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Plot 7 Marsh Lane - Our Allotment Blog

Our Hungerford allotment blog. Growing, vegetables, fruit and flowers. Cooking (vegetarian). Watching the weather and wildlife.
Good Riddance
What a fabulous few days! This post is brought to you by the colour red ♥️Friday morning-ish celebratory breakfast consisted of a delicious red gooseberry topping on icecream a… Read More
Ohh I do love a wispy cloud - especially when the sky is that blue! No enhancement necessary, beautiful! That was Saturday - a perfect day for Hungerford's D-Day commemoration events. I walk… Read More
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Mmm, look at those little jewels against the blue sky - beautiful! Uh-oh, I see a snail got in the picture to confirm it’s 2024! Jamie made a sauce with the redcurrants from Ivan&rsquo… Read More
Aah, I do love that dewy daisy - it's one of the Ox-Eye daisies on the HAHA Wildlife plot, which is full of growth at the moment with honeysuckle, dog roses and campion all flowering. These… Read More
Love Is In The Air
I had a lovely week off and Sunday was a perfect Summer’s day ending with wine and snacks as the Sun disappeared over the hedge.Those neat poles are plot-neighbour, Neal’s, in th… Read More
Northern Lights
Ohhh, it’s been a busy time at work so I haven’t posted since the early May and now the end of May is almost upon us! The good news is that I’m off work for over a wee… Read More
Bank Holiday
What a lovely start to the working week - an early morning walk around the wet allotment, enjoying the warm morning sunshine and the birds chattering around us. We've just had a traditionall… Read More
You Need Hands
Look at all that fresh new growth. That was last weekend, a nice sunny day but a freezing wind and there’s fleece protecting our strawberry plants because there was frost in the week… Read More
Something Got Me Started
It's been a very blustery couple of weeks - with another named storm (Kathleen) passing by but the strong winds helped to dry off the land a bit to make weeding a bit more feasible. There's… Read More
Lucky You
This week I’m celebrating the first 16 years of my kidney transplant and enjoying the life it’s given me. I may still be mostly sheltering, due to Covid, but it’s so much b… Read More
Raining Again
This was such an amazing rainbow! It was so bright and huge, much more impressive than this photo shows but it’s the best I could get. So beautiful, I stood and stared for a while.Suns… Read More
I’m not sure how it’s the 10th of March already, but that’s what life is like these days!A frosted daffodilSo far March has brought frost, fog and rain, but thank goodness… Read More
Cool For Cats
We’ve had a huge amount of rain again, the rivers are fit to bust again but yesterday we had some extremely welcome sunshine. We were surprised there weren’t more plotholders on… Read More
Little Red Corvette
It turned out that my Cornells Bush Delikata squash had survived being stored for nearly 4 months and have become part of this spicy parsnip, squash and leek soup.All home-grown vegetables a… Read More
The Riverboat Song
The temperature last week dipped to -9.2° in the polytunnel. Brrr certainly not gardening weather but bright enough to tempt me out for a brisk early morning walk to see the Sun.As well… Read More
Bridge Over Troubled Water
It can be difficult getting into the swing of things after Christmas and 2024 started with such rotten weather that it hasn’t been very motivating.The rain, brought by Storm Henk, was… Read More
Looking Back
I hope you’ve had an enjoyable Christmas and that 2024 brings you plenty of good times as well as an extra day in February. I’m hoping that 2024 runs a bit slower than recent yea… Read More
I'm on my final lunchbreak of 2023 - breaking up for Christmas in a couple of hours! It's not like it used to be - no driving home for Christmas (no, not that song) because I'm already… Read More
The Walk
It’s been a wet month, I’ve not been inclined to move very far and work has been keeping me very busy but yesterday we had a long walk in the chilly countryside. It had been a ve… Read More
The Only One I Know
Looks like an aerial photo of a desert landscape doesn’t it? Oh, just me? It’s been quite the opposite, so much rainfall over the last week. Our 50mm raingauge had over-flowed, b… Read More
Scary Monsters
It’s that time of year again Halloweeeeen, ooh spooky 👻 Our mini pumpkin was included in the meal, decorated our dinner table and Jamie even managed to carve one, but it w… Read More
We’ve had lots of rain (though thank goodness, nothing like the catastrophic deluge that Storm Babet brought down on some parts of the UK) and a couple of frosts which have turned the… Read More
We have a LOT of mini pumpkins (Jack-Be-Little). They're actually a bit too small and may be a bit of a pain to cook, but they'll look nice in a Halloween display. My sister and a local nurs… Read More
Morning Glory
Yes, it’s filtered, I had to because it was a bit blurry and then Photoshop offered me this and how could I refuse?! It was quite a nice photo with a distant hot air balloon.Anyway, th… Read More
The verbena bonariensis is so pretty and I do love the mix of colours with the nicotiana. They’re usually buzzing with life but I didn’t see many bees yesterday, even though it w… Read More
I’ve been offline for a few weeks and the season moved from some sweltering late Summer days to rainy Autumn ones, although it’s a dazzling blue sky this morning.In the mornings… Read More
It’s been another mixed bag weatherwise….We’ve been to the plot to either water or harvest most days. Really hot if the Sun happens to be shining, but at other times it ha… Read More
Talking In Tones
On 1st August, between rainy days, we planted 60 leeks. I think that’s the most we’ve ever planted but they’re such a handy Winter vegetable.We planted them in the usual wa… Read More
I took a couple of slices of bread and butter to the plot for a fresh and colourful sandwich 😀 To be honest, it didn’t taste of anything but bread and butter, but it did look p… Read More
The Importance Of Being Idle
I was pleased when it was sunnier than expected yesterday morning and we had a lovely few hours on the plot. The clouds started developing while we were digging the area for the leeks. That… Read More
Blowin In The Wind
This beauty was on our butterfly bush at home along with two others, a white and a couple of peacocks! I’ll be lucky to see that many when I do my Big Butterfly Count on the allotment… Read More
What’s Going On?
