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Okon Tom Osung Clocks 50: Friends, Associates celebrate Ex-Council boss in Abuja

The former chairman of Urueoffong Oruko Local Government Area, Chief Okon Tom Osung last week clocked the Golden Jubilee age of 50. Osung who had a birthday bash organised for him by friends and associates said he is eternally grateful to God whose mercies have seen him through all the struggles and wrangles of life.

The former Urueoffong Oruko Council Boss who emerged as the best council Chairman, South South when he presided over the affairs of his council as chairman enjoyed the kind words and solidarity of his friends, associates and protégés.

Speaking at the occasion, the chairman on the day, Barr. Isikong Isong described Chief Okon Tom Osung as a man of courage, integrity and humility. He praised the former Urueoffong Council Boss for his leadership styles which he described as excellent and asked him to continue his good works while also praying God to bless the former Council Boss.

Mr. Ita Ntekim who is based in Miami Florida also spoke at the occasion. He had kind words for Okon Tom Osung and described him as a qualified Oro son. Ntekim said he is pleased with the heights Osung has been able to attain in his Golden Jubilee.

Robinson Uwak, former House of Representatives member said of Osung, “Today I join millions of Nigerians to celebrate a man who has made a difference in my life,a man who has made a difference in the life of many individuals within and outside Oro nation, a man who has made a difference in governance and administration.

A man who by all known yard-stick qualifies as an authority in grass-root politicking and mobilization. A who man firmly believes in justice, a man whose veins stream with pure Oro blood pumping from a heart that constantly seeks the greater good and well being of Oro nation.

His capacity in my view to organize people in the Oro political terrain remains unrivaled while his achievements especially in the area of infrastructure STILL stands tall like the Iroko tree for all to see.

You are cordially invited to celebrate with me the exceptional, one who has made a difference, the man whose difference STILL makes a difference …….. come on brothers and sisters,let’s celebrate the Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung.

Let’s celebrate him for he could have chosen to be like the rest, but chose to make that difference. Happy 50th Birthday Sir.”Ating Ante Uye went historical and recapped Osung’s history. In his remarks, he said, “On this day, 5 decades ago, in Eyokpifie village, into the family of late Chief Osung Ufuo Onukak, this exceptional gem was born. Tenacious and hardworking from a very young age, this child from a humble background would go on to apply himself at every given opportunity to bring pride to his family and community at large.

As a grassroot organiser with an unrivalled passion for development, Rt Hon. Okon Tom Osung has been deeply involved in community building, holding several leadership positions which he used efficiently to effect change and bring about the evolution and progress of his people.

Especially noteworthy are his efforts as the President General of Eyokpifie Development Association (EDA), and President General Akpakip Oruko Welfare Association (AOWA). As the President General of EDA, Rt Hon. Okon Tom Osung orchestrated the construction of a modern borehole to cater for the water needs of his people. The fact that this project is still in service about some 15 odd years later is a testament to not only the value of the the project, but the high quality of its execution; which has come to be the hallmark of all projects undertaken by Rt Hon. Okon Tom Osung.

And as the President General of AOWA, a group founded in collaboration with other Oruko sons and daughters, Rt Hon. Okon Tom Osung was instrumental in a plan that saw the group raise funds which were provided as soft financing to its members.

These contributions exemplifies a lifelong philosophy of Rt Hon. Okon Tom Osung; that leadership and community building is not reserved only for those with political positions, but that anyone passionate enough can use any position they find themselves to contribute to the growth of their fellowman.

It is said that the reward for service is the opportunity to give more service. And this has been true for Rt Hon. Okon Tom Osung. His penchant for extraordinary service delivery has led to his people rewarding him with several appointed and elected positions at the local government level and beyond. Positions he continued to use to assiduously render selfless service to the people, and which makes him one of the most experienced grassroot politicians in Nigeria today.

Citatable from the gamuth of contributions he has made as a politician, because of its scale and essentiality, is his effort as vice chairman of council in 1999. During his tenure, Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung, being an ardent believer in the role of education in spurring progress, initiated an education assistance programme, which helped subsidize tuition and cost of living for students across the 5 local government areas of Oro Nation.

However, his most remarkable, outstanding, and commanding performance materialised during his tenure as the Chairman of Urueoffong/Oruko Local Government Area. Shattering underwhelming precedents, Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung confounded even his fervid critics by using superior performance to redefine local government administration in Nigeria. The enormous breadth of his unprecedented accomplishments, which ranged from infrastructural and human development to revenue generation and individual empowerment, earned him statewide and national commendations; some of the most prestigious being his emergence as the best local government chairman is Akwa Ibom State and South South Geopolitical Zone (2013), and the best local government chairman in Nigeria (2014).

