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Cheese Stuffed Shishito Peppers
This Cheesy Stuffed Shishito Peppers appetizer is easy to make and a flavor bomb even with such simple ingredients - only two ingredients.This appetizer should also work well with other mild… Read More
Sesame Chicken Salad
Made with in-season sweet corn, fresh crisp cucumbers and juicy tomatoes, this Sesame Chicken Salad is easy to put together and very delicious (addictive!) to enjoy especially in the summer… Read More
Breakfast/ Dessert Yogurt Pudding
What's for breakfast or after-meal dessert (have you tried this One-Ingredient Ice-Cream yet)?We enjoy breakfast homemade rolled oats muesli (low-sugar muesli/granol… Read More
Pineapple Shrimps/ Prawns
Fresh whole shrimps/prawns (heads and shells on) are most flavorful when cooked in a dish; but when time is not on our side, peeled deveined frozen version brings the convenience one would w… Read More
Wonton (Chicken Dumplings) Salad
Store-bought frozen wontons is one of my freezer stash. It might not be the healthiest (homemade ones are always better than store-bought) to stock up in the freezer but it is a convenient c… Read More
Mackerel Protein Bowl
Besides lean fish such as tilapia, barramundi, snapper, trout, we also love oily (high in omega-3) fishes such as salmon, sardines, milkfish and mackerel.Our family usually fall back on easy… Read More
Budget Chuck Roast Beef Salad
Same same but different. This beef salad is similar to Roast Beef Steak Salad Bowl just using different cut of meat. Same same but different. With the same chuck roast, let's… Read More
Lamb Roast With Vegetables
Cold-weather season means soups, braise, stews and roasts. Roast such as this lamb roast paired with healthy steamed vegetables. Winter Weather recipes:Braised Quail, Fennel and Tomatoes&nb… Read More
Winter Melon Chicken Mushroom Soup
When cooked in soups, winter melon is typically added in bigger chunks or smaller cubes. I have even "pulverized" it before but not to this extent that you cannot even see them. Winter melon… Read More
Steamed Fish Skin
I remember trying milkfish porridge/ soup in Taiwan and it's equally mouthwatering to grilled/ pan-fried milkfish belly; both different but so delicious and satisfying in its own way. When… Read More
Shrimps, Eggs, Tomatoes, Broccoli Bowl
Shrimp bowl is one of my favorite bowls to make because it's quick, easy and delicious. Quick because it takes much shorter time to cook shrimps than chicken or fish. Easy because it just ne… Read More
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
American-Chinese food. Takeout. I'm guilty of both. Once in a long while, Panda Express takeouts will appear at our dining table. It's out of convenience but honestly, my family does not thi… Read More
Eggplant Onion Tomato Dip
I was rather inspired to cook this dish after a lunch session at my friend's place. While chatting, she was also cooking at the same time. I can never "multi-task" when I am cooking. Ca… Read More
Pico De Gallo / Salsa Egg Frittata
Egg frittata is my go-to for egg makeovers. Our family still enjoy our routine hard-boiled eggs and occasionally, sunnyside up sheet-pan style. But egg frittata is one of those clever ways t… Read More
Rise And Puff Healthy Tortilla
Recently, I had the opportunity to try one of the most amazing tortilla products* from Rise and Puff. Besides Organic Tortilla and Original Tortilla which I tried, Rise and Puff&nb… Read More
Corn Tuna Bread Rolls Buns
Surprise surprise! This was what I did - Homemade Corn Tuna Bread Rolls, when the corn-tuna mix could not fill all the avocado in these Corn Tuna Avocado Cups. Well, I am happy to say "I bak… Read More
Roast Beef Steak Salad Bowl
There are two interpretations of London Broil. One describes it as the cut of meat (top round, lean cut) while the other is the method of cooking (with the word "broil" in it, using high hea… Read More
