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2020-04-16 21:28
Some folks are scared that debt collectors will try to get their stimulus payments. This is a legitimate fear since collectors are generally scum. Back when I was a debt counselor I once spo… Read More
2020-03-26 21:36
Hi, I'm back. Yeah, I know. It's been a while, but I figured what better time to restart my blog than during a worldwide pandemic. Plus at that time we had a relatively normal person leading… Read More
Talking Turkey (Well, Really Beer...)
2017-11-23 18:07
"Welcome, welcome Englishmen! Do you have any beer?" Sub-Chief Samoset of the Abenaki tribe is supposed to have happily exclaimed when he first met the Pilgrim Fathers. Of course, that… Read More
2017-11-08 18:43
Meanwhile, at the Honorable Society of King’s Inns in Dublin, Ireland... Nom nom nom... Image courtesy of Noel Donnellon But this sort of thing happened much more frequently in… Read More
2017-11-06 18:55
Back in 2014, you may recall,  I told you of the dreadful Clown Epidemic that afflicted the world at that time. If that was an incredibly proactive advertising campaign for that freaky… Read More
I Vote For McIntire!
2017-10-13 20:58
Voting Booth Public domain image What if they gave an election and nobody came? That's what happened in McIntire, Iowa the other day (well, really back in august but "the other day soun… Read More
2017-10-09 20:38
Florida sea pork Image by Andrea Westmoreland Continuing on, however tenuously, with our "pork" theme from yesterday's church sign featuring the apparently quite delectable pastor Re… Read More
2017-10-07 19:12
A very mellow (but guilty) puppy Public Domain Just so you know, if you use medical marijuana -- or whatever other kind you might possibly have -- you might want to stay out of Illinois. S… Read More
Harvey And Me
2017-08-26 01:01
Harvey coming for a visit So as it happens, the mighty city of Conglomeration is right in the middle of all the hurricane Harvey action -- on "the dirty side," as we like to say. Follow me… Read More
Comfortably Celebrating Independence
2017-07-05 01:41
Photo courtesy of Disney Here in the ever propagating city of Conglomeration, Texas the "feels like" temperature is 257 ° F and the humidity is approximately what it will be here when c… Read More
Father's Day & The Empty Chair
2017-06-18 05:35
The Chair Last year my father passed away and so this Father's Day will be the first one where he isn't sitting in The Chair. Actually, last year he probably sat mostly in his wheel chair s… Read More
2017-06-14 17:25
Adam West tries to coax Mona the astro-monkey into eating The late Adam West (Batman, that is) didn't just sear his portrayal of the Caped Crusader indelibly public psyche. He was in a lot… Read More
2017-06-10 22:40
RIP Adam West This is the end of an era for me. This is the day that Batman died. And by Batman I mean Adam West, who just passed away at the age of 88. During the psychedelic 60s when I w… Read More
Last Of Her Kind
2017-04-15 18:17
Emma Morano -- last of her kind I haven't been posting recently due to over-busyness (see my previous post),  but this is just too epic to miss: the last surviving human from the 19th… Read More
Production Note
2017-04-06 14:58
Stuff I gotta do Image by Tom Ventura Due to being deluged with various financial things (like doing a couple of income taxes, etc), I'm going to have to suspend my usual daily stream of dr… Read More
My Neighbor, Sasquatch
2017-04-05 18:50
Native Texan? As we all know, Bigfoot is a cosmopolitan citizen of the world. But for some reason very few people can imagine him living in Texas. This, however, is a major misconception… Read More
The Ins And Outs Of Belly Button Lint
2017-04-04 16:31
Your navel hard at work Now for a cultural reference that Star Wars nerds like me will recognize: Remember the Sarlacc from Episode VI -- the ravenous creature in a huge desert pit lin… Read More
In Praise Of Ebooks
2017-04-03 15:33
eBook Image by Kelson I am so glad to be living here in the future. There are so many things I wished for -- or would have wished for if I'd have had sufficient imagination -- that now are… Read More
Smurfette The Temptress
2017-03-31 16:24
The embodiment of evil Image from Smurfsfanon Wiki In the Israeli town of Bnei Brak they are very modest and there are laws to keep it that way. There, the majority of citizens are Ultra-Or… Read More
Charles Darwin: Werewolf Killer!
