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My office is going to set up a lactating room. Initially, it was just a plan to make it easier for one of the moms who is expressing milk to have a more conducive place to do her daily ritua… Read More
Have you thought of doing something unique for Christmas and the New Year? I am not one who likes to send e-card because it doesn’t have the warmth of a real card arriving through the… Read More
I know it is good to do data backup but unfortunately, I do not know how to do the data backup for Windows Vista. I tried and I get a bunch of zipped files. They come in so many components… Read More
My friend asked me if those e cig is not as bad as the usual cig. I told her I do not know much as I am not one who smokes. Now they have those e cig which is electronic or e-cigarette. It… Read More
I am probably the  most nagging forum administrator in MyMomsBest forum.  No to this, no to that.  The [tag]baby walker[/tag] is one of the no-no.… Read More
Three ways children can be bullied * Physical bullying – this happens when your child is hit, pushed, has her hair pulled and so on. * Verbal bullying   Read More
What is bullying? Bullying can range from teasing to name calling, from spreading nasty rumours about someone to threats of intimidation or actual physical aggression. The effect of bu… Read More
If new parents read too much, they will be so freaked out about taking care of babies.  If they are lucky, they (new parents)  probably have grown up in a home where… Read More
Few days ago, my eldest son who was 16 years old got into an accident and had bruises and cuts.  We took him to the doctor for a check-up.  Incidentally, he just had… Read More
I posted about this 63 yrs old mother who had an IVF using a donated egg and the sperm of her new husband to get a baby. It is sad sometimes, when celebrities and other rich people pile on m… Read More
There are many little, nitty-gritty things that can happen to a new born.  One of them is hernia.  Once, one of my baby had a swollen testicles and I took him to the… Read More
My kids grew up with Santa Claus, tooth fairies and sometimes, even fairy godmothers. Well, you don’t have to worry about them being fooled silly and turned out to be weird adults. B… Read More
How To Get A Child To Love Reading
This is not a ‘pose for camera’ shot but a pic I took when my toddler and I hang out at the skateboarding park during the evenings. Frankly, getting a child to read is a no prob… Read More
Almost every working mothers have this dilemma of leaving their babies and children under the care of another person when they have to return to work. I had my share of headaches, worries a… Read More
Breastfeeding a baby does not mean the end of wearing fashionable clothes.  Over at MyMomsBest sponsors pages, we have a huge range of beautiful blouses, dinner dresses, baju kur… Read More
I found this explanation by Dr. Musa Nordin on MPaeds website. I would like to pick up a few quotes and readers may surf over to Mpaeds website for further reading. Jaundice in the newborn… Read More
Toxoplasmosis is something all pregnant women ought to know, at least just a little bit about it.  I know someone whose child died a few days after being born because his lungs w… Read More
There are times when I will exert my religious belief. Times like this when people are going against nature to bear a baby at 63 years old. What does the future holds for the child? Hence… Read More
There are some things in life that I do not agree upon. One of them is to buy life insurance for my children. And I see cord blood banking as such. No matter how a person tries to convinc… Read More
by Deborah Condon Irish Health Couples who smoke around the time of conception are more like to have a daughter, the results of a new study indicate. The effect appears to be stronger if b… Read More
Big Mother is watching you michelle kirsch (Timesonline) New softwre lets parents secretly check every computer keystroke their children make. Do the perils of the internet justify such spy… Read More
With relation to the previous post on MMR (mumps, measles and rubella jab), I would like to share these helpful tips regarding measles which I have taken from BBC Health site. It is prepare… Read More
This is another health alert on what to avoid when pregnant.  Vitamin E is found naturally in the foods we eat.  Therefore, those women who are trying to conceive are… Read More
Nursing Room In Shopping Malls
All these photos of nursing rooms at shopping malls are taken by Msau.  Thank you very much Msau for the photos which I am sure will help a lot of breastfeeding moms to have more… Read More
One of our forum member has asked about the above but so far, no other member can share any such experience. When LH does surge and your egg is released, the ruptured follicle begins produci… Read More
Though this may seems easy enough, do you know that many babysitters and caregivers had accidentally dropped or knocked the baby’s head against the basin and some had turned fatal? Sa… Read More
Thursday September 30, 2004 Resource for nursing mums CHAN Lilian’s web development adventures do not just concentrate… Read More
