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2010-04-16 15:49
Dear P,Sometimes after you fall asleep at night, I lie awake and wonder what would become of me if you ever died. After over 10 years together, it is hard to even imagine a life without yo… Read More
2009-08-27 19:18
On a recent evening, P and I went to our beloved Trader Joe's for our usual weekly grocery shop.  After parking the car and getting our cloth shopping bags out of the trunk (how very su… Read More
2009-08-06 18:06
Alex read the question in his usual sing-song almost taunting lilt, and the gratingly familiar Final Jeopardy tune began.  The three contestants scribbled their answers with a furi… Read More
2009-08-01 04:51
Waking up in the middle of the night, when it's really quiet and all I can hear is the steady rhythm of Arthur's dog snores coming from his dog bed in the corner of the bedroom.Glorious guac… Read More
2009-07-15 19:08
Fellow R.E.M. geeks might recognize the title of this blogpost from the song "Bad Day."  Today feels plain out rotten and it's not the sticky summer rain that's giving me the blues. &nb&hell…Read More
2009-07-06 20:06
The Great Wall - we did a 6-mile hike along this lonesome stretch.  Lots of steep ups and downs - my butt hurt for days afterwards!Me in Shanghai, in front of the Art Museum.Drumroll pl… Read More
2009-06-24 18:02
The DMZLiving in Berlin last year made me think a lot about artificial divisions. How a wall can be constructed to separate two peoples and how it can take on a life of its own. Appreciated… Read More
2009-05-13 20:12
Studying for a final exam (i.e. surfing my old emails in lieu of studying), caused me to stumble upon this email, which I wrote on August 11, 2002. The email is to my then-boyfriend (now hu… Read More
2009-04-15 03:02
My parents came to visit this weekend.  As part of our Easter festivities, we went to Easter mass.   The church was packed to the gills, filled with those like myself with an… Read More
2009-03-31 00:14
Said to me recently: "Do you know that you have a really distinctive way of rolling your eyes?  It's so you."Insight into how others perceive you is so very revealing (and not always fl… Read More
2009-01-30 18:49
Facebook is a trap: it may seem innocuous at first, but its seductive charms lure you deeper and deeper and before you know it, you're hooked.  It is easy to slip into the mindless anon… Read More
2009-01-03 02:48
Bed is my friend.  Just bed, he thought.  Bed will be a great thing.  It is easy when you are beaten, he thought.  I never knew how easy it was.  And what beat you… Read More
2009-01-02 21:46
Oh, but I have been a bad blogger... neglecting my poor little blog for the necessities of the day-to-day tedium.  It's now 2009 and I don't know what I resolve for this year, but here… Read More
2008-11-05 16:10
Barack Obama will be our next president. One year ago, I didn't think it was possible. Six months ago I still didn't find the idea tenable. But, ladies and gentleman, the impossible has happ… Read More
2008-10-28 21:22
Perhaps global warming (or cooling -who knows?) has finally caught up with us. Anyway, as I sit holed up in my apartment today wearing too many sweaters, sipping tea, and looking out at the… Read More
2008-09-25 12:46
Ah, Barbara Ehrenreich... we do have a love-hate relationship.  On the one hand, I find her endeavors to be quite interesting and to make important points about American society. … Read More
2008-09-17 15:06
Dear Old Goat,Today, on this crisp and beautiful fall morning, you left me. Grandparents naturally go before grandchildren and I always thought that when this moment finally came, that given… Read More
2008-09-15 11:51
Gov. Palin:  "[Americans don't want] somebody's big fat resume that shows decades and decades in that Washington establishment where, yes, they've had opportunities to meet heads of sta… Read More
2008-08-22 04:59
Why do they have those ridiculous "Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft" signs on the side of the highway?  I'm not generally one for government conspiracy theories, but this seems entirely… Read More
2008-08-19 20:23
About two weeks ago I headed out on the open road and up to Buffalo to visit my dear friend K.  It had been a while since K and I had seen each other, and we both pledged to write about… Read More
2008-08-18 01:27
Thought 1:  God help me (and those poor souls around me), I am on a diet.  And I realize that my diet (Weight Watcher's, in case you were wondering) has the tendency to be ann… Read More
2008-08-04 03:08
Isn't it funny how a sound or a smell can bring the most vivid memory rushing back?  There is one song that reminds me so much of my friend Laura - ever time I hear it (which is not all… Read More

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