2017-03-30 15:25
Have you ever noticed that when you're hiking through the Great American Northwest, you never run into Werewolves anymore? Nowadays, you run into Bigfoot instead. And that despite the fact t… Read More
At Home With The Atom
2017-03-29 16:59
Hard as it may be for us to grasp from our vantage point in the 21st century, in the 1950s and early 60s atomic weaponry was cool. Sure this was due, in part, to our arch-enemies of the time… Read More
Past Apocalypses
2017-03-28 15:13
Coming attractions? (This is a repost of one of my earlier articles that I still kind of like) Remember the last time we survived the Apocalypse? Probably not. But as it turns out the uni… Read More
If The Driver Can't Drive
2017-03-27 15:06
If this doesn't work... Image by Azreey Not that I live in an action/adventure movie or anything, but the other day it randomly occurred to me: What do I do if the driver of this car is sud… Read More
Skim Milk
2017-03-24 16:15
Photo by Carsten Schertzer So, when is skim milk not skim milk (Florida answer, please)? When it's skim milk, of course! "Let me ‘splain… No, there is too much. Let me s… Read More
Open Window
2017-03-23 15:54
Public domain I've always been a history buff, as far back as I can remember. The past, and especially the people who lived then, fascinate me. I might have been a history teacher if my hig… Read More
2017-03-22 17:01
Logo by Dgultekin A long time ago, before our present political situation was a twinkle in the space-time continuum's eye, I wrote a post about what a glorious thing it would be if the… Read More
Atomic Beauty
2017-03-21 18:16
Photo by DasWortgewand Call me weird (go ahead; I'm used to it) but I've always been fascinated by nuclear explosions. I just love to watch old government films of atomic tests back in the… Read More
Farewell Johnny B. Goode
2017-03-20 15:57
Chuck Berry Photo in public domain Sometimes we speak of something as "the end of an era." Really important stuff, like, you know, when Monica moved out of Rachel's apartment on Friends&nbs&hell…Read More
RIP Green Hornet
2017-03-17 17:14
And since he always wore the appropriate color for St. Patrick's Day I want to belatedly note the passing of Van Williams -- the Green Hornet. He was 82 years old. Mr. Williams actually d… Read More
St. Paddy's Day
2017-03-17 14:12
(Being a true son of the emerald isle -- well, mostly -- I repost this every St. Patrick's Day with some new things added each time to freshen it up.) St. Patrick asks some excitable reve… Read More
2017-03-16 17:05
Hard working drivel producer Photo: Onomatomedia So, one piece of advice famous writers often give to us non-famous writers (I'm a full-time writer/researcher now by the way, no longe… Read More
Birth Pangs
2017-03-15 14:00
Dust Photo by Jskvbinmv, Public domain  I think I know how philosophy started. People go through their lives and they accomplish things, they learn things, they enjoy things… Read More
2017-01-02 04:10
Always remember: "Life is absurd. Dealing with that is how you get to Heaven." Happy 2017 everybody! Read More
RIP Zsa Zsa Gabor
2016-12-19 02:53
Zsa Zsa Gabor (apparently Gábor Zsazsa in her native Hungary), who married one husband for every decade she lived (i.e., 9), has passed away at the age of 99.  Of course she star… Read More
Camel Regulations
2016-12-09 18:48
Camel accident waiting to happen Photo credit: Popolon In Iran they have a problem. When in hot pursuit through the desert sands of a criminal riding a souped up camel, the Dromedary Polic… Read More
Godspeed, John Glenn
2016-12-09 04:51
John Glenn, doing what he did best -- being a hero There were a few moments during my childhood that I can exactly pinpoint the exact time they occurred. The earliest one happened during th… Read More
2016-12-06 19:27
What he thought he looked like Photo credit: Appaloosa Naturalists sometimes set up cameras in the woods to get an idea of the current animal population or to spot rare or dangerous animal… Read More
More Fake News
2016-12-06 02:11
Al Gore makes a dynamic point to Ivanka Trump "National Public Radio?" Yeah, right. Never heard of 'em. That's got to be one of those fake news sites. I mean, look at this crazy story for … Read More
Your Invisible Friend
2016-12-05 16:09
So long, old friend! Photo credit: MaxPayne473 Plastic? We don't need no stinkin' plastic! All we need is to be wired into a vast electronic financial holonet that knows everything about y… Read More
A Random Question
2016-12-03 01:30
Photo credit: Joe Sullivan "Mommy? Where does face powder come from?" "Why, from a magical wonderland far away, full of colorful chemicals and high-pressure machines. Here, let me show yo… Read More
A Little Research Could Have Helped!
