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Inkbot Design is a Freelance Graphic Designer for Custom Company Logo Designs & Corporate Branding Services – A Professional Design Studio in Belfast, UK.
Brand Pillars: Build A Strong Foundation
2024-03-02 17:12
Brand Pillars: Build a Strong Foundation Brand pillars are the core elements that define a brand's identity, personality, and reason for existing. They serve as the foundation for all bra… Read More
2024-03-02 11:44
Mobile App UX Design: The Ultimate Guide User experience (UX) design for mobile apps has become critical in recent years. As more and more people access apps through their smartphones and… Read More
Social SEO & Its Far-Reaching Benefits
2024-03-01 22:00
Social SEO & Its Far-Reaching Benefits Search engine optimisation (SEO) has evolved significantly over the past decade. What used to be focused solely on optimising websites for searc… Read More
The 15 Most Popular Fonts Of All-Time
2024-03-01 21:18
The 15 Most Popular Fonts of All-Time Fonts. Those little details that most people barely notice, yet they have an enormous influence over how we interpret written information. Fonts set… Read More
How To Manage A Marketing Budget
2024-02-29 19:08
How to Manage a Marketing Budget A marketing budget is a plan that outlines the costs associated with marketing efforts over a specific period. A well-managed marketing budget is critical… Read More
How To Create Professional Logo Packages
2024-02-29 17:00
How to Create Professional Logo Packages A logo is often the first impression a company makes on potential customers. An eye-catching, professional logo can grab attention, build brand re… Read More
The CMYK Colour Model: An In-Depth Look
2024-02-27 01:09
The CMYK Colour Model: An In-Depth Look The world of colour is complex, nuanced, and often misunderstood. When working in print design and production, understanding colour models and meth… Read More
The Top 10 Most Iconic Video Game Logos
2024-02-25 23:24
The Top 10 Most Iconic Video Game Logos Video game logos are an iconic part of gaming culture. They represent some of the most popular and influential games ever made. A great logo captur… Read More
The Top 10 Best Pens For Designers
2024-02-25 01:53
The Top 10 Best Pens for Designers Designers rely on pens and pencils to bring their creative visions to life. Suitable writing instruments can make all the difference in a designer's wor… Read More
The Components Of A Web Development Team
2024-02-23 20:55
The Components of a Web Development Team Building a website or web application takes a coordinated effort from various professionals. At the core, the web development team is a cross-func… Read More
How AI Is Shaping UI/UX Design
2024-02-22 22:25
How AI Is Shaping UI/UX Design AI and machine learning are reshaping virtually every industry, and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are no exception. AI has become indi… Read More
The 13 Most Memorable Logos Of All-Time
2024-02-19 01:04
The 13 Most Memorable Logos of All-Time Logos are everywhere – on products, websites, billboards, you name it. But have you ever considered which logos are the most iconic and recog… Read More
2024-02-17 00:13
Personal Branding Tips to Stand Out Personal branding is crucial in today's competitive market because you've heard it a million times before. But what exactly does that mean? And how can… Read More
The Best Video Editing Software In 2024
2024-02-16 23:33
The Best Video Editing Software in 2024 Video editing has come a long way in the past decade. With the rise of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels and other video-focused platforms, more peo… Read More
Why A Logo Is Important To Every Business
2024-02-16 22:11
Why a Logo is Important to Every Business A company's logo is one of its most valuable assets. More than just a graphic design, a logo is the face of a brand and conveys what a company st… Read More
11 Tips For Increasing Productivity
2024-02-04 00:20
11 Tips for Increasing Productivity In today's fast-paced world, being productive is more important than ever. With so many distractions and things competing for our attention, staying fo… Read More
2024-02-03 22:08
The Rise of No-Code Software Development No-code software development, also called low-code or zero-code development, has recently transformed how software is built. With intuitive visual… Read More
How Much Does A Logo Redesign Cost?
2024-01-24 01:34
How Much Does a Logo Redesign Cost? Selecting or updating a company, product, or brand logo is an essential decision with financial and perceptual implications. With the average logo rede… Read More
The Life Of Freelance Web Designers
2024-01-23 23:49
The Life of Freelance Web Designers Freelance web design is an intriguing career path that offers freedom and flexibility. As technology evolves rapidly, businesses seek talented web desi… Read More
The 10 Best Laptops For Working From Home
2024-01-23 20:16
The 10 Best Laptops for Working from Home Working from home has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With remote work on the rise, having the right laptop to get work done… Read More
2024-01-23 02:14
The 15 Best Logo Design Fonts To Check Out Selecting the right font is one of the most important decisions when designing a logo. The perfect font can make your logo look professional, tr… Read More
2024-01-22 00:45
15 Top Design Trends to Watch For The design world constantly evolves. As we enter 2024, several exciting new trends are emerging across various design disciplines that are set to shape a… Read More
2024-01-21 21:14
How to Choose the Correct Logo Placement A company's logo is one of its most valuable brand assets. Proper logo placement reinforces brand recognition and maintains a consistent brand ima… Read More
Why Internal Branding Matters
2024-01-20 23:54
Why Internal Branding Matters Internal branding refers to promoting a brand inside an organisation to align employees with desired brand values. It is crucial to business strategy, enabli… Read More
2024-01-20 20:15
How to Deal with Picky Clients Dealing with picky clients can be one of the most frustrating parts of operating a business that provides customer service. We all know the type – the… Read More
The 15 Latest Branding Trends To Follow
2024-01-17 21:51
The 15 Latest Branding Trends to Follow Branding has become more critical than ever in the modern business landscape. With endless product choices and digital disruptions, brands must wor… Read More
20+ Rebranding Tips For Freelancers
2024-01-16 21:25
20+ Rebranding Tips for Freelancers As a freelancer, your personal brand is everything. It sets you apart from the competition and helps attract new clients. But over time, your brand can… Read More
2024-01-16 18:04
Organisational Charting as Strategic Tools An organisational chart visually depicts the structure and relationships within a company. Organisational charts are more than just a static dia… Read More
2024-01-15 21:20
How Much Do Graphic Designers Make? Graphic design is an exciting and creative field that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. Graphic designers use colour, images, fonts, an… Read More
2024-01-15 20:32
8 Environmental Branding Trends to Follow Environmental branding has become an increasingly important focus for companies looking to showcase their sustainability credentials and connect… Read More

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