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Ancora Tulipani…
Orto Weblog | Un Ort… · 17:56 14 Apr 2021
Ma come: ancora tulipani?! Direte voi. Ebbene sì. Se mi piacciono… che ci posso fare? Foto, naturalmente. Dopo la pioggia forte di ieri sera temevo di trovare tutti i petali… Read More
Plot 7 Marsh Lane - … · 07:15 13 Apr 2021
No, it’s not cress. That, believe it or not, is a celeriac seedling.There are 3 or 4 like that. I'm not convinced they'll survive to planting stage but will keep them going, even thoug… Read More
Alti Tulipani
Orto Weblog | Un Ort… · 16:15 12 Apr 2021
La conoscete la canzone popolare che dice “Lo sai che i papaveri sono alti alti alti e tu sei piccolina…” – immagino di sì. Ebbene, potrebbe essere anche… Read More
Goat Fencing, Types, Building
Agri Farming · 13:15 12 Apr 2021
Goat Fencing Goat fencing is mainly considered as one of the most important factors to consider before starting a Goat farm (along with providing good quality feed and a great shelter)… Read More
Kiss The Ground
A Student Gardener · 20:44 06 Apr 2021
 If you have not seen this film, I highly recommend you make it a top priority. Every person on this planet should be aware how serious our predicament is - that we only have only… Read More
Plot Patrol April 2021
Allotment Life · 19:31 06 Apr 2021
I managed to pick the best weather to be at the plot this long weekend. Since then we’ve had biting east winds and snow storms. I’d wondered that I had imagined the blue sky fr… Read More
Plot 7 Marsh Lane - … · 10:37 05 Apr 2021
A 4-day weekend, I need more of these! Especially with weather like we had yesterday - sun and lovely warmth. Aah, that blue sky makes me so happy!Jamie and I finished clearing the wildlife… Read More
Plot 7 Marsh Lane - … · 08:34 04 Apr 2021
This weekend marks the thirteenth year of my kidney transplant. This was me at one of my earliest dialysis sessions - you can see the dialysis machine is connected through Tesio lines throug… Read More
Revista De Flores, P… · 18:36 02 Apr 2021
La Haworthia cooperi es una de estas plantas especiales, catalogada incluso como extraña cuando no misteriosa por muchos. Es utilizada en la decoración de interiores y muy apre… Read More
Seminare Fiori
Orto Weblog | Un Ort… · 18:35 01 Apr 2021
Largo alle semine! Di qualsiasi tipo. Io per il momento semino fiori. Tagete nano, prezzemolo, Osteosprum ecklonis (un nome così importante e chiassoso, ma si tratta di margherite… Read More
Orto Weblog | Un Ort… · 14:44 29 Mar 2021
Vi regalano mai dei vasetti di ciclamini? È un classico come regalo. Anche a me ne hanno regalati. Ma quello che poi ne faccio è… piantarli in piena terra. Ci… Read More
Revista De Flores, P… · 08:37 29 Mar 2021
El Hippeastrum es una planta bulbosa excelente para ser cultivada en maceta, aunque también se utiliza en menos volumen en jardinería como planta bulbosa naturalizada. Su flora… Read More
Orto Weblog | Un Ort… · 18:53 27 Mar 2021
Un pò tardi per le primule. Ma le ho trovate al mercato – sei piantine – e non ho potuto non comperarle. Di solito si espongono qualche settimana precedente la primaver… Read More
Hoe Hoe Grow · 11:07 27 Mar 2021
At this time of year I can be found wandering around the garden , talking ostensibly to myself and grinning like a loon . Things pop unbidden out of my mouth like “Hello, I’d for… Read More
Allotment Life · 20:35 25 Mar 2021
The house move has finally happened and now I’m 6.2 miles away from the allotment. Google tells me it will take 2 hours to walk or 15 mins to drive. The new house was built in 1938… Read More
Orto Weblog | Un Ort… · 19:01 25 Mar 2021
Aprile sarà il mese dei tulipani. Nel mio orto escono un pò timidi dal terreno e si nascondono tra le loro grandi foglie. Fiori per definizione olandesi. I bulbi li ho pr… Read More
Clare Florist Blog · 11:49 25 Mar 2021
Springtime has finally arrived, the weather is improving, and Easter is almost upon us. Here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t know about Easter; the concept of the Easter bunny d… Read More