I’m a bit out of date, I haven’t posted in nearly 3 weeks. Well, it’s been a busy time and I have a rotten cough/throat infection which is hanging round too long. But, apar… Read More
Last Nite
Petrichor - that's the word of the day after we eventually had some rainfall last night. Aah, the smell of earth after rain - it really is a feel-good smell. And rain is so much better at wa… Read More
Step On
I’ve been on leave for a week and have a few more days off. I must say that I feel like I’ve been off for a fortnight already - the sunny weather has helped. Although the easterl… Read More
In The Morning
Early morning visits are the norm now. We have a pleasant hour on sunny mornings, enjoying the wildlife, removing covers in the polytunnel, watering all the seedlings then back home to log i… Read More
This Garden
Mmm, I made a floral focaccia again. And this time it was actually like focaccia rather than a big flat biscuit!Reading back on when I made it before, I think it didn't have the right textur… Read More
Vote For Me
The clock is ticking on my holiday. Final day today 😩 What a shame, I have enjoyed our allotment days and some have been very warm and sunny; others have been wet - great growing wea… Read More
The Time Is Now
OK, so it may not be Summer, but this is the kind of weather I like to see when I have more than a week off work! It was so beautiful yesterday after a grey start, so I’m hoping today… Read More
Time For Action
What a lovely long day we had on the allotment yesterday. It was warm and the Sun even appeared from between the cloud at times.We’ve taken the net cloches off the broad beans so that… Read More
Jump Around
The weekend wasn't as sunny as we'd hoped and we only visited the allotment on Sunday. We needed to pick some purple sprouting brocolli.As you can see we also picked some rhubarb. The stems… Read More
Fifteen Words
Fifteen years post transplant; fifteen photos to represent my gratitude; fifteen words per photo.Such a hard decision for a family, offering the gift of life to a stranger.A releas… Read More
Walk On The Wild Side
British Summer Time is here - the weather doesn’t realise and it’s been mostly dull and windy plus we’ve had a lot of rain; 35mm in the last week.That sounds a bit moany co… Read More
Somebody That I Used To Know
March is speeding along and has thrown all kinds of weather at us. The snow arrived at 3am on the 8th so we pulled ourselves out of bed to go for a little stroll. So beautiful to see it… Read More
After a busy working week it was great to have two days entirely laptop-free and to be out in the fresh air. I'm looking forward to early morning pre-work plot visits, but not quite at that… Read More
Different World
On Saturday we decided the time had come to deal with our dalek compost bins on Plot3. Three of them have been composting away for at least two years with new material being added on top but… Read More
January sped by and on the non-rainy evenings we enjoyed some amazing skies. The red stripes of this one were so much more dramatic than the photo shows - so beautiful. January offered us tw… Read More
Chim Chim Cher-ee
We had two visits to the allotment this cold weekend and yesterday (Sunday) everything was looking beautiful encrusted in frost.  The likelihood of pretty frost was mainly what dragged… Read More
The New Year
Two weeks in and Christmas feels long forgotten, what a shame. We had such a lovely break. Here's a post-Christmas snack I made, very tasty along with the home-made carrot and patty pan chut… Read More
You’re Wondering Now
Another year gone, passing quickly aren’t they! Looking back I can see that it was a pretty good one. Here’s my summary of 2022, including my book list, for me and for you if you… Read More
Ring Out Solstice Bells
Work is over for the year (for me) so I went into town yesterday morning and enjoyed wishing everyone I bumped into a Happy Christmas.After posting a couple of cards to friends houses we wal… Read More
In The Cold, Cold Night
Frosted GeumCoo, that’s chilly! I’ve never seen such spiky frost. Apparently it’s called Rime Ice and the freezing fog will have helped cause it, along with the a… Read More
December Will Be Magic Again
It’s December and the countdown to Christmas has begun! The weather has turned from a drenching November to a cold start to the month; not frosty, just grey.That isn't egg nog - it's c… Read More
Happy Together
I learnt a new word today after spotting this teasel amongst the dried flower heads.Vivipary- when seeds germinate whilst still on the parent plant. Viviparous germination isn’t uncomm… Read More
This was the lovely clear view of a very skinny moon early this morning. And the next photo shows the sky looking towards the sunrise, beautiful (my camera made the sky look a bit darker tha… Read More
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
I’m attempting to stay calm, so here’s a calming bumblebee enjoying the pollen on a fresh cosmos flower in the warm November sunshine.I’m actually very angry as our peacefu… Read More
Bitter Tears
Anyone else had a rainy start to November? It was so rainy on Sunday that we had to shelter in the car when we got back from the allotment! The rain was streaming down the road.While we were… Read More
