Tom Brady has it all: He's handsome, makes $27 million a year, is heading to the Hall of Fame, has won the Super Bowl five times, and is married to the super hot model Gisele Bundchen.
Millions of fans across the world love him. And it turns even the referees get weak-kneed around the mega-superstar.
After the New England Patriots (as they always do) came back to win a game, this time beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC Championship on Sunday, an official slapped Brady on the back. Brady turned to see who it was, and the ref then patted him on the chest in congratulations (the manly way, no time for handshakes).
The move was flat out weird. Referees are supposed to be disinterested parties, impartial and without prejudice. And the ref's move brought out all the conspiracy theorists, who posted pictures of another ref smiling after the Patriots scored a touchdown.
For the record, the Jaguars lost 98 yards on six penalties while the Patriots lost just 10 yards on a single penalty. And Brady haters point out that the GOAT has gotten a lot of good calls throughout the playoffs (not to mention non-calls when his players violate the rules).
Non-fans said the refs simply want New England in the Super Bowl.