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Mania Bipolar Disorder - Bphope Blog
Bipolar disorder is a treatable illness marked by extreme changes in mood, thought, energy, and behavior. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression because a person’s mood can alternate between the “poles”—mania (highs) and depression (lows). The change in mood can last for hours, days, weeks, or months.
Breaking The Bipolar Rage Cycle
2024-05-16 09:05
By using these treatment tools and lifestyle strategies, bipolar rage can be anticipated — and even prevented. Getty Images There was once a time in my life when I had a problem… Read More
5 Subtle Signs Of A Bipolar Mood Shift
2024-05-11 19:50
Sometimes, a gradual buildup of symptoms and slight changes preceding a mood episode is obvious only after the fact. Here’s what to watch out for. Getty ImagesManaging a complex, br… Read More
The One And Only Patty Duke
2024-05-02 17:36
The famous actress and advocate shared her life with bipolar disorder, offering hope and support to others facing similar challenges. Getty ImagesEditor’s Note: Patty Duke, an accla… Read More
Ask The Doctor: Avoiding Summer Mania
2024-04-21 16:21
When you live with bipolar disorder, summer sunshine is welcomed after a dark winter, but watch out for a manic episode. Getty ImagesI Seem to Get Manic Every Summer — Why? The c… Read More
7 Ways To Empower Yourself With Hope
2024-04-18 16:44
During bipolar mood episodes, cultivating a sense of hope may feel impossible or pointless — at first. Yet science supports building the habit of pursuing brighter possibilities Get… Read More
Making Peace With Your Bipolar Medication
2024-04-17 18:30
No one loves needing to take daily medications for a chronic condition, but confronting your barriers to adherence ensures a better outcome for bipolar disorder. Getty Images Making th… Read More
The A-B-Zs On Sleep And Bipolar Management
2024-04-17 14:59
Getting enough sleep is vital for mood stability when you have bipolar disorder. Here are my tips on getting much-needed shut-eye. Getty Images (Stock photo posed by model) Do you have… Read More
Accepting Your Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis
2024-04-16 17:39
Accepting a diagnosis of bipolar can come easily, as you finally identify the root cause behind your experiences; or it might take a while to gradually come to terms with this lifelong condi… Read More
Bipolar Disorder Medication
2024-04-12 15:42
The quest for the right bipolar medication is complex, often requiring patience through trial and error, yet it’s a crucial step toward stabilizing symptoms and enhancing overall well… Read More
Lithium Treatment For Bipolar Disorder
2024-03-19 16:21
Lithium, a cornerstone in bipolar disorder treatment, requires discussing management considerations with your doctor to tailor treatment to your needs. Adobe StockLithium has a long and s… Read More
6 Myths About Bipolar Disorder, Debunked
2024-02-15 14:54
To effectively manage bipolar symptoms, enhance mood stability, and cultivate a positive attitude, it’s vital to set the facts straight about this brain-based disorder. Getty Images… Read More
The End Of Bipolar Depression Isolation
2024-02-06 16:29
For people with bipolar disorder, learning to be alone before you can really succeed can be dangerous if taken out of context. Getty Images (Stock photo posed by model)I used to think tha… Read More
Ask The Doctor: Facts On Soft Bipolar
2024-02-05 17:41
How to get the correct diagnosis and handle the highs and lows of soft bipolar. Getty Images Did you know that more people experience milder forms of bipolar disorder than its “… Read More
Bipolar Disorder Symptoms: Is ECT For You?
2024-02-01 15:34
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for treatment-resistant bipolar symptoms is a subject of much debate and stigma. While some credit it with giving them back their lives, others struggle with… Read More
7 Ways To Manage Bipolar Irritability
2024-01-29 15:40
Irritability and anger are often unpleasant side effects of bipolar disorder. These tactics can help ensure these emotions don’t interfere with your life and relationships. Getty… Read More
Decoding Your Bipolar Diagnosis
2024-01-24 17:55
Bipolar disorder comes in many different combinations. Diagnostic specifiers help describe your particular diagnosis based on when mood episodes happen and what they look like. Getty Imag… Read More
Your Bipolar Disorder Does Not Define You
2024-01-18 17:24
Understanding and accepting that you’re not defined by your diagnosis is key to staying strong while living with bipolar. Getty Images (Stock photo posed by model)Picture a road th… Read More

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Mania Bipolar Disorder - Bphope


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