His current endeavour in the agricultural sector – an oil palm plantation – has the potential to, not only provide food and job opportunities, but also keys in with the current administration’s vision to diversify into agriculture because of its potential to boost national growth and development.

A devoted husband and a loving father, Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung is happily married with beautiful children.

We celebrate this great man today. May the enduring blessings of God continue to be with him and his family today, and always.”

Omen Bassey said, “Some years ago when I was still trying to find my feet, Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung looked at me one day and said, “Barr, the other day, I was discussing with Hon. Okon Bassey about upcoming politicians in the Local Government Area and we said that you will emerge a very good politician in your generation”. The issue here is not whether what he said has happened or not. Considering how young and insignificant I was at the time, I’m still curious why he said I would be a good politician when there was nothing “political” about me. For me, that was the leader and headhunter in him speaking.

Rt. Hon Okon Tom Osung is a shrewd politician and grassroots mobiliser. He holds the enviable record of having held every position in Urueoffong/ Oruko Local Government Council. From being the Youth Council Chairman in the 90s, he became a Councillor, Supervisor, Vice Chairman, State Officer, Secretary and Chairman.

As Chairman, he appointed me his Personal Secretary and later Chief Press Secretary. Love or hate him, you can’t argue the fact that he’s imbued with immense energy, passion, and drive. He is also a highly organised go getter. I can’t forget certain useful lessons i learnt while working with him when he ran for the office of Chairman, Urueoffong/Oruko Local Government Council.

He was extremely serious and focused. He was willing to give up anything that could potentially stand on his way.If he says “Omen, come to my house at 6:00am tomorrow to help me get certain things done”, you can be sure that at 5:30am, you would receive a call from him enquiring if you were on your way. He’s a very hard working and proactive man.

As he clocks the golden age today, I wish him many more years of sound health and exploits in Jesus’ Name.”

Nkereuwem Peter Okon averred that, “Today, 50years ago, his mother went into labour and was rushed to the Apostolic Church. After much prayers and prophecy, this man breathed his first. He was christened “Prophet Mathew” – a presaging of righteous and honest life he’ll come to lead. Although he has since embraced a new religion, he is still fondly referred to as “Prophetic Mathew” by some Apostolic faithfuls; an acknowledgement of the miracles that has come to dot his life.

This is a man who did not let his tremendous love for education waver even when he realised he would not have the previledge of reaching his academic goals at a younger age. But instead persevered, and combined strenuous business undertakings with his academic pursuit, and today has been richly rewarded for that hardwork with a law degree.

A man who has always fully utilised every opportunity afforded him to offer unique, top notch, and selfless service, with the understanding that we all have a role to play in contributing to development no matter our status in life.

A man whose burning drive to give back led him, as a councillor and chairman revenue mobilisation committee in 1996, to, among other things, facilitate the establishment and successful management of the local government canteen. A project which remained operational till the end of that tenure.

A man whose understanding of the community building potential of education led him to provide educational financial assistance to students across the five local government government areas of Oro Nation while serving as the Vice Chairman of Urueoffong/Oruko L.G.A (1999-2002).

As the Executive Chairman of Urueoffong/Oruko L.G.A, the monumental projects this man executed and the wide range of his lives-touching development endeavours earned him accolades as best performing local government chairman in his state, geopolitical zone, and in the country.

This is a man whom even his most avowed political opponents would agree that his word is his bond, and that you can bank on his pledge. A direct and straightforward man who does not doublespeak or promise what he will not deliver. A man who detest liars and never compromises on truth.
This is a man who does not fault others for his temporary setbacks, because he knows we are the shapers of our destiny.

A man who understands that we live in an imperfect world, and that any attempt to bring about perfection in the way of a good deed will be met with resistance and push backs. But yet, he fervently believes that no deed goes unrewarded, and that it is better to do what is right despite oppositions, than to do evil, or to sit back and do nothing out of fear.

And this man is no other person than: *Rt. Hon. Okon Tom Osung* @#Golden_Age. Offong Unwana Eyokpifie Ubei-Adai OrukoUbei-Adai Ubodung Clan”On his own, Joshua Uye- Immediate past president of NAUOS WORLDWIDE had this to say, “Rt. Hon. (Chief) Okon Tom Osung is one of the few finest politicians Urueoffong/Oruko has ever produced.

