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300 Top Weirdest Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Bizarre & Unusual World Hotels Episode – 11/15

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201) Eco Camp Patagonia – Chile

Locating in the core of the Patagonian wilds, the Eco Camp characterizes durable geodesic domes resembling the old Kaweskar tribal lodging. The windows in the ceiling also provide you an opportunity to view the dazzling sky filled with stars.

Eco Camp Patagonia – Chile
202) Goldfish Hotel, Amsterdam
Now your goldfish will be happy, because there is strange hotel that’s for your goldfish and not for you. The Goldfish Hotel, Amsterdam near Schiphol airport is the foremost hotel in the world for goldfishes. The owners of the goldfishes now can unload their fishes in this unique hotel during their holiday trips. The 5-star sea hotel has a pool, a slide, a beach, a beach guard and a tennis court.

Goldfish Hotel, Amsterdam
203) Zum Prellbock Kofftel Bed and Breakfast – Suitcase Hotel – Germany

The crazy suitcase hotel is a giant sized suitcase lodge. It is surprising to know the amount of things that can be filled into this suitcase. Now you have an opportunity to take somebody with you on vacations in your bag.

Zum Prellbock Kofftel Bed and Breakfast – Suitcase Hotel – Germany

204) The Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

At the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey, the Cave lovers can enjoy sleeping in a cave. The Gamirasu Cave was once a retreat for the Byzantine monastic for about one thousand years ago. It is a cool cave, where guest have a chance to sleep at the place, once monks used to sleep.

204) The Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

205) Snow Castle Hotel, Kemi, Finland

If you are of the opinion that ice is not idealistic, you will change your opinion after visiting the Snow Castle Hotel in Finland. This hard to believe hotel is the leading ice forts all around the world. Every winter it is reconstructed with a different structural design.

Snow Castle Hotel, Kemi, Finland

206) The Galactic Suite Space Resort, Barcelona

In 2012, the Galactic Suite opened up as a company and it was charging US$4.4 million from wealthy people for a 3-night stay in the first space hotel ever. The tropical island’s 8-weeks instruction course was also included in that price.

The Galactic Suite Space Resort, Barcelona

207) Snooze Box Mobile Hotel, Ostbevern, Germany

Snooze Box mobile hotel is an autonomous mobile shipping container that can be uploaded and carried speedily and proficiently to any place by sea, air, rail or road. Due to stackable rooms, it has an undersized track as compared to conventional cabin kinds or big motor hotels. This flexibility enables us to position it in various forms according to the destination place.

Snooze Box Mobile Hotel, Ostbevern, Germany

208) Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

Have you ever thought about the uniqueness of Mardan Palace Hotel? It is only the high cost that makes it weird. Its cost rivals any of the highly billed Europe’s hotels. On average, US$1.4 billion were spent to construct this palace. A single night stay here could cost you US$18000. If you want to cross the pool then stay tuned to spare half an hour. A snow-filled room at the spa will amuse you. The bathroom floors are decorated with gold plated glasses.

Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

209) Bangkok Tree House, Thailand

The Bangkok Tree house is located profoundly in the jungle. The Bang Namphueng Floating Market is at the 10 minutes drive from here. The 3 storey fashionable Tree House offer no cost wi fi. Visitors are free to take pleasure in no cost ice cream and ride no cost rental bicycles the whole day long.  While your stay in the hotel, you can also enjoy the no cost rental mobile phones.

Bangkok Tree House, Thailand

210) The Hotel IM Wasserturm, Germany

The global magnificent Hotel IM Wasserturm is an exceptional, distinctive and an irreplaceable, once in a lifetime experience. It was once considered as the biggest water tower of Europe and is now the oddest hotel in Germany. UNESCO declared it as a heritage place. The interior of this 130 years old hotel is astonishing and up-to-date.

The Hotel IM Wasserturm, Germany
211) Panda Hotel, Emeishan, China

The Haoduo Panda Hotel, Emeishan has been regarded as the world heritage place by UNESCO.  It has guestrooms filled with pictures of panda, full panda toys, panda related pajamas, slippers and towel. The staff is also dressed in panda style to please you. You also have a chance to interact with real panda by visiting the nearby “Chengdu Research base.”