2016-12-02 19:47
Every federal agent's weakness! When you're bribing the FBI it's vitally important to offer something that's enticing... tempting... something you're sure they can't resist. Especially if y… Read More
To Boldly Go
2016-11-30 20:02
Humanity's Greatest Conundrum Photo credit: HeroX Some problems are so intractable that even a rocket scientist can't figure them out. Sure NASA overcame the myriad challenges we faced to p… Read More
The Rage Of The Squirrel!
2016-11-30 18:51
"Pay us the acorns and nobody gets hurt" Photo credit: Rapaceone A cautionary message for Republicans and Democrats alike: Be careful who you speak out against. The tiny woodland creatures… Read More
2016-11-29 19:12
Photo credit: The Space World ice skating rink in Kitakyushu, Japan wanted to do something different. They wanted to give visitors the chance to "enjoy skating under unreal… Read More
The Urgency Of Pizza
2016-11-29 18:21
Domino's Pizza Reindeer With His Trainer Photo credit: Rankin/Bass Productions &  DreamWorks Classics Speaking of Japan (in the last post), as with most places on earth neith… Read More
2016-11-28 00:58
Separated at birth? Parker Posey photo by Arnold Gatilao Netflix, which has basically replaced TV for us and keeps coming up with neat shows, is doing a reboot of one of my all-time favorit… Read More
RIP Fidel Castro
2016-11-27 01:57
Fidel Castro Photo: Roberto di Fede Rest in Peace, Fidel Castro. That's about all I have to say. I desire that every human being will rest peacefully when their term is done here. I've see… Read More
The Odd 1970s & Florence Henderson (RIP)
2016-11-26 21:14
How I unfortunately remember Florence Henderson Photo by David Moore @ Bionic Disco Florence Henderson (aka Mrs.Brady) passed away yesterday due to heart failure. She was 82, and appar… Read More
More Stress Fighting
2016-11-25 01:35
Photo by Shanghai Killer Whale If you thought yesterday's 8 minute post disbursed your stress like wisps of fog on a sunshiny day, try this half hour version! (Warning: you may not regain c… Read More
Thanksgiving Traditions
2016-11-24 14:00
"Welcome, welcome Englishmen! Do you have any beer?" Sub-Chief Samoset of the Abenaki tribe is supposed to have happily exclaimed when he first met the Pilgrim fathers. Of course that… Read More
Fighting Stress For A Song
2016-11-23 21:18
STRESS! Photo by LarMG Stress, it seems, is the air we breathe. In work, play, family life, child rearing, and certainly your politics (don't even get me started on the election!), if you a… Read More
Wolves In Google Clothing
2016-11-22 20:37
A website may walk like Google and talk like Google (sort of) but still not be Google,  thanks to this quirk of the Internet.  Beware Read More
Innovative Uses
2016-11-22 17:10
Photo by dkinsley In China the pickpockets are pretty clever. Problem: How to keep your fingerprints off whatever you pick from someone's pocket? Solution: Pick your intended pocket with ch… Read More
Our Trusty Doomsday Plane
2016-11-21 14:00
Plane of Doom Did you know we have a Doomsday Plane? I didn't (at least under that name), although having lived through parts of the Cold War I kind of suspected. The Doomsday Plane, built… Read More
2016-11-19 04:38
So apparently, doing aerobics in a funeral home showroom is looked down upon in Russia for some reason. Thank goodness for our precious american freedoms. Over there, it got this lady fired… Read More
2016-10-24 19:08
"You don't navigate challenges and remain unchanged. Not that you don't sometimes yearn to be young again, but you'll never see the world the way you did when you were truly young." Tom Hayd… Read More
2016-04-19 12:00
Bacon -- it's the future, man! Graphic buried somewhere deep inside this game In the year 2020 we will all get our food by jumping on counters at fast food restaurants and yelling. What a… Read More
2016-04-18 12:00
Bedtime! Photo by Paul Spijkers There are a lot of perks to working for Federal Express, like hitching flights on cargo planes, which worked out so well for Tom Hanks in Cast Away… Read More
2016-04-15 15:00
Remember the majestic ship Boaty McBoatface, and the slightly less majestic but at least on time train, Trainy McTrainface?  Now another member has joined that proud lineage: the mighty… Read More
2016-04-13 13:00
The bone of contention in Albany In the world of politics, the participants can sink pretty low sometimes. Just look at how this year's presidential contest is shaping up.  But there's… Read More
2016-04-12 15:17
Lonesome Photo by Uday1254 The place in North America that is farthest from any coast is in a gully on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation between Allen (famous for being the poore… Read More