He was born on a day like this fifty years ago into a village called Eyekpifie in Oruko, Urueoffong/Oruko Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He is a grassroot politician who understands the rudiments of grassroot leadership.

This understanding coupled with his style of leadership has earned him three good elective positions which is almost impossible in the political history of Urueoffong/Oruko Local Government Area. My first experience with this astute politician was in 2012 when i contested as the National president of Urueoffong/Oruko students (NAUOS WORLDWIDE).

That year’s election was reputed as the most peaceful election in the history of NAUOS courtesy of the consensus arrangement he introduced for the first time. This marked the begining of my personal encounter with him. As the then grand patron of the union, Rt. Hon. (Chief) Okon Tom Osung displayed a show of uncommon love and commitment for student activism by ensuring the following:

1. Payment of bursary to students in tertiary institutions.

2. The sponsorship of a three month tutorials for jambites, SSCE and POST UME candidates.

3. The procurement of 5000 thousand exercise books for students.

4. The production of Nauos notice board.
As a local government chairman, Rt. Hon. (Chief) Okon Tom Osung redefined local government in Nigeria by executing projects far beyond what a local government chairman can execute in a single term. This is undoubtedly the reason why he was awarded and named the best chairman in Nigeria by the federal house of assembly committee on local government administration and other high ranking organizations in Nigeria. Projects executed by him includes:

Okon Tom Osung

1. The ultra modern secretariat complex.

2. The construction of Oruko roundabout junction.

3. The construction of Oruko unity hall.

4. The construction of Eyekpifie unity hall.

5. The re-roofing of old secretarist block.

6. The procurement of 5000 exercise books for students.

7. The purchase of two tippers for revenue generation.

8. The purchase of one haice boss.

9. Electrification project in Ikpe.

The payment of bursary to students, etc.
All these and lots more gave him the fame no one has ever enjoyed in the history of the local government politics. Take for instance, 95 percent of non politicians in Urueoffong/Oruko LGA (including children) are conversant with the name “Osung Chairman”. This is as a result of his pragmatic and extraordinary style of leadership. No wonder the state party chairman of APC described him as a big fish the day he defected to APC with thousands of his supporters including five councillors, the then chapter secretary of PDP, Supervisors and ward officers.

To cut short the long story, onbehalf of my family, I felicitate with Rt. Hon. (Chief) Okn Tom Osung on his 50th birthday. May the good Lord continue to preserve and empower him for greater things in Urueoffong/Oruko Local

Government Area – Amen.”.Ebek Etisong, Former President Oruko Youth Development Association, said “as you’re celebrating your fifty birthday today I said may God Almighty continue to be your guide.

This is one man I know in politics that has been able to touch people life n at the same time moved the local government from were it was to a modern stage, this man RT. HON. CHIEF OKON Tom OSUNG started his political career in 1992 before the military takeover n again in 1996 he contested n warn as Councillor, again in 1998 he was appointed the Chapter Chairman of APP Urueoffong/Oruko LGA n in 1999_2002 he was elected as a vice chairman of the council in this same LGA n in 2007_2011 he was elected as a state officer of PDP Akwa Ibom State n in that same 2011 he was also appointed the Transition Secretary Urueoffong/Oruko LGA in that same year 2011_2015 he was also elected as the Chairman Urueoffong/Oruko LGA, now his achievement.

In 1996 he was a Councillor/Chairman Revenue Mobilization Committee were he raised a local government restaurant for staff n political office holders of the LGA n in 1999_2002 as a vice chairman he gave scholarship to fifty student studying in Tertiary institutions across ORO the five LGA, n in 2011_2015 as a council chairman he revived ORO cultural festivals n also proof to ORO people that it’s not until you’re a graduate before u can benefit from government but every skill need to be encourage that throughout his three years in office he organized cultural festivals n prices were given to people in all ORO cultural display n across ORO five LGA.

This is a man that gave his LGA a modern administrative building, this is a man that gave his community a modern unity hall that even Her Excellency used it for a reception during her mother burial n this served as none paid event center in the community. My friends I’ve never seen a man like this in politics, pls joint me and celebrated him as he is celebrating his golden age today. Once again my chief I say happy birthday to you Mr perfect and Gods blessing”.

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Okon Tom Osung Clocks 50: Friends, Associates celebrate Ex-Council boss in Abuja


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