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PHOTOGRAPHIS, fine art photography , drawings, poetry and music
The Portable Jack Kerouac
 I have lots of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter mo… Read More
Blindness - Eseu Despre Orbire
 'Say to a blind man, you're free, open the door that was separating him from the world, Go, you are free, we tell him once more, and he does not go, he has remained motionless there… Read More
Tales Of Ordinary Madness
 I've never been lonely. I've been in a room -- I've felt suicidal. I've been depressed. I've felt awful -- awful beyond all -- but I never felt that one other per… Read More
Wasted Sunsets (Perfect Strangers)
 “A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, lik… Read More
Key Of Knowledge
“It was a mistake to think of houses, old houses, as being empty. They were filled with memories, with the faded echoes of voices. Drops of tears, drops of blood, the ring… Read More
ArtHalle One Summer Show
 'Bucharest weather may be unpredictable, but you can always rely on ArtHalle to bring the heat with our One Summer Show. From 08th August at our 10 Budisteanu Gallery we… Read More
Amused To Death - Roger Waters
Doctor, Doctor, what is wrong with meThis supermarket life is getting longwhat is the heart life of a color tvwhat is the shelf life of a teenage queenOoooh western woman, Ooooh western girl… Read More
Coldplay - Gravity
BabyIt's been a long time comingSuch a long, long timeAnd I can't stop runningSuch a long, long timeCan you hear my heart beaten?Can you hear that sound?'Cause I can't help thinkingAnd I won… Read More
Ce rost are? De ce să ne deranjăm să votăm?Cu siguranță există motive aparent raționale pentru care o mare parte din populație alege să nu… Read More
Power Of Silence
What distinguishes normal people is that we share a metaphorical dagger; the concerns of our self - reflection. With this dagger, we cut ourselves and bleed; and th… Read More
Sleep Stages - BOJIN / ArtHalle
ARTHALLE | VISUAL ARTS CENTREA unique space dedicated to contemporary art in Romania  . Arthalle Gallery Sleep Stages exhibition with works by Dragos Bojin   Budiste… Read More
Look at the starsLook how they shine for youAnd everything you doYeah they were all yellowI came alongI wrote a song for youAnd all the things you doAnd it was called "Yellow"So then I took… Read More
Wearing The Inside Out
From morning to night I stayed out of sightDidn't recognize what I'd becomeNo more than alive I'd barely surviveIn a word, overrunWon't hear a soundFrom my mouthI've spent too longOn the ins… Read More
Hey You
Hey you, out there in the coldGetting lonely, getting oldCan you feel me?Hey you, standing in the aislesWith itchy feet and fading smilesCan you feel me?Hey you, don't help them to bury the… Read More
2019 Bucharest Light Festival
2019 Bucharest light festival - SPOTLIGHTThe artistic director of this year’s edition was Jean-François Zurawik, the director and producer of Fête des Lumières &nda… Read More
Storm In Romania
And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thin… Read More
Floriile - Palm Sunday
Sarbatoarea Intrarii lui Hristos in Ierusalim este cunoscuta in popor sub denumirea de Florii. Parintele profesor Ene Braniste afirma ca aceasta sarbatoare se mai numea si Duminica aspiran… Read More
NSFW By Andronicuss - ArtHalle
ARTHALLE | VISUAL ARTS CENTREA unique space dedicated to contemporary art in Romania  . Arthalle Gallery - NSFW exhibition with works by Andronicuss (Bogdan Andronic) at Budis… Read More
Victor Brauner La Galeria DADA
 Galeria DADA„Victor – Victorios (desene, gravuri, obiecte, evenimente)” , dedicată operei grafice a lui Victor Brauner, în perioada 13 aprilie &n… Read More
To hear never-heard sounds, To see never-seen colors and shapes, To try to understand the imperceptible Power pervading the world; To fly and find pure ethereal substances That are not of ma… Read More
Valid World Hal - Barcelona
Daliana Pacuraru (Urban Scenery - Valid World Hall - digital)Adrian Constantinescu Radu ( Art of Photography -Valid World Hall - print )   Artist Daliana Pacuraru (Urban Scenery- Valid… Read More
Petrăchioaia - Cezar
Petrăchioaia is a commune in the east of Ilfov County, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Măineasca, Surlari, Petrăchioaia and Vânători. Its name is a f… Read More
Unfinished Stairs
Stairs, Valkyrie said, disappointed. "Not just ordinary stairs," Skulduggery told her as he led the way up"Magic stairs." "Really?" "Oh, yes." She followed him into the dar… Read More
Fahrenheit 451
451 grade Fahrenheit este temperatura la care arde hârtia sau echivalentul a 233 grade Celsius. 451 grade F înseamnă temperatura la care arde, poate, gândi… Read More
About Stairs
Which gate to enter? Which path to choose? Which stairs to take? Which direction to go? These questions can be very depressive! And sometimes the solution lies in… Read More
MIA Photo Fair Milan, Italy
Artist Daliana Pacuraru was selected to exhibit her photos in MIA Photo fair Milan, Italy. MIA Photo Fair located in Milano, Italy is one of the most prestigious events in the world of pho… Read More
Constantin Brâncuși
 Born: February 19, 1876, Hobita , RomaniaDied: March 16, 1957, Paris, France Constantin Brancusi is often regarded as the most important sculptor of the twentieth century. His vi… Read More
Browse through thousands of curated art collections which have been hand-picked by our staff to decorate a wide variety of rooms, house styles, office spaces, and more.   Ou… Read More
Macca-Vilacrosse Passage is a fork-shaped, yellow glass covered arcaded street in central Bucharest, Romania. It was designed by architect Felix Xenopol, and opened in 1891.Pasajul Macca… Read More
Crăciun Fericit! Merry Christmas!