Autumn Leaves
Halloween tomorrow and the clocks have returned to Greenwich Mean Time so we got an extra hour in bed. We’ve spent a couple of hours concentrating this afternoon… carving pumpki… Read More
Death Of Democracy
Look at those interesting clouds as we left the allotment Sunday afternoon -  I zoomed in on my phone which is why the foreground looks a bit weird. We got home just before a storm hit… Read More
And It's Still Alright
I made these very tasty carrot and bean burgers on Saturday. I used this recipe for my dried borlotti and runner beans from last year and fresh carrot and shallots. Our shallots actually tu… Read More
Round Here
Our allotment planet! I do love these 'little planet' style photos and I found instructions on this site. I thought you needed a special bit of kit to make these images. You must have seen t… Read More
Golden Skans
I made the rosehip jelly - it was a bit of a palaver to be honest. Two little jars of gold - they look great, but I think they may just be super-sweet and maybe not worth the effort. We&rsqu… Read More
The weather has been rather changeable. When the sun shone it was lovely but not so good when the cloud took over and that mass brought about 5 spots of rain with it, so the earth is still r… Read More
Across The Universe
How amazing are the Yin Yang beans! The patterns are great. Unfortunately only three of my seeds germinated this year, so the beans I harvested this week are being saved to try again next ye… Read More
Day Of The Sunflowers
This is the veggie bake I made at the weekend - so pretty, but it took a long time to cook even though I’d thinly sliced the veg. The veg (potato, courgette and tomato on top of fried… Read More
Look Up
I spent quite a lot of yesterday looking up. It was so lovely to return to sunshine and blue sky after a few days of feeling rather Autumnal, and it feels too soon.I have a few very welcome… Read More
Lazy Sunday Afternoon
I remembered we have cucumber moulds, so the continuous supply of Baby cucumbers are now looking different. As long as they’re sealed in a plastic bag in the fridge they are still… Read More
Rinse And Repeat
What a sunny scene of home-sown flowers 😊. I must remember to sow lobelia into modules next year. It’ll make it far easier to pot them on. Zinnia seem to be the flower of… Read More
Rewind The Film
It’s here! The new drone video of the site, courtesy of Colin de Fraine. I hope you agree that the plots are looking amazing from all the different angles. How dry it is though! S… Read More
It’s colourful-meal-time! No colour enhancement necessary for Salad Blue potatoes (they’re actually a maincrop). Fabulous looking and great flavour.The one Salad Blue plant that… Read More
The Last Film
Our new trug - thanks JoanneToday we’re hoping to have another drone video filmed over the site by Colin. Thank goodness the wind has died down from the blustery days we’ve just… Read More
In A Moment
Hands up who else was flagging like this yesterday!Sagging Patty Pan plant“When leaves show their undersides, be very sure rain betides” says the Farmer’s Almanac. Well, th… Read More
I’m Free
I have more than a week off work - Yippee! And the weather is good - Hooray! Actually the weather has been beautiful continuously since my last post. The photo above was from last Sunda… Read More
Hot Hot Hot
 Finally got round to filtering the chive flowers from the vinegar. It’s so pretty and the chive flavouring is a lovely addition to chips or a salad. I’m thinking I may make… Read More
First Of The Year
The last couple of weeks have been mostly warm, with much less rain than was threatened so we had to water every day. And there have been really windy days with sun-cloud-sun. Stupid weather… Read More
Sweet Harmony
What a month June has been. In the last week we’ve had beautiful blue skies and high temperatures (~30° on Friday) but night-time temperatures still fell to 3.4°! And now we&rs… Read More
Army Dreamers
We have froglets! The tiniest you’d ever see! I’m so happy 😊There are a least five. The weird thing is that there are still lots of tadpoles which haven’t even deve… Read More
Spread Your Wings
My 10 days off work started well, with some lovely, albeit windy, weather. Jamie and I lazed under the blue sky and had a barbecue on Friday.It really was too hot to work - not that we were… Read More
Before You Leave
I received a 'help - urgent' message on my phone at the weekend, from a plotholder. It was because her partner and a fellow plotholder had to hide in a polytunnel while this lot decended on… Read More
Month Of May - Arcade Fire
What a beautiful May weekend we’ve had, after a rather grey start to the month.We've had some of the rain that all us gardeners were waiting for, but there’s little sign of it on… Read More
No Rain
April’s a tease; making us think it’s sowing time, or even Summer-time, then going cold and windy.We had a few hours on the plot last Saturday and Sunday. Lovely in the sunshine;… Read More
What a beautiful Easter weekend! Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures every day. Those clouds just started to get darker on Monday afternoon - good timing!We spent hours on the allotment o… Read More
Hip Hop Hooray!