Preparing Baby Foods
On over MyMomsBest website, there are several good resources from a paediatrician/lactation consultant regarding starting solids and also some of my personal tips on preparing baby foods. Th… Read More
Or rather – a dad’s account of how his wife made it to the hospital by foot because they don’t own a car. Pregnant moms and dads whose wives are expecting will love to re… Read More
Getting pregnant is a funny thing.  Just when you thought you can easily hit the bull’s eye, you may go for months and years without any success.  I had been th… Read More
With children ages 3 years to 16 years old in my little apartment, I have very little control over what my toddler watches.  However, one thing is certain.  Kids show… Read More
Sometimes, I wonder if it is a bonus or a bane to me because I run a parenting group plus a bereaved parents group. Eventhough I try not get emotionally involved with them, there are times… Read More
By The Associated Press MANILA, Philippines May 6, 2006 (AP)— Nearly 4,000 mothers set a world record this week for the largest number… Read More
Babies And Children Eye Care
Firstly, know the difference between optician, optometrist and ophthalmologist.  If you suspect your baby/child has some problems with his/her eyesigtht, your paediatrician will… Read More
The statistics are clear: kids who dine with the folks are healthier, happier and better students, which is why a dying tradition is coming back By NANCY GIBBS (full article here on Time… Read More
I like this. Who wouldn’t. After the dedication given by all the breastfeeding mothers towards encouraging other mothers to breastfeed, we love this sort of news. I copied this from… Read More
Indonesia’s human bird flu deaths hit 37 29/05/2006 – 13:03:29 Indonesia’s human bird flu death toll climbed to 37 today after the World Health Org… Read More
Hepatitis A: is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). Hepatitis A can affect anyone. In the United States, hepatitis A can occur in situations ranging from isolated cases of… Read More
Recipe For Kids :  Mee Suah Soup
Ever have problem cooking for toddlers, i.e. those age 18 months and above? Actually, it is not difficult at all to please the little ones. The thing to remember is not to be overly anxiou… Read More
When I had the severe bleeding during my 28th week of pregnancy, I was terribly afraid that the bleeding will cause harm to my baby. However, what the paediatrician (who attended to me even… Read More
Food To Increase Breastmilk
There are foods that some mothers claim that can increase breastmilk.  Fenugreek is one of them but they are not to be taken by pregnant mothers.  (PLEASE NOTE THIS)… Read More
Father’s Day Gifts Ideas
Father’s Day is just next week. How are you, young mothers with small children, celebrating this day with your spouse? I found a leaflet from the newspapers promoting a super-expens… Read More
Concern is growing about the spread of bird flu from birds to humans and the possibility of the H5N1 virus mutating so it can pass easily from human to human. The BBC news website has asked… Read More
I cannot recall any moments of fussiness related to teething for all my babies. Probably, I never associate teething troubles with the regular fussiness normally expected from growing babie… Read More
I have forgotten how I stumbled upon this page. Since it is a newly released press comment by the Malaysian Medical Association dated 7th February 2006, I would like to point out some info… Read More
One of the thing that I like to remind breastfeeding mothers in tropical countries like Malaysia is to take note of the room temperature we have here and differences in temperate countries… Read More
Half a year ago, I had written some information on the bird flu. There are some links from WHO and the CDC . Now, six months later, the bird flu is right in our neighbourhood. It has ta… Read More
I have a 10 years old who scared the daylight out of me a few times when he quietly crept out of his room and stood behind me while I was busy concentrating on the PC. Once, he went to fidd… Read More
I found these photos tagged with breastfeeding on the Flickr site which I am sure all breastfeeding mothers and in fact, every mothers will feel fuzzy over.  Breastfeeding is the… Read More
This is yet another important and useful information that we should take note of. So, parents, remember to educate your child’s caregiver including your maids. Also do a complete che… Read More
Each year thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. You can help prevent this from happening to your child by always using car safety seats and seat belts correctly… Read More
Failing to make your bed in the morning may actually help keep you healthy, scientists believe. Research suggests that while an unmade bed may look scruffy it is also unappealing to house du… Read More
I started MyMomsBest website three years ago. Back then, I had to seek the help of several doctors to provide me with reliable information. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much of my time… Read More

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