Marinated Feta Cheese Salad
A simple and easy salad is always a refreshing and welcoming treat during the hot summer days. Today, this Marinated Feta Cheese Salad is the star of the salad. Basically, if you have pre… Read More
Mango Tomato Sauce Meatballs
The plan was to put together something quick, by simmering store-bought meatballs and store-bought pasta sauce in a pot, then make a one-dish meal of pasta with meatballs. Everything was as… Read More
Canned Fish (Eel) Quinoa
Whenever whole grains such as quinoa or other multigrains are planned in our family meals, extras of chicken and seafood such as shrimps, canned fish are added while cooking these grains - n… Read More
Lettuce And Sausage Egg Fried Rice
Made similar Sausage and Peas Fried Rice (without peas this time) and freshen the fried rice with lots of shredded lettuce. Similarly, this Salmon and Egg Pesto Fried Rice or Bell Peppers… Read More
Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls
Instead of making Korean Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps or Tuna Chickpea Lettuce Endive Wraps, consider these light, refreshing vegetarian alternatives such as Peas and Corn Lettuce Wraps or Tofu… Read More
Low-Sugar Nuts Seeds Muesli/ Granola
What did you have for breakfast this morning?Our family, we enjoy homemade rolled oats muesli with milk (dairy or dairy-free) topped with fresh berries. Feast like a king during br… Read More
Korean Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps
These easy Peas and Corn Lettuce Wraps and Tuna Chickpea Lettuce Endive Wraps are perfect summer food. Fuss-free preparation to save you from time behind the stove and light, refreshin… Read More
Himalayan Fresh Mulberry Waffle
These delectable and nutrient-rich deep purple superfruit mulberries have some of the highest iron and calcium content compared to blueberries, raspberries blackberries; and a great source o… Read More
Oven Roast Belt/ Ribbon/ Hairtail Fish
Belt fish, also known as cutlass fish, ribbon fish or hairtail fish resembles a thin ribbon or belt (therefore the name) with a sharp pointed head. Whole fish or frozen sections can be usual… Read More
Oven-Roasted BBQ Sauce Tempeh
Simplified from Oven-Baked Tempeh Green Beans, this Oven-Roasted BBQ Sauce Tempeh is a great vegetarian protein choice when preparing plant-based protein bowls. If not part of main meal… Read More
Chicken, Kale & Beets Bowl
Some of my favorite ways to prepare kale include stir-fry steam or blanch. For today, let us enjoy blanched kale in this Chicken, Kale and Beets Protein Bowl.Chicken, Kale, Beets Protei… Read More
Oven-Baked Shrimps Protein Bowl
Shell-on, shell-off, head or headless, we enjoy all of them. Shrimps! Shrimps Salad Bowls are less common in salad shops; even there is, it's at a premium, sometimes even more expensive than… Read More
Low-Carb/No-Carb Duck Collard Wraps
An updated post on Collard Wraps filled with shredded (leftover) duck instead of chicken, carrots, red cabbage and cucumbers. A guilt-free healthy and flavorful wrap/roll, best enjoyed in su… Read More
Baked Mackerel Veggies Bowl
Besides salmon and grilled milkfish in seafood protein bowls, our family also enjoys oven-baked mackerel. With its fishy reputation, some people may find the taste of mackerel too strong, to… Read More
Beef Tri-Tip Protein Veggie Bowl
Besides ready-cooked duck and ready-cooked beef sirloin, one can also choose store-bought pre-marinated meat while preparing protein bowls.Almost like a half-way point, though not as quick a… Read More
One-Pot Shrimp Quinoa
Swap out multi-grains in this One-Pot Shrimp Rice for quinoa; and make Duck & Shrimp Quinoa, Veggie Bowl similar to this Duck Protein Bowl, just better.Umami shrimp flavors is infus… Read More
Easy Oven-Baked Tortilla Chips
