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The home page of Ranger Games Publishing, publishers of the D&G ttRPG containing tabletop RPG resources and gaming blogs.
2017-01-19 21:18
Well, there a few things we’re dealing with this week: No Blog Entry Sorry, no blog entry this week due to the work on the Arvan: Land of Dragons book taking precedence. I’m also… Read More
The Cabal Of Eight Pt.7: A Red Rat
2017-01-12 18:03
The thug was nervously waving his dagger as he slowly backed away from the table while the group of young mages tried to tighten the noose they had him in. Gornix (played by Gil) had already… Read More
2017-01-06 17:01
It was still in the wee hours of the morning and dark outside of the Red Helm Tavern. The trio had High Pesters’ Guild Heraldry straight from the GM’s Notebook. already been intr… Read More
The Cabal Of Eight Pt.5: Thug Life
2016-12-28 17:49
It was nearly two hours before the trio of mages was able to make it to the necropolis gates. All the way the air seemed to become increasingly still and just before the gates the wind itsel… Read More
Arvan – Land Of Dragons *Update*
2016-12-09 16:44
The Bad News… Unfortunately the Arvan setting will not be released on time due to the art simply not being done. We originally shot for a November 2016 release but a few unforeseen si… Read More
The Cabal Of Eight Pt.2: Wagon Ho!
2016-12-01 16:49
The monotonous grinding of the wagon wheels going round and round against the yellow dirt had a hypnotic effect on all those riding in the back of the high-sided wagon. Gornix the Ivoran wiz… Read More
The Cabal Of Eight Pt.1: Amber & Gold
2016-11-25 17:12
In one of the rented clubrooms in the back of the Red Helm Inn, a cabal of young mages meets to discuss its mission and commit its member’s signatures to its binding charter. At i… Read More

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