Another weekend of cold nights but both days the sky was mostly blue and it was pleasant weather to work in. Unusual wildlife spotted at Marsh LaneI managed to finish digging another qu… Read More
14 Years
It was a cold weekend - very cold nights with the temperature falling to -6.8° on Saturday night. We got up early (well, not that early but it felt it!) and walked up to the allotment to… Read More
Making A Fire
The clocks have moved forward an hour, so now we’re in British Summer Time. The blackthorn thinks it’s May already. So beautiful against the blue sky.It felt really summery on Sa… Read More
New Life
I was amazed to see how quickly the frogspawn have developed. The frilly bits aren’t legs yet though, they’re external gills. The tadpoles look much more black in real life and a… Read More
The robin that visits the wildlife plot is so friendly. He eats from a lid in my hand but isn't willing to stand on it; just takes a mealworm hummingbird-style and eats it on the fence. … Read More
March March
Everyone agreed that Sunday was too cold. As one plotholder said “it’s a lazy wind; it doesn’t go round you”! The wind was bitter. With the hedge offering us some pro… Read More
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Aah, what a joy to see blue sky and sunshine. Working on the plot it certainly felt Spring-like (ok, so I did need a big jumper and coat but still..!). The sunshine brought lots of plotholde… Read More
All These Things That I’ve Done
This week has been all about the weather. Storm Eunice hit on Friday and there was quite a lot of news of trees down in the area but our power stayed on so I could work all day; just looking… Read More
Year Of The Tiger
 This dwarf iris provided a spot of colour on an extremely wet and windy site yesterday afternoon.It didn’t seem like a day for being outside but working for a few hours on the HA… Read More
In The Gloaming
Two very cold afternoons on the allotment this weekend. We’ve actually started to do a bit of clearing. I say ‘we’, it was mostly Jamie working while I took photos of the i… Read More
Three weeks into January already? How did that happen? January always felt like the longest month of the year. Not in 2022 it seems. To be honest, not much has happened. Weather has been mos… Read More
Book Ends
So we’re just about done with 2021. Rather a similar year to 2020 due to the pandemic but thank goodness for the allotment and the ability to work from home. I’ve been read… Read More
Christmas Time
Two days of leave, then a final two days of work before I stop for Christmas - hooray!As  usual, we’re going to have a quiet Christmas and, as last year, it sadly doesn’t in… Read More
Sunrise, Sunset
When I opened the curtains on Thursday morning and spotted the moon, I had to dash for my big camera to get a photo and I was pleased to see it was in focus because 10 minutes later the moon… Read More
Arwen’s Song
We enjoyed a bit of snowfall yesterday. Nothing like the weather that Storm Arwen brought to the north of the country, but we don’t usually get much snow so I always think of it as a t… Read More
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
November has blurred past me along with much of this year. Too much work and not enough play! I shouldn't complain, I like my job and I'm still working from home full-time - things could be… Read More
The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkin-head
There goes October, flying by and ending with a pumpkin-filled Halloween weekend.On Saturday we spent much of the day cooking. Jamie made a roasted red pepper and pumpkin soup, with sha… Read More
A Forest
So that's the last of this year's squash tunnel photos - I hope I didn’t hear a little cheer - the area is cleared and waiting for the trenches to be re-dug in time for the manure deli… Read More
The mornings have been foggy and dark this week, but this weekend has been mostly warm and sunny. I’ve been prepping for future meals. I do enjoy seeing jars of stored beans.The Borlot… Read More

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Plot 7 Marsh Lane - Our Allotment