Panda Hotel, Emeishan, China

212) Prahran Hotel Melbourne, Australia

Techne Architects’ plan, The Prahran hotel is situated in Melbourne, Australia. The massive concrete pipes are used in its making. The pipe compartments classify linen and leather fabric and create 3 stages. After the renovation, the rearmost pub offers histrionic appearance.

Prahran Hotel Melbourne, Australia

213) The Shady Dell, Bisbee, Arizona, United States

Locating in Bisbee, Arizona, The Shady Dell offers you a chance to sleep in any of the 9 vintage trailers made up of aluminum. There is a Royal Mansion measuring 33-feet constructed in the year 1951 and refurbished with phonograph, breakfast stand, martini glasses and leopard carpet. Another one is Tiki Bus Polynesian Palace, constructed in 1947, inclusive with handcrafted framework bar. These trailers are certain to take you back of time.

The Shady Dell, Bisbee, Arizona, United States

214) Giant Wine Barrel Room, Germany

Have you ever dreamt of living in a wine barrel? It is possible in a Giant Wine Barrel Room, Germany. In Sasbachwalden village, there is a farm where these types of 5 rooms are available. Each barrel is named after the type of wine that used to store in that specific barrel. These barrel rooms are warm, have bathrooms and also have beautiful stony parks.

Giant Wine Barrel Room, Germany

215) Abandoned Buses Turned Hotels, Tai Tai Mountain Park, China

In Shanxi Province, there is Tai Tai Mountain Park resort in Taiyuan, where 30 unused buses have been transformed into cartoon base mini hotels, which charge around US$43 per night. The interiors of these abandoned buses hotels have been adorned with characters like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. They have bathrooms and private kitchens.

Abandoned Buses Turned Hotels, Tai Tai Mountain Park, China

216) Hayema Heerd, Oldehove, Netherlands

In Oldehove, there is an extremely strange hotel named Hyema Heerd, which is made up of hayloft, igloo and straw bale rooms. The visitors are free to opt for a straw castle room having floor of cow skins or a typical hayloft bed of straw room. You can also opt for a straw igloo having panels of glass to view the clear sky.

Hayema Heerd, Oldehove, Netherlands

217) Frying Pan Tower Hotel, North Carolina

An exclusive, far-flung, B&B Frying Pan Tower Hotel is situated thirty-four miles away from the North Carolina coast and can only be reached by a boat or a helicopter. It is considered as the most frightening Bed and Breakfast hotel in the world. The rooms are basic and rustic and are 85-feet in the air.

Frying Pan Tower Hotel, North Carolina

218) Hotel Burg Oberranna, Austria

In the 12th century, the Oberranna Fortress was created and now it has been refurbished and transformed into a lavish hotel. It is situated in Wachau Valley, Austria. The visitors can discover the adjacent areas on foot or on the horse. UNESCO declared the locality as the world heritage area, which is occupied with churches and monasteries.

Hotel Burg Oberranna, Austria

219) Chateau de Bagnols Hotel, France

Locating in a tiny village of France, the Chateau de Bagnols is an ancient chateau with steeples and towers and even has a ditch. This chateau has not been converted into a hotel. The hotel has an ancient and new areas and are adorned with 13th & 15th centuries’ manners. The entire hotel is exclusive having old four poster beds and marble bathrooms in its suites.

Chateau de Bagnols Hotel, France

220) Sunborn Gibraltar Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar

Tied forever at the Iberial Peninsula southern end, the Sunborn Gibralta Yacht Hotel is the foremost 5-star yacht hotel in the world. Locating in the Sea Village Marina, the 465 feet super yacht enormous 7-storey Sunborn hotel is spreading over 167000 sqft. The hotel characterizes 189 guestrooms providing ocean panoramas, banqueting and conference suites, pool and a spa, cocktail lounges and bars, a ballroom and a high-class restaurant, so that visitors can feel pleasure in the lavishness of the open ocean.

Sunborn Gibraltar Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar

300 Top Weirdest Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Bizarre & Unusual World Hotels Episode – 11/15

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300 Top Weirdest Hotels & Resorts of the World – Most Bizarre & Unusual World Hotels Episode – 11/15


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