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Vitamins for BodyBuilding in Indian Conditions

vitaminsOnly a well nourished Body is capable of flowering in all conditions. A body, whose all parts have full nourishment, and which functions normally, is what one should try to achieve and maintain. Remember, that deficiency in any one body part can prove to be the weakest link in a chain.

Instead of identifying and consuming single Vitamins, smart manufacturers have formulated Multivitamin Tablets which take care of all the essential nutrients. One tablet or capsule provides complete care for all body parts.

Decreasing Nutrition in Fruits & Vegetables

fruits and vegetablesToday, despite having scientifically measured vegetables and fruits, the nutrition table is found wanting on many counts. This happens because of forced cultivation, using banned chemicals, like oxytocin. The plants & trees grow, bear fruits but have almost negligible nutrients.

This situation is almost similar everywhere in India. Overcoming is possible only by using Multivitamin Tablets with appropriate overages added. Here the use of Multivitamins cannot be prevented.

What do these Multivitamin tablets contain?

Doctors know what humans need and have checked the data available in different states. After analyzing it, they have formulated some mixtures which provide the missing vitamins, minerals and supplements that our bodies need. Depending on the age, specific dosages are recommended. Also, if you are into bodybuilding, the doctors often prescribe whether the tablets be used single or in multiples.

Ignored Minerals now Included

PotassiumPotassium is one such example, important in nerve function and muscle control. Potassium helps prevent muscle cramping and aids in cardiovascular irregularities. This is extremely important for bodybuilders.

Vitamin Controlling Essential Functions

calciumCalcium, for instance is another such mineral. Good for teeth and bones, and often obtained from dairy products. Vitamin B1 is needed for protein assimilation. Vitamin E helps cell membrane to recover from stress. Vitamin C is needed to allow our bodies absorb iron easily. Also it supplies oxygen to our blood supply and finally which reaches all body parts.

It is obvious from the above that we humans, just cannot survive without vitamins. We need vitamins on every step of our life. And we need them in prescribed dosages, but, we cannot depend totally on vegetarian foods.

Non-vegetarians, on the other hand have multiple sources like eggs, meat, poultry and other such. But for vegetarians, protein supplements and multivitamins are the only options that are safe.

Indian Conditions not helping Either

We all know how regulatory mechanisms work in India. But instead of finding faults, it is better to orient ourselves on our own and look for alternatives. We are not advocating self-medication at all. We recommend you to take Professional Advice and get a diet chart prepared and follow judiciously.

Indian bodybuilders should do more

Approach either a good dietician or trainer and pay for his advice. Adhere to the recommendations and get for yourself full dosage of multivitamins and diet Supplements and consume them for a stipulated period and then compare your results. If need be, change your diets and again compare.

Do Not Overlook Professional Advice

Many enthusiasts stick either to only multivitamins or supplements but not both. This can prove to be a costly mistake later on because whenever you are exercising, you need a perfect body, free from any hiccups.

Any overlook may lead you to a damaged body and curing it may become too difficult. The advise is, take no chances on yourself. Give heed to the medical and professional advice and follow their recommendations carefully and fully. Only then you can achieve the goal you are after.

Supplements can fulfil your emptiness but multivitamins can fine tune your bodily needs.

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Vitamins for BodyBuilding in Indian Conditions


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