were given unique body types over the past few years, as well as new and exciting hai… Read More
Festive Collection 6pm
Particraft (Par… · 17:00 20 Jun 2017
Hi there my crafty friends!  The last post this evening belongs to the Looped Snowflake Frame die set.  Shown here, you can see that it makes a great focal element for your ca… Read More
Scrabble Crossword-10
Scrabbling Away · 15:33 20 Jun 2017
Here is the weekly anagram crossword from expert scrabbler Mohan Chunkath. Each of the solutions that goes into the grid is an anagram of the corresponding clue. The clue and the solution ar… Read More
Allerhande · 05:06 20 Jun 2017
Schrijfster Getrouwd met Andreas Reisde met Rilke Studeerde psychoanalise bij Freud Kende Tourgienjef goed Kreeg huwelijks aanzoek van Nietzsche Kende iedereen rond 1900 Bron:  Terugbl… Read More
Alaska Gold Mining B… · 16:15 19 Jun 2017
Meanwhile, back at the mine. Things have been going pretty good.  Trommel has been running great, new water pump has allowed us to speed up processing. However, looking at our current d… Read More
French Potato Salad
Cooking With Anne · 16:04 19 Jun 2017
It's stupid hot lately. Not by the numbers, really - high 80s, low 90s is hot, but not stupid hot. It's the humidity. With readings like 83% at times, it makes going outside a scary proposit… Read More
Painting Rain For Kids · 05:34 19 Jun 2017
Do you feel like painting the rain, now that the monsoons have already started? It is exciting to paint a rainy landscape, the blurry scenery, the pouring rain, the lush green nature and the… Read More
Cooking With Heide™/… · 04:24 18 Jun 2017
4 steaks1/8 - 1/4 c.  each: olive oil, bourbon 1/8 - 1/4  tsp. each: salt, pepper1 clove garlic crushed, chopped1/2 tsp. limeCut lime in half, squeeze into a cup set aside.Peel, cr… Read More