Our family usually does not buy huge family-size pack of tortillas (or bread) as we are not regular tortilla users, and neither make burritos nor wraps that often. However, it was on sale at… Read More
Sheet-Pan Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes
Adapted from Oven-Style Ratatouille Roast, this Easy Sheet-Pan Vegetables, alike this Sheet-Pan Beans, Veggies and Sausage, cooks eggplants, tomatoes and bell peppers altogether t… Read More
Seafood Veggies Hotpot Soup
Some days during winter months are dedicated to hotpot as tis' the season to have soups...soups and more soups to feel warmth and comfort.This Seafood Veggies Noodle Soup is prepared from a… Read More
Tempeh Soup With Moringa/ Malunggay
Besides baked tempeh and incorporating tempeh in protein bowls, I have also made one-pot vegetarian protein stew with tempeh, beans and lentils. A warm hearty stew is welcomin… Read More
Tofu, Broccoli, Okra Bowl
Besides bitter melon and eggplant, okra is another vegetable that falls under the "Love-it-or-Hate-it" list. Quite different from bitter melon which some dislike due to its bitter taste, it… Read More
Meatless Mapo Tofu Protein Bowl
For those opting for low-carb meals (no pasta or grains of any kind), this Vegetarian Mapo Tofu suffice as meatless protein entree anytime you want a meatfree protein bowl.Serve it over vegg… Read More
Cheesy Crispy Leftover Fries
A while ago, I shared "How to make leftover fries great again!" at social media, not intending to make a full post out of it here; then again I thought why not? A post does not always need t… Read More
Chicken Veggies Rice Soup
A warm and comforting soupy grain bowl is one of those grain bowls or protein bowls sought after during cool weather season, which is right now. If Leftover Chicken Breast Salad can be… Read More
Braised Eggs, Mushrooms, Tofu Bowl
There are many possibilities to healthy, delicious protein bowls, only limited by imagination. Going beyond traditional pairing of Chinese Soy-Braise Eggs and Tofu with steamed rice or putti… Read More
Milkfish Belly Veggie Bowl
Besides frozen milkfish belly, whole milkfish is also available in 99 Ranch Market, select locations in California. However, de-boning this notoriously boney fish, said to have more than 100… Read More
High Fiber Breakfast Oats
A typical breakfast oats may occasionally look like this - rolled oats with nuts, seeds, fresh berries; and other times, like this - rolled oats with chia seeds, berries, banana, dragon… Read More
Smoked Salmon Turmeric Quinoa Bowl
A nutritious protein bowl easily prepared and put together with store-bought smoked salmon (found this good quality Cambridge House smoked honey-roasted salmon from Costco), sliced cucumber… Read More
Fish Meat Floss Cheese Toast
Growing up, old-school Asian bakeries' soft buns/breads filled with BBQ pork (char siew), tuna, curry chicken (just to name a few) were part of my childhood.Meat-floss (goes by Rousong … Read More
Chimichurri Tofu
Originated in Argentina, this sauce is versatile as marinade, sauce, dressing and/or condiment usually alongside grilled steak. Today, we see chimichurri used as marinade in this Chimic… Read More
Yuba/ Fresh Tofu Skin Salad
There are already a couple of recipes in this same website featuring yuba/ tofu skins/ tofu sheets. However, that does not stop me from visiting and improving older recipes, for example this… Read More
Oven-Roasted Gulf Shrimps Veggies Bowl
Oven-Roasted Shrimps Veggie Bowl again because this is one of the easiest no-fuss delicious low-carb bowl-meal to prepare, zero to hero, in less than 30 minutesCheck out other less than 30-m… Read More
Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta
Besides this updated Easy Garlic Bread Toast recipe, there is also an upgraded version - yet another easy and delicious recipe: Crispy Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta.I love how the left… Read More
