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The African Gourmet Blog
Stories about Africa and her people, places, history, culture, technology, African business trendsetters and food recipes in all 54 African countries
Navigating Johannesburg’s Busy Streets
2023-06-05 04:30
Look at Traffic Congestion in South Africa’s Largest City.Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, is known for its bustling streets and heavy traffic congestion. With a populat… Read More
Culinary Study Of Falafel Vs Hush Puppies
2023-06-03 01:18
Culinary Guide to Falafel vs Hush Puppies. The similarities between these two dishes, falafel and hush puppies are they are deep-fried dishes, involve the use of a batter made with flou… Read More
Power Of The Hallelujah Singing River
2023-06-02 04:30
Discovering the Hallelujah Melodies of Africa's Mbéré River.The story of the hallelujah singing river continues to be told, only to those who can hear its secret hallelujah son… Read More
Kindness Served With Burnt Crust
2023-06-01 22:30
The African Folktale Kindness Served with Burnt Crust teaches us to uplift and encourage instead of criticizing; words have power.The lesson learned from this African folktale is the importa… Read More
Corn Husk Tea Ingredients And Directions
2023-06-01 04:00
Corn tea is gaining popularity in Africa among health-conscious individuals and those seeking distinctive flavors and natural remedies. With its mild, slightly sweet taste and subtle co… Read More
The First Black Samurai Yasuke The African
2023-05-30 22:30
The true story of Yasuke, also known as Yasuke the African, unveils the remarkable tale of the first black samurai and retainer in history. Hailing from Africa, Yasuke's journey led him… Read More
Kibo The Old Chimpanzee
2023-05-30 04:00
The story of Kibo the Old Chimpanzee highlights the valuable lesson that wisdom and knowledge can continue to develop as we age. Just like the old chimpanzee, Kibo, who demonstrate… Read More
The Storm Whisperer
2023-05-29 04:00
Within a village haunted by torrents of rain, Nekra's ability to transform into a vengeful thunderstorm was both a curse and a fascination. Her powers unleashed chaos upon the villagers, who… Read More
African-American Colonizers
2023-05-28 22:30
African-American colonization sought to escape slavery, establish autonomy, self-governing communities, and spaces free from racial discrimination.African American Self Colonization Efforts… Read More
Egyptian Astrology Calendar Explained
2023-05-24 12:54
Egyptian Astrology Calendar Explained In ancient Egyptian astrology, there isn't a specific system of zodiac signs like those commonly known in Western astrology.Ancient Egyptians had a form… Read More
Happy In The Mist Of Tragedy
2023-05-24 04:30
Happy in the Mist of TragedyFinding pockets of happiness with African proverbs as a way to cope, heal, and maintain a sense of balance in difficult times. Happiness is not the absence of… Read More
Building A Water Shrine In Your Car
2023-05-21 04:00
Building a Water Shrine in your CarCreating a water shrine in your car allows you to stay connected with your ancestors even while you're on the go. Tiny battery operated pre-made wa… Read More
Forests Are Growing In The Sahara Desert
2023-05-20 16:30
Forests are Growing in the Sahara DesertThe Great Green Wall project is a desert greenery plan to create a long line of trees and plants across the Sahara desert Sahel region.The Great Gre… Read More
The Lazy Man's Awakening
2023-05-19 16:30
The Lazy Man's AwakeningThe Lazy Man's Awakening teaches us the value of diligence, community, second chances, and personal growth. It encourages us to recognize the opportunities presente… Read More
African Food Safari At Royal Zambezi Lodge
2023-05-19 04:00
African Food Safari at Royal Zambezi LodgeExperience the Delights of an African Food Safari at Royal Zambezi Lodge.African food Safari. Nestled along the banks of the Zambezi River in… Read More
The Nile River Dried Up
2023-05-18 04:00
The Nile River Dried UpWhen parts of the Nile River dried up in 2181 BCE and in the 1980’s ancient settlements, artifacts, fossils, and miles of barren desert were discovered. The N… Read More
Cow Donation From Czechoslovakia To Africa
2023-05-16 12:57
Cow Donation From Czechoslovakia to AfricaFrom Czechoslovakia to Africa, historical information on the origin of giving cows to African families and the people behind the aid.The idea of g… Read More
The Religious Debate Over Coffee
2023-05-14 04:00
The Religious Debate Over CoffeeThe religious debate over coffee centered on whether the drinking of coffee was permissible or the drink of the devil.In the 16th century, when coffee was f… Read More
Food Stand Opps Turned Friends
2023-05-13 04:30
Food Stand Opps Turned FriendsThe lesson in the story Food Stand Opps Turned Friends is that competition doesn't always have to be about winning or losing. Sometimes, it's better to collab… Read More
Family Love Over Material Possessions
2023-05-12 12:06
Family Love Over Material PossessionsThe African folktale of Family Love Over Material Possessions teaches us the important lesson of the value of family unity and forgiveness. It remi… Read More
