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With all of 2017’s ‘trendy diets’ and weight loss tips, it’s hard to keep track of what is true and what is not. Many Diet plans to lose weight fast are being recommended but not many know the truth behind them. Here are a few weight loss myths debunked:

MYTH: Skipping meals will help me lose weight.
FACT: Generally, skipping a meal will make you more likely to binge on the next one. Studies have even found a link between obesity and skipping meals. It only results in a loss of energy, which eventually adversely affects health and wellbeing. With fasting and long gaps between meals, one tends to lose only muscle and water. A complete change of lifestyle is what is needed in order to keep the weight off permanently, not meal skipping!

MYTH: Lifting weights will make me bigger, not slimmer.
FACT: People often avoid lifting thinking they will “bulk up.” But lifting is one of the best ways to get slimmer. It helps you build muscles, an important part of burning more calories! What does make you bulkier is lifting extremely heavy weights.

MYTH: I have to work out for 45 minutes at a time to get anything out of exercise.
FACT: Even 30 minutes of walking helps you burn calories. Start with a 30 minutes stroll 5 times a day. Then increase the time and start a brisk walk. Set goals for yourself everyday and watch those calories burn away!

MYTH: Eating healthier is eating expensive.
FACT: Eating healthier doesn’t need to cost more. Canned and frozen veggies can sometimes offer the same nutrients as fresh produce. A healthier life means less healthcare costs in the long-run. Weight loss foods are not always expensive. One could opt for eggs, leafy greens, fish and other healthier as well as cheaper options.

MYTH: Calorie counting is the best strategy.
FACT: While it is helpful to track your calorie intake, you also need to pay attention to what makes up those calories. Consuming 500 calories of fruits and veggies is obviously better than consuming 500 calories of your favourite burger and fries.

MYTH: Weight loss diets always work.
FACT: People have always been made to believe that intense weight loss diets work. But this may not necessarily be true. Diet plans to lose weight have become a fad in today’s world. Some studies show that people who go on a diet are actually the ones most likely to gain weight in the future. Heavy Dieting and starving don’t usually work in the long run.

MYTH: Healthy food always tastes bad.
FACT: Foods prepared with less oil or fat can be as tasty as the standard preparation. By use of low-fat curd based spreads, interesting dips, low-fat milk instead of cream in gravies, paneer instead of butter, the addition of nuts to salads, use of various curry powders, spices, and condiments, food can be made tastier minus the load of fat. Once the health consciousness sets in one automatically becomes more creative with food modifications and is able to achieve perfect results in terms of nutrition and taste.

MYTH: Avoid Allcarbs
FACT: Not all carbs are bad. Complex carbohydrates (think whole grains) help you load up with nutrients and fiber and give you the much required energy for a tough workout. Try brown rice and whole grain bread for your next “quick weight loss diet plan”!.

Ignore the myths and embrace the facts, and move one step closer to wholesome, healthy lifestyle!

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