Five-Spice Tofu Protein Bowl
Besides Stuffed Yuba Rolls, Flat-Sheets Yuba Salad and Tofu Knots in plant-based soy protein bowls, store-bought marinated tofu are easy protein add-ons to the same bowls. Five-Spi… Read More
Duck Protein Bowls
With inflation, the price of Maple Leaf Farm Roast Half Duck has also gone up at our local Costco. Last checked - two individual 14-oz packages (total 28oz, approx. 4 servings) is now $… Read More
Salsa Red Sauce Jalapeno Shrimps
There were no fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes in the kitchen to make Tomato Shrimps; and that leftover store-bought salsa in the jar was just too little for dipping that entire bag of tort… Read More
Mushroom-Stuffed Tofu Skin Yuba Rolls
On a separate occasion, fresh tofu-beancurd skin/yuba were stuffed with enoki mushrooms to make Mushroom-Stuffed Tofu-Skin Yuba Rolls, perfect for this veggie bowl.For vegetarians… Read More
Spinach Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
The size of these stuffing portobello mushrooms is between that of regular huge portobello mushrooms and the standard-size cremini mushrooms; and as the name goes, perfect for stuffing.Nothi… Read More
Oven Dry-Rub Pork Tenderloin
You can create your own homemade BBQ sauce instead of depending on store-bought BBQ sauce as marinade to make this Pork Tenderloin Protein Bowl. Another alternative to easy homemade "ma… Read More
Lunar New Year Lucky Foods
Lunar New Year kept simple by enjoying home-prepped veggies and soup with store-bought dumplings.Lucky (Huat) Veggies - a variety of eight veggies for health and luck. Eight, 8 regarded as t… Read More
Meatless Vegetarian Mapo Tofu
Recently, there came an opportunity to try out Meatless Farms mince/ grounds made essentially from pea/soy proteins which is similar to plant-based meat made by market leaders Beyond Meat an… Read More
Corn Tuna Avocado Cups
Fresh corn (on the cob) tastes the best but when not in peak season, frozen (much preferred option) and/or canned corn can be a convenient alternative - great in Corn Salad, Spicy Corn Kerne… Read More
Oven-Roast BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Besides chicken breast meat, pork tenderloin is also lean cut of meat that is an excellent source of protein, Vitamin B and zinc. It might not be as forgiving as other fattier cuts of pork e… Read More
Sheet-Pan Eggs Sunnyside Up
This oven-friendly method of making mini ramekin eggs was improvised using Sheet-Pan Eggs recipe. Right now, there are no ramekins/containers to wash, equaling the luxury of making egg… Read More
Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Veggies Dinner
A turkey lunch or dinner plate with all things "Thanksgiving" - turkey, green beans, Brussel sprouts, pomegranate, persimmon, sweet potato. These ingredients are all in-season during the mon… Read More
Crabs Veggie Wraps/ Bowl
These Oven-Baked/Roasted Soft-Shelled Crabs may not be as equally crispy as deep-fried battered ones but they are perfectly justified as low-calorie high-protein seafood filling healthy wrap… Read More
Oven-Roasted Capelin (Smelt) Fish
The Pan-Fried Capelin Fish (part of Smelt fish family) were a real tasty treat but this Oven-Grilled/ Roasted Capelin/ Smelt Fish are even better, as they are equally delicious yet easier to… Read More
Sheet-Pan Beans, Veggies, Sausage
Autumn/fall's cooler temperatures calls for roasting and that means more sheet-pan cooking. With easy and delicious recipes such as Sheet-Pan Turkey Egg Cup Asparagus and Shee… Read More
Tofu Skin/ Yuba Knots Veggies Bowl
Fresh tofu skins/ yuba are available in flat-sheets; they also sometimes manifest as tofu knots, like these pretty knots in Tofu Skin/ Yuba Knots Veggies Bowl. Besides easy recipes… Read More
Arctic Surf Clams Veggies Bowl
One of my favorite seafoods (including shrimps and fish) - clams is a lean source of protein, rich in minerals, vitamins, and Omega- 3 fatty acids. Today, the protein feature on ve… Read More
Frozen Veggies Egg Frittata
Some of you should have noticed by now, how much I love egg frittatas, from the frequency of making them: Onion Egg Frittata, Chive Egg Frittata, Gouda Cheese Egg Frittat… Read More
Oven-Baked Shrimps Steamed Veggies Bowl
It is oven-baked shrimps veggie bowl day because shrimps veggie bowl is one of the easiest, fuss-free delicious bowl-meal to prepare - zero to hero, in less than 30 minutes.Oven-baked shrimp… Read More
Pan-Fried Smelt Fish (with Roe)
Shishamo (Smelt Fish with Roe), a Japanese delicacy usually grilled or fried whole, when served in Japanese restaurants. This delicacy can be quite addictive if you enjoy fish roe. If you ar… Read More
Oven-Baked Tempeh Green Beans
Tempeh with Green Beans is a must-order side-dish whenever I visit Muslim/Halal food stalls. With other side-dishes e.g. curry vegetables, begedil, sambal kangkong - they pair so well with r… Read More
Cabbage, Woodear Mushrooms Salad
The major difference between this Cabbage, Woodear Mushrooms Salad and the regular raw veggie salad is: these finely julienned/thinly sliced vegetables (including the mushrooms) ar… Read More
Oven Tofu/ Beancurd Skin Yuba Rolls
Soy/tofu skin, also known as yuba, is the "skin" (coagulated proteins) that forms at the surface of soy milk as the milk boils and cooks. Due to this process, yuba is a good concentrate… Read More
Sheet-Pan Mahi Mahi Asparagus Peppers
Doubling on the winning streak of Sheet-Pan Turkey Egg Cup Asparagus is this easy and delicious Sheet-Pan Meal Mahi Mahi Asparagus Bell Peppers.Fortunate to find frozen Mahi-Mahi f… Read More
Oven-Baked/ Roasted Soft Shell Crabs
Order soft shell crab maki rolls (also known as Spider Rolls most of the times) and those few tempura/ batter-fried tiny crab claws are never enough to satisfy. Depending on luck, some eater… Read More
Coconut Flour Sesame Cookies Crackers
Recently, our family made use of a Prime Day offer and went on a Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, a great opportunity to test out some of the perks especially free next-day delivery without a… Read More
Sheet-Pan Turkey Egg Cups Asparagus
Ham and egg is breakfast combo for some but with sheet-pan cooking, this pair can be bulked up with vegetables and meal-prepped as a lunch component or element that forms part of a full lunc… Read More
Onion Egg Frittata
Today, the classic onion and ham egg omelet is going for a re-spin, taking the footsteps of  Chive Egg Frittata and Gouda Cheese Egg Frittata, to be made into this easy a… Read More
Celery Carrot Tofu Salad
It is not officially summer at point of writing but we are beginning to experience bouts of heat wave. What comes to mind are summer-ready and heat-wave friendly chilled salads such as Coles… Read More
Gouda Cheese Egg Frittata
Not only are vegetable egg frittatas nutritious and healthy, they are typically easy and versatile recipes, making them convenient add-ons to veggie bowls and grain bowls… Read More
Wonton Dumplings Veggie Salad Bowl
Wontons/ dumplings, dough-based skin wrapper (carbs) filled with meat-veggies (protein and fiber) is a combination of meal components all in one morsel. In fact, a plate of 12-20 wonton dump… Read More
Low-Carb/ No-Carb Chicken Collard Wraps
Low-carb or no-carb seekers for Healthy Rainbow Veggies Lavash Wrap or Veggie Egg Omelet and Sweet Potato Tortilla Wrap can now turn to this quick and easy Chicken Collard Wraps.A fuss-free… Read More
One-Pot Shrimp Rice Multigrains
This quick-cook blend of seven grains (farro, barley, wheat berries, buckwheat, red rice, black rice, oats) cooks in about 10 minutes. Shrimps, typically, take approximately the same time to… Read More

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