Grilled Sugarcane Skewers
2023-05-12 04:00
Grilled Sugarcane SkewersGrilled sugarcane skewers with spicy dipping sauce is a popular street food in Zambia.Sugarcane is a popular street food in Zambia, especially during the summer mon… Read More
Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow
2023-05-11 23:30
Only dead fish go with the flowGoing with the flow kills creativity. An African proverb says, Only dead fish go with the flow. Don't blindly follow the crowd without thinking. Only de… Read More
The Meaning Of Red In African Culture
2023-05-11 12:45
The Meaning of Red in African Culture In the Maasai culture of Kenya and Tanzania, red is the color of the warrior class. Maasai warriors wear red ochre on their bodies as a sign of t… Read More
A World Reborn: Unkulunkulu's Teachings
2023-05-10 23:55
A World Reborn: Unkulunkulu's TeachingsZulus regard Unkulunkulu as the Creator. Unkulunkulu is a term used in the Zulu language to refer to the traditional supreme being or creator in Zulu… Read More
Difference Between Voting And Influence
2023-05-10 14:23
Difference Between Voting and InfluenceVoting is when people choose someone to represent them or make a decision based on what most people want. Influence is when people try to change someon… Read More
The Tall Tree And Its Animal Friends
2023-05-06 21:13
The Tall Tree and it’s Animal Friends African Folktale teaches us the importance of patience and persistence in finding one's true home and the power of community in nature.African fol… Read More
Revolutionizing Astrophysics In Africa
2023-05-02 16:57
Revolutionizing Astrophysics in AfricaThe Square Kilometre Array: A radio telescope that will listen to the universe and answer our biggest questions.The Square Kilometre Array is… Read More
Maasai Tattoos And Modern-day Tattoos
2023-05-02 04:30
Maasai and other traditional African tattoo designs are becoming more popular as tattoo choices for people around the world for retaining cultural heritage.Both Maasai and modern-day tattoos… Read More
Driving On A Road Two Miles In The Sky
2023-04-30 14:47
Driving on a Road Two Miles in the Sky The Sani Pass is a stunning mountain pass that spans approximately 1.8 miles in elevation, connecting South Africa and Lesotho. The pass is characteri… Read More
Seven Plagues Of The Village
2023-04-28 00:15
Seven Plagues of the Village Seven Plagues of the Village serves as a cautionary folktale on the importance of heeding wisdom, making wise decisions, and valuing co… Read More
Why Country Music Is So Popular In Kenya
2023-04-27 04:30
Why Country Music Is So Popular in KenyaCountry music is popular in Kenya because it resonates with the country's love of rural life, hard work, and family values.Country music tells stori… Read More
Esi Reunites With Her Unborn Son
2023-04-24 13:04
Esi Reunites with Her Unborn SonThis African folktale is an inspiring story of a mother and unborn son reunion. It tells the story of a mother's unwavering love for her child, and her de… Read More
How Dusk Was Born African Folktale
2023-04-23 04:00
How Dusk Was Born African FolktaleHow dusk was born African folktale teaches that sometimes, the best solution to a conflict is not to win, but to find a way to work together and share pow… Read More
South Sudan Bamia Rice
2023-04-20 05:00
South Sudan Bamia rice is a flavorful and aromatic rice dish that is beloved in Sudanese culture.Bamia Sudanese rice is a flavorful rice dish because of its unique blend of spices, herbs, an… Read More
Flamingos Are Edible But
2023-04-19 04:30
Hunting flamingos for meat and feathers was common, but now it's strictly prohibited due to concerns about conservation and animal cruelty.Due to wildlife preservation and protection in rece… Read More
Making Ayo Black Panther Cosplay Outfit
2023-04-17 14:38
When people cosplay as Ayo, it helps people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community feel represented in a positive and strong way. Cosplaying as Ayo from Black Panther is importan… Read More
Jealous Hair Curlers African Folktale
2023-04-15 16:12
The Jealous Hair Curlers African Folktale teaches us that working together and being open to change are important for success and growth. At first, the hair curlers were jealous and did… Read More
Burden Of The Math Problem African Folktale
2023-04-15 15:26
The lesson of the African folktale Burden of the Math Problem is that even the most difficult problems can be solved if we approach them with patience, intelligence, and perseverance. The st… Read More
African Masks Studied By Pablo Picasso
2023-04-15 04:30
Studied by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, the Role of Masks in African Ceremonies and Rituals.Pablo Picasso was influenced by African art and masksFive most famous examples of African mask… Read More
Studying Africa In Elementary Schools
2023-04-13 11:12
Twelve lessons for elementary school students about Africa that require no materials.Learning about Africa, elementary school students are exposed to new ideas and customs, counter stereotyp… Read More

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