The Bucharest Christmas Market  in the Constitutiei Square.The market officially opens the winter holidays season. The market includes a food area, a crafts area, Santa Claus’ hou… Read More
Coldplay - Hypnotised
Been rusting in the rubbleRunning to a faintNeed a brand new coat of paintI found myself in troubleThinking about what ain'tNever gonna be a saintSaying float like an eagleFall like the rain… Read More
Mihai Eminescu
'Elemente străine, îmbătrânite şi sterpe, s-au amestecat în poporul nostru şi joacă comedia patriotismului şi a naţionalismului. Neav&ac… Read More
LIVING STATUES FESTIVALAmong those arts that can be performed out in the street, that of the living statue holds a special place. Mysterious, surprising, often funny, sometimes profound,on… Read More
Bäume. Betrachtungen Und Gedichte
For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers.I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves.And even more I revere them when they stand alone.T… Read More
The one who had the initiative to establish such a theatre, at a time a whole new world was being born, was actor and director Mihai Malaimare. Recollecting those initial moments back in 1… Read More
The Crucifixion of Jesus As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross. They came to a place called Golgotha (which means… Read More
Palm Sunday - Duminica Floriilor
On Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred t… Read More
Horses Never Lie
He's of the colour of the nutmeg.  And of the heat of the ginger.... he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in… Read More
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
“Most gulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight—how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters… Read More
Silent Spring
Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature … Read More
Journey To The End Of The Night
The worst part is wondering how you’ll find the strength tomorrow, to go on doing what you did today and have been doing for much too long, where you’ll find the stren… Read More
Chuck Berry Tribute
Chuck Berry, who with his indelible guitar licks, brash self-confidence and memorable songs about cars, girls and wild dance parties did as much as anyone to define rock ’n’ ro… Read More
What To Say When You Talk To Your Self
After examining the philosophies, the theories, and the practiced methods of influencing human behavior, I was shocked to learn the simplicity of that one small fact: You will become what… Read More
The Museum Of Innocence
“In fact no one recognizes the happiest moment of their lives as they are living it. It may well be that, in a moment of joy, one might sincerely believe that they are livi… Read More
Almost Transparent Blue
“When I went on anyway, my body began to grow cold, and I thought I was dead. Face pale, my dead self sat down on a bench and began to turn toward my real self, who was watching this h… Read More
Theodor Aman s-a născut pe 20 martie 1831 la Câmpulung-Muscel. După lecţii de desen cu pictorul Constantin Lecca, la Şcoala Centrală din Craiova studiază… Read More
The Invention Of Everything Else
“Wait," I say. "I think you're mistaken. Saying there is no dream is the same as saying everything is a dream. Isn't it? Everyone's a dreamer? Extraordinary things happen al… Read More
“A man sets out to draw the world. As the years go by, he peoples a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fishes, rooms, instruments, s… Read More
Love Is A Dog From Hell
“there is a loneliness in this world so great that you can see it in the slow movement of the hands of a clock. people so tired mutilated either by love or no love. people just a… Read More
“There's nothing to mourn about death any more than there is to mourn about the growing of a flower. What is terrible is not death but the lives people live or don't live up until th… Read More
Slanic Prahova, Salt Mine
Istoria salinei datează din anul 1685, atunci când Mihail Cantacuzino aflând că în zonă există zăcământ de sare a cumpărat moș… Read More
Unirea Principatelor Române
photo Daliana Pacuraru ( Marţi 24 ianuarie 2017 )Unirea Principatelor Române, cunoscută ca Mica Unire (Marea Unire fiind cea de la 1918), a avut loc la jumătatea secolu… Read More
Sounds Of The Winter
This winter feels colder than ever, or maybe I'm just more sensitive these days, when the wind is a fire engine and the moon is sinister and blue… Read More
Prof. Dr. Aurel Romila
"Populaţia României se împarte, în mare măsură, între opresori (psihopaţi) şi oprimaţi (depresivi)"- În ultimele decenii, num… Read More
Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul
Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul – pictura a Parintelui Arsenie Boca, pe tavanul micului pronaos al bisericii pe care a pictat-o in intregime in satul Draganescu de langa Bucuresti“Int… Read More
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
When we want to give expression to a dramatic situation in our lives, we tend to use metaphors of heaviness. We say that something has become a great burden to us. We either bear the burde… Read More
17 Decembrie 1989
17 decembrie 1989.Ziua-n care Armata şi-a ciuruit poporul în Timişoara. „Am văzut-o pe mama împuşcată în cap. Tata era ghemuit, nimerit… Read More
Songs From The Phenomenal Nothing
Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play th… Read More
Greg Lake 1947- 2016
It wasn’t simply Greg Lake’s booming voice that enshrined him among the greatest rock singers of all time.It was his authority, his ability to play a supporting role in the ban… Read More

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