2016-04-09 17:45
CIA skincare plot exposed!!  Who doesn't want soft, supple, blemish-free skin? We all do, of course! And so does the CIA, with their new line of skin care products.  All they ask… Read More
2016-04-08 16:14
"I'm feeling a bit peckish right about now." I don't know how many times I've asked myself, "I wonder what a professional Bull Fighter (the kind and loving 'murican version… Read More
2016-04-07 15:46
::Sob!:: In a sudden fit of moral outrage the jolly german tourist town of Tegernsee has officially revoked Adolph Hitler's honorary citizenship there. It really must have preyed on their c… Read More
2016-04-06 18:29
Mr. Newman, World's Saddest Dog ™, realizes he's going up the river Photo by Christopher Michel Sick and tired of that dadgummed neighbor dog doin' his business in your petunias? Y… Read More
2016-04-02 19:59
Today it's boring, ordinary April 2nd, of course, but I really liked this April Fools email/post thingy I got yesterday from the Historical Emporium (which can make anyone look spiffy)! Read More
2016-04-01 15:47
It's little known today but famous inventor Thomas Edison was actually the greatest humanitarian who ever lived. Sure, we're all used to hearing of Edison the jerk, Edison the man who b… Read More
2016-04-01 15:35
It's little known today but famous inventor Thomas Edison was actually the greatest humanitarian who ever lived. Sure, we're all used to hearing of Edison the jerk, Edison the man who b… Read More
2016-03-31 12:07
Jupiter does its stuff! You may have heard about the planet Jupiter's altruistic ways, how it protects the Earth from gigantic planet-killing rocks by flinging them back out of the solar sy… Read More
2016-03-30 12:15
The Austrian national motto: "Pay up!" I get the feeling Austria is a rather uptight country. What makes me think that? Well, if you are assessed a fine in Austria, not only do you have to… Read More
2016-03-29 12:29
Noticing the current trend of trusting the news more if it's delivered by comedians, ABC News decided to try some of that hilarious Bad Lip-Reading on the Prime Minister of Canada. But… Read More
2016-03-27 13:00
WHEN A GOOD MAN GOES TO WAR Demons run when a good man goes to war, Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies, Night will fall a… Read More
2016-03-26 13:00
Milton & Michael: Two old hippies who might save your life Photo by Ken Harrison Earlier in the week I wrote about how to spot a riptide and the official government way to escape on… Read More
2016-03-24 12:15
Need some liquid courage to make it through the ceremony, sir? Photo by Fabio Ingrosso Last week I mentioned a cemetery in Spain that provides wifi for its customers. The live custom… Read More
2016-03-21 12:11
The mighty Boaty McBoatface proudly plows the seas Great Britain, one-time ruler of the waves, is renowned for her many-storied tradition of unmatched scientific and oceanographic explorati… Read More
2016-03-19 21:44
The cities of Brazil are seething with turmoil these days as thousands fill the streets of São Paulo and Rio, clamoring angrily for the ouster of their corrupt President Dilma Roussef… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Who is this man?And you thought selfies were just a phenomenon of the iPhone age! But in ancient times they had a wonder of modern (for then) engineering called the Photo Booth, and anybody… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Artist's impression of Bigfoot going for a SlurpeeJust in case you were wondering, remember the Bigfoot shot in 2012 by an intrepid yahoo using $200 in ribs as bait? It was a fake.Which… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Photo courtesy of Dean MuskettTiny, secret aircraft are buzzing us down here in Texas. We assume they are 'ours,' but you never know. What if the President of China feels like Tex-Mex? It co… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself...Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.— George… Read More
2016-03-19 16:32
What the well-dressed Czech naturalist is wearing nowadays Photos by Dick Daniels and Steve So let's say you are the head of the Czech Environment Ministry and you need to find a way… Read More
2016-03-18 11:54
Ever been just about to bite into a juicy, delectable Whopper or one of those Carl's Jr. 1/2 lb $6 Thickburgers, especially the messy ones ones with bacon and guacamole, when all of a s… Read More
2016-03-17 12:00
(Being a true son of the emerald isle -- well, mostly -- I repost this every St. Patrick's Day with some new things added each time to freshen it up.) St. Patrick asks some